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  • miss_khushi 1w


    Because I said I would
    I waited so long for you
    because I said I would.
    So many seasons passed and
    I am still in the same time
    where you left my hand.
    i am broken since all the emotions
    I felt deeply in this time but I waited,
    Not for you but for my love.
    I believed you would come but now
    I feel I have to move.
    The world is moving, the sun, moon, rain is moving.
    I know it hurts to remember the promises we made
    but at the end not all promises are meant for forever.
    With a broken heart and broken promise I will move.
    Far away from this fake love maze...

  • dimic007 1w


    Pointed towards the bubble.
    Without any trouble.
    Jumped to capture, it got a rupture.

    It scattered to drops, ended all the hopes.
    Tried tying with ropes. But couldn't stop.
    As soon the drop tried to reach the ground, it vapourised.
    To surprise, i paid the price.

  • itsssiya 4w

    Heyy yall rudra here I'm sorry I haven't posted In a while I had exams �� but I back now and will post lyrics once everyday I hope you like it #love #mirror #super #promise #fearless #amazing #someday #brave #kind stay happy stay positive ����

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    What do I  see 
    When I  look in the mirror 
    I see a perfect killer 
    I'm beautiful sweet but a little sour 
    I can be sweet if your nice to me 
    I am an angel inside and out 
    And I don't need to doubt 
    My abilities 

    My sign is supergirl 
    I'm strong I'm cool I'm fly 
    When I fly I soar so high 
    I will reach the sky 
    I will climb so high to a place no one has dared to try 
    I'm gonna be the impossible 
    Be unstoppable 
    I'm gonna be a real life superhero

    Today's the day 
    I'm gonna pave my way 
    Not gonna be afraid 
    Just gonna keep pushing on 
    Like there's no tommorow 
    Cause that's what I see when I look in the mirror
    Someone brave kind but a little sour 
    I see that I won't give up no matter what

    someday in someway you will look in the mirror too 
    And I promise to be there for you 
    When everything turns blue 
    I will protect you 
    Cause I'm gonna be a real life superhero

  • anuradhasharma 4w

    निभा ले पूरी दुनियां से ,
    पर मेरा बस इक वादा ।
    मेरे जहां को यूं , बेरंग न कर ।
    क्यूं फ़िर मेरी दुनियां , तुझमें बसाई ।
    क्या जनाज़ा निकालने का इरादा हैं ।


  • mirakillian_matre 5w

    Autobiography of a bed

    No , I have not slept with but slept on. I have seen partners changing. I have witnessed heart breaking. I have been taken well care of when someone special is about to mount me. I am also neglected for weeks when my owner goes into depression which was occasional earlier but these days it is persistent. Seems like the bedsheets have become my on n off boyfriends. They cling to me till every pore of it stops breathing... I often taste delicacies as you know how it goes with depressed people. They are gluttons and good food is their only comfort. I dont mind any of these.
    Yes, at times which is very rare, my bones crack because of the jumping, excitement and ecstasy. But I get enough time to heal myself as I said those spurts of enthusiasm are rare. Not to forget the moans. She has a roaring moan juxtaposed with her silent screams of anguish. I couldn't understand her till date. She grooms me at times and that is when I feel alive and understand her. She is really gentle,soft hearted. The way people handle things, can tell a lot about themselves. I am a thing to you. She has made me her home. She is so attached to me that I can feel the vibes. Pandemic has brought us closer still. With age people get bedridden I have heard. I wish she gets bedridden. I want to live with her forever unlike the world who has used her as a napkin. I want to comfort her and be her safe haven forever even if she is infested with worms. Her bedsores will not be half as painful, I promise.

  • _sagarika18_ 5w

    All that could ever hold me together was hope and those unfulfilled promises we made


  • tonyfresh 5w


    In the ambience and
    Serenity of my heart
    Thou promises made
    Haunt me in my rest, my dreams
    In my lovers' soothing thighs


  • kimzee 6w

    The promise is not to hurt you, or make you cry, read my last post to understand.

