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    In darkness in silence i moved accompanied by my shadow. Most times shadows are forgotten. it is the shadow that is always with you. Moving and going where you want to go. Then it is us who still feel lonely and depressed thinking we are all alone in this world.
    When I was a child I got scared by my shadow because it was dark and here we are years later. It makes me feel like its presence is enough to know I am not alone anymore. So cheer up and accept the shadow that is always with you. Remember even when you are alone we are not.
    17 April 2021

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    Trying to #moveon is never easy.
    #time doesn't #heal
    But we just #trying to get used to spending days without their #presence

    When you #love too deep, you have to be ready to deeply #bleed

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    Have you moved on?

    I'm not sure if I have moved on
    But all I know,
    I'm trying to accept what's going on


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    #broken #silentnote #presence #love

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    The silent note

    This note is written from the depths of my heart for a very special person whom I loved so much

    From where to start those eyes who looked at me for the very first time or the smile which started everything between us or was it the love where it took us both so far ...

    Did you ever think that how much you meant for me ?

    Did you ever value my love, my tears , my care ?

    You never did yet you were so special that I even felt your presence holding me closer to you ....

    Now when you have decided to apart from me ...my heart silently feels the pain till the depths that felt like never before ,but most importantly it won't change your decision nor your feelings towards me.

    Oops I forgot....

    You never had those feelings for me ..


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    Steal the nights,
    Rise and shine in me,
    If my words hurt,
    Make me feel your presence,
    Your art is nascent,
    Lures me till the end,
    Of the nights unseen,
    Visions afar,
    Embrace me forever!

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    img from Pinterest CTTO

    #presence #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Poetry is the Heart's way of Expressing the Unexpressed.
    Celebrating Worlds Poetry Day.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #Real #Thought #Trance #Voice #Sooth #storm #Glance #heart #dance #touch #soul #depth #presence #peace.

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    You know its Real
    When their Tiny Thought puts you in a Trance

    You know its Real
    When their Faint Voice Soothes your Storms

    You know its Real
    When their Brief Glance makes your Heart Dance

    You know its Real
    When their Slight Touch Reaches your Soul's Depth

    You know its Real
    When their Mere Presence Beings you Peace


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    I’ll stare into the eyes of fear
    Though I know it’s present
    I won’t let it hold me here
    In a place
    Where thoughts can become weights
    And weights turn into chains
    I choose to stand in its presence
    And not forget my name

  • aanchalbharara 9w


    Silently she sits
    Looks in His eyes for hours
    Silently she prays
    Talks her heart out to Him for hours

    He is her only ear to listen
    She believes in Him
    He is her only Strength
    She looks up to Him

    He answers all her questions
    He looks after her all the time,
    He laughs, talks, blesses and guides
    He is around her all the time.

    Though not physically
    But His presence she always feels now,
    She connects with him with so much comfort and ease now.

    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has shown the right path in life to her.

    All her problems are His now
    All her worries are taken away by Him now
    All her questions are answered Him now
    All her confusions in life are cleared by Him now
    All her thoughts are directed by Him now
    Life is impossible without His Presence now

    Everyday a new way of making her smile,
    Everyday a new way of being her Guiding Light,
    Everyday a new way of leaving her amazed,
    Everyday a new way of showing His Divine Presence and Grace!

    Those emotional moments,
    Those Tears of joy,
    Those moments of staying connected with Him
    Those showers of His Unconditional Love
    All this Is beyond words,
    Impossible to express,
    The Connection with Him is Wonderful and
    His Blessings Countless.

    He does and she gets the credit for the day
    He works and appreciation comes her way,
    He solves and takes her worries away
    He blesses and keeps negativity away,
    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has given a new life to her.

    What a Miracle He is!
    What a Power He is!
    What a beautiful feeling He is!
    What a surprises-filled soul He is!

    "Keep blessing
    Keep loving
    Be with me always the same way
    Please don't go away from me ever
    Leave me alone never
    Never let this connection be lost
    Your the one who matters to me the most"
    Is all that she prays
    Is all that she says.

