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  • otherwise_goodgirl 20w

    Ohh Dear Woman

    Ohh dear woman, you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.
    The sun rises to fall on your face,
    The moon bestows on you it's grace.
    Your heart is a source
    Of love and care as it pours.
    Your dexterous fingers sew together,
    Ruptures caused by man and brother.
    Ohh dear woman you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.


  • nimmy_r 30w


    The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd . The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before .

  • poetrani 37w

    Don't Rush

    I am not here to judge, So Don't Rush,
    I don't stare at the rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece to give life a lil budge,
    So Don't Rush,
    I've surplused colours in my soul more than seven,
    We aren't same anymore, I have already came from heaven,
    So Don't Rush,
    I do not believe in the act of vengeance, I am a grown woman with responsibilities, not a normal nomad,
    I have my own standards that I established by winning everyone's heart,
    So Don't Rush
    I understand the language of bodies and their movements,
    I recognize quintessence and incarnate the old one but with trend,
    So Don't Rush,
    Don't pull the horses of your fragile head over me you ching,
    you'll found no place to escape if I spread my wings,Don't Rush
    Coz you don't know me and you never will,
    As i never play the games but I made one for you to loose for you to win..

  • aishwarysharma7 56w

    |Pain Stain & Man|

    HANDLE her mood SWINGS,
    DEAL with her CRAMP,
    BE HER permanent CHAMP....

    HUG her TIGHT,
    AVOID any kinda FIGHT,
    MAKE her feel,that she was RIGHT....

    COOK some FOOD,
    TAKE it on the BED,
    LOOK into her EYES,
    & FEED her with your HAND....

    Just FOUR days,
    DON'T behave like REST,
    Be a PERSON for whom SHE can say,
    HE is MY MAN & HE is the BEST....

  • shabditaasthana 62w

    Proud Woman!

    I am a proud woman because I know how to love. I am proud because I am humane. I am proud because I have skills. I am proud because I want to take my country to the peak. I am proud because I am sensitive. I am proud because I am beautiful. I am proud for numerous other reasons.

    I am proud because I am a good human being. I am proud not just because I was born a woman. I am proud because I want to be a better person everyday.

  • soulsreflection 62w

    Most precious treasures are not outside,
    they are in you, try to explore them...
    polish them, relish them, restore them...
    the goddess doesn't resides in an idol,
    the power resides in you
    cherish the woman in you...
    you are a blessing in lives around,
    carrying a priceless treasure inside
    let the wildness in you flow and conquer,
    the mountains unexplored
    and roads untravelled
    like wild flowers grow and flutter
    let your fragrance get the travellers
    searching for you in a mirage of dessert !!


  • aishwarysharma7 75w


    Four days,severe bleeding,
    unbearable cramp,
    You're a proud woman,
    so forget this untouchability stamp....

    Black polythene,newspaper,
    just to hide your pad,
    They will buy for their wives..
    Exactly same like their dad....

    Start calling it menstruation,
    Instead of "those four days",
    Then look at their reaction,
    You will learn to read face....

    Whatever they will think
    Doesn't Decides your character,
    Every girl uses it,
    Including their sister,daughter and mother....

  • themoonstale 91w


    S - Survival of the fittest
    H - Heist of the hearts
    E - Eternity of history


  • arippedsoul 107w

    International women's day ♥️

    No i am not the perfect woman
    My skin doesn't have that perfect glow ,
    Nor my beauty would let your mind blow.
    Yes I let my emotions flow
    And I need someone around when I feel low .
    Yes i talk a lot
    Because silently no battle is fought.
    No I don't need anyone to protect me
    But I want the one for me to always be.
    Don't ask me to adjust
    If you were the one to start the problem first.
    No I don't know how to cook
    Women needs to cook is it is written in any rule book.???
    Although my dress is short
    But remember the comparison of my dress length is with your mindset .
    So set your mentality right
    I can be a successful engineer and a pilot to the flight.
    I want to walk alone at night on the road
    Night life is for boys, is it written on any board?
    No I don't want you to pay my bill,
    I know how to operate a wall drill.
    No I don't want you to treat me like a princess
    I want you to love my soul even if I am a mess.
    I will argue with you when I am right
    But I won't leave you wether it's dim or light.