    #you #broke #every #promise #we #after #holding #nught #praying #break #i #me

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    You broke every promise we had.
    But after all this, I'm still holding that promise and every night praying not to break it like you did.


  • kimzee 6w

    You broke every promise we had.
    And after all this, I'm still holding that promise and every night praying not to break like you did.

    Because I was in love with you,I'm in love with you, and I will always love you

    #blood #dripping #my #hand #you #tears #streaming #down #face #broke #every #promise #we #after #holding #night #praying #break #live #always

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    The blood that is dripping from my hand is just because of you.
    The tears that are streaming down my face is just because of you.


  • itsssiya 6w

    #love #betteragain #formybestfriend #promise #run #destiny

    Heyy yall itsssiya whatsup I'm back with some new lyrics �� I hope you like it this set of lyrics is dedicated to a friend ��. So if that friend ever finds this I'd like to say I hope you like this....
    Stay happy stay positive ��������

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    Better again

    Sometimes I take it upon myself
    To make others happy
    And in that process I feel responsible for how everybody feels
    I get hurt when I lose you
    But I don't have anybody to run to

    So I say

    Are you feeling sad are you feeling blue
    Just come talk to me
    I'll make you feel better
    Better again
    Do you feel angry feel disappointed
    Then I promise to be the friend you can lean on
    Talk to me and ill make you feel better
    Better again

    My destiny is to be
    Just that friend that you can talk to
    When your feeling blue
    Or when you want advice
    It's hard to say I don't care
    Because I care about everyone and everything

    I promise you can run to me
    And I'll make you feel better
    Better again

  • thehappypotato 7w

    Winds of Hope

    The winds are calling me today.
    The winds are calling my name.
    Nudging me to walk with them.
    To listen to the stories,
    they carry from lands far off.
    The winds today give me hope.
    They carry promises
    of a better tomorrow.
    Whistling winds whispering
    their stories slowly
    into my ears,
    calming my mind,
    healing my soul.


  • sharaksh 7w


    Wada na kiya kro,
    Agar yh maloom ho tumhein ke nibha na paoge.
    Aur agar karlo Wada kisi se to usae har haal mein nibhaya karo
    Kyuon ki
    Wada na nibhana dil tordne jaisa hai,
    Aur dil tordnae ki koi maafi nahi.

  • unnatural 7w

    Time and situation can easily manipulate things
    #promise #life #mirakee #miraquil #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    It's okay to break promises,
    Nobody can predict the situation.

    What's wrong is
    NOT accepting
    that "you broke promise"

  • thebhavnasaxena 7w


    The sea was up in roars,
    But the tiny boat looked
    The storm in the eye
    And said, I have to sail,
    I have someone waiting
    At the shore for me, so
    No matter how loud you
    Thunder, or how hard you
    Beat down upon me,
    So what, if I am tiny,
    Or made of paper,
    I made a promise I must keep,
    So watch me sail through.

  • seraiah_smiles 7w


    In exchange,

    In eternity, I'll give you anything you want from me. According to God's will.

  • bharathkoli 8w

    I love the front seat. I yearn to be there always. I love to watch the clouds go with me. I love to count the countless trees. I search for my favorite car passing by and I wish to overtake every car possible. I wondered how vast my city was and I pondered why my city roads are not polished as this highway.

    Fields, mountains I named them then and there. The toll booths gave me chills and the name boards I read in one breathe. I counted the milestones and calculated the wrong distance every time. I wondered seeing the huge bridges and blinking red light all across the pathway. I saw many cars casually zoom past mine thinking we were so slow and giggled whenever we overtook a bus.