  • loving_heart 10w


    A piece of my soul
    That brings peace
    From little vibes,
    That searchs happiness
    In little bits,

    That gives me strength
    Even in the hardest times
    That gives me the feeling
    Of being loved.

    A piece of my soul that
    Belongs to you that gives
    Me the feeling of your
    Presence, the feeling
    Of your love and care.

    @mirakee #pod @writersnetwork
    #love #soul #kissed #piece #presence

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    A piece of my soul

    A piece of my
    Soul that kissed
    Me everytime,
    Gives the sensation
    Of your presence
    And love


  • nityashree1 10w

    In a very simple way I down to you with my words.
    You are different than me, and your love is one of a thousand kinds
    all the more reason that I know what to my heart is wrong but it always whisper to you
    I propose you with a book, in which you and I shall read a few words in it.
    The book was romance, the love of the heart.
    A poem about love and the mind.
    I’ve said few words on and written things about love.
    In which I included love of words, love of music.
    Universe is fill with love I will try to write few from the whole.
    Like a wind you came and go
    But every presence feels like a smell of book
    Book which contains my lines , my words
    Every tiny words gave me feelings of love.
    You are the one I love
    you are the one I will leave at will,
    the one I will never again love
    your love is a shadow boundless.
    This love you accepted
    And let my book fill with romance.

  • biswajitdev 10w

    Who am I really ?
    *I'm a peppy poet in paper town
    Promising to prove my partial presence until sundown.*

    Dear prolific poets & poetess,
    Shower some �� if you feel so within verses.
    Any rectifications or suggestions are heartiest welcome.
    ** Pristine paper to prettify with golden crown
    With pastel paint perpetual poesy to pen down
    As I'm a peppy poet in paper town
    Promising to prove my partial presence until sundown.

    By penning pain of poignant past & pleasure of pearlescent present
    Protruding pen possesses profusion of emotion
    Being perplexed that pulchritudinous or pipe dream
    But proceeding even in perilous path in pursuit of passion. **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Pristine - Clean or Brand new, Prettify - To make something beautiful or pretty, Pastel - Shades of Colour, Perpetual - Immortal or Eternal, Poesy - Poetry, Pen down - Write down, Peppy - Full of enthusiasm, Promising - Hopeful, Partial - Incomplete, Sundown - Sunset (Here related to death), Penning - Confine, Poignant - Sad or Pitiful, Pearlescent - Bright or Lustrous like Pearl, Protruding - Extend beyond or above the surface, Possess - Hold or Have, Profusion - Large number or Abundant, Perplexed - Confused, Pulchritudinous - Beautiful, Pipe dream - Daydream, Perilous - Dangerous or Risky, Pursuit - Chasing *

    1st stanza :-
    Brand-New or fresh paper is to be beautified with golden crown
    With colourful paint eternal poetry to pen down
    As I'm an enthusiastic poet in paper town (poet is the person & paper is its town)
    Determined to prove my incomplete presence until my death (sundown).

    2nd stanza :-
    By confining pain of pathetic past & pleasure of bright/lustrous present
    Projecting pen (Nib) holds abundant emotion
    Being confused that if they would be beautiful or daydream
    But proceeding/ travelling even in dangerous path in search or to achieve my passion.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

    #PoetInPaperTown #Insidec #Goldenc #writersbay #Passionc #wod #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #writerstolli #ceesreposts #Pristine #Paper #Poet #Golden #Crown #Town #Pastel #Paint #Perpetual #Poesy #Presence #Sundown #Penning #Pain #Poignant #Past #Pearlescent #Present #Pleasure #Protruding #Pen #Profusion #Emotion #Passion #Perplex #Pulchritudinous #PipeDream #Perilous #Path #Pursuit #Alliteration

    Picture credit to the rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Poet in Paper Town

    Pristine paper to prettify with golden crown
    With pastel paint perpetual poesy to pen down
    As I'm a peppy poet in paper town
    Promising to prove my partial presence until sundown.

    By penning pain of poignant past & pleasure of pearlescent present
    Protruding pen possesses profusion of emotion
    Being perplexed that pulchritudinous or pipe dream
    But proceeding even in perilous path in pursuit of passion.


