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  • propheticsinner 4w

    Tools will change, but the terminology and basic concepts will remain same.

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    Learn from your Last code

    People code better when they realize others will be reviewing and critiquing it.

    A code review process enables peers to hold each other accountable.

    Its mere existence will raise the code quality of your organization.

  • priun_compiler_reena 14w

    Phli barish sa prem

    Language : Hindi & English
    Theme : Rain & love/ romance, First love, First rain
    Genre : Open
    Total slots : 40

    Benefits to co- authors
    ... Pages 3(content) + 1(bio+pic)
    ... Free E-book coupon
    ... E-certificate
    ... Blog publish with pic
    ... 1 Best author award
    ... Letter of appreciation
    ... Discounted hardcopy

  • uttkarsh_15 18w

    Just working on an writeup for a while ,hopefully it'll be completed in a week ...
    It's a different from ones that I've tried so far ,hope everyone will like it ����
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  • ciara1 74w


     In 2016, I met a woman at Harold Washington College. Her name was Patricia. l That was the year I was doing a lot of cheating on my boyfriend. Patricia was in my Math class, and she was beautiful. she was not just a student, she was a tutor as well. She tutored English. She had blonde curly hair, and her skin was a light caramel complexion. She was half Puerto Rican and half African American. She smiled a lot, and I liked her smile. One time in my math class, our instructor informed us to work in groups of five. We had to do a math group project to present in class. Patricia decided that we should meet at her house to discuss ideas on what our project should be. She gave us her address. Patricia informed us that her house is far on the Northside and that we had to take the train to her house. When she said her house was far, I had second thoughts of not going to her house because I am so used to convenience. I live on the east side of Chicago, and she stayed in the suburbs. Thanks to my mother, she was inclined to drive me to Patricia's home. When I got out of the car, I observed her house. It was not a house, it was a two-flat. Her house was on the North Side but it did not look like the suburbs.  
    Patricia let me in her home and said, "Hey girl, you are the first one here." "Wow, " I said. "You want something to drink?" She asked. "Watchu got?" I asked. "I got tea and soda, " she said. "What kinda pop you got?" I asked. "Arizona Tea, Cola, and 7up, " she said. "7up is good, " I said. " Okay, " she said. I sat down on her couch and saw her flat-screen TV was on and the Channel was on "Law In Order."
    "You watch Law In Order?" I asked curiously. "Sometimes, I just like to have the TV on while I'm doing things around the house, " she said. "Awe okay," I said. She handed me the 7up.
    "Thanks," I said. "So what do you do for fun outside of school?" She asked. "I hang out with a friend. We go to the club every week, " I said. "Really? What kind of club, " she asked. "It's a strip club. We get private rooms to have sex with the strippers, I'm bisexual, " I said. "Wow, I didn't know that, you don't look like the type, " she said, being shocked with her mouth open. "Being gay or bisexual doesn't have a look to it, " I said. "Yeah you right, it doesn't," she agreed. "So you married right?" I asked. "Yeah he's upstairs, he likes to just watch TV all the time, " she said. "Awe he likes to be by himself? " I asked. " Yeah but he works from home, " she said. "Awe okay, " I said. "So you say you are bisexual? I tried that before, " she said. "I didn't know you liked women too, " I said. "I just wanted to try it with this one girl, we did it in her car years ago, " she said. "Damn, did you like it?" I asked. "I like the kissing part, I just don't like going down, " she said. "Wow, why you don't like going down?" I asked.  "That's with anybody, I don't even like going down with guys," she said. "That's odd, " I said. "I know that sounds crazy. Hey, I have an idea, you wanna try it downstairs in my basement?" she asked. I was not expecting that from her, knowing that she was married.
    "Ain't yo husband upstairs?" I asked, feeling uncomfortable. "Yeah, but he won't find out, we have a bathroom upstairs so he doesn't come down much, and he don't ever come down the basement, " she informed. "Awe okay, well ight, let's try it," I said.
    When we infiltrated into her basement, her basement was filthy. It was cluttered with clothing everywhere on the floor. 
    "So what you wanna do?" I asked. "I want you to go down on me, " she demanded. "Ight, " I said. "But I want you to go down on me after, " I demanded as well. "Okay, " she said.
    At that moment of time, we had oral sex in her basement. That was the best moment I ever had with an outside woman besides having sex with women in the clubs. After that day, I wanted more sex from her. Patricia declined to have sex with me again. As a female, I was acting desperate at that moment. That is why it is not good for a man or a woman to act desperate. That is a turn off to a man and a woman. When you have sex with a person for the first time, you should pretend you do not want to have sex with them again. I guarantee that woman or man will come back begging for it again. That is how we all should avoid being desperate. If that woman or man is playing hard to get, we should play hard to get as well. We should act like we do not want to be bothered. Patricia has left an imprint on me to this day. An imprint is the original. Meaning, the first person that you had sex with and the sex was amazing. It was the way that person made you feel. It was something the way Patricia made me feel at that moment. It was not love at all. It was just lust. That is how someone leaves an imprint on someone. She was the best thing that ever happened to me at that point. She was the first woman I had sex with outside the club.  I know some of you men and women know exactly what I am talking about. To leave an imprint on someone, it is a form of seduction. Patricia seduced me at that moment. At first, I did not want to have sex with her because her husband was in the house. She had forced the situation on me. Basically, Patricia played me.

