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  • profundityofink_ 49w

    Not everyone you want will stay with you till you want,

    You won't get everything that you desire for otherwise the word 'wish' wouldn't have existed.

    Some people are meant to enter your life to enlighten your dull life and give you lessons to help you live your life better.

    So don't you grieve when someone close leaves your life, instead be blessed that they gave you time and some important lessons to remember for life.

    Ig id : candour_ink


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  • profundityofink_ 49w

    Behhind those black shade

    Behind those black shades
    Lies the eyes of wonder
    Long cat eyeliner
    And those shiny eyeshadow on eyelids

    I slowly removed those glasses from her face
    Felt a breath in my hand

    The warmth coming from her body
    Attracting me
    Like a magnet

    My lips on her forehead
    I kissed her
    I was in love with her

    She is the best girl in the world

    Her cuteness was hidden somewhere behind those glasses
    But that brown eyes
    Black fringes
    And tied hairs

    Made her cute again



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  • profundityofink_ 49w

    Be At Peace!
    Dive in the ocean of happiness
    In search of your answers.
    You'll find exactly what you need
    It's just the seeking manners.

    Bloom like that lotus, surrounded
    In mud, yet pink and shiny.
    Spreading its leaves all around
    even if the space is tiny.

    Climb the ladder up to the sky
    To pluck all the stars
    And carry them down
    To embellish your scars.

    Be at peace with your emotions
    even if you hit your low.
    You have the power in you
    Just look into the heart below.

    But stay not in the dark
    for you may fear it.
    Walk into the light of hope
    as you see it.
    © DB

    Name: Divyanshi Bansal
    Instagram: thewriter_chokri


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