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  • raman_writes 7w


    फ़रेब हम भी जानते है पर गुनाह नहीं करते ।

    किसी के उसूल उसकी नफ़रत से बड़े होते है ।।


  • anuradhasharma 13w

    ये क्या समझदारी हुईं ,
    की तुम किसी को नामझ बोल ।
    उसकी नासमझी का , फायदा उठाते रहे ।


  • amatullah_bm 15w

    Most of the times I get asked on how will your kind gestures pay back.
    Let's analyse this:
    You are in a situation where the next person seated next to you is someone you don't get along with.

    However, the situation occurred that she needed something to be brought to her and you with your good character got up and took it to him/her.

    According to your good character zone is that you would have done it even if it wasn't that person. You would do it for anyone anywhere.

    Kindness will be reciprocated back to your way.
    Believe in that. Don't change it because the person it's directed to is someone you don't get along with.

    Stand by your values.

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    Kind gestures done to anyone anywhere define the true values you possess.
    Be yourself in any situation and kindness will reciprocate back.

  • cherish312 17w


    Life without rules and principles may lead to self destruction

  • cherish312 19w


    The weakest point in your life will always
    disclose the deepest principles of your characters that you uphold.

  • totempole 26w

    Thoda Kam Bhi Chalega

    गर झूठ की बात हो,
    थोडा कम भी चलेगा,
    अगर फरेब की बात हो,

    थोडा कम भी चलेगा,
    अगर असत्य की बात हो
    थोडा कम भी चलेगा,
    अगर ईर्शा की बात हो,

    थोडा कम भी चलेगा,
    अगर लालच की बात हो,
    थोडा कम भी चलेगा,
    अगर क्रोध की बात हो,

    थोडा कम नहीं चलेगा,
    अगर तिरंगे की बात हो तो,
    तब पूरी सौ फीसदी बात होगी,
    सारे जहांँ से अछा हिंदोस्तां हमारा...

  • san_wordzz 29w

    Thank you @writersnetwork ❤(4)
    You made my day
    Though cliché, yet this post is a gentle reminder for all of us. Therefore, please read the complete post.

    1. I don't know how to write. Yet, I find myself immersed in the pool of thoughts that are perhaps the result of the circumstances that circumference my mind with the wires of emotions.

    2. Just as the autumn sheds it's leaves in crimson yet each crimson is different. Likewise, so many writers attempt the same topics yet each one has it's own differentiable essence. They may use the same words, yet their creation is different.

    3. We all have two eyes, two ears, one nose and lips. Yet, we all look different just like our gadgets. They are similar yet different.

    4. Betwixt the particles of air travels the particles of our sound and gets communicated to the desired person.

    5. Just as the swift movements of a renaissance painter seems effortless yet alive, in the same way our breath keeps our system open to enjoy our surroundings or else we may be numb.

    6. We feel the Zephyr, enjoy a visual treat of gigantic cerulean waves, seraphic sunrise and sunset, serenity of virvidescent trees which is articulated with an amalgamation of Science, as if Science and Art are twins that are inseparable both physically as well as mentally.

    7. We use hyperbole, alliteration, metaphor, simile etc to garner our poetry with a beauteous touch. In the same way, different moments of happiness, sadness, obstacles beautify our life instead of making it monotonous.

    These things have lost their importance because of their regular nature. And we think that these things are done by us, and we think that we are the rulers of this world and everything is happening in accordance with our need.

    And in the due process we put 'I' on the pedestal
    What if
    One day we wake up to find that
    1. Our mind has filled its space with the void instead of thoughts?

    2. Our faces look like facades of similarity?

    3. Our tongue makes movements to bring out our voice but our larynx has failed to harmonise with our mouth?

    3. We become hypoxic and our countless breaths needs a count to keep us alive?

    4. We are surrounded by the monochrome colour of darkness and we are bereft of all the beauty that evokes our five senses?

    If such things happen, they will draw a line of oblivion where anything will be everything and everything will be nothing and nothing will turn to infinity.

    Therefore, we should insert this 'I' into 'HIM', instead of offering garland of laurel to it , and surrender ourselves completely because he is the one who is writing, speaking, working through us. All the artwork that we do, belongs to him for he has created our minds and he is the only one who is working through them.
    Therefore, we should be grateful to HIM for making us a part of his artwork. And we should respect all the other forms of HIS artwork.


