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  • majesty_ 1d

    Misguided love

    Your voice trembles when you lie
    The way you look me in the eye
    The thought of you like a butterfly
    Cause you made me feel like I wanted to try
    So many plans I had for us
    But what was missing was the trust
    And all you cared about was U
    Now here I sit on the edge
    Of the building where we made our pledge
    Ignoring my phone, the sound of the ring
    What does it mean to me now?
    It's just a rock; it's meaningless now
    all the years we had together
    it will bring the tormented screams
    of my brain as my heart dies away
    The touch of unforgiving metal
    on my chin that’s exposed
    And then my head explodes
    Like a blooming flower
    That’s hard to extinguish
    What you started
    I will finish
    Skin to bone
    fly through the air
    on the way down
    A piece of my skull
    It lands in a boys hair
    He thinks it’s pretty
    It feels great to be pretty
    He keeps it, polishes it
    And makes it his own
    Even if he finds the “one.”
    Cupid, you’ll be there
    He’ll give her a piece of me
    So she could cherish it
    So she won’t be alone
    But she will make him despire
    Cause the love she gave was little
    So he went to the building where I reside
    to complete the circle
    “OH GOD, WHY?”
    And what “I” started will continue forever
    But I was the first 
    A lost soul
    to walk the earth
    But what can I say?
    She’s here too; she regrates what she did
    But Karma went after her thirst
    And though she doesn’t talk much, she went up on her perch
    Talking to herself all-day
    Acting crazy
    But now she hangs here
    With her head down
    Sad little corpse
    I tried to get her down
    Honest I tried
    But I watched her swing
    And realized how much she meant to me
    I watched her like this
    Cause on the earth I stay
    Until she, too, like me
    Rotted away
    Now here I sit on the edge
    Waiting for the next poor saps to make that pledge....

  • mr_stylezzz 1d

    When there’s a war between ur head and ur heart, only one of it can win. Because it’s a fight between ur logic nd emotions, and as bitter as this sounds, usually your logic will take over your heart when it shouldn’t.

    The truth of the matter is if u really love someone, if u really want to be with them and if u really want to end up together, you have to make sacrifices, and that includes being honest about how u feel even if at the end of the day things don’t work out.

    u cannot let temporary things or emotions like ego, come in between love that is true and will last forever, because we find our soulmate once in our lifetime and is it really worth trying, if we let them go because of something as evil as ego?

    Where will this ego and pride even take us? All it will do is make the other person feel unworthy and make both of u unhappy. Sometimes, u just need to feel what ur heart is saying, because it can’t talk to u, it can only feel, and u need to be strong enough to listen to it, instead of your mind ..

    #ego #pride #heart #love

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    Head vs Heart

    She’s pretending like she doesn’t miss u, and u’re pretending like u don’t care, ego is one hell of a drug ~ Romeo and Juliet.

  • param_shergill 4d

    वही तन जाने

    Chot jitni khaayoge,
    Khud par garoor utna hee paaoge

  • _the_soul_writer 5d


    Fill the brain, therefore, with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you, and out of that will come great work.

  • thetramp 1w

    Sorry Mom,

    What you wished to be a phase,

    Was me becoming who I am.

    What you wished would never stay,

    Unapologetically became something to witness.

  • majesty_ 1w


    Anonymous: Are you ok?
    Me : I used to be.

  • majesty_ 2w

    So yeah I NEED OPINIONS PLEASE this is literally the first happy poem I have Well there is one but ugh that was stupid but please I need input thins might go into my book and idk
    #life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2021 @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Love Bound

    Love is what I'm bound to find
    In time
    I've found it I'm sure of it
    Or maybe it found me
    Sunrise to sunset
    An open book I have not read yet
    Though love seems to be one of those books
    The pages haven't even been touched
    Well, my chapters just starting
    He holds me by the hand
    He's a respectful man
    It Looks like the author got carried away
    Cause this sounds like a fairy tale
    One might say
    But like all fairy tales, there's a villain
    But this ones my demon
    Of insecurities
    Cause some days I'm ready
    And others I'm not
    But he calls me down softly
    When I'm about to jump
    I listen to what he has to discuss
    Cause he's sweet like honey
    Sweet like a rose
    But the most precious thing of all
    Is when he kisses me on the nose
    I remember when he found me distraught
    On the floor, I didn't realize he was always there
    When I feel like breaking apart
    It isn't fate, though. It might be
    I walk, and if I'll have to climb
    Cause love is what I'm bound to find
    In time
    And I've found it, I swear
    Or maybe he found me

