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  • am_alive 2d

    // #decay #wod // ��


    The wind settled like blossom of chamomile,
    On open fits ; beautiful and tranquil.

    It was a morning of gloomy ambience , pale smile and inevitable weeps
    But I chose to ran in the pasture , barefooted , bathed my hair in the boreal mist with a glass of cherry wine.

    // Healing//

    Clarity salve for the wounded soul
    A blue sky clothed in gleam
    And a moment of solitude ,
    Contemplating the aurora
    Exhumed by the celestial brew,
    Inviting sunrays to comb my decayed soul.

    All I ever knew is ;
    There is a pleasure in the pathless woods
    A rapture in the lonely shore
    A society where none intrudes ,
    By the deep sea and music in its roar.

    ( Got an invitation on the karaoke of nature)

    The wind played the harp
    And the bird took the tune
    The bass part is sung
    By the man in the moon. //


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    Wonderfully lost

    Slowly melted into a lazy summer of gentle sea breezes and singing trees.


  • servingsofmania 3d


    I just want to walk with you, in a meadow full of wildflowers and dragonflies and soft green grass and butterflies and take pictures of your crinkled eyes when you laugh.

    To hold you and feel you and hold you endlessly and kiss the back of your neck when you bend down to pluck flowers for me.

    To lie under the sun and the moon and the stars and the clouds and know that all my autumns and winters, you have turned to spring.

    To have you come to me when you are sad, come to me and tell me what troubles you and while I may not be able to fix it, I will let you sink into my arms forever, sighing as I breathe in the bird nest fragrance of your hair.

    To tell you I love you a thousand times, like a chant, a million times, like a prayer, a hundred times, like a mantra, until you are convinced that all I want is you, you, you.


  • servingsofmania 4d

    Not all poems are written to be read -
    some are crumpled up and tossed
    like unwanted newborns
    tied in plastic bags,
    discarded in ditches.


  • am_alive 4d

    // #start #wod//


    You think it's over and yet in an ordinary midnight
    Deep divine danced delighting.
    Defeated demon deplored deep .
    Downy dolly decorates deity.
    Poet's Paradise peep.

    Mental monsoon moves magical,
    Minute murmurs mist .
    Boiling bosom breaking beauty.
    Pencils poetic wrist

    Soul- Smithy simple seductive
    Subtle solid sweet
    Mulling mind makes a meaning
    Mingles inner tweet

    Dense decorum doubles divinity,
    Deplumes deadly dark.
    Placid poet , pinging pretty,
    Produced posy spark.


    #mirakeewriters #potd #prompt #writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Poesy Spark


  • servingsofmania 4d

    Dear Me-from-the-past

    remember those three days
    you went blind
    crying your heart out
    thinking that
    it was the end of the world
    him leaving you
    the thought of him not coming back ever
    the three nights that you were stuck to your tear-stained pillow and holding in your sobs
    the big wrecking ones that
    made your stomach hurt
    the breathlessness that
    made you gasp and curl up
    the swollen face
    the sullen eyes
    but look at you now
    three weeks later
    beautiful and laughing and dancing like no one is watching you
    bursting into songs
    look at what happens to you
    when you get over it,
    move on and
    leave it behind like a bitter piece of cucumber you bit into,
    in a salad;
    and now you are in love again
    thinking of doing the same things you did with the last one
    the things that led you to those three broken days
    but guess what, you will overcome them too
    in fact you will overcome another three thousand broken days and nights
    and another three million heartbreaks
    and another three trillion men who will treat you like shit
    but you will never give up believing in love
    even though society's idea of love is so very different from what is in your mind
    but you will seek and seek and find it one day
    when you finally realise that
    no one can give you the love you want
    except yourself
    and no can love you in the way you want to be loved
    except you
    so until you realise that you are your own lover and your own true love
    go on
    and seek love
    in everyone
    and everything


  • projectadair 1w


    Mass of dark red
    Tied into a bun
    Brown eyes, brown eyes
    Burning a sun
    A stich holds it all together
    Wild curls, wild curls
    The spectrum bled.

