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  • mmbftd 155w

    The switch

    My mind is broken
    Like a switch
    It flipped
    The dark of night
    Brings fear so deep
    My bones are thick with the grip of it
    And no one else hears
    These thoughts
    The echoing versions
    Of doom and gloom
    Look up
    Look out
    Find a place to hunker down
    I'm not alone
    Lots are talking
    You just have to listen
    And since my switch flipped
    I hear it all
    Like raw nerves
    Picking up signals
    Neurons firing
    Till the flames are bright blue
    With the knowing
    And no one understands
    I don't want to live through what is coming to us all
    Hunkered down
    Squatting in shelter
    Devastated by the air
    Saturated with vaporized
    And the rat race has desensitized all the rats
    In mazes
    Following that cheddar
    It is flammable and meaningless
    No value
    I feel the value lies inside
    With the love we share
    With each other.
    And I'm here in my own box
    To the fear
    Ingesting this
    Day in and day out
    Daylight savings time
    And empathed
    And intellectualized
    And inhaling
    Nano particulates
    The air is toxic but it's saving me from that burning fake sun
    White hot scalder of flesh
    My switch has been flipped
    And my childhood memories are flooding back in
    Places I almost feel again
    Memories like pieces of puzzles
    Trying to align
    It means something
    It leads me somewhere
    I used to dream of seeing my town from above
    I saw things that I could not have known
    Those dreams linked up
    And repeated
    Those tunnels all lead somewhere
    I'm gonna find it
    But I won't go
    I don't want to survive what is coming
    The horror is too much to witness.
    And I'm a switch
    That's been flipped.