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    I was scared to listen a knock at my door. Well, knock at the door isn't scary but, it was almost midnight and I was alone at home.

    I went to check the door. Through spy-hole I saw that no one was there. Then I realized, the knock was from inside of the house.

  • priyanshusinha 2w

    Teddy's Eyes

    "Papa, I want this teddy bear"
    "Ok baby, you may have it"
    The child was too happy on having that cute teddy bear. As they returned, her mother was creeper out of that teddy.
    "It's eyes are like real ones"
    "Haha" both laughed.

    It has been 10 days, that child was again playing with that teddy. But she was confused a bit.
    "Papa, I think it's eye colours are changed"
    "Maybe he wore the colourful lenses" he said jn mocking way.
    Knock knock, a neighbour was there. He was panting.
    "What happened?" Child's father asked the neighbour.
    "Mr. Saah is been murdered by someone."
    "Yeah and... and.. his eyes are not in place"

    "Daddy, why my teddy's eyes are bleeding?"

  • priyanshusinha 2w


    There was a legend in my town that, if a student is getting low marks then they will die before the next exam. Each of the students were working hard to get more marks.

    The one who had got less marks was still not studying. He was scared at all of being killed. I came out of his closet and made a slice.

    From next day, again each of the students were getting high marks.

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    I saw her in party. She was good but her smile made me fall for her. The melody of the music plus she. I never admired any girl like this before. So I invited her for a dance. She rejected my invitation but with a smile. An angel in pink with wearing the most beautiful smile ever sae jn my life.
    That night was unforgettable. But, now I'm bored looking at the same smile again and again.

    I should have paste her face on my wall as well. Just the lips aren't working.

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    I apologized.
    I left my ego back.
    I was on my kneel in front of you.
    But that doesn't matter for you, isn't it?
    I was meant to be in darkness.
    And you were made to be chopped.

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    We were in relationship for 3 months. Then she realised that we shouldn't be together because of my usual behaviour. She started behaving different.

    So, I changed her hanging position from my bedroom to store-room. Now have place for someone new.

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    We were watching news at out home. A man came and sliced open the neck of the anchor in front of camera. We thought that it's just a play to fool us.

    Our eye caught the 'Live' below the name of the mews channel.

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    Job work

    I used to be a salesman at my early age. I sold a lot of meat to the person by visiting them at their doorsteps. Used to have a huge profit during the work.

    But soon, the people of the town were no more left to chop off. I changed the city and now working in hospital and providing the needed organs to the patient.

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    Story telling

    I'm a horror story writer. I like to spook everyone. One day, I was telling a horror story to my girlfriend, her face was in shock phase all over the time. I thought she was impressed by my story. So I asked her, "How was the story darling?"

    I was sad, because I killed her and was not getting any response from her this time.

    "It was great darling. Let me do the same with you", she said.

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    "Hey, I need a break."

    "Yeah, you may have."

    "Seriously, won't you be stopping me?"

    "Since you have already made up your mind, it would be useless to waste my time."


    She cut the call and blocked me too from everywhere. I opened my laptop and started playing my games.

    "Why should I ruin my mood for her?" I was trying to forget her so went on playing and playing.

    It was 3 am when I planned to go to sleep. I was on my bed suddenly I heard a police siren coming near my neighborhood. I went out to check. A kid of age nine was missing from his house.

    "He was in his bedroom. I sent him in and made him sleep in front of my eyes. I don't know how he went missing." His mom was crying there and was answering all the questions.

    The police started asking questions from the people living in the neighborhood if they saw something.

    "Hey you, have you seen something unusual?"

    "Me? Umm... no. I was sleeping."

    "You haven't got a night of proper sleep. When you went to bed?"

    "At 3 am."

    "Why so late?"

    "That's my matter."

    "Yeah yeah."

    They went on asking from everyone. But no one knew anything.

    It was noon now. And we all were still on the road with the police and that family.

    "Ok, everyone, we are leaving now, do let us know if you got something."

    As the police left, the mother started crying very loudly. It was hard for her to control. I came back to my house and went on google to search for a few things.

    I searched every possibility of a kid being kidnap. But none of them matched with the scene of the present time. Someone called me out of the house. A meeting was held.

    "From today, two peoples will wake till the sunrise to ensure the security of the society. We don't have a security guard yet so, we have to do this. Who wants to do this first?"

    "Me. I'm the night owl, it would be easy for me to wake till the sunrise" I raised my hand and saw everyone's eyes were upon me.

    "Ok then, he and I will take care of tonight." We team-up and waited for the night to come.

    Everyone was sleeping at their home. Me and my teammate for today, Ranka, were roaming in the society.

    "It's cold here. Can you feel it too?"

    "Yeah." That guy was behaving a bit strangely. I was suspicious of him.

