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    Happiness, not gold or prestige, is
    the Ultimate currency.


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    When the world is silent, the mind speaks. When the mind is quiet, the world chatters. What do you call silence, a blessing or a tragedy? Or maybe numbness?

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    I echo slowly
    I repeat things when I can't remember them.
    Like History.
    There's power, there's prestige
    But I have forgotten that there's pride, and tyranny, and an ultimate downfall.
    And since I have forgotten these crucial parts,
    I take the class again,
    This time with me being the central character
    Rather than Robespierre or Hitler.
    They were only one
    I am many
    They were glib speakers
    And I a silent screamer.
    They ruled humans
    I ride them.
    But there's a similarity too
    We believe ourselves to be unlikely heroes
    Despite appearing as villains through and through.
    27 January 2021

    This is the perspective of the new villain,
    Covid 19.

    #covid #covid19 #coronavirus #corona #terror #villain #history #pandemic #lockdown #power #prestige #pride #tyranny #downfall #center #character #control #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely #free #wod
    #fear #wod
    Image credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.


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    The New Villain

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  • sarahrachelea 79w

    Justify all means for the sake of prestige
    Are you kidding me?


  • obsovert 81w

    My take on "Paatal Lok"

    It's "strictly on need to know basis" that Amazon Prime has once again left the mark with it's newly floated series "Paatal Lok" and has further cemented it's position as prime online streaming platform particularly in terms of Indian content.

    Well, basically Pataal Lok is a gripping crime thriller with exceptionally strong language and occasional gory scenes in the greater schemes of human follies and concomitant polysemy of living and existence itself.

    Prima facie what begins as a foiled encounter attempt on the Yamuna Bridge with in station limits of the Outer Jamuna Paar Police Station turns out to be just the tip of iceberg and in turn leads the unsuspecting simpleton Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary right up to the doorstep of inferno beneath surface of the earth and further leading to the darker and murkier truths of the system itself.

    The protagonist of the series Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is believed to be a nincompoop cop who had never been close to the real investigation and is out of nowhere entrusted or rather framed into investigating the grandest and the most high profile case of his life which is apparently made to appear like an open and shut case but actually it isn't and determined Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who now has once a life time opportunity to take a break from his humdrum existence, decides to take the plunge to attempt his best shot and embarks upon a thrilling bone breaking rigmarole to the badlands of Uttar Pradesh in the temple town of Chitrakoot to unravel the unsaid and unknown flagitious past of the prime accused Hathoda Tyagi and in his bid to pursue the hidden truth of case, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is finally able to stumble upon the uneasy truth and is able to manage and arrange a high profile truce between the warring sides. He forays deep into the case of his life by challenging the preconceived prognosis of events and emerge alive out of this mess contrary to the expectations of everyone barring his confidante and colleague Ansari who himself is struggling hard to keep the minority stereotypes at bay and make it large in his life.

    This series has got an eclectic outlook and an almost perfect ensemble cast and characters which represents a wide array of people coming from totally different backgrounds and with incomparable aspirations like someone wants to have absolute creative hold over his channel, someone likes to be loved and raise children, someone holds the canines dear, someone wants medals and promotions, someone wants a sex change operation to marry the love of her life, someone who is love lorn wants his love to be reciprocated, someone wants to keep his unwavering loyalty intact, someone wants to overcome anxiety, someone wants to rise above and touch the sky, someone wants to be still human and be righteously humane, someone wants to blend in as he is tired being a misfit, someone wants to be a social climber, someone wants to remain at the helm of power and then there is this one named Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who is like a tired and an exhausted pigeon with ever haunting gloom and despondency written large all over his face and yet a family man and thus susceptible to errors and wishes like he wants to see respect in eyes of his son who is visibly embarassed of his jumbo name and his profession as a cop, above all he has to battle interdepartmental rivalry and fear of being left out and trampled by his subordinates.

    Indeed Paatal Lok narrates an immersive and powerfully riveting tale enacted by it's richly layered characters who represents a wide social and geo political spectrum ranging from Dalit social mobility and skewed up binary gender notions, from caste based atrocities to the women being mercilessly raped in the patriarchal set up of society, from dreaded dacoity to political bonhomie leading to the alleys of power, from new wave nationalism to ages old rigid social subjugation and domination, from rural ruckus to ugly urban myths, from idea of peace to the ideologies of terrorism, from Delhi Belly of Hazrat Nizamuddin to the dubious Delhi of Patiala House Court, from parched Bundelkhand to prosperous Punjab and prevalent notions of pride and prestige therein.

    Most importantly and fundamentally Paatal Lok attempts an explanation to the very conjecture of the three different realms and the thin line between Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and the infamous Paatal Lok.