    I and HIM in single inverted comma
    I - It refers to ego. Eg:- I am the doer, the giver and the forgiver.
    HIM - It refers to the Almighty God
    PS :- I have mixed all the three challenges of the past three days, so it's pretty certain that I might have batched this up at some point. Feel free to correct me, in the chatbox.
    writersblock at its peak��
    @heartsease My editing is inspired by yours��
    #fresco #principles #hyperboles #paradox #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • madhursankhla_21prerna 29w

    Love ART
    LIVE Art.....

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    It's as tough as
    Balancing oneself on an aerial rope with out support
    Contrasting attitudes of society & it's members
    Emphasising upon the truth presented before jury
    Moving in the hustle & bustle of metro- station
    Patterning the daily schedule ie organizing time
    Rhythm, composing the notes on piano for beginner
    Unity to be maintained by human resources of a Nation.
    Ace card is FEELINGS filled into it making it liveliest.
    This may someday finally result into the ultimatum of ART Sciences.

  • ethereal_soul 29w

    I know I am late, but I will still post it..
    It's just about sighting #contrast in nature.
    Hope you like it.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #principles #nature #flower #cloud #god #star #night #autumn

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    Let it Contrast

    Let the yellow autumn leaves,
    fall on the brown ground.
    The greens which will emerge,
    Can heal all wounds.

    Let the white star,
    Shine in dark canvas.
    They are the drips,
    Falling from God's pallet.

    Let the grey cloud,
    Give out some shower.
    They are the reason for colour,
    Present in every flower.

    Let the contrast,
    occur on its own.
    It will attract opposites,
    for best cause.

  • ___thepoeticlove__ 30w


    We all continue to follow same pattern..

    Some, persist with stren..
    While other's cherish every moment..

    Even we are also an art in which we are made with a pattern of different colours.., shades.. which depends upon how earlier and later we are designed..♡

    Accept every shades of life..!!


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    Beauty is personified at every stage of life..

  • absynth 30w


    7 basic principles of art
    From which I was supposed to choose one
    As emphasized in the guideline of today's prompt
    But sorry if I got it wrong
    For the movement of words extends beyond
    And is in contrast to what has been asked,
    A single principle is a broken pattern
    Balanced by the other six extras.
    The rhyme, the rhythm shouldn't count
    Because it's a poet's crutch
    That leaves me with only unity
    To lend the finishing touch
    And if I'm asked about the eighth principle
    I must say it's a deadline under pressure.


  • brahmleen_ 30w

    Walking in between those 
    tough bridges holding 
    shines of Jasmines I sang 
    a new song of balance to 
    contrast paints of my
    dreams with darkness 

    Walking down the tall
    bushes hearing 
    long forgotten voice of my 
    soul I sang a new poetry  
    of life emphasizing 
    sun amid flowing 

    Standing around a narrow 
    street watching miseries 
    of breathing I embraced 
    dull willows making caricature  
    patterns of pastel life 

    Standing beside a dead player 
    blowing harsh flutes 
    I twirled to seek soft 
    zephyr around stormy 
    breeze to unite divided 
    hues with new canvas of life.


  • flatbrush 30w


    Clumsy to hold a brush or pen
    They set to explore with nothing just zen.
    Within minutes Floors and walls become portals
    to dimensions so far, hidden from mortals!
    My eyes could barely cope to the rhythm
    The brain loses balance to fathom!
    Wait...The Heart seems interested..
    Feels familiar, its joy!
    It jumps to life like a butterfly, Boy, it's excited!!!
    Rules brace selves for a joyride!
    When the little artists set to work
    With a modest chalk or graphite.


