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    Stella chuckles at a joke Andy tells. She seems to be getting really comfortable being around him. She admits to feeling time itself halt anytime they are with each other.
    'I cannot explain why but he just makes me feel quite different, like the kind of human and woman I have never felt like before. I think he is one for me', she would say whenever any of his friends tease her about the strength of the love she shows Andy.
    They both love each other so much or so it seems. Andy, head over heels in love with her, cannot wait to get her to be his wife so they share each other's life and time like a large circle of pizza but not willing to rush things, he decides to take things slow that he may study Stella and understand if indeed she is the one he would want to spend the rest of his life with.
    He spends six months trying to understand how Stella works all round and afterwards he pops the question almost immediately after the six months as though he had been forced to undergo the six months study but only really wanted to get married to her as soon as possible believing that if he wastes any more time, someone else would come whisk her off to the altar before him. He does not want that as he sees her in his own words,
    'She is my moon
    Lighting up my darkest night
    I would be a messed up buffoon
    If I let someone else swoop her away from my sight'

    Getting himself prepared, he gets a ring, a gown and a 3-piece suit. Getting Stella to a fancy candle-lit dinner at his apartment, he is a bit nervous about the whole proposal, asking himself questions like
    'What if she does not agree?
    What if she does not like me that much?
    What if something happens?'

    He goes on questioning himself silently as he watches with a smile on his face as Stella eats, so charmingly, her food. Stella catches him in the stares and pauses from eating her food and with a smile demands to know why he is staring.
    'Uhmmm....Am I missing something?'
    'Nothing much. Except the beauty that is blinding my eyes right this moment', Andy says with a passion that causes him to freeze.
    'Awwnnn....Thank you so much', Stella replies. 'I must say I'm very flattered'
    'Stella', Andy begins again staring straight into her eyes. 'I've known for years now and I am now certain of one thing.....'
    'Hmmm....What might that be?' Stella asks with a smile
    'I love you...and', he quickly goes down on his knees bringing out a miniature glass jewelery box containing a golden ring. '...You are the one...You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So please Stella would you marry me?' He kneels patiently waiting for a response and Stella certainly delays in responding as if hoping that he would get up before the one minute she keeps him waiting knelt on the floor.
    Then with an outburst she yells with a smile grabbing his left palm,
    'Yes, yes. I'll marry you'
    Jumping to his feet joyfully, he grabs Stella in his arms in a tight hug taking a 180° turn before carefully placing her feet on the ground and giving her a kiss on her forehead. As expected, she smiles and places same on his cheek. But later on all of these would capsize.
    A few weeks later, they get married. Everyone believes they are made for each other judging from how beautifully they look together on the altar and how passionately they perform the 'You May Now Kiss' scene. Andy would not believe what he would experience later; he would eventually wish they never met in the first instance. She would turn out to be nothing but a mini-demon tormenting his very existence.
    One month into the marriage, things are still looking up in the marriage with one or two minor disagreements here and there which he makes himself believe to be normal positing that they are two different people sharing a new environment together hence were only scraping out the rough edges in order to adjust to the new environment and before long, they would achieve happily ever after.
    What he soon notices after about four months of trying to 'scrape out the rough edges' is the fact that Stella is not who he imagined she is and does not like him as much as he imagined she did. Coming out of the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon with tears in her eyes, hiding a knife behind her as she, with a smile comes to take a seat beside Andy. Seeing her as she comes over, Andy smiles.
    'Hey love. Come seat.'
    'Don't call me that', she says as tears roll down her cheek.
    'What's going on?', Andy asks confused and attempts to go over to where she is standing.
    'Don't you come near me', Stella screams brandishing the sharp shiny knife she weilds like a warrior ready to kill.
    'Honey, what's wrong?'

    She pushes him to the sofa and drawing closer to him, as if to kiss him, she gives him a cut on the face close to his nose. 'That's for this nonsense you have done to me'. Confused that she could say a thing, he makes to questions her sanity but she takes the knife close to his face again shutting him up. She raises the knife again as if to stab him but stabs the backrest of the sofa they are on before speaking.
    'I never told you I wanted to be married', she begins.
    '....bbbuuut you acc...epted the ring', he replies
    'Because I did not want to hurt your feelings.'
    'What???' Andy asks dumbfounded
    'You heard me. I never loved you. We were supposed to be just friends but you forced yourself on me.'
    'Ok, fine. You don't want this anymore. Just leave but please put the gun away.'
    'Oh this?', she raises the gun to her face as if about to have a long kiss with it. 'Definitely. I just make sure you wouldn't try to stop me from leaving. Anyways. Take care of yourself and I am sorry'
    Rushing to their room, she sits on the bed rethinking the whole thing wondering if she should renege on leaving Andy after many years of being together, first as friends then as couple. How is she to throw it all away,
    'It's been so long. How do I just leave like that?'
    Thinking a little while more, she makes up her mind to leave despite how hard she finds it to do. Walking out into the sitting room where Andy is still seated in shock, she walks up to him and squatting before him says,
    'I'm sorry but this can't work. It shouldn't have been in the first place'
    Andy both terrified and dumbfounded freezes as she speaks. Rising up from before him, seeing that he is probably finally onboard with the decision she has made, Stella walks away to door to take her leave but halting right in front of the door as though she has forgot part of her luggage, she turns towards Andy and uttering another 'sorry' beneath her breath, shoots him dead with a bullet to the back of his head before calling the police to report that someone had been shot while disappears into thin air.


  • brokenheart127 112w

    Broken #1

    In the end you said I deserve better
    But my question was why don't you become better for me.

  • loona83 122w

    Is it Love

    Unconditionally, I felt something for you. Yet,I haven’t learned if it’s love or,probation to it?

  • thelovelyweasel 167w

    My Will

    Take it with a grain of salt
    When they warn you
    Fuck this up
    One hundred
    Eighty days
    Barred out
    Feast on this
    Poppy seeds
    Catch your breath
    This month runs short
    Run away
    But I stay
    Bless you for another day
    The sensation of everything
    Overhwhelms me
    Caving to
    The relief of giving into
    What imprisons me at home
    Fuck those blocks
    Fuck those cells
    This is Hell
    Where is the high?
    I'm on fire
    Burning alive
    Free falling
    A rapid descent
    Through each level
    Crashing hard
    Coming to
    Crawling out
    The sunlight hurts
    Night time depresses me
    I sit in fear
    Mistake the date
    Take a pill
    Forget something
    To have them lock me up
    Throw away the key
    No different than each day
    I spend alone
    Inside this home
    That's not my own
    My compass speaks
    Reveals to me
    An epiphany
    The truth can taste
    Testing me
    My resolve
    My resistence's been
    Exhausted again
    And again
    And again
    And again
    And again
    Until I'm spent
    If I do
    If I don't
    The loneliness still eats the holes
    Into my depression
    Like moths and worms
    Rock bottom wins
    As I scream at the top of my lungs
    Surrendering completely to
    The God I miss
    The God of Love