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    It is a curse
    To love someone
    For it consumes you whole
    Leaving just a pinch of breath

    It is a curse
    To love and be loved
    For it entwines you in a bond
    Sacred and pure, unnatural so

    It is a curse
    This word itself called love
    For when you dive in it
    You lose the shore

    It is a curse
    My love for you like a drop of dew
    Serenading in these winter days
    My hand in yours, my beau

    It is a curse
    This love like a poison
    That grows in our veins and breathes
    Like a remedy to our pain

    It is a curse
    You and me
    The king and queen
    The only cards in the deck that remain

    © Versespire
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  • thesingingraven 1w

    I wish life was like one of my exams,
    I keep forgetting all my points,
    but alas your memories
    are not so easy to forget.
    You used to keep a reminder for
    everything and anything;
    Those faded sticky notes on the fridge,
    is the proof of your lost memories.
    Remind me to get milk,
    Remind me to call Didi,
    Remind me to get that silk,
    So much left to be scribbled in
    Your neat cursive writing.
    Was it that easy for you to forget?
    Your breath, heartbeat, touch,
    everything is etched in my brain.
    Those random tunes you use to whistle?
    It keeps on repeating in my mind,
    even though I forgot the lyrics long ago.
    Fights, tears, each moment
    keeps on coming on a loop,
    Like those boomerangs which you
    So dearly loved to shoot.
    I still remember the smell of the hospital,
    I never liked it.
    Even while attached to tubes,
    You used to weave tales
    And call mine noob.
    But thank you,
    for that final story,
    Of us among the stars.
    And thank you for that sticky note
    In your neat cursive writing
    On top of the fridge,

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    Remember to forget.


  • versespire 1w

    I left my heart there
    In your cobbled streets
    On those spiraling stairs
    That led me to her
    With no seconds to spare

    I met her
    In your old lanes
    The meandering paths
    Where old promises made still remain
    Where the cafés line to wait
    Small and proud, with their rustic panes

    Your sky covering us
    In hues of purple and blue
    Live chatters and melodies
    As we sit for our rendezvous
    Against the clock as time steadily wants
    We cross your roads bidding adieu

    Hand in hand we walk
    Warm kisses with flavors of wine
    A sublime glow you cast on my paramour
    And our love that my poems will enshrine
    You lead us down new avenues
    With each step absorbing a memory of mine

    We drop on your fields
    Staring into your stretches with her hazel eyes
    And in that moment, she is my dancer
    In our final pantomime
    Heavy goodbyes that pull on my cardigan
    I leave with you her, my sweet little edelweiss.

    © Versespire

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  • dcgarriott 1w

    Keep some of those cookies for yourself and remember never to overfeed a cow and never under pour the whiskey.

    #prompt #channelyourinnerSeuss

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    If you give a heart a cookie

    If you give a heart a cookie it will undoubtedly smile.

    If you give a heart two cookies it will certainly smile for a while.

    If you give a heart too many cookies it will begin to feel full.

    If you give a heart all your cookies you are most certainly a fool.


  • versespire 1w

    The Winter Leaf

    You held me close
    Under the blue skies
    Wrapped me up 
    And whispered sweet lies
    And I let you hold me
    Believing you're mine

    Like a leaf hanging
    From a branch high
    Recklessly I swayed
    As the wind passed by
    Thinking you'll lift me
    While I learn how to fly

    A twisted web
    That I build to protect me
    Dream forevers 
    And in those threads I weave
    Bright tomorrows
    And a hope that you give me

    A crash landing
    I wake up to reality
    Grey December 
    With its falls and fragilities
    And the leaf on the ground 
    Freezes in fatality

    So surreal a moment
    And all I can still think
    Is you and me
    Even as the ship sinks
    And I drown in the ocean
    Taking with me these broken links


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  • warriorofthenight 1w

    Poem Writing Tips!

    I'm not an expert but I love writing poems, so here is some advice!

    - Your poems will be much more encompassing for the reader if they can picture something -try adding a line about a physical item or landscape. E.g. 'Our worn sofa gleamed in the lamplight' 'Emerald fireflies flicker around the moon' (This is more helpful in mental or immaterial poems).

    - Even if you are feeling stumped or doubt your writing talent, just write down whatever funky, non-rhythmatic lines you think of! Then work on it, replacing some synonyms or changing the length of your lines to give it rhythm. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be fun.

    - Choose a subject you are passionate about. Readers will be able to tell that it really comes from your heart.

    - Don't be afraid to embellish personal experiences for a poem, or personalize something you've never even been through.

    - I sometimes use what I call Filler Lines- sentences that don't particularly enhance the meaning of the poem or stand out. You could use these to subtly change the aesthetic of your work- e.g. insert a line every little bit describing a forest- or simply to lengthen your poem (As you progress, I suggest not doing the latter).

    Here are some that are more writing prompts than tips:

    - Try to capture the perspective of something inanimate; the wind, a vase, or mirror. If you dig deep enough, this will wield a very meaningful or carefree poem. Personify it, and write about observing it daily.

