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  • akufuna35 10h


    I understood why the clouds cried out and poured their tears onto the earth the day you hurt me.
    I miss you the way the desert misses the rain but I'm too proud to let you know.
    How could I ever tell you? The one that hurt me ?

  • dnswords 3d

    शमशान बोला :--

    आगया सब घुमके ,
    पता हें ना, मेहमान था इस गाव मे !

    आदमी temporary हें , तो घमंड किस बात का ?


  • examcrackers2020 3w

    19 years old Avani Lekhara of Rajasthan become 1st First India women to win 2 medals in single Paralympics ,one gold & one bronze.

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    Shooter Avani Lekhara was India's flag bearer at closing ceremony of Tokyo Paralympics.

  • pranatiii 3w

    It's not too late..

    If you are waiting for an opportunity, you just missed one.
    Yesterday was your day. Today is your day and tomorrow is also going to be your day to start that new chapter, to start your new business, to join that new course, to learn to cook, to teach, to dance, to sing...
    I think Whoever said that you get only one chance, was wrong because you get chances everyday. How you look at those chances, is what makes you a different person.
    And if you are crying over a lost opportunity or just sitting in a corner blaming your fate, you are losing more opportunities. Whereas someone else is taking those opportunities and turning them into success.
    So just get up and start doing that thing which has been on your to-do list from past so many days.
    Grab the chance and make yourself proud

  • palaki 5w

    Don't stop until you're proud of yourself ♥️

  • prothoma 6w

    Written by my dad, translated by me. #proud #independence #mirakee #writersnetwork #notforeveryone

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    Which independence is this?
    Lighting lamps in the name of independence when democracy is cornered in the dark.
    Is India independent?
    Why the sun rays are shaded, will some one abduct our freedom again?
    In the name of education the facade is smiling, farmers don't get to eat while they provide for this country.
    Which India is independent?
    Freedom of speech is suppressesd, rebels die everyday for their insignificant protest.
    Which India is independent?
    When unemployment is leading to suicides and our morals are manipulated to manifest in this corrosive hindsight.
    Which India is Independent?
    Autocrats under the veil of saints thrive and prosper, bodies are piled and burnt as they were poor and didn't deserve a life.
    Which India is Independent?
    Where the women are not respected but they listen and hum these medicore progressive songs.
    Which India is independent?
    Secularism is just another agenda, while they enjoy humans tear each other apart for sake of religion and gods.
    Which India is independent?
    Where the newborns lands up in dustbin and the elders counts their days of existence, abandoned and secluded in their old age home.
    Which India is independent?
    Where the poets and rebels are scarred and tainted, where the freedom fighters are coerced to beg for their life in this country.
    Which India is independent?
    Where they glorify the freedom earned years ago for a brighter future has doomed so well.
    Where they paid the price to not be a slave, it hurts to see they could not respect what they received on their plate.

  • mrig_trishna_ 6w

    #proud to be indian my foot

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    बातें तमाम हिंद की करते थे सब जहाँ
    हिंदी वहाँ सोचे खड़ी, जाऊँ तो मैं कहाँ

  • anannya02 6w

    This is not a poem nor a story.Just a message I want to send across to all the Indians.

    Many people raise questions on India's Independence Day asking "Is India really independent?There is so much poverty".This comes across as a shock to me since all these people are either extremely heartless or just want to provoke people.
    This is OUR INDIA, our martyrs have given up their life for THIS INDIA and these people question our very own Independence! It is shameful to see a bunch of people sitting in this country and posting such stuff.It has seriously shocked me and hence I have chosen mirakee as a platform to let my thoughts reach people.
    To all the INDIANS on this platform, to remind them how our martyrs have fought bravely for OUR NATION'S INDEPENDENCE.
    Today we sit peacefully at our houses because someone fought a hard battle and gave up their lives for the nation 75 years back and I salute all of them and all Indians should because that is all we can do to show them respect and gratitude����
    JAI HIND!����
    #India #Independenceday #salute #proud #respect #75

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  • prothoma 6w


    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত ?
    স্বাধীনতার নামে জ্বালায় আলো,
    গণতন্ত্রকে করে কালো ।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত ?
    স্তিমিত কেন রবিকিরণ,
    আবার হবে কি স্বাধীনতা হরণ?
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত ?
    শিক্ষার নামে বুজরুকি,
    কৃষকেরা পায়না আইনি রুটি।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    বাক্স্বাধীনতা করে হরণ,
    প্রতিবাদীদের হয় মরণ।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    বেকাররা ধুঁকছে ক্ষুধায় জ্বালায় ,
    জীবনের যবনিকা আত্মহত্যায়।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    চিকিৎসার নামে জালিয়াতি,
    মুখোশধারী ক্ষমতাবান হয় কোটিপতি ।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    নারীরা পায়না সম্মান,
    শোনে মিথ্যা প্রগতিশীল গান ।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    ধর্মনিরপেক্ষতার ভুয়ো বাণী,
    মানুষে মানুষে হানাহানি।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    সদ্যোজাতরা ডাস্টবিনে,
    বৃদ্ধরা বৃদ্ধাশ্রমে দিনগোণে।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    মণিষী, বিপ্লবীদের মূর্তি ধরাশায়ী,
    স্বাধীনতা সংগ্রামী পথের ভিখারী ।
    এ কোন স্বাধীন ভারত?
    আছে স্বাধীনতার গালভরা নাম,
    পরাধীনতার গ্লানি সয়েও ,
    দিতে পারেনি স্বাধীনতার দাম।
    * * * * * * * *.