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    यह दौर ही ऐसा है
    सब खुद को ऊपर उठाने में लगे हैं ।
    परवाह किसे है कि
    उनके साथ कोन है ,
    जिसकी जरूरत को तुम पहचान सको
    किसी को अपने साथ लेकर चल सको
    बस अपनी आँखे मूंद कर खड़े हो जाते हैं ।।
    हक किसी का भी हो,
    पर परवाह किसे है
    बस कुछ उस पर अपना नाम लिखने चले है ।।
    हम तो ऐसे है कि
    अपने मोतियों से भरे पिटारे को भी सांझा कर लिया करते है
    पर कुछ ऐसे भी है जो हक ही छिन्न लिया करते है ।।
    बातें अधिकारों की करते है
    नियमों को याद कराते रहते हैं
    पर साथियों के अधिकारों को भी भूल जाया करते है ।
    कुछ ऐसे भी जो खुद को ऊपर उठाने में लगे हैं ।।
    अपने आस-पास के व्यक्तियों को
    अच्छे से जानने की कोशिश करते रहना चाहिए ।
    पता नहीं कब, कहाँ, कोन ?
    आपको धोखा दे जाएँ
    आपकी कीर्ति को अपना बनाकर चला जाएँ ।।
    दौर का तो पता नहीं
    वह बदल रहा है या नहीं ।
    पर शख्स ही बदलते जा रहे हैं
    वक़्त के इस दौर में इतना जरूर जानते है हम
    पहले ऐसा नहीं हुआ करता था
    धोखा देने वाले को बे-ईमान कहाँ जाता था
    पर आज वही लोग इसे कौशल कहते है ।।
    प्रतित हो रहा है हमे भी
    व्यक्ति अपनी राह बदलता जा रहा है
    अपने निर्माण भी और अपने विचार भी ।
    अफसोस हो रहा है हमे यह कहते हुए कि
    व्यक्ति अपनी नीतियो का शिकार हो रहे है ।।

  • stories_made_for_you 110w


    Eyeless Jack was sacrificed.
    BEN was drowned.
    Jeff was burned and bullied.
    Toby was made fun of because of something he couldn't control.
    Jane was murdered.
    Laughing Jack was forgotten.
    Even though the Cp's went through so much.
    They are still my heroes.
    Your heroes wear capes but mine wear hoodies.

  • 3vernever 118w


    Chase away the light. The opposition of bright brings forth darkened insight. These are thoughts projected from a heightened mind kite..a dark light. Like shadows..in and outta sight. Damn..Dark is so Bright

  • codeslayer7168 123w

    Here the #firstpart of my new short story "THE GROUP PROJECT"... It's on my class 10 group project that was absolutely astounding and fun-filled ... Hope You like it...
    Comment & Share if u care ��... Need your feedback
    #friend #friendship #shortstory #bestoftheday #popular #best #love #life #group #project #fun #happy #enjoylife #real #happiness #astounding #smile #class10 #life

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    T'was the month of October,
    Sharma Sir gave a rollicking entry to the class.
    In his usual Humorous style,he said,
    "Annhh!! Listen.I have some Important News".
    His 'Annhh' was enough to make us bust out to silent laughter.
    He Continued,"The Final Exam's nearing and you have 20 marks for Project"..
    We didn't pay much attention to his sayings cause we were fed up doing projects individually..
    Then came the Boombazling news...
    "You will do Group projects this time."..
    This brought an end to our sleep and fed energy into us..
    "Each Group will have 4 to 5 members" he said..
    Excitement was at the peek to know our project partners. He split groups using roll numbers..
    He started to split up... Roll 1-4,5-8 & 9-12 and then came my turn..Roll 13-17..
    Checking out roll numbers our group was of:
    Harsh , Me , Kuhelika , Muskan & Mustafiz..
    And then The project base was given...
    The project we got, put a smile in our faces,
    It was....
    (To Be Continued......)