  • gareemadhingra 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Galaxy

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    #oneliner #miraquill #quote

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    Black bedsheet with silver glitter sparkled all over

  • am_alive 1w

    // #oldenglish #wod // Elflock ��

    I don't know what I have written, please bear with me ��

    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #prompt @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Poetry is stucked on her tangled mess


    She is made up of word that no one can understand;
    and her heart is an anthology of hopelessness
    She is the prettiest song,
    the perfect sonnet,
    the most meaningful haiku,
    and the longest novel with plots tangled as elflocks .

    She is the most beautiful complicated thing
    I'd ever seen,
    Tangled hair of silky strings .
    Introduced poetry to this wanderer , Hazel eyes taught me what carousal is .

    She became a comet shooting back into the heavens burning sigh throwing sparks against the night - blue sky forever illuminating the earth with her light.


  • the_ramble_queen 1w

    Mornings bring endless battlefield
    Seven months and you are still not here,
    Our souls are enterwined
    A piece of me is lost
    When you are not here,
    I stare in the mirror
    Shadows of you stare back
    Playing with my hair 
    Tickling me, teasing me!
    Our laughter echo in an empty room
    Ghosts of our memories
    They haunt me in every corner!
    Tears beg to overflow
    Agony begs to consume
    Winds howl my lament!
    A bloody mess, my darling 
    Plays on & on in my head
    Of what tomorrow will bring
    An unknown reality
    A sailor's life
    Barely coping, his wife!
    It's our new truth my love
    I made my peace with my battles,
    But I wish to god
    To make it end soon
    Before I unravel!
    #wod #prompt #start #prose

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  • am_alive 1w

    // #start #wod //
    I gulped the night and chewed your fragrance....

    I gulped the night and chewed your fragrance . Your love was the pen and my heart was the page.
    Metaphors flowed like daffodils spilling spring's song.
    The satin fabric hiding the stretch marks was calmly undressed.

    I laid vulnerably when you blocked the moonlight coming from the broken pane of the window .
    Lightening struck within your musculine figure
    But my spine wrapped the echoes.

    Our trembling hands tried to grasp the last rays of dying sun - two hearts colliding and shattering into a million tiny stars .



    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #prompt #potd @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • rachelatherton 1w

    I'm supposed to take interest in things
    That society finds odd
    Things that would soon make me
    An outcast
    Something that perturbed and intrigued
    Those who inspected me
    As if I were a statue
    A painting
    A gallery to critique
    Full of oddities and quirks
    That would be enough to fancy the thirst
    Of the latest fad in the system
    #inference #prompt #wod

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  • gareemadhingra 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 5 word one-liner on Abode

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    My Head on mom's lap

  • am_alive 1w

    // #mondo #wod // ��


    Where do you find peace?

    Out of the sunset's red, into the blushing sea.
    The winds of day drop dead and dreams come home to me.
    The sunset, woven of soft lights and tender colours, lingers late.
    As looking back on all day's dreary plights, compassionate ;
    In a beauteous evening, calm and free
    The holy time is quiet as a Nun
    Breathless with adoration ; the broad sun is shining down its tranquility

    The iridescent blowfly so unglamorous yet so beautiful, pray why?

    Well, beauty's just a random game , Nature plays upon our eyes.


    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #promptoftheday #prompt #mondopoetry @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • am_alive 1w

    // #pun #wod // ��

    I would like to sing in Singapore
    Run around Iran
    Leave my den in Denmark
    And pack my bag pack in Pakistan

    Fill up my bottle in Philippines
    Then take a spin through Spain
    And buy a new umbrella for the rain around Bahrain

    Would love to rush to Russia
    And perhaps pursue Peru
    Then wait around Kuwait
    And chill in Chile too

    Bang around Bangladesh
    Roam around Rome
    Finish up in Finland
    right before I head home.

    I would like to sing in Singapore
    I've heard it's fun to do.
    I know you can in Canada
    Can you in Kenya too?

