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    Underneath the velour of the sky and starry spark,
    When it's only you, me and the utmost dark,
    I'd love to take you in the galaxy of my dream,
    Where for our oneness shall bow the celestial gleam.

    There's more to it darling, stay stagnant on my chest,
    I've sung half of my fantasy, let me sing the rest,
    Listen to the nocturnes of my heart beats, fill the void in between,
    With the symphony of your pious breaths, silky and serene.

    Like an aimless ocean I flow, without any destination,
    Carve the edges of my reality to enliven my imagination,
    While you still lie listening to my heart, let me unfold more,
    The layers of my love so that you glide in, the deepest and become the core.

    My future may hold anything be it luck or misfortune,
    But if my life is to dance any futher, it'd be only on your tune,
    I wish you not to be my love story pretty as a brittle glass,
    To be loved and missed, you aren't that kind of lass.

    The alphabets of my name don't seem to hold any meaning,
    Unless they'd be written with yours, as a couple, I wish for a new begining,
    Be our copulation blessed with the shower of stardust,
    Our children be nestled on the quilt of our love and trust.

    You are the only perfect match in this whole universe,
    Who can turn my scribblings into a perfectly rhyming verse,
    You are the last block of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle,
    Fit into the void, complete my life, solve the riddle.

    Shall witness the wonders of this Earth and the ones beyond it,
    When amongst the darkness of struggles, the candle of our adolescent love be lit,
    Let me kiss your forehead and leave a sign of affinity,
    You kiss mine to engrave your love, own my soul until eternity.

    #mirakee #miraquil #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #eyes #blind #pregnant

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 14w


    The aurora that adorned the canvas of the sky,
    With the sun peeping out of the oceans, feeling shy,
    Cool fragments of the sea played with the flowing wind,
    All of a sudden my eyes hit a scene and got me pinned.

    It was a pregnant lassie sitting on a bench of wood,
    Right beneath the sky, where the prismatic sun beams stood,
    Feeling the softness of a peacock quill, sunk in a deep thought,
    Her emarald eyes diving in the aging rays, a million sights they caught.

    Silky strands cradling her dimpled cheeks added to her charm,
    She merged with the eve so well as if birthed from the sun's arm,
    Everything stood still for me, my eyes had found a place,
    Peeping into the whirlpool of her eyes, I experienced solace.

    She was the girl, type of once in a blue moon phenomenon,
    But was all alone, accompanied her none,
    To find the truth behind those mysterious eyes, I advanced towards her,
    Sitting next to her on the same bench, I was reluctant to bother.

    All of a sudden, she herself initiated the conversation,
    And I couldn't resist myself weaving the words of appreciation,
    I probed her to unfold the mysteries buried in her sunkissed eyes, undefined,
    To which she counter questioned me, "Isn't it very easy to impregnate a girl who is blind."


    *Reshma Kausar Mohideen*

    #mirakee #miraquil #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #eyes #blind #pregnant

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  • leahkaye 15w

    Sperm donor

    He disappears
    Like Houdini
    Leaving me feeling worthless
    Nothing left to my name
    But a growing reminder
    That he once existed

  • mrsalikattyoung 22w

    I’m really going to be a mom,
    & the feeling is so great.
    It’s simply euphoric

  • evelovestar 24w

    Your Seed

    You have that wonderful seed,
    That's full of life, and full of bliss,
    When nested inside of me,
    We make those wonderful kids.


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    Tune mujhe bataya nahi ki tum pregnant ho

    Isme batane wale ki kya special hai...vyse tum uske papa hi nahi ho!


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    What about me?
    It's like you played your song without me
    All this time I've paced myself I've tried
    Again tho, I've only survived

    I keep feeling like I'm stuck in the draft pick
    All the drill sergeants love me, even call me Slick
    But I can't ignore the noise any longer
    So who every is reading this, I hope it makes you stronger

    It's okay to feel like you missed out
    It's okay to feel like you were the only one
    Sometimes what we see won't kill us
    But the realization makes you stronger

    Your not the only one that's felt left out
    Your not that only one that feels alone
    So much creativity pent up,
    To the point that who you are, is far from home

    It's okay though to boil over
    Stop for a second to feel the wound
    It'll always be there
    No matter how you feel
    Just don't let your heart harden
    And continue that way for years.....

  • james_taumas 60w


    Amniotic darkness
    Muffled encouragement
    Intruding light
    Fluid security drained away
    Pushed into the white
    Cold sterile
    A scream
    My scream
    Alive and afraid
    Two tired faces
    Love beams down.


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    I Thought I Was Pregnant Yesterday Last Part

    I asked, " What about hunger cravings effects, movements in the stomach and emotional effects?"
    She said, "yes, birth control can leave appetite increase, emotional stress and movements with bowel movements can make you feel movements in your stomach for some days depending on the bowel movements you have often."
    I said, "I forgot about that, I have been having bowel movements lately and diarrhea."
    She said, "that explains it all, you will be fine, the test is accurate."
    After that, I just think I am sort of paranoid with that. Honestly I am against abortions but I feel that if a woman wants to either abort her child or keep it. It is up to her. It is wrong to give children and abortions. Abortion is murder, I am not going to say it is not. I have to be honest with myself and God. I went to the Lord and told him that if I am pregnant again, I will give the baby up for an abortion. God was not pleased with that, and he will not be pleased with that if me or anyone else decides to do that. I feel that people should not judge other people about things on a situation that they do not understand. We all do have our choices. If anyone decides to abort their children. It is your decision, it is whatever you and your partner decides. Partners and spouses really have to compromise on that. God will forgive you but he will not like it. That goes for me as well. It will be my decision but God will be disappointed in me. Thank God that I am not pregnant again, and for now on I would be more careful on my decision-making.
    That photo of me is an old pic of me when I was pregnant my child Kiara Powell. That picture was taken in 2018. She is one-years-old now.

