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    शब्दों की सौदेबाज़ी से, कहां हमारी कमाई होती हैं ?

    और लोग कहते हम लिखने में पक्ष पात करते हैं ।


  • ana_vah 24w


    You slap on a label and make it my cage.
    I have wings lined With adamantium blades
    In case you decide to tear them off.
    You can't.

    The boxes you put me in are cheap cardboard,
    Fungus infected.
    The mucormycosis proceeds slowly,
    Till all I see is the black confinement
    Of prejudice and assumptions.

    I pity your boxes, gilded at the edges,
    That delude you into the false security of power.
    Your box may be larger than mine, cleaner than mine,
    But you're too, confined within a box,
    Imposing others to a confinement
    You barely survive.


  • a_ami__ 29w

    Is it fairness of bias?

    In the very end, it all ought to be misconcept;
    Turning to fairness of bias at it's peak,
    as the race became a hide behind the seek,
    at last, prosecutors named it as misfortune.

    Walking down the path with each other,
    Can't express the feelings each other,
    Being equalised with unknown equality,
    Being raised with the power of racism.

    Failed to elevate the world in the crisis,
    Want to downlift the power of criticism,
    Heart comes with peace on every artery,
    Try not to cut the veins of freedom.


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    Prejudice Racism

    If white people are born racist does that just mean the rest of us are prejudice?
    Black lives matter, the rest do not?
    Divide the country by back and white.
    Make it so we cannot unite.
    Guest in my own house, music isn't a color. It's a sound.
    Pit the rich against the poor.
    Pit the white against the black.
    Homosexuals versus the Super Straight.
    Stuck in between the groups.
    Christians made out to be the new evil.
    Atheists are now the new God.
    Which movement are you part of?
    Cause in America if you aren't KKK you are Antifa?

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    Love is complicated because it doesn't have a predefined shape, and it can never be the same for any two at any given time. One's perspective of love will always be different from the perspective of the one whom they love. And for everyone in here, the way they love is the best way love can exist. And when that happens, they attach their egos and prejudices to love. This doesn't allow the people to blend into each other's love, and it creates a line in between. That's why love is complex. Love is complex because we humans are complex, and we try to introduce that complexity and belief to the love that we create too.

    - Akshay Vasu

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    #racism #prejudice #discrimination #blm #together #peace #love
    I wrote this quite some time ago. I truly believe that something must change! There are so many wonderful people and initiatives out there fighting for equality and acceptance. Yet at the same time, somehow we seem more divided and racism is more common than it has ever been in my lifetime.
    There is still so much more we can and should do!

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    Fear of difference

    We are born with love and acceptance in our hearts.
    Where did we go wrong? Where did the problems start?
    'Fear of difference' can be present from an early age.
    It's important to fit in, even at that early stage.
    There's pressure to wear the biggest names.
    You're expected to play the popular games.
    You should never be a teacher's pet.
    Try to follow the leaders from the outset.
    Bullying exists, it's an awful fact of life.
    The targeting of those seen as different is rife.
    Our formative years can shape who we become.
    Those early experiences can stick like gum.
    From very young, the media fills our heads with lies.
    Subliminally we are conditioned to fear that which the unknown epitomise.
    Over many years, many amazing people have worked to unite us all.
    Teaching us to love and respect and break down the wall.
    Why has hatred and violence become mainstream?
    There was a time when we had a dream!
    When Rosa Park took a stand by remaining in her seat.
    So what went wrong? There's murder on the streets.
    How, in this day and age, have we fell so low?
    Racism, prejudice and bigotry promoted by those we follow.
    How can we justify the actions causing violence and death?
    Even our leaders are spouting intolerance with every breath.
    Encouraging more fighting and segregation.
    Preaching tyranny and outdated ideals to every nation.
    Are we really going to ignore all the progress we had made?
    Let the work and wisdom of all the heroes just fade?
    The time has come for action! Protests are a human right!
    Our voices need to be heard, united, proud, and full of might.
    Let's work as one, we must aim for love and peace.
    We will do better! The hatred and violence must cease!

