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    I am beginning to believe this saying
    You will not know what you have until you loss it

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    He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in that which is greater: and he that is unjust in that which is little, is unjust also in that which is greater.
    — Luke 16:10

    • Faithful in little here on This Earth? Faithful in great on New Earth.

    Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
    — Matthew 23:12

    • Humility is what truly makes us great.

    He has brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate;
    — Luke 1:52

    • The irony of faith: that we become lowly in spirit/humble in order to be raised up by God.

    But God has promised us a new heaven and a new earth, where justice will rule. We are really looking forward to this!
    — 2 Peter 3:13

    • New Heaven and New Earth: Humanity's Eternal, Perfect Paradise.

    #Proverb #Bible #Verses #Verse #BibleVerse

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    Perhaps us humanity,

    our life on This Earth is God's way of measuring how little or how much we can be trusted with heavenly roles on our life on the New Earth.

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    "The deepest desire of our flesh is sin and wickedness.
    The deepest desire of our soul is God and godliness."
    — Seraiah

    "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
    Pray, therefore, that you may not be tempted."
    — God is speaking with us through the Bible

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    I watched #Billie's i-D with Stormzy, I read some posts here on #Miraquill, I reflected on my beliefs, and I concluded with this #Quote.

    #Please #Crown #Lord

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    I have re-realized that it's not necessary that I please the crowd, the world; but rather, it is to please the Crown, the Lord.

    It's not necessary to please everybody; it's enough, enough to be me.

  • dukesam 3w

    The right hand touches the left armpit better than its left hand

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    The power of a pen is incomparable
    Nothing less that that of a sword
    It can build a world and bring down another
    Structure a bridge over the deepest fjord

    Little drops of ink bear the weight
    Of unspoken hopes and dreams
    They envelop several universes within them
    Concealing so much more than they reveal

    In the scribbles of a scribe words wield
    The potency of making many destinies
    Controlling the trajectory of the written word
    Formulates the future of many mysteries

    More magical than any technological advancements
    Words have the potential to break down walls
    Cause pain or provide providence and comfort
    Bring the message of peace to one and all

    With the ability to provoke and incite wars
    Words command the highest respect
    By influencing thoughts and directing minds
    They infiltrate life’s every aspect

    Words are so much greater than actions
    With little they can achieve so much more
    They can inspire, aggravate, anger or soothe
    Into a web of letters one lure

    Proclamations of beauty, endowing praise
    With them love finds invigoration and direction
    In a few scrawls a pen helps elevate
    The status of all with great precision

    The art of writing would amount to nothing
    If only heliographs covered the rocky walls
    The might of words is something that should
    Be revered and celebrated by all

    Opposing the proverb: actions speak louder than words


    20th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much @miraquill for EC !

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  • kanungoswati 12w

    Hollowed out humans!
    What is there to hullabaloo?
    Strutting like a vain peacock.
    You show off to the world.
    Egoistic arrogant individuals
    With play of propaganda
    And Hi-jinks frolicking
    You want to capture the heart
    Where are your actions, duties
    and commitments?
    Mere words will not do
    For 'action speaks louder than words'.

  • realnotreel 20w

    ������������ ���� ���������� -
    characterized by insincerity, irony, or whimsical exaggeration.

    The phrase “tongue in cheek” means an ironic way of narration. It refers to something that is said humorously but with an intention of being serious. A tongue-in-cheek remark or attitude is not serious, although it may seem to be.

    ������������ ���� ���������� ���� �������������� ������������-

    Some things written with tongue-in-cheek
    Misunderstood can cause some pique
    If someone who is humorless
    Fails to see your fun finesse

    Humor is a trait to treasure
    A trait most often spreading pleasure
    To spread a laugh, a smile or two
    Seems the human thing to do

    Yet sometimes when one’s too cheeky
    He may seem to some a bit too freaky
    So it may be wise to show restraint
    ‘Cause freaky is what you know you ain’t.

    ���������� ���� ������������:

    Stanley Cooper explains the positive role of humor in our life in this beautiful short poem, saying that humor provides us with a chance to say serious things plainly. However, if someone fails to find the element of humor in our writing or talk, he will invent different meanings or interpretations. Although humor intends to spread pleasure and laughter, yet sometimes it causes trouble. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, one should stay balanced in his fun. The phrase used in the first line demonstrates its meaning in a connotative sense.

    “The style is humorous, and often tongue-in-cheek, and expresses the same old thinking and the same results.”

    “Your tongue in cheek humor brought shame for the whole group, for you have no sense how to tackle the tricky situation.”

    Pic Credit: Pinterest


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  • realnotreel 21w

    "♬ ᖰɨ¢Ƭ⩏Ʀ៩ ɨន Ɯ០ƦƬϦ 1000 Ɯ០Ʀᖱន."
    The proverbial sentence “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the famous and common proverbs. It means an artwork or an image can convey meanings more effectively than descriptions. This phrase is usually used in newspaper advertisements. It shows that graphic illustrations are more useful to express the clear thoughts hidden behind a notion rather than words. Most artists, especially in the modern arts, share their message through their art piece. These artworks bring various interpretations and are also hard to get it right. However, an image can undoubtedly give an important message or tell a story using colors, designs, themes, and more.