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    Passionate potential
    Better than competition
    This is your stage
    And always have been
    They have gimmicks
    You have wisdom
    Clever as a bottlenose
    Cant wait to see
    What's up your sleeve
    For the love of the art
    Whats beats your heart
    More close than far
    Your small performance
    Self inspired
    Will grow as do you
    Merging your act
    Its becomes you
    As you become it
    This is not trickery
    Just simplicity
    So simple it's hard to see
    But I see
    Visions of assistance
    Your audience
    Applauding before
    A prestigious victory
    The 1st act
    Intrigued me
    And there's far too many
    Like me
    Looking to be amazed
    And inspired
    And we root for the
    For he is
    God like
    Special and Unique
    Cannot be duplicated
    Awaiting you
    Your magic
    Proceeds you
    Make do

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    He hadn't seen a Volkswagen
    Talk less of driven a Ferrari
    Yet he kept on believing,
    That someday his life, would have a new meaning
    Though he seemed doomed, from the beginning
    Hailing from ten generations, of single parenting
    Five of which, were rich in poverty

    Just having a vest, and a few breeches
    Torn all through the edges, as though fringes
    But holding on strong, He looked to the Lord
    Following every prompting, with Christ leading
    His life kept advancing, unto victory
    From grass to Grace, life kept upgrading
    By the precious force, of Faith believing

    Then everything changed, with a bright destiny
    Now prestige accrued to him, just like king David
    Having in his possession, a gifted Lamborghini
    Still pondering on Christ's goodness in humility
    He landed a business deal, which came with a Bugatti
    Being driven around, in limousines
    And chauffeured everywhere, like a celebrity

    Looking back, his mind reminisced
    Remembering from whence, he came
    He realised, it was wisdom indeed
    To yield to Christ, abiding patiently
    His hope and life, unto Him trusting
    And obedience to Him, not relenting
    But Him alone, ever seeking

    Now he sits, in His place of prestige
    Musing about His life, now pristine
    His true identity, restored in dignity
    Riding by privilege, in cozy vehicles for kings
    Just as he'd heard, of the Rolls-Royce series.
    2Corinthians 8:9

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    ...Now he sits, in His place of prestige
    Musing about His life, now pristine
    His true identity, restored in dignity
    Riding by privilege, in cozy vehicles for kings
    Just as he'd heard, of the Rolls-Royce series.

  • terimerikahaniyaan 125w

    Prestige comes when, you feel you have done something well..

    But..Honour comes when others feel you have done sometting well..

    A little less ego and more understanding..

    A little less argument and more compromise..

    A little less expectation and more love.. keep relations forever..


  • jgamer27 126w


    PRESTIGE Comes When, You Feel You Have Done Something Well

    But, HONOUR Comes When Others Feel You Have Done Something Well

  • ytnsweetah 126w

    Let past not haunt u anymore
    Let gone be bygone
    As you are u one solemnly
    Important for you, Never waste
    Your plentitude for peoples
    Who disgrace your being
    A one who truly regards you
    And needs you will make
    every choices to fight the differences
    To be at your side, indeed it's not love
    Everytime that you need the most!
    The most we need is a true acceptance
    From one who means a lot to us.
    You are just not a star, in the universe
    Instead a galaxy that adds value to it's existence


  • atpugaysit 127w

    #Abracadabra #trick #prestige #deceit #cheat #society #magic #fooled #beware #AreYouWatchingClosely
    @mirakee @nostalgic_silence @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    You might think that the closer you look, the less you see. But is that so? Always? Or are you not watching closely? Well, as they say, just add magic.
    PS: Some lines might appear plagiarised but rest assured they are not. I started practicing magic at a very young age as a hobby, before Christopher Nolan made The Prestige. My inspiration came from these.

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    Are You Watching Closely?

    Are you watching closely?
    That the night is darkest just before the dawn!
    Are you watching closely?
    That the twilight is the daughter of dusk.
    And twilight gives ultimately darkness its birth.
    And we all think that all of this is worth.
    Worth everything. Everything that there is.
    For ‘tis the world that suffers from this.

    Are you watching closely?
    While the world tells you and shows you their characteristic feminism
    And say, they do not judge one another by the fields of racism
    And by nothing other than humanism.
    Are you watching closely
    The feminine being worshipped?
    In the mighty divine form of Maa Durga,
    And also in the form of the girl child: they called it Kumari Puja.
    They defined feminism as the equality between the man and the woman,
    And about equality in the schools they are taught and they do learn.
    But. Are you watching closely?
    Because the newspapers are saying otherwise.
    Are all the people in spite of all this, even trying to be wise?
    Are you aware of the actions that are taking place in some of the people’s houses?
    Houses of the so called ‘modern progressive people’,
    Where the people are educated with their proud MBAs.