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    Wouldn't exactly say relatable but thought of getting perceived so does sometimes induce anxiety while conversing with people #conversation #skeptical #fear #prejudice #life #boundries #comprehension #perception #random

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  • uncertain_alucard 67w

    First and End

    I was thinking how 2 well known expressions have deeper meanings in life. "First impression is the best impression" generally indicate human's basic tendency to form a mental image of a person very fast based on the first few interactions. It can also interpreted as if we have good start on something the follow up paths can be easier .

    So I was thinking so what if our first impressions / first attempts at stuff go bad. This is where the saying " All is well that ends well " is relevant . I mean since how basic it is in our nature to either mess up things at the start or create bad impressions on someone we still have numerous chances in life to redeem ourselves. Yes there is nothing like a good start, but it's not the end of the line. There are real life examples of how people change over their initial failures to surpass even those who did good at the beginning. So it's not just the start ; but what you did with the rest of what you have started really matters. Never give up!

  • pikachu24 68w

    The Homisapines

    Pride and prejudice is the vantage point of humans part of the labyrinthine,
    Quotidian etiquette of people,
    Come it does nescient,
    crawling into the vehemence to embroil,
    Simple thoughts of mind,
    dribble larghetto with a throttle grasp,
    ne'er relinquishing until kindle begin,
    Unhanding gloomy cinders shatter clinker in hues of glowing crimson,
    unfetter the character of what once erstwhile was ethical to clime,
    scornful slowly loosing the tranquillity till the jubilation is entirely shed,
    Showing up bare of love sympathy of any squeaky clean homosapiens,
    Feeling caged to the core,
    clutch in the angst‘s hide,
    Void of reverberation of guffawing till the contentment is bygone,
    Allowing the psyche soar by night-time into the tenebrosity wild,
    Forgetting the aspirations set for their ownself and conviction,
    Loosing their identity to the point of permanent disappearance...

  • outofleague 69w

    You always say
    something bitter,
    jokes of understandings
    riddles of immaturities.

    You always hurt
    in many ways unknown,
    dust against perception
    thirst of insecurities.

    You always teach
    a different lesson,
    engraved like a scar
    dictating opportunities.

    You always keep
    an invisible profile,
    reminding silent faults
    filtering fake identities.

    You always guide
    through tough times,
    being more difficult
    upgrading particularities.

    #odec #prejudice #within #sorrow
    Picture Courtesy : Sasha Freemind / Unsplash

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  • himzzzi 70w

    Rhyme #111

    Enough of the prejudice
    Won't Bear for a long time !

    Just Strengthening My Wings
    Before I fly high !!


  • randilyn_31 73w

    @neceemoxie11 @manju_29

    A second chance
    To make things right
    Would you try or
    Would you fight?

    A second chance
    To apologize
    Or run away
    And break the ties.

    A second chance
    To forego
    Your prejudice
    And sorrow.

    A second chance
    For another time
    To fall in love
    To be mine.

    A second chance
    To hold our gaze
    In each other arms
    In the morning haze.

    A second chance
    Can’t be denied
    On borrowed time
    On either side.

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  • henrycollen 76w


    Humanity cries for peace,
    Attainable with greater show of character and compassion.
    Humanity cries for justice,
    For untold vast suffering, prejudice and oppression.
    Which are the status quo.
    Humanity's tears couldn't be more apt in this cry for peace.
    There is a hierarchy in this cruelty, and it goes all the way to the top guns, those in power, state government, world government.
    As humans, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt, but we refuse to adapt to inhumanity, prejudice and oppression on all levels.
    We fight for a cause, willing to die for this cause,
    Two of arguably the greatest human strengths come into play; mind and perseverance.
    We go to great lengths to achieve success,
    This particular success we will and must persist for.
    World peace is not a lost cause, a herculean task if you may, but never a lost cause.
    And as long as humans never go extinct, we will remain fighting for this holy grail.