    "So, do you know about that kid?"

    "No? Is there something strange?"

    "Yeah, they aren't his real parents."


    "They are foster parents."

    "Ok... so?"

    "Nothing just was saying. Got bored, that's why only."

    "Oh, ok, I'm worried about that kid's parents. How they might be feeling."

    "Should we go and check on them?"

    "No, give them time."

    We were roaming on the streets. Then I heard a loud crying sound. It was coming from that kid's house.

    "Ah, she might be crying over and over again."

    "It would be hard for her."

    We went on walking, suddenly the whole area was completely silent. No crying voice, no dogs barking, nothing. Again someone started shouting. We ran in the direction of the sound.

    It was another house. They ran out of the house and were saying, "Someone took my kid away. Someone came in and vanished in the air."

    "But we were on the streets. No one came!" My partner said with his eyes wide open.

    "There was someone in our house. We saw his shadow." The new kid's father said.

    While society was on the road. There was a lot of chattering. We saw only the first kid's parents were not on the road. It was not of any use but, we went to call them out.

    We heard a weak laughing sound coming from the house. The door was open so, we went in stealthy. We followed the sound. When we were near, we heard some chewing sound coming. Slowly, we move forward and saw, both couples were on the ground eating their food. They saw us, first, they were scared but then went normal.

    "Come come, have dinner with us." Kid's mom said with a red smile.

    "Move back everyone, MOVE BACK EVERYONE" My partner started shouting.

    We saw the plate, she was eating the head of the missing kid. And her husband was eating his leg.

    We ran away from the house. The couples were running before us with a big knife in their hand. We gathered at my house to hide. Both the couples were banging at my door.

    "What should we do now?" Someone asked.

    "Let's hide in this room." And a kid went to hide in my trophy room.

    "No wait, don't go there."

    Everyone followed that kid. They all were in that room. The women started shouting. They all were scared. They saw the half-eaten dead body of my ex.

    "Told you not to. Now have the consequences." From my behind, that couple came. We three were holding the knife in our hands.

    One by one, we three were cutting off the heads. And I added the trophies in my trophy room.

    "Your son tasted better among these kids," I said.

    "Yeah, that's why we ate him faster."

    We all were laughing like a manically. Soon the sirens filled the society. "The police came, someone might have called the police."

    "Yeah, let them in."

    I went to check on the door.

    "So MR. night Owl, what are you doing right now?"

    "Was having dinner sir."

    "Share your dinner with me too."

    "Having non-veg."

    "Oh, I love non-veg. Serve it to me."


    I went to the kitchen and bring the plate in front of him.

    "Where's the meat?"

    "Oh, you wanted someone else meat? I thought you are gonna eat yourself."

    "What? Are you mad? Why would I eat myself?"

    "Then let us eat you."

    Soon the society was filled with his painful cry. We had the food for the next few more months. We locked ourselves in my house. The trophy room was filled with red trophies.

    After few years, I changed my city. I was in the restaurant for having dinner with my crush. Suddenly the news announced, "Couples were found dead, their body was half eaten by some human. Many other dead bodies too are found from the house of someone named, Valak."

    "Haha.. Valak see, that might be your house. Who knows." She funnily blinked at me.

    "Yeah, maybe I like to eat human flesh. Who knows. Between, your flesh looks tasty too. Should I bite you?"

    "Haha. Stupid."

    "Come my home someday, I'll show you my trophies."


    Soon, one more trophy was added.

    THE END.
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    House of Trophies!


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    She rejected me because my face was terrible. They went out for a dinner. Where I too was sitting. She holded his hand and they left. I saw them in the corner street. Where the light was too dim to recognize the faces.

    I saw them. Her back was on the wall and his head was tilted near to her neck. I thought that thing is something personal I shouldn't look at them like this.

    But, I saw few drops came out of her neck. Slowly I went closer. I saw he was bitting her neck and her eyes were wide open. She was dead.

    "Hey, what are you dojng?"
    "Damn, you scared me"
    "Why are you eating her meat alone. We had a deal"
    " yeah yeah join come."

    And then went for new fresh meat on the street.