  • lucy08 4w

    **This piece is close to my heart.
    It's dedicated to my Granny, whom I lost during my college days. Her gold ring she gifted me on my board-results day, my most prized possession it will always stay!!**

    Grandma's Ring

    I watch as it reflects
    gleams of golden pride,
    from across your wrinkled eyes
    as you stare from paradise
    & notice me doing just fine.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #abstract #pride #gold_ring #ceesreposts #gogyohka #wod

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    Grandma's Ring

    I watch as it reflects
    gleams of golden pride,
    from across your wrinkled eyes
    as you stare from paradise
    & notice me doing just fine.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 4w

    Zamana jali hai toh kya huwa
    Zamana jali hai toh kya huwa
    Hum b ishq-e-rasool hai.....
    #love #poetry #our #love #pride #Islam #Muslim #loving #caring #respecting #respect #care #respectful #careful #Allah #lover #World #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • june_margot 5w

    7 sins

    Pride may nibble on mystic peril
    Greed may perish your dearly sheril.
    Lust may furnish your guilty pleasure.
    Envy may demolish every treasure
    Gluttony may feed your greed
    Wrath may corrupt your deed
    Sloth may be the deadliest curse
    An evil emanate from hearse
    Fallen angel unacceptable forever
    Such circumstances created 'Lucifer'

  • japsjk 6w

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with a healing touch
    To eliminate the sufferings of those
    Whom nature's wrath has in its clutch

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with the balm of love
    To obliterate darkness and hatred
    And instill faith in the God above

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with the lamp of knowledge
    To dispel the ensuing ignorance and evil
    And illumine the souls of men

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with a cup brimming of happiness
    To remove all sorrow, pain and gloom
    And fill all hearts with eternal bliss

    And when the bells of serenity chime
    And when souls resonate with joyous smiles
    May we hoist with pride, this tricolor sublime
    Embracing with dignity the hues of life

  • angel_sneha 6w

    Proud to be indian

    _______ Happy _______

    _________ Independence ________

    _______ Day _______

    To All Of You


  • anjaligosain 7w


    He was 19
    when he first met him
    after a very long time
    he was living in time
    Blood red butterflies
    fluttered through his little heart,
    the boy who was then 20,
    sent love on his art.
    He did not know
    what he was feeling
    or all he did know
    what he was feeling
    Love surprised him,
    or maybe he surprised love
    but the world wasn’t round for him
    he knew his fate didn’t come from above
    His love story wasn’t going to last
    but he was going to overlook
    when he was 19
    he kept looking at Facebook.


  • _princy_ 7w

    Sometimes I am just too tired to make you proud.


  • person_named_dakota 7w

    I am them

    Tiaras and dresses glitz and glam.
    Is that really who I am?

    No I don't think so

    Snips and snails, suits and ties
    perhaps I really am just a guy.

    Not quite

    In the middle where lines between masculine and feminine blur that's where I belong.

    I am them and them is me

  • wordsoftheetwilight 7w

    Pathetic Fallacy

    The moon had a coy smile ,
    Being the satellite of the realm governed by humans
    The pride hidden well amongst the several constellations.

    Little did it know ,
    Thee humans waited patiently to get a slightest glimpse of certain constellations !


  • sp00ky_rain 8w

    I wish you liked me
    The way you like boys
    I see how you look at them
    And you look at me differently

    See me as only a friend
    And that's how it'll stay
    Cuz you won't change
    And I won't say a thing

    So I'll just keep daydreaming
    Keep on pretending
    That maybe deep down
    You love me back

    I listen to the music that you like
    I watch all the shows you talk about
    I remember every word you say
    Memorize like a song

    I'll smile when you laugh
    I'll take random pictures of you
    Sometimes I'll forget
    That were just friends

    I wish you liked me
    The way you like boys
    I see how you look at them
    And you look at me differently

    I can't make you fall in love
    And I can't stop myself from falling in love
    With people who can't love me back
    It's a type of torture that I can't explain

    So I'll just keep daydreaming
    Keep on pretending
    That maybe deep down
    You love me back