  • shanulily 143w

    Native from "Paradise",
    Appeared like" Everything ",
    Tantalizing the inner "Spirit",
    Undergoing the process of giving "Esse",
    Reckoning with the "Divine",
    Emperor from the empyrean till the"Earth"!
    NATURE is just the "Beginning"!

  • fallin4magic 151w


    I finagle the pieces to try and fit them together. Words pretty and playful and in all the ways that we were supposed to have been. Syllobals dripping off the corners of my mind. But nothing fits outside this chaos between everything and nothing that I want to say-- (There's just so much that hasn't been said) The book's binding is gracefully shredding, utop the shelf. Judgement from critics calling only to say, It hasn't had the fair shot it deserves. Only amateur screenplay in the making, unfinished work forgotten, Typewriter ribbon far too loose and none of the ideas I had for us are sticking. I guess you didn't see how good we could have been, like they do? All of the chapters waiting to be lived out fading long before we could ever write them. Now I'm left here only wondering about what if's. My paper is blank, just as my brain was when they asked me about you and how it was all coming along. The story isn't over yet , I say. Because I want to believe that...
    Perhaps in time, it'll get finished.
    But deep down, I know I've never been very good at finishing anything that scares me quite like you do. I know you've moved on to other projects. I can't seem to keep your interest in our original plan. We both know this can't get written by itself.
    I know I can't do this alone.
    (You were supposed to be here)
    So, I fake a smile and pretend there's hope bc I'm not a quitter and I just know in my heart, that this could be the best seller I've dreamt of my entire life. This story isn't finished yet,
    I tell them.
    Our story. It can't be over yet

  • claire_a 153w

    i had to write about a story from my past for school.

    #school #project #poem #youth #teen #youthwriter #teenwriter #beach #woods #eagles #seagulls

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    the woods near the beach

    seagulls entertwined with eagles
    living among the same trees
    but something else hides
    in the woods near the beach,
    a legend among the children of the island:
    a homeless man hidden in the bushes.
    the children made it their mission
    to find the man.

    the wheels of the wagon
    rattled as they crossed over the rocks
    to head into
    the woods near the beach.

    into the woods near the beach and to the left
    they discovered the hobo's camp
    with a seagull perched on a rock-
    the hobo seagull.
    a feared creature,
    credited with sneaking into homes
    to steal food
    and peck out the eyes of the locals.

    running, the children fled
    the woods near the beach
    to never return
    due fear the hobo seagull
    for the rest of time.

  • britpotatoe 160w

    Just a snippet of my new writing piece. Enjoy!

    #writing #book #project #roughdraft #girl #boy #relationshipissues #descriptive

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    Her beauty radiates like the sun that keeps this dirt globe warm and thriving. Her locks of blonde satin cascade over her slim shoulders. Her skin, the color of bronze, seems so smooth it's just begging for an embrace. Her eyes are as deep as the ocean, salty greenish-blue, it sparks my curiosity. What could be hiding deep inside that angelic soul?

  • alex_jusso 163w

    I'm back

    Hey guys, I'm still working on the project, but I've decided I'm going to keep writing poetry on here. I might even have some excerpts from Playing Spades with Eternity Anderson. Who knows?

  • wifey_suicide 163w

    Stay Blessed and Demonic

  • serein_ 167w


    Kamu tahu? Merindumu kini sudah bagai candu. Yang tiba-tiba mengganggu, padahal kau baru saja menghilang dari pandanganku beberapa detik yang lalu.


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  • maria_lopez_de_carrizosa 176w

    Hey writer's ✒ and readers ! Coment below ⬇ topics that are of your interest!
    I will write a poem to every single topic that you coment!

  • ariel_adam 181w

    How to find fake person

    Need not to find fake person,
    Just play wise,
    They will project themselves.


  • tuiethetweety 251w


    This is My project name.rather be said it's the name of my book that will be published soon.
    I wrote a few novels and stories who have one same thing in them and that's their theme. Death is the theme of my book.