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    ये शाम थोड़ी अलग हुई
    चांद के ज़रिए एक तारे की तारीफ हुई
    प्यार तो होना ही था
    सारे ग्रहों के संग उस आकाश जी साजिस थी
    कहूँ क्या आखिर मैं
    प्यार था
    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

    उसकी शैतानियों से परेशान रहता
    वो खुद में मस्त मौजी थी
    मेरी एक नहीं सुनती
    इतनी वी नटखट है
    वैसे तो 20 की वो कुवारी थी
    पर संग मेरे एक बच्ची है
    मैं खुद एक बच्चा से
    उसके लिए जवान हुआ
    उस पतंग सी उड़ने वाली के लिए
    मैं मांझे की डोर बना
    संग रहे दोनो हमेसा
    ऐसा दिल मे ठान लिया
    कश्ती हमारी संग तैरेगी हमेसा
    खबर सबको ये कर डाला
    सब ये पूछते हमेसा
    जवाब एक ही मिला
    प्यार था
    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

    शुरुआत थोड़ी अलग हुई
    मेरे से वो थोड़ा नाराज़ हुई
    मेरी बेशर्मी से पसंद नही
    तो उसे भी खुद से बेशर्म बनाया
    उसे मेरी कुछ हरकत पसंद नहीं
    उसकी उनकी ही लत लगाया
    प्यार की शुरुआत कुछ ऐसी हुई
    मैं शक्त धूप सा
    वो गीली मिट्टी सी मेरे ताप में बदल गयी
    मैं भी तो था शक्त लौंडा
    जो उसके लिए पिघल गया
    आज दिन कुछ खास हैं
    हमारी कहानी का आरंभ हुआ
    किस्से तो हैं बहत से
    पर समय का अंत अभी हुआ।

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    प्यार था

    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

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    I was watching a movie at my home. Got a call,
    "Bro, you should have watched this movie at threater with us. We had so much fun "
    "Cool. But i like to be alone. So yeah watching the movie alone."
    "Yeah, enjoy. We are going to have some ice-cream "
    "Cool bro"
    "BTW do you know where Shefali is? She said she will come but she didn't "
    "Don't know"
    "Ok see ya"
    After the call, I continued watching my movie.
    "If you had accepted my invitation We would have watched this movie peacefully na. Now your eyes are wide open but they can't see."

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    अपने जुगनू को किसी दूजे है हाथ में देने के ख़ातिर
    खुद को अंधेरे में डुबा पाओगे
    वापस आने का सोच रहे हो?
    बस्ती वही बसाओगे।

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    #priyanshusinha #priyanshuwrites
    you know, what I tried to say...

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    घमंडी हो?
    अरे मैं भी
    गुस्सैल हो?
    ओह मैं भी
    रावण के भक्त हो?
    मस्त, मैं भी
    उच्च जाति का भी होकर नीच हो
    अरे, मैं नहीं।

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    तू शहर की गोरी
    मैं गांव का श्याम प्रिये

    चाहता हूँ बस इतना सा
    ताकूँ तुम्हे सुबह-शाम प्रिये।

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    I was having a good warm night. My whole society was calm, guess everyone were sleeping. I heard a knock at my door. It was not that late so I wasn't surprised. I went to check and found that my neighbor's kid was there holding a round covered thing in his hand.

    "What is this kid?"
    "Just a gift for you"
    He handed me that thing and went back to his house. I went to my room to check. I thought it might be a ball or something. When I uncovered it I was shocked.
    It was the head for that kid's father. I ran to my phone to make a call to police. My eyes caught something at the window. There was someone standing over there. I hold a knife and went to the door. As I opened it, I slipped there.

    There were the heads of several members of society. The only thing I was able to hear,
    "Now no one can scold the kids"

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    Letter for me or us

    She came in front of me while she was on phone. After breakup this was the first time we were facing each other. I was sad. Inwanted to have her once again. I went to her. I saw her smiling while she was talking to someone else.

    Then why the hell am I sad? If she can be happy, if she can talk to someone else while laughing then why am I depressed? She forgot what she used to feel about me then why I'm not able to overcome my feelings?

    You have to overcome every feelings you are having. My wings are having fire why to wet them?
    This is not just for me this litter is for us!

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    The sun is still shining. Why aren't you? Are you lazy? You know what's going to happen? You have done all the things?
    You are just scared of the failure. The love failure, the career failure, the general failures.
    You proposed your crush and got rejected, why to depressed?
    You got rejected in interview, why stop there?

    You have a fire in you, DON'T LET IT STOP!!! Go on doing things. You don't have faith in god? Believe in yourself then.

    The sun is being destroyed because of its own Elements, still it's as it was.
    The moon have so many crates on it, still it's beautiful.

    Open your eyes and look around you. The world is for you. Either rule it or be a part of it.

    Destroying things won't work every time. Killing them in dreams, not giving chance, trying to forget, nothing will work. Be the one you are. You are the angel. Fallen one? Or the white wings one? It's upto you.

  • priyanshusinha 7w

    Love failure

    Why we guys fall in love with someone who's isn't gonna love us back? This is just waste of time, just a waste of feelings. Still we do fall for them. We try to be strong but we won't be able to. We are not strong enough to control our feelings towards that person.

    This is not just love failure, you failed yourself to control your feelings. You are the failure. You are.... failure.