    Are you watching closely as the darkness rises?
    Believing in what you know about days and nights.
    Believing that the day is soon going to come.
    Believing because you know there no way out.
    Because you know so. For it is the acceptance
    That just got the better of you.
    Are you watching closely what’s happening around you?
    Are you watching closely the independence we have been shown?
    In this great country of ours.
    Where, the freedom of speech, thought, expression, liberty, faith, belief, religion and action,
    Are practiced throughout the country every day’s every hour.
    Yet not knowing the meaning of the word ‘beef’ it is being slowly banned from the nation.
    Are you watching closely?
    When we say and show that we’re better than Saudi Arabia.
    And ask you to thank god because you’re not in Korea or Syria.
    So, are you watching closely?

    Are you watching closely?
    All the efforts that are made by people,
    And the results that are shown to you.
    Are you watching closely?
    Things of doubt like the Apollo Moon Landing
    Are you watching closely what the world has become?
    Are you watching closely? When the world says we’re at peace.
    Yet. Then again, are you looking at the army?
    At the brave soldiers guarding each and every border, loaded with artillery.
    They say they are preventing terrorist attacks.
    Then they say they’re fighting for the nation. And do you hear the word ‘humanity’.
    So, are you watching closely where the terrorists are in that country?
    Are you watching closely why the soldiers do what the soldiers do?

    Are you watching closely the fault of the drivers?
    Because of their monetary and economic status.
    And because it’s the drivers fault and not the rich innocent celebrity,
    It doesn’t really matter if one forgets it.
    Are you watching closely the good times that have been shown to exist?
    The good times where you stand out in the hot midday sun just to get what was already yours,
    Silenced by the soldiers’ memory, who’re standing all day guarding the snowy borders.

    Are you watching closely now?
    Close enough to know this,
    That the every good magic trick has three parts to it.
    In any book of magic this you may see,
    Given magic is that what you do study.
    The pledge is what the first step is called, traditionally,
    Where something ordinary is done or shown and that’s what you see.
    Followed by the next step called the turn,
    Where that ordinary something is turned.
    Turned into something miraculous
    And the applause is what’s earned.
    And finally comes the prestige where,
    What you have vanished must be brought back,
    Oh grand prestige: the greatest secret that's never brought back.
    And then it comes, the final applause. And the last bow ends the show with the final act.

    But the show doesn’t quite end yet.
    Because now you’re looking for the secret.
    But you look all over the stage but no matter how hard you try, you don’t find it.
    Because, then again, you’re not really looking for it,
    Are you? Because
    You’re not watching close enough, are you?
    Because after all, you don’t want to.
    Because you want to enjoy the trick.
    And you don’t want your mind to click.
    So, let me ask you again,
    Once more for a final time.
    In this great world, in this great stage where everyone plays their part,
    Are you watching closely? Are you?


  • atpugaysit 127w

    Let me in the Dark

    Leave me alone in the dark.

    While I share the very same stage

    I'm not meant for spotlight.

    Not yet. Not right now.

    Let me lurk in the dark,

    With a spotlight for a second.

    A big flash that blinded me,

    And went just as fast it came.

    Let me show you something ordinary

    Something everyone has,

    Something everyone does.

    Then let me use the dark

    While you are busy throwing petals

    At jokers and clowns with their same tedious acts.

    And let me remain in the dark,

    While you applaud at the jokes and juggles;

    Because I know you laugh at the void,

    For the show hasn't even begun.

    Because I am still in the dark,

    Swiping my hands,

    Doing the impossible opening of the locks

    That no one could see,

    Always thinking I was forever free.

    Let me be in the dark, as I set the stage;

    But before I get off, let the lights turn to me

    For the stage is set,

    And the illusions of the impossible

    Fantasize the audience.

    It's their first time, the people.

    They're not used to the prestidigitation

    If the great world of spotlights,

    And when the show's at it's end

    They can simply see and wonder.

    And maybe ask, “When was it over?”.


  • atpugaysit 127w


    It's supposed to fool you.
    And you're supposed to cheer.
    You might have seen it a thousand times,
    But you'll never learn.
    Learn something very few people want to.
    Because it's something no one can teach you.
    And also because you mustn't.
    Because your heart asks you not to.
    But there's the trick, and
    You might think you're too clever to be fooled,
    But it's your heart that asks you to close your eyes
    Close your eyes. Doesn't matter whether they're wide open
    Or were always shut tight.
    Because the eye is just an instrument and the mind is just to receive.
    Receive information to understand this world and know.
    But how can you know something that you don't want to?
    You look left, you look right.
    All you'll see is that which is shown to you.
    You'll know this isn't the trick.
    But you won't know when is the trick
    For there aren't just the traditional abra-ca-dabra
    That get to become the magic,
    For some tricks aren't performed on stages
    And some tricks you might see and think
    Think what everyone does,
    Think that they're performed on a stage.
    But they're aren't. No good trick is.
    They are performed in the broad daylight
    In front of everyone's very own eyes.
    Because that's the trick that's not detectable.
    Because that's what no one's really looking for.
    Because they don't know. They lack knowledge.
    And everyone would like to be fooled.
    Like to be fooled because they don't want to be afraid.
    They don't want to look.
    And what everyone forgets is there may be a room full of audience.
    Audience who'll love and cheer because they're fooled.
    But there are people who might not be one the stage,
    But they don't cheer. Because they're not fooled.
    Because they know something that no one else does.
    They know where to look.