    I was upset when we took a break and my heart broke whenever the car we chased now overtook us effortlessly. Sipping the tea and ordering them for each member and having as many snacks as possible made my heart forget that pain. The sun played hide and seek and I was busy stuffing my mouth with some food. Soon the sun went behind my favorite mountain and I counted still 100 kilometers to reach the room. The AC of the car now began to pamper me so my counting of cars swayed and I drifted off to doze. I woke up in a bed so comfy and cold where I had my food with kebabs and fries. Then only I realized I have broken my promise to keep me awake all through the journey.

    Then I changed the seats and now I am the driver. Nothing changed except my promise. Before I had the privilege to sleep and break my promise but now, I cannot afford to break my promise. I should be honest enough to accept that I want to rest or else everybody's life is at risk.

    This is the same with relationships. We can enjoy every bit and piece but when we wish to move forward, You cannot afford to break promises as you like. It is common when you are a passenger, but when you are the driver, it becomes the responsibility so one can be only honest and be straight in letting out his wants and needs.
    #car #travel #love #life #truth #honest #risk #promise #nature

    I love to drive, I love the seat I am holding, no one can fight for my seat now, but at the same time, I should be vigilant, careful, notice every small sign to reach my destination properly. It is not hard when I love to drive.

    Hope this is relatable. See you guys next time.

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    Car and Me

  • bad_habit 8w

    “If we ever fall in love,
    Let’s not tell the world.

    The world tends to ruin
    beautiful things.

    So let it be our little secret.

    If we ever fall in love,
    Let’s always keep our promises.

    I have broken way too many
    Promises like cookies,
    To know that’s how
    Relationships crumble.

    If we ever fall in love,
    Let it be everyday.

    I want to learn to love you
    In new ways
    With new days.

    If we ever fall in love,
    Let’s never be scared.

    I know love is a fall of trust,
    And I don’t want to fear falling,
    I know I will be held.

    If we ever fall in love,
    Let’s always sleep our problems away.

    The only thing
    We should take to bed
    Should be each other,
    Nothing else.

    If we fall in love,
    Let’s cry together.

    I know we’ll always laugh together
    And dance together,
    But tears are just fears
    Waiting to be dissolved.

    If we ever fall in love,
    And we may never fall in love.
    But if we ever do,
    Love me with all your heart.

    And if you have to,
    If you absolutely have to --
    You can break my heart.”

    #love #world #secret #promise

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    ““If we ever fall in love„„

  • rekindle_hopes 8w

    Happy anniversary ^_^
    But it's over...,
    But I still love you.....

    29.07.21 (5yrs)

  • _disha_jn_ 8w

    A Promise

    When I sit out in the open, after an abominal day,
    And look up at the evening sky
    From beneath the cluster of silver clouds,
    Shines the soft rays of the fading sunlight.
    The sky wears the Cape
    Of a purplish-orange hue,
    And the cool breeze blows faintly, ruffling my hair, Somehow taking with it, my worries too.
    A wave of serenity washes over me
    It calms my agitated soul,
    The rush of the day had indeed,
    Taken on me its toll.
    But the twilight brings with it
    a stream of tranquility
    And the gleam of the setting sun,
    Comes with a promise, of a new and better day
    A sweet sounding melody.


  • jagruti_patil30 9w

    Thoughts ��

    P.S : Don't compare! every person has different different story amd no other love is as divine as theirs....

    #love #lifetime #promise #eternal #hindiwriters @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Manmohan ho tum mere,
    Sarvat sundhar chavi hai tumhari mere hriday mai,
    Moh na hai tumse,
    Na Radharani jaisa prem hai tumse,
    Bus unhone dikhaye raaste par prem karna sikha hai maine,
    Tabhi to amulya ratna paya hai maine......

    Naam jaapte tumhara sara jeevan ye guzar gaya mera,
    Ek nazar tumko dekhne ke liye dil ye taras gaya mera,
    Vivah tumse hi karna hai ye nishchay hai mera,
    Rukmini banke aapke sath chalne ka vachan hai mera....