    ���������� �� ���������������� ���������� ���� ���������� �������������� ����������
    A journalist and an award-winning author, Stacy Hawkins Adams, wrote a book series, Jubilant Soul. Worth a Thousand Words is a sequel, which has the second half of the proverb. In spite of using the proverb partially, the title means “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The story revolves around the significant character, Indigo, a passionate young girl who wants to persue her career as a photographer, but she is stuck in several obstacles. The marriage proposal from her long-time beloved, Brayn, is a hindrance to success and career. The protagonist keeps on challenging her strength and emotions as she tries to fight with her love life and future dreams. This proverb has been used metaphorically in the story.

    ���������� ���� ������������:

    P.C. Pinterest


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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 26w

    That breakup saved me

    For which I crumble into pieces

    I beg for perfect metaphors to fit in

    By removal of two separate catalyst

    I pretend for having my soulmate

    I shake my hands with the wolf

    In the core of my heart, it aches

    //But I gave a deaf ear to it

    I learned to hide tragedy by replacing it with simile//

    Bunch of lies, a handful of evil gesture

    Taught me not to rely upon others, blindly

    Decisions made by destiny

    Made me stronger

    Nowhere in the position to love

    But in the path to find my soul

    I breathe

  • surabhig 26w


    Its little crazy,
    for when in order to complete ourself,
    We are in search of someone else.

    Its strange how,
    Someone's presene isn't noticed,
    But absence is felt.

    Its crazy how,
    In search of a happily ever after,
    We run behind someone miles and miles after.

    They say, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder",
    Well its quite evident,
    That might be the reason why,
    Though having a beautiful today,
    We are in search of that "HAPPILY EVER AFTER"


  • starry_advi 26w

    It's a Latin phrase which means "Let us live, since we must die."
    The wind blows to move on.

    #proverb #mirakee

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    Vivamus, moriendum est.
    Let us live, since we must die.

  • smartsam 26w


    The caution before hurt
    is swindled in proverb!

    Proverbs a caution thereof!
    To sense dangers &
    quickly cut off!

    Experience of life!
    words of wise!
    Proverbs for simpleton
    are collection nice!

    Also the book of Solomon
    for woman and man young!
    Proverbs a guidance for all
    & wonderful sermon!


  • treble_clef 26w

    A rare post-midnight post��

    #wod, #proverb, #absence, #proximity, #fondness

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    Cursed Fondness

    Absence makes a heart grow fonder
    Distance makes the heart look yonder
    Castles get built on dreamy sands
    Seven seas crossed, fleeing severance

    Pastures look greener from a distance
    Nearer you go, view changes, vision clears
    Dark patches appear, that were obscured 
    Proximity unveils the prince of darkness

    Fondness, a gift of absence now turns into a curse
    Proximity bestows a blessing in disguise
    For the beast at last sheds his princely robes
    The princess is freed of the inexistent dreams. . 


  • rubiguri 26w

    The relation between us was an absolute wonder,

    As the distance between us never matter,

    Your absence makes my heart grow fonder,

    As we used to find solace in arms of eachother,

    The way you left me made me shatter,

    Will I be able to love again my heart always ponder!!

  • miss_silentlyweird 26w

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Yet, for what reason did I simply weep making me wonder,
    Is it since day and night I'm not able to ponder?
    Cause only the incredible emptiness in my heart wander.


    #proverb #wod #weepc #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Canva

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  • soulfulstirrings 26w

    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    can you ever grow lilies in voids ?
    the ones where once someone lived
    but now only echoes resonate
    of emptiness recocheting off inner walls
    can you paint pictures in vaccum ?
    of once rosy moments
    that still linger around your shoulder blades
    you try in vain .... yes you do
    to grow lilies and paint pictures of bygones
    but somehow
    they leave you amidst your chaos
    and you peregrinate
    with a few poetries tucked
    away inside of your chest cavity ..
    in search for those who said to you ..
    that absence makes the heart grow fonder
    but somehow
    it never did for you

  • unstablesheis 26w

    there you stand still in curious wonder
    hearing absence makes the heart go fonder
    the road will lead back how far they may wander
    unfortunate, everything had burst asunder
    and so they say absence makes the heart go fonder
    why then did your love could only get weaker


  • goldenthoughts 26w

    Fonder Heart

    I longed for you in every half sun that sets on a lonely river
    Replicating its image, reflecting its paleness in a robust manner
    It shines on every gold it kisses and make the silver glitters beyond imagination.
    I discern you in every half of a golden moon that lit up the world when embraced by darkness
    My heart grows fonder for your absence makes the world stand at a still

  • inkandfable670 26w

    Feelings were solitary confined
    In the dungeon of heart,
    Guarded with crucial sentries (society and its norms),
    Mind were scuffling, it was an interval war,
    Then I was gifted, a weapon
    Neither sturdy nor sharp ,
    I wondered, why it's been called
    Even mightier than a sword,
    I practised it, made some uneven
    Imperfect and lame strokes,
    By a fluke, it broke all those locked door,
    A few unfinished, infirmed blitzs,
    Set my hostage ideas independent and free,
    A feeble quill played a prominent role,
    Amazed and astonished to see,
    Realized, why it's regarded mightier
    Than glossy sword,
    Can uprise a voice,
    Even if it's delicate, frail and shaky,
    Uplift it above than the sky
    Make it an echo of change,and
    Give countenance to ideas and thoughts,
    Complacency to notions and emotions,
    All heard and revolutionary .


    Picture credit- Pinterest

    Proverb -The pen is mightier than the sword..

    #pod #wod

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for ❤

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    Mightier Than
    The Sword....