    - Get out of your comfort zone. Pick up a book and choose five random words, and form a poem around them. This will break up your normal word selection and push you to think outside your box.

    - Listen to your favorite song, and single out a line that means a lot to you. Add physical or mental essence to it, depending on its own genre.

    - Pick a flower and add a time length, e.g. Rose Century, Hyacinth Hour. What do you picture when your hear this? Mayhaps a florist's shop throughout the years, different personalities the flowers posses, or a fateful time surrounded with florals.

    - Start and end your poem with the same line, but in the end it means a completely different thing. Example: "I'm finally free!" She yelled on her last day of highschool. "I'm finally free" She whispered as a the blood dripped down.

    Here are some lines/titles to help you out:

    - Rebel Sea
    - Circling This Thought
    - Phases of the Moon
    - "See you soon," She whispered
    - Corduroy Love
    - Try, Try Again
    - Your Name Ricochets
    - Call Me When It's Over
    - He knew then that she meant forever
    - She ran for life, for death, and for love
    - Charred Soul
    - Teardrops in the Rain
    - Selling Cupcakes
    - "My love, you can hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie"
    - Birth and death are inevitable, but the time in between is mine
    - Teenage Wasteland
    - Hate is not for lovers
    - "I love you almost as much as she does"
    - Forget what I said, now I fall to my knees
    - Do you still dream like me?
    - Only you make me love us
    - When nothing goes right, go left
    - Through the Shadows

    Thank you for reading!! Hope I helped or inspired you. If you like some of this and write a poem, please tag me because I would LOVE to read your gorgeous works!

  • light_ofthe_heart 1w

    Yes, I am a sinner
    Not a womanizer
    But what about you liar?
    And also the killer
    Who doesn't even consider
    When he becomes a hunter?
    You becoming a backbiter
    For a dinner
    I attended with high profilers
    Allow me to become a seeker
    And also an achiever
    When time becomes harder

  • myscribbles79 1w

    Today after years,when I stare at a blank canvas,
    I hesitate a bit,to begin my art
    My pencils are blunt and brushes dry
    My palette unclean left somewhere,long before
    Will the artist in me be still alive?

    Will my hands shiver when I hold my pencil,
    Will my brushstrokes lack the easy flow
    Will my hands go hand in hand with my heart
    To create again a masterpiece of art?

    Again my mind roves,
    On what should I emphasize on,
    Whether on the never ending meloncholies of life,
    Or on the constantly recalling memories of past?

    Once again, I wonder whether I would be able to create a perfect balance,
    Between the light and dark,the shadows and highlights,
    Whether I would be able to maintain a flow of colours and patterns,
    By blending and mixing,and rendering the story hidden behind?

    Will my thoughts and imagination,come to life,on my canvas,
    Will I attain success,in combining all elements to unity,yet keeping a line of contrast between them ?
    Will I be able to carry on the beautiful rythm till the end,or will I lose it somewhere in the middle,
    Will my art be natural and aesthetic enough to captivate the eyes of the onlooker?

    Iam still in a dilemma,
    Whether my hands have that magic of final touch,that it had once
    Whether I have in me,that patience to keep drawing and painting without panicking
    I doubt,whether it would help awaken the inborn artist in me and regain my self respect,
    Or would it just remain as another failed attempt and help me in nothing,but lose my self confidence?


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    The artist in me

    Once again, I wonder whether I would be able to create a perfect balance,
    Between the light and dark,the shadows and highlights,
    Whether I would be able to maintain a flow of colours and patterns,
    By blending and mixing,and rendering the story hidden behind?

    Will my thoughts and imagination,come to life,on my canvas,
    Will I attain success,in combining all elements to unity,yet keeping a line of contrast between them ?
    Will I be able to carry on the beautiful rythm till the end,or will I lose it somewhere in the middle,
    Will my art be natural and aesthetic enough to captivate the eyes of the onlooker?


  • light_ofthe_heart 2w

    Hold On

    Hold my hand
    Show me the way
    Lead me to your heart
    Guide my steps all through
    Ignore my flaws
    Keep me close
    Comfort me when I yell
    Show me you are real
    Forgive my ignorance
    Because even though I badly want you the same
    It is only human for me to drift away
    And your shield is what will be my compass
    In your embrace I will become lost when you find me again
    Eternity is what I search in you
    Your eyes are my ladder to a forever for us

  • high_priestess 2w

    hold my hand
    maybe this time,
    bliss won’t slip through the cracks of our fingertips
    reminiscing of sweet grins
    holding on tightly
    to fleeting innocence

    #holdhandc #prompt @writersbay

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    Your hands will never be as soft as the first time they held mine.
    Your palms once tended the gardens of Eden
    Only to grow thorns from every vining crevice of your skin

    Now the only Rose left standing here..
    is me.

  • lefthandblessed 3w

    We build our walls to keep away the terror and the pain
    The roofs above to shield us from the horrors of the rain

    Stay inside and bar the door; the storm is nearly here
    The tempest brings no hope, my child; just agony and fear

    So heed the warning, stay away, and don't dare to persist
    Or you'll find yourself devoured by what lingers in the mist


  • arked19 3w

    No books

    A world without book is like
    Love without soothing affection
    You will indeed bath in the emotions
    But would never find the true words of confession.