  • rahbar__ 8w

    "परमेश्वर पर घमंड करना"
    कोई घमंड कब करता है ? जब उसे यकीन होता है कि उसके पास कुछ है, फिर चाहे वह ज्ञान हो, पैसा हो, सुंदरता हो कोई अच्छा हुनर या कुछ और.. पवित्र बाइबल के अनुसार, घमंड करने से हानि उठानी पड़ती है, नीतिवचन 16:18 "विनाश से पहले गर्व, और ठोकर खाने से पहले घमंड आता है"। लेकिन दूसरी तरफ राजा दाऊद परमेश्वर पर घमंड करने की बात कहते हैं, भजनसंहिता 34:2 "मैं परमेश्वर पर घमंड करूँगा; नम्र लोग यह सुनकर आनंदित होंगे"। यह घमंड खुद पर घमंड करने से बिल्कुल अलग है, जो किसी भी मनुष्य को किसी तरह की क्षति नहीं पहुँचाता है बल्कि परमेश्वर को महिमा देता है। आइये जानते हैं कैसे, जब भी कोई परमेश्वर का भक्त परमेश्वर पर पूरी तरह से भरोसा रखता है, उसके सामर्थ्य, कामों और भलाई का वर्णन पूरी रीति से करता है तब उदास लोग यह सुनकर आनंदित होते हैं। वे भी परमेश्वर पर भरोसा और घमंड करना शुरू कर देते हैं, इसी तरह से उन्हें देखकर अन्य लोग भी परमेश्वर पर भरोसा और घमंड करना शुरू कर देते हैं। इस प्रकार, किसी भी चीज पर घमंड करना निस्संदेह विनाशकारी है, लेकिन परमेश्वर पर घमंड करना परमेश्वर को महिमा देता है। याद रखें, जैसा घमंड फरीसी परमेश्वर के वचन का ज्ञान रखने के कारण करते थे, आप वैसा घमंड बिल्कुल भी न करें, बल्कि जो भलाई और सामर्थ्य के काम परमेश्वर आपके जीवन में करते हैं, उन सब कामों की बड़ाई करते हुए लोगों को हर्षित करने वाले बनें, ताकि वे भी परमेश्वर पर घमंड करने वाले और परमेश्वर की महिमा करने वाले बन सकें। परमेश्वर आपको बहुतायत से आशीष दे।


    #Pride #God #Bible

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    "Pride in God"

    When does someone brags? When he is sure that he has something, be it knowledge, money, beauty, a good skill, or anything else.. According to the Holy Bible, pride brings harm, Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." But King David, on the other hand, speaks of being proud of God, Psalm 34:2 "My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad." This pride is quite different from being proud of oneself, which does no harm to any human being but glorifies God. Let us see how, whenever a devotee of God fully trusts God, describes His power, works and goodness, then the sad people rejoice to hear this. They also start to trust and boast in God, in the same way other people also start trusting and boasting in God after seeing them. Thus, boasting about anything is undoubtedly destructive, but being proud of God gives glory to God. Remember, do not boast at all as the Pharisees used to be because of their knowledge of God's Word, but to make people happy by praising all the good and mighty works that God does in your life. Be the ones, so that they too may be proud of God and glorify God. May God bless you abundantly.


  • twaritamahato 9w

    In the past few years two of friends turned out to be homosexuals. And trust me they are the same witty , humorous, humble and tremdously beautiful souls that they were before. Infact they are more confident now because now they aren't confused with the question "why my feelings are not similar to other girls" , I've seen them struggling with their studies and sexuality , and now it gives me a lot of relief that now they can focus on their other issues .
    But no .. this world will never change , will it? Most of the people question them everytime like HOW CAN YOU BE GAY ..YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE ONE .. ig IT IS A MEDICAL ISSUE. How much can we torture a person who has already been through so much and tbh these people don't give a fuck about their lives , it is their lives and they have the right to choose their partners or the people who they fall in love with.

    Being heterosexual is not a blessing!!

    Stop judging homosexuals..stop asking them weird questions.. stop using the word GAY in your illogical jokes . Making fun of anyone's sexuality is not a joke anymore , sometimes it takes a lifetime to find out your sexuality or sexual preferences. These GAY jokes somehow breaks half of the people's confidence to come up. If someone comes up to be homosexual that doesn't make that person anything different.. they are the same people we lived with .

    We get one life .. don't you think everyone has the right to live it to the fullest. And what will the society say?? : most of them are illiterate nerds and some so called modern people also make fun of homosexuals..like duhh!! .. I can't imagine the amount of money you wasted on you education , clothing and lifestyle.. your mindset makes you modern..not your dressing sense , music preferences or lifestyle.

    You can't comment..judge..question..make fun of someone's sexuality .. you don't stand at that position

    #pride #homosexuality

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    "Why so gay?


  • the_poetic_tale 9w

    Pride is the enemy of knowledge,
    And anger, of wisdom.