    Thank you WN for liking and @miraquill for the EC ��

    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #prompt #promptoftheday @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • ana_vah 2w


    You bleed wounds,
    That taste of strawberries.
    Sweetened with the sour tang,
    Of unfinished rhapsodies,
    Calling out to sunsets of the past.
    I have identical wounds,
    Imprinted on my soul
    Where your heart ruptured
    My overflowing aorta,
    In a failed attempt,
    To quench your dying thirst.

    16. 7. 21

  • am_alive 2w

    // #poverty #wod // ��

    Poverty is greater success than you imagined ; home filled with gadgets and beds you get lost in , five toilets,
    Designer shoes , your own chef , a house filled with possessions you've never time to appreciate, and no one to share with . It's high security that hides you from life , all lights left burning to make you feel less lonely as you're lest trusting no one , fill up your emptiness with things .


    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #prompt #potd @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Look at those wide eyes
    Starring blankly
    at the sky
    With no tears left to cry

    skinny arms
    No muscle charm
    And no protection from harm

    Stomach protrude
    due to hunger , lack of food
    With conditions bleak and crude

    Sleeping at the stairwell
    With flies gathering on the face and eyes
    On a damp cement parkade
    Crumpled in the corner
    Lest vulnerable and afraid.


  • am_alive 2w

    // Set A - Moon + stranger
    Set B - what is the colour of hope? + How many poems have you written ?// ��

    #question #wod

    Moon, what is the colour of hope?

    Moon- when southern sun in the horizon spills purple and pink and afternoon breeze expels cold air along with the fallen brown leaves , cherry blossom blooms softly falling from the trees.

    Stranger, how many poems have you written?

    Number of times people chased my fancy words but failed to chase my sobbing heart.
    I wrote a poem everytime I have waited like the moon opened arms with a small rythmie beat leading my broken metaphors where they belong.


    #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #prompt @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • rashiiiii 2w


    I crave for a love that even I am not sure I will be able to provide.

  • rachelatherton 2w

    Set A: Moon
    Set B: Is happiness playing hide and seek?
    #wod #prompt

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    I wonder

    When I was little
    I used to love little games
    Especially hiding
    I would tell my friends or cousins
    To always count to 100
    Then I would hide
    I wasn't always good, but,
    When they came near
    I would find another spot
    I never wanted the game to end

    And the more I thought about this,
    The more I realized
    That same can be applied to my emotions
    I would always run away
    And find a new form of happiness
    The moment they came too close

  • black_p_m 2w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #vibrant #prompt #flow #soul
    It's been a while since I wrote a whole poem, I've mainly been writing one liners based on prompts. But this time, Instead of a one liner I wrote this whole piece based on a word prompt; vibrant.
    Hope you enjoy!!

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    Do these imperfect lines look pretty to you?
    Does the crimson color appeal to you?
    Dost thou have eyes to see what's real?
    What's vibrant you cannot imitate
    Whatever we have has grown cold
    Where art thou vibrant soul?

    Your animated stride got lost in the dull of yesterday.
    'Us' grew complicated, then boring, then tedious.
    Vibrant, oh weary one, is but a distant sun
    I delight in naught,
    For what once was... is now a cold winter's tale
    And thine vibrant soul is being chipped away

    Oh vibrant one, cast thy weary eyes
    Onto the well that never dries up
    The well that thy soul feedeth from

    A yearning from within,
    You seek for things out of reach.
    A lover that cannot find love,
    You've seen too much

    Call unto thee vibrant one when you feel distant
    Seek shelter in my fun when the elements you cannot withstand.
    Hold fast onto hope.
    Hope hard for us.

    I don't want you losing sight of color
    Or embracing foul scented angels
    Nor encouraging spiritless thoughts
    Nor running wild in the basement of this baseless discord
    While your lies are in constant accord with the tell-tale signs of this listless disease

    I am in search for vibrancy.
    Where art thou vibrant soul lover?