  • onlywarrior 30w

    Live life like music
    Otherwise if you lost the rhythm
    Then You will lose balance ,
    It led to lose track of your movement
    Then there will be dilemma what to emphasis
    You will became myopic to recognize visionary contrasts in your life
    Forget the algorithm of patterns of whatever u like
    And to live life like music
    Unity of physical and mental health
    I would love to prescribe
    #principles # wod #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #life #music # love #live

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  • inkandfable670 30w


    I wish dancing words on rhythm of a poem
    Had some spell and charm
    Through which they captivate the souls,
    And could sing the tale they want ,
    I wish ,the brush, an artist holds
    The paper on which colours are poured
    Had the power to conjure
    That opens up the eyes of those,
    Who behold the art work with eyes closed,
    And tell them why the colours are bold,
    I wish, the tunes, a musician plays on
    Had little wings
    So, that they can enter in human beings
    And whisper the melody,
    The musician singing in him
    I wish,the gentle moves of ballerinas,
    Could create a euphoric world, which
    Invite the angels, fairies and nymphs
    To dance along with them;

    I wish, the pen could portray what the writers exactly feel,
    The brush could paint what the painter wants to reveal
    The tunes could sing the lyric of singer's escaped thoughts,
    The footsteps of ballerinas could express those pain sitting silently in their hearts;

    I wish, along with all its essential aspects, features and principles,
    I could add some touches of spells in every piece of arts and in every form of literature.


    Sorry for the errors...

    Hope you understand....


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  • hoorbanu98 30w

    Mirror of Tragedy♥

    Technically, the commoners are the community to be United,
    where their thinking are strong to fight,
    and weak when they want their rights.

  • dishang8614 30w

    Image clicked by me
    #principles @mirakee

    The rhythm of our love

    In the crowded stillness of the ocean
    I see the reflection of your smile
    that left exfoliating in the broad light
    Oh! eyes on me my love
    hear the rhythm of my beating heart
    echoing across the pearl of the orient sea
    for the promise of your love speak in faithfulness
    words for words stitched in my pulse rate
    your heart is a home where I reside for so long
    I can feel the rhythm inside
    someday, the same sounds, the same rhythm
    is where I cradle and held my final breath

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    I meet her in the rhythm of her half bloom smile
    while the movement of her eyes towards mine
    speak in a thousand of prose,
    with her golden long hair in hazy dawn
    that contrast sharply
    made a vows to eternity,
    so as the sun begins to rise
    the pattern of its ray of light
    bonded us to become one at heart
    for this is the rhythm of our love

  • ru_chaitraa 30w

    Past can only be considered as a lighthouse of wisdom for life,
    But it should never become a destination for the future.....

  • sproutedseeds 30w


    SKETCHiNG is an art
    displaying the idea
    with the stroke of pencil.

    The sketching and shading
    looks simple but is difficult
    needs concentration, focused
    on the strokes to bring life
    and throw light into the
    art to look realistic
    highlighting the message.

    Our Nature is the best Art
    balancing the rhythm of seasons
    in contrasting colours,
    emphasising on time with the
    movement of sun and moon.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    Thank you for the editor's choice ��

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    SKETCHiNG is an art
    displaying the idea
    with the stroke of pencil.

    The sketching and shading
    looks simple but is difficult
    needs concentration, focused
    on the strokes to bring life
    and throw light into the
    art to look realistic
    highlighting the message.


  • just_another_voice 30w

    Our room is still full of that acrylic smell,
    which reminds me of your paint smeared hair,
    your brushes with colourful stains are still in my drawer,
    poking sore memories rather cruelly,
    tiny tubes of paint, in various shapes,
    crooked from your insistent squeezing
    are still scattered across my table,
    and those pieces of art you left for me
    still stacked in my store room,
    portraying love, pain, anger and despair,
    reincarnate our life together which is just a mirage now,
    I don't know where you've gone,
    or why you've gone,
    but you are here with me in thousand forms,
    enclosing my days in shades and tints,
    astonishing me with your lines and curves,
    you were like your art,
    enigmatic from the outside,
    fascinating once you go deeper,
    layered with a great assortment of nuances,
    you illuminated my life with exceptional vividness,
    you never talked about your feelings,
    but I could see them in your paintings,
    they crooned for your love,
    screamed for your sorrows, and
    shouted for your fury,
    they embodies your rights and wrongs,
    and you are alive for me in those canvases,
    Wherever you are, remember,
    I love you more than anything in this world,
    and the fragments of your soul
    you rendered with grandeur in these paintings will be cherished,
    forever and always,
    in my life and heart.


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