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  • artidutt 131w

    I bleed every month
    Don't SHOUT, don't SHOUT, don't SHOUT
    Cz it's not a moment of being proud.
    It starts with an unbearable pain
    Where body at war with itself
    Shut up.
    It's not a subject to talk about
    Oh god she got stain,
    Look at her she is insane.
    Do you know?
    Do you know how does it feel to be ignored?
    Do you know how does it feel to be called filthy or taboo? .
    MENSTRUATION is not a choice.
    Please, please hear my voice
    Let us make it easy, this MONTHLY CYCLE
    It's a nature's call that come every month..
    And now it's a high time to stand,
    To celebrate real WOMANHOOD
    It is something that one should be PROUD OF .
    Remember that this BLOOD has the ability to give birth to a new life..
    I bleed every month..
    And I'm proud to be a

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  • vikashini3_ 144w

    Happy Women's Day

    To My Pretty & Ever Young Woman
    Whom I Always Wonder At
    The Wonderful Smile Of Yours
    Even If I Desire For The Unconditional Love,
    Your Passion And Motivations Stirs Me Up
    To Admire & Here You Became My Inspiration!

  • shoja_ 144w


    What are you gonna gift yourself for this women's day?

    Again some materialistic matter of stuff that vanish
    OR stuff of spiritualism that get deep-rooted?

    Being bought for sweet cunning words
    OR to root out the machiavellian from your route?

    Continue dreaming inside a cage for years and more
    OR to rattle a noise and fly out to see the world of yours just made for you to live, grow, explore, traverse all along the line?

    Having cheated, spoilt, broken, lost, betrayed, that you cuddle with a pillow covered under blanket, scared to look out again
    OR being nimble to show up and face off the world with courage that never lets you down?

    The world is all ours.

    We choose what we want to be and who we want to be.

    To make, to create, to live, to love, to break 'n ' rise, to give, to show people what you've got, to create the life you desired.

    Present yourself with a new life, that you've always dreamt for. Fight for it. Speak. Rise. Fly. Make yourself proud!

    Sky and far is where we destined to be.

    Not the ground, Anymore!

    Happy Women's Day!♥️


  • pratiksha_chiki 166w

    Lengthy but meaningful...����..#proudwoman


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    She is the power. She is the Epitome of grace. She is the beauty. She is a woman.

    Today I realized a very important thing. It was the time, when me and my roommate were discussing about the God's creations. It is true, we headed towards feeling that men are great. They are the actual free spirits. We too regretted for a moment to be girls. I wished to be a boy. I thought if I were a boy, I would have never suffered like I do. I would lived in this world with no stress. I would have lived with my parents forever, unlike girls who have to leave their parents because of marriage. I would have suffered no pain, neither mentally nor physically. I would have lived a better life. I asked my roommate, if she could give me one reason why being a girl would make me happy.

    She told me one thing, which actually Changed my whole point of view. She told me, a woman creates a living child, can a man do this? This discussion actually grew more interesting when we went through the miracles that a woman does. Not a single man can tolerate the pain that a woman can. Being a woman is not an easy task. No matter how a great scientist you are, how many inventions u did, can you create a living child? But a woman can. No matter how physically strong you are, can you tolerate the pain in your body every month? But a woman can.

    We have seen legends. No doubt Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Narendra Modi have proved themselves to be unique in their own way. But these legends are a part of woman. Their mothers are the reason for their success. Each and every being has come from a woman.

    Women are the strongest being living in this world, both mentally and physically. Being a woman is the proudest thing that a girl could have felt.

    We are proud to be girls....proud to be a woman.


  • srashti_sharma 171w


    Let's embrace and cherish the beauty of womanhood......