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    Love is here. Settle in.
    #love #presence #writing #friends #poem #poet #encouragement 💡 in the #dark
    with love it’s a #start #writing now #write till your #fingers fall off #wordsmith #mirakee #writersnetwork #words the nectar of #mind

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    Cherish the friends and ones you have close to you.
    You don’t need to look far.
    You want to help someone in need, catch a ride, jump in your car, they’re down the street, not terribly far.
    Someone close could be having a bad day.
    Call them up, say hello,
    tell a joke let them know you’re there.
    That’s kindness, your presence and attention.
    But our presence and attention
    goes to our phones.
    The next idol to take
    the world by the storm.
    And we forget who is close.
    To the love in front of us; aging,
    but we look to the screen to catch a permanent picture of a beauty queen.
    All the troubles of the world
    at the press of a button,
    and those who want your attention, tuning in to distant places when the trouble is outside your own door.
    Sending love where it isn’t seen
    if we could only put down the screen.

    My love is within reach when there’s nothing in-between, aging in love, my friends and me.


  • leowords08 12w

    LIFE - a name of different times with different people,
    Try keeping some good constants,
    So, you can live life,
    Stars will not always be there for you,
    But they are meant to be there,
    Always whenever we need,
    They may not always speak to us,
    But their presence is enough for us,
    Their sparks are always there,
    To be with you always!

  • ensymi_1329 13w

    Your Presence

    Its not like my world revolves only around you
    But still
    Your Presence matters to me


  • grotesque 14w

    Letter of love and much more...

    Dear Maa,

    I am your one and only daughter. I am the biggest beautiful part of you. I feel your presence in my heart beat. It is pretty much an euphoria to me that being so far light away from me, you send me messages through my dreams. You connect with my closest ones through their dreams. I have grown old to witness that a connection once made is never lost. I make connections and I learn from them what I have always learnt from you; the language of love.

    Maa, I admire you the most not only because you brought me to this world but also because whenever I need you, you are here with me giving me utmost strength. When I am weak & vulnerable, you give me reason to cry and realise that being weak is also an important part of life. I am not ashamed of who I am only because you make me believe in myself every damn day.

    A daughter and a mother in sync; from sky to earth. When I meet you, I will tease you for missing the fun that I am having here. But I bet, you already like looking at me from there because you always loved the sky so much. You liked the blue sky that would set you free from every shackles. I know you didn't leave. You are just enjoying your vacation. This letter of love is nothing in front of how we communicate. Yet, as a human I would confine myself only to mere alphabets; I love you.


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  • jeetwrites 15w


    It can take you to sky,
    Make you feel comfortable
    Which is called the greatest
    Gift of god that is their "Presence"


  • sandeep_indraganti 16w

    My Eyes won't stop looking for You,
    Though you made them Shed Blood

    My Dreams won't stop having your Presence,
    Though it turns them into Nightmares

    My Heart won't stop Beating Your Name,
    Though you left it Scarred and Broken

    My Soul won't stop Worshipping You,
    Though you left it to Suffer and Suffocate


    I won't stop Loving You,
    Though you Cursed me with Pain and Poetry

    ©sandeep indraganti

  • qaynaat 16w


    One thousand times, I take his name
    I'm in love, it is not hard to tell
    I crinkle, breaking into sprigs,
    although my spine is bent

    I am like the mouth of the fiddlehead fern
    My tongue is curled inwards
    making no sound, and going in no direction,
    but a breaking of green gives up my secret.

    O' Sakhyamuni, I am really trying
    but I cannot sleep all night
    Listening to the breeze beating in the peach blossom,
    I dream of the hearth of his hands

    Holding my body- its thick skin
    My body beating
    in its thick skin- glimmering
    I- reaching him like a flame.

    O' Sakhyamuni, it is not passion
    My heart weeps for him,
    He is its beating- it is love.
    Says Sakhyamuni, it is with your thoughts

    you learn him- look at this clock
    that strikes 12 midnight- its needles are made
    from the yellow bamboo bush that grows
    beside the clement stream, that will really grow

    into a deep forest by a year
    if you let it flow.

    - Sanjukta.