  • manuhere 7w

    काकोरी में कायरता के काल
    बिस्मिल अमर है।
    अशफ़ाक़ुल्ला अमर हैं।
    काकोरी अमर है।
    आज़ादी अमर है।।

    #poetry #freedom #kakori #proud #forver #saffron

    #writerstolli #mirakeeworld #poetryworld #Hindi #writers #writerstolli #hindiwriters


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    केसरी काकोरी ९

    राजधानी की निर्वीर्यों के आस्तित्व से आगे जाकर
    मिली आग से आग ,बुझी तो बुझी प्यास बुझाकर
    लोहे में भरकर बारूद महल तबाह करना था
    तिल तिल कर या फिर हो शहीद मरना था
    गरम खून से चलने वाले आज़ादी के मतवाले
    काल को आंचल में भरकर सुलाने वाले
    काकोरी में लूटने गए रेल सौदागर
    धरी आंख में ज्वाला,क्रांति के अंगार जलाकर
    फिर अंग्रेज़ी हुक़ूमत ने डरकर पानी मांगा
    वीर सपूतों को कायर होकर फांसी पर टांगा
    बिस्मिल की आंहों से आतंकित नस्लों से आगे जाकर
    मिली आग से आग ,बुझी तो बुझी प्यास बुझाकर।

    मनु मिश्रा

  • brundabrunda 8w

    If someone is trying to leave you let them go because time discovers the Truth

  • thirteen_inks 9w

    I'm not lonely
    I'm alone.
    There's a difference


  • _a_selenophile_ 11w

    No matter how many motivational videos you see.....Until you change how you feel about yourself...Nothing will change!
    Have peace with yourself

  • anupriyachauhan18 12w

    Proud of you

    Some things really hurt and break you from the inside , the aftermath of it being no appetite for days , no urge to work , you feel tired eventhough you did nothing the whole day.
    Even after going through all of this if you wake up everday to face the day as it comes , if you still push yourself to work , if you still eat eventhough you are not hungry at all , I am proud of you.
    I am proud of you for not giving in to the sinking feeling no matter how much it drains you from the inside.
    I am proud of you if you still see the positive side to things and don't let your bad experiences get the better of you.
    I am proud of you if you realise that happiness is short lived but so is sadness , after sadness even a little bit of hope brings loads of sunshine into your life.
    I am proud of you if you are still thriving hard to reach the height of success you always dreamt of.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • lifenotes_saloni 12w

    Happy Doctor's Day

    Humans in white coat have the power to provide life to others...

    They implant hearts and bring life to the babies and mothers...

  • shimmery_vibe 13w


    Water is salty still bearable,
    Mud is swampy still Swimmable,
    Ocean gave birth to many like me,
    Many with fins, yet is without breeze;
    Tho I am someone known as GOLD,
    I am no Shark neither a Black Moor,
    I get less life but little am I found on shore,
    But place which is and would always be mine,
    Gives my name a very delicate, beautiful shine;
    no shark, no whale, neither king, nor tail can be named after GOLD;
    as it is just something for which, I AM VERY WELL KNOW.


  • shubham_20 14w

    Very nice bete I am so proud of you
    Agay agay dekho hota hai kya

  • paranoidismarie 15w

    Blind, bound, deaf, lost, yet found
    #Writers #poetry #life #pain #suffering #loss #found #proud #love #hell

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    They let me see but they took my sight
    they said I was free
    yet I'm trapped inside
    they let me breathe
    but watch as I drown
    they let me speak
    yet no one can hear a sound
    they take what they give
    making this life very hard to live
    I asked you this
    why the hell are they keeping me around?

  • not__so_poetic 16w

    Dad never says

    May be he never said these things
    I'd fight the monsters for you
    I'd be there for you always
    You can rely on me
    You'll always be my girl
    You're my first priority
    I love seeing you smile
    Lately I realised
    His eyes tell all those things
    That he never said through words
    Someday I wanna see those eyes telling
    I'm really proud of you!!

  • snehajacob 16w


    Crafts a piece out of nothing, motivated by darkest days of life.