    Shattering down, shattering down, shattering down,
    What I thought as turmoil was just the feather of my crown,
    Feeling so stupid then feeling like a queen,
    Feeling so heartless and suddenly I am ruined,
    But next moment itself I am back on my feet,
    Head up in the sky like a warrior marching on the beat,
    Swinging and swirling between emotions and motions,
    Throwing all the tantrums and praying for magic potions,
    And all this is just felt by lucky half of the population.

    Every day begins with the rush inside out,
    But still fighting every battle without any frown,
    World can only see the face with the pout,
    But what about the acne suddenly popping out.

    Cramps all around and fighting for equal grounds,
    No need of mercy for the better half of the crowd,
    Just understanding would be enough by the other half of the crowd.

    It's a matter of proud that we can feel the world upside down,
    We are lucky that our heart can pound with the rhythms unbound,
    Valour runs in our veins and Courage echoes with no bounds,
    Each month train us for the battle on real ground,
    And no one on this earth could bring us down.

  • theindecisiveowl 196w

    Story of a Woman!

    It takes two precious men of my life to start a simple normal day, any day, of my life. One acts as my human alarm clock and the other is my early morning masseuse. Getting out of bed without the help of these two would be a completely perverse action, let alone conquer the world.
    It is a famous saying that 'Behind every successful man, there is a woman'. Of course it would be because succeess of women aren't taken pretty well. But today on behalf of all established and not-so-established women out there, I would like to thank at least that one man who gives her strength enough to even start a day, that goes unnoticed.
    Feminism not only means to have equal rights and equal say in the society as men, but it also means being humble enough to appreciate the ladder that helps you raise your voice, be it a man or a woman.


  • g_a_r_i_m_a 196w

    Happy women's day!

    She who welcomes every hurdle
    Yet don't get any cuddle.
    She who smiles in greatest pain
    And yet don't get any worthwhile gain!
    She who creates are not preferred to exist
    Yet have the happiness of family in her fist!
    Oh! Poor insanely​ don't know her efficacy
    That She is only one who can maintain their legacy!
    I say Just stop being cruel to them
    For they are the source of your smile
    Worship the woman for she makes you worthwhile!
    She is a daughter a wife and a mother
    A warrior​ without sword
    And happily starts the day with chores
    A barrier for dejectedness
    For she want her people to have happiness!
    Celebrate her for being a feminine
    Cz of her this world brightly shines!


  • spuri_writes 198w


    They say , of all the feelings in the world , mom's love is the purest
    And you call menstruating women as impure!

    God created man in his image. Man takes the apex position of all the species on earth.
    And if you are a woman and you can contribute to this amazing world from your body , don't you think that you are special?

    Yes girl , you are precious. Don't feel devastated whenever you get periods. You are the made to let the universe grow inside you. Know your worth.

    No , menstruation isn't only the pain you take every month
    It is much bigger.

    Embrace the womanhood , be proud to be a woman.


  • sonakshiorates 204w

    Unheard Screams

    Be modest and shy before men I was told
    Despite of the dogmas I turned to be bold

    They objectified me in every way possible
    My existence with dignity is believed to be illogical

    It is the land where goddesses are worshipped
    The same land where women face all the hardships

    My showing of own skin makes them insecure
    Does the creation of God turned out to be so impure

    They categorized me as 'slut' and 'whore'
    From these people what do I expect more?

    They killed her before she could see this world
    Her glittery eyes were closed before they got unfurled

    Her groom demanded money over her
    All her dreams were turning down blurred

    Men are portrayed as protector of mine
    Life would have been easier if they did resign

    They call it feminism, I say it's humanity
    Being a woman isn't my weakness, it is my Vanity.


  • smritiwrites 248w

    मना लिए लोगों ने तुम्हारे नाम पे "दिन" कई
    उनसे कह दो "औरत" होना अपने आप में जश्न है.
    हम किसी दिन के मोहताज नही!!

    Mana liye logon ne tumhaare naam pe din kai
    Unse keh do "Aurat" hona apne aap mein " jashn" hai
    Hum kisi din ke mohtaj nahi!!

    #Smritiwrites #Proudwoman