    This starts with YOU and I, nevertheless.

  • imariba 78w

    Learn, unlearn and relearn

    What's your excuse for the way you behave?
    It won't take a second to shun your narrow-minded false beliefs
    If you are willing to take the change
    Do we still need all those differences between us
    In this momentary dance between life and death
    Where nothing is guaranteed in this uncertain world
    When an earthquake or a virus can completely upend the life
    When the line between truth and false is fading
    With false news choking us everywhere
    With leaders blatantly delivering racial, communal slurs, derogatory remarks
    As part of their mind blowing campaigns
    When the chasm between rich and poor widens, good and evil blurs
    War and competition making lives more miserable
    All that is needed is just to join our hands and help each other
    Instead we live fogged by the same old dogmas, bigotries, desuetude beliefs
    When God is seen through kindness, compassion towards each other
    We still commit the same mistakes, begging forgiveness at end
    We live in a world that is so very modern
    But our actions time and again proves archaic
    Time to learn, unlearn and relearn
    Treat people and every other being with respect
    Time to learn to keep our moral compass so high
    Where one's responsible for one's actions, without excuse
    Time to unlearn all those fanatical prejudices
    All dumb beliefs we feed ourselves with
    Making us anti-human, anti-nature, without excuse
    Time to relearn the compassion and ethics
    Try to see the bigger picture, the truth and the power of unity, without excuse
    Take that one little step, be a leader in the world of followers
    For the world is to coexist, not to only exist
    Along with equal share to animals and mother nature
    For our only duty is to make this world a better place
    To leave our children a world with meaning
    A World with peace and equality
    A world built on kindness and solidarity
    A World as it should be, not as it was
    So, What's your excuse?


  • _unpostedletters 81w


    എന്റെ കത്തുകളെ, നിന്റെ
    തലച്ചോറിന്റെ കോടതിമുറിയിൽ
    ഇട്ട് വിചാരണ ചെയ്യുമോ എന്ന
    ഭയമാവം അവ ഇന്നും എന്റെ
    പുസ്തക താളുകൾക്കിടയിൽ
    ഒളിച്ചിരിക്കാൻ കാരണം.ഇവിടെ
    ഒരായിരം പേർ അവയെ വിചാരണ
    ചെയ്തു കഴിഞ്ഞാലും നിന്റെ
    തലച്ചോറിനെ ഞാൻ ഭയന്നേക്കാം.


  • splendiferous 82w

    Everyone wears masks. They all want to belong.

    Four year old Lia will start her school. She got her first mask. Her verdant eyes bulged with anticipation as she held the piece that will obfuscate her petite face from then on.

    //"Little girl, little girl - what are you doing?"
    "I'm washing."
    "Why are you washing the mask?"
    "If Im not clean, mama said they won't talk to me."
    "Then why is the marker here for?"
    "To draw a cute little smile!"//

    “Hide away, hide away
    It's a game we all play
    Don't show them, don't show them
    If you do - shame! shame!”

    Lia is in middle school. No one ever got a glimpse of those verdant eyes that were once present. All they saw was a cute little smile.

    //"Girl! Hey, girl, what are you doing?"
    "Sewing this permanent smile so they can't see."
    "Because or else they won't like me."//

    "It will never end, never end
    Lavished in redolent
    They play the charade
    With a mask for an endless masquerade."

    Lia is in highschool now. She always smiles. Oh - darling she is such a sweet young girl - with a sweet little smile, what woes could she ever have?

    //Young girl, young girl what are you doing?
    "Decorating the mask so it looks alluring"
    So they will all like me//

    "Masked in flowers and sunshine
    So beautiful and so refined
    Life is an utter tragedy
    Will anyone ever be happy?"