  • _teal_ 3w


    If losing you is an option
    Then I want to tell you
    How much I love you
    Before I do.


  • tiapakhiiii 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Unique

    #life #unique #people #everyone #alive #oneliner #prompt #word #tale #short

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    Life hits unique to everyone alive

  • soorya_ajith 4w

    Is the devil
    A gruesome man
    With horns and a pointy weapon
    Who rules the underground

    Or is he the man sitting next to you
    Smiling and appreciating
    Yet a sinister darkness engulfs his eyes
    Waiting for the right time to stab your back

    Or is he your inner self
    A conscious you fear to face
    A thought, a feeling, the real, raw you
    Which you keep concealed from the world

    When I looked in the mirror today
    I saw all three stare at me
    The devil waiting to devour me
    The man waiting to see me vanish
    And the inner me thinking how futile the other two were

    #poem #mirakee #writer #prompt

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    Today in the mirror, three known faces glared at me

    I was afraid and felt all-powerful at the same time

  • myra_jk 5w

    Made of stardust

    The stars in your eyes that glow and burn
    Sparkle with a child's curiosity
    Containing the ancient light that's been radiating since ages
    Just the way your soul is

    Dedicated to one of the most important person in my life whom I adore and admire, Jeon Jungkook ♡

  • sharonvjoseph 6w

    And it is a full moon day ,the prompt which I was waiting for to write nature just showed me at the perfect time...♥️

    @mirakee @mirakeeapp @writersnetwork #mirakee #moon #prompt #thought #poetry#wod

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  • spacedude 6w

    leftover tragedy

    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her grandmother's room. She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner. Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs sat in the jar, the weak rays of sunlight illuminated them, returning vigour and energy that they had long since lost.

    The thin layer of dust on the top made her wonder why she'd never gotten rid of it, Jane would never know now.

    She removed the lid and let out the scent of lingering tears and roses as she did.

    She gently reached in, extracting the letters with care and as an after thought, she raised one of the aged roses to her nose and sniffed it. The faint aroma rushed into her nose and flooded her mind, reminding her of carefree days spent bathing in thick golden rays of light beneath a sky peppered with clouds.

    Jane laid the rose to rest back in the jar with the other wilted roses and their pale petals before sitting on the edge of the bed, letters in hand.

    With light fingers she removed the thread binding the letters and pictures together, placing the yellowing Polaroids beside her and she began to read.

    The youth-soaked letters spoke of love, pure, unbridled, passionate love. How her grandmother had abandon the opportunity to dance with the greats of ballet when love had sparked in heart. Most of the letters were sweet, she and her lover longing for each other but that quickly faded as she poured over them. The story of a ballerina who came from nothing and hoped to be something, throwing it all away for a man who left her alone, broken. Her swift immersion back into the arts only to have the arts break her body after her heart had been devastated. By now the letters had changed, her handwriting had become frantic, tears had twisted the ink, turning it into soft swirls but still she read on.

    Jane searched for the date in the corner, finding July 1968. Only twenty eight years old and suffering had solidified its grip on her, Jane thought, struggling to reconcile the sadness in these letters with the bright blue eyes of her grandmother that seemed to leak happiness.

    She read on as she found happiness in painting and creating, smiling as her passion was reignited.

    There were gaps between the dates, sometimes months or even years.

    She continued on, reading of how her grandmother continued through the pain of her injury, not stopping when the world made her stop. Tears escaped her eyes, she thought they'd by dry by now but they came all the same only this time, sadness didn't pump them from her ducts but admiration. Admiration as the woman who had raised her survived pain, heartbreak, loss of a daughter and tragedies few would ever experience till she came to the final letter.

    This one had Jane scrawled over the front.

    Tentatively, her fingers trembling as she broke the seal and it drew the letter from within the envelope's depths.

    She waited with baited breath, focusing on the first two words, 'Dear Jane,'

    She inhaled before reading on.

    'You must have found my letters by now which means either I've gone crazy or the cancer got me but don't feel bad for me. Those letters are just memories, a few that created the person I am. They were lessons in life, lessons I hope can show you that darkness is momentary, fleeting. Remember that I love you and that passion, passion for life will make it worth while in the end.'


    Jane smiled, wiping the tears from her face. She wrapped the jute thread around the letters before dropping them back into the jar. Her hands browsed through the photos, feeling their smooth texture as she watched the face of her grandmother through the years before placing those too in the jar and sealing it with the lid.

    She stood and walked to the door, the jar nestled in arm.

    "Goodbye gran' mama," she said to the silence before shutting the door.


  • lilacsandroses 6w


    Playing the part,
    Missing your mark,
    You don’t expect me to forgive you?

    Battles of souls,
    Trust is unknown,
    Lust is all we deem worthy.

    Passion on passion
    Love’s flames flare,
    Desire and sex fills the air,
    Your poison’s sweet and it fills me up and I just want to stay with you forever.


  • musings26as 7w

    Everything that contains
    even a bit of you
    is everything to me.