  • puropoetesa 136w

    The Great Indian Conundrum

    Being Human has never been so easy,
    But it has not been that difficult either.
    Need and Greed play hide and seek with each other,
    As one tries to play the game called life.
    What human is to human has been the most daunting question,
    That has plagued generations finding answers,
    Alas! None were successful in solving this simple riddle.
    As one exists, and then co-exists, both make sense,
    Only when existential greed is surpassed by co-existential need,
    Sadly, has been the way the human mind has worked its way out.
    Then, a further division of this co-existence made matters worse.
    Land, air, water, and even the sun, moon, and the stars,
    Nature's bounties were tried to be distributed in the name of national progress.
    The omnipresence of nature's wealth can never be divided by the phenomenal fallacies.
    But, to err is human, Right?
    Forgiveness has been the subject of the Divine, but for how long?
    A mistake can be forgiven if the sinner is remorseful,
    But a habitual criminal is out of the scope of God's penance too.
    Let's talk about the greatest example of this, India- the largest co-existential cauldron.
    There is a fire in India, a lot of it.
    The fire of anger, the fire of hatred, the fire of religious fanaticism, and the fire of political patronage.
    All rising as flames of riots, unrest, crimes, and loss of lives.
    Who are the gainers, and the losers?
    Democracy burns in this fire now, as people burn, and the corrupt glow.
    The prime of life, the youth, is losing its shine.
    The gleams of tomorrow, the children, are fluttering into darkness.
    The aged have already accepted their diminishing lights.
    The common man is the loser, only he is.
    The rich, the wealthy, those in the higher echelons of power, are playing the winning tune.
    But, what about co-existence?
    It can never be surpassed by greedy existence.
    The win is ephemeral,
    The loss is eternal.
    But, there is still hope, a ray somewhere coming out of the cracks of this blazing cauldron.
    The last hope to revive humanity, to banish greediness, to extinguish this destructive fire.
    A time to revisit and realize our unsullied past,
    To live this penance, once, and for all.
    The fog of ignorance, and superficial vices,
    Can still be removed by the understanding of nature's virtue of living co-existentially.
    And, by stop playing the game of hide and seek- one of need and greed.
    After all, being human isn't that difficult.


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    Yes you are esctatic , you are
    Seeing my doomsday and my scar
    The sadistic machoism in the heinous hedonism
    You call it love, I call it a marked ruthless fanatism
    Curtail my wings but you can over my funeral
    Take my seething hatred at the burial
    You can't rob my pride
    Put that deception aside
    Call it my doomsday
    If you wish you may
    But if you do this for long
    You fate will do you wrong
    Fearless and on my conquest
    You will be lifeless being never at rest

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    Self-esteem can earn you a better life and can also destroy it. Only think u need is to maintain it consistently...

    #selfesteem #prestige #life #truestword


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    Self esteem (:)

    Having a well reputation is everyone's dream,
    But as an obstacle lies personality in between;
    To make this happen, our silence must be the most powerful scream,
    In the race of life, this attitude will let us win.

    Conscience kicks us hard,
    When we act insane;
    That time requires us to act
    Or else our life gets in vain:
    And people begin to say,
    "You're a charlatan".

    Behind us when people do talk, we sometimes espy,
    Dim light of hope for self-esteem does die,
    Both mentally and physically we do cry:
    Even the slightest parody for us lets us to shy.

    Self esteem is like our breath,
    Without it, we creep to death;
    This our esteem turns to waste;
    From us gets rooted up
    everyone's tree of trust.

    Then the whole empire of life gets plundered,
    Then we remember about the points we needed to ponder;
    Then our repentance lets us to regain it in a way that's palmy,
    And eventually our feelings get into land of ecstasy......

  • sydneyqueen 141w

    Futile Human community

    Arguing against anthropologist
    Regarding defaulted flaws of human community;
    Reckoning the rest of the reality.
    Forgoing the future living in dilemma.
    At times even the intruders can be relied without
    Protruding their proximities.


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    खुद नफरत का कीड़ा पहले तूने ही तो पाला है
    मजबूरी नहीं ये सब पैसे का ही तो बोल बाला है ।

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    Gyaat Verses

    I am enough.