    Lia is now standing upon the rooftop.
    No masks to obscure her face, her eyes that were once so ardent. There wasn't any excitement - no happiness.

    In her hand she held - the mask so battered.
    The sewing of the smile got loose. The decoration became pallid. The mask looked broken.

    //Young girl, young girl what are you doing?
    "The mask came off. I can't do it anymore."
    "It won't fit anymore. It broke. They will never like me.//

    - Another life flows away -
    Thanks to the tragic play,
    Drowning in tragedy
    Whimsical mask cracks through honesty -

    //"Little girl, little girl - who do you want to be?"
    "Like a bird - I always wanna be free!"//

    Hello hi - is it bad?
    This was actually inspired by a YouTube video - "being pretty" - and it's really different from my story but I got the idea about everyone is wearing a mask from there - other than that - everything was a speculation in my part about how we are told to behave in a certain way from a very young age. - so thus this piece got created.


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    Everyone Wears Masks

    Another life flows away -
    Thanks to the tragic play,
    Drowning in tragedy
    Whimsical mask cracks through honesty -


  • splendiferous 86w

    The Sky And Its Kindness

    Under the scintillating stars,
    In the midst of never ending wars
    All alone, stood two children
    crushing under the burden.
    they were breaking.

    Under the burden, they were shattering

    Once, their eyes were lustrous and gleaming
    Brighter than the lambent stars
    The eyes that were honest and shining
    Unsuspecting the upcoming melancholic wars.

    That was when they were still smiling
    Their hearts were still resonating
    The song of ignorance
    The spell of innocence.
    Unseeing all the cruelty
    Of the grotesque world
    And its tenebrous reality.

    But alas, the time came
    Everything withered away
    They were never the same
    After that faithful day.

    They were lost - in this gargantuan universe
    Of lies and treachery
    Upon them shone the stars
    Honestly and brightly
    After the day they had stopped believing
    In the woeful world of lies and dishonesty
    The crepuscular sky was their only symbol of honesty.

    Since the sky and its stars never lies
    And looks upon the pitiful entities
    Without any prejudice but benignity.

    This is honestly one of my worst woks but oh well.


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    The Sky and Its Kindness

    Under the scintillating stars,
    In the midst of never ending wars
    All alone, stood two children
    crushing under the burden.
    they were breaking.

  • sanchari_karmakar 87w

    People are in no way capable of making judgments about you. While we are ourselves incapable of knowing our true selves, how can we expect to know someone else. Its impossible to know a person by their appearance, words, actions and sometimes even when they lay their entire thoughts in front of you....but, what is possible is prejudices and they shall get you nowhere with your questions and the answers shall be misleading. So, if you try, try to get to know yourself....there's a lot you're unaware about yourself...whichever stage in life you may be.

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    4.16.20 Clearing out a few drafts that I thought I'll come back and make better, but still haven't. Figured now or never.

    By the way, does anyone know what's the limit on the number of free drafts we're allowed to have on Mirakee before we we hit the subscription notice?

    I miss those days when we can save as many drafts as we wanted for free ��☹

    There are always more stages afterward
    Life doesn't stop just when you reached success

    In the grand scheme of things,
    Even they will be looked on as a tiny speck
    Because they're among the other million things in life

    Usually two groups of people are very visible: those that shun others although they were previously in their position themselves, and those that, because they were in those shoes before, show more compassion for their human fellows, knowing how it feels and perhaps even lending a hand to others

    #hypocrite #BeenInThoseShoes #prejudice #lookingdown

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    The best of the best
    Will look down on the rest of the rest

    But do they remember
    That they were once down there too?

    Like all the others
    They all started out somewhere...
    And really, when you think about it,
    They have only just passed a stage

    There are many stages in life
    Ones that will even stretch beyond life's borders
    It is hard to pass through a level in life,
    It is even harder to go through all that life has to offer