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    I Thought I Was Pregnant Yesterday

    I did not know what have gotten into to me these past couple of days. I was so sure that I was pregnant these couple of days. Two days ago, while I was keeping myself busy publishing my artworks, my quotes and publishing my book stories on these apps. Not to get off-topic. As I was working on those things, I felt pressure in my stomach. I felt movement going on in my stomach. I said to myself, "Oh Lord I hope I'm not pregnant again, I'm not ready for another child.
    I kept touching my stomach all day, the day before and Yesterday. I was extremely frantic. I had texted my boyfriend the day before telling him to call me it was important. Before I started calling him I had prayed because I had a lot of negative thoughts in my head telling myself, "if we have another child, this nigga go have to get 5 jobs, I would have to put these apps on hold for awhile, my passion would be gone for a long time until I find another way to multitask with two kids, I know that the people in my church would talk about us having a second child because it's a sin to have sex outside of marriage and all, shit like that, and if I tell people that I wanna abortion they would judge the fuck outta me." That was all running through my mind Yesterday and the day before. That is why I prayed before I started talking to him. When he called me back, I told him that my stomach been feeling odd lately.
    He asked, "odd? How odd?"
    I said, "like I'm pregnant again."
    he asked, "how you feel pregnant?"
    I said, "I feel the same way I first felt when I was pregnant with Kiki. I noticed my appetite is increasing and when I eat, it seems like it is going down another pipe. It feels like I'm eating for two instead of eating for myself, all of this sounds a lot familiar from my first pregnancy. God knows I'm not ready for another child. Kiki gives me a hard time as it is crying so much and throwing tantrums that I have to wipe her ass to shut her up. I love Kiki so much and I am not ready to love another child right now, I have too much feelings for Kiki right now."
    he said, "I'm not ready for another child either. I was silent for a minute and he responded again.
    He asked, "I thought that birth control pill was in you and I thought it last for five years?"
    I said, "Yeah but you can still get pregnant even if you do have a birth control protection device in you. that's why last week I had wanted to schedule an appointment to meet with my doctor to see if the protection device is still in the right place in my vagina cause they told me to schedule an appointment with them after 10 months and it's way past 10 months now. I called up there and the receptionist girl said my doctor won't be in until after next month. That's a long time for me, I wanna know right away. They said they not really scheduling appointments right now cause of the virus still spreading.
    He said, "yeah I know that, but I know that's your body and all. I was thinking of a plan B pill."
    I asked, "what is a plan B pill?"
    He said, " its like a pill to stop the baby from developing if it's a fetus inside of you."
    I asked, "what can I get that at?"
    He said," they sell it a CVS or Walgreens you can get it from there."
    I asked, "do I buy it at the pharmacy or...
    He said, "yeah you can get it from the pharmacy."
    I asked, "can you take me tomorrow?"
    He said, "yeah I take you."
    I asked, "so what do I ask when I go up to the pharmacist? I know I don't say aye, you got pills so I can kill the baby that's inside of me?"
    He said, "naaaw not like that, you can say you just wanna know if you got some plan B pills or abortion pills to stop the baby from developing."
    I said," please keep this just between us, don't tell yo mama and I won't tell my mama cause we already know how they would react to the fact that I'm pregnant again, and if we tell them that we getting an abortion, they would be against that."
    He said, "I'm against abortions too but I feel that's yo body, and you can decide on that."
    I said, "I'm against it too, but I feel if a person not ready for a child or more children, it's up to the female that if she wanna continue with her pregnancy or not.
    When my boyfriend and I talked about the situation of me feeling like I was pregnant. I made some phone calls at the local pharmacies in the area. I called Walgreens around 8, and the operator on the phone said the pharmacy was closed. I called yesterday morning and the pharmacist still was closed. I had called my boyfriend back.
    I said, "they still not in, they said they closed, so what can I do now?"
    He said,"I looked up the B pills, the results I got said it wouldn't work if you already pregnant, you would have to get some abortion pills to stop the baby from developing."
    I asked, "where I get that from?"
    He said, "look up on Amazon."
    I said, "okay, I call you back."
    It had taken me 10 minutes to look for abortion pills on Amazon and the abortion pills I found costed $14 or $19. I had called him back again informing him what I searched.
    He said, "14 or 19 dollars for some abortion pills? Naw that wouldn't work, abortion pills cost an arm and leg, we need to look for a higher amount. Try searching for abortion clinics."
    I said, "okay, I call you back."
    When I hung up the phone, I Googled abortion clinics, and I got different locations. I found one abortion clinic that was near me but when I called, the operator said they were extremely busy with there lines. I am usually the type of person that is patient, but in that moment, I was not. I wanted to handle that right away because I did not want no baby right now honestly. I had found other locations but it was far downtown. I called him again.
    I said, "the only locations they got that is available is downtown."
    he said, "wow, what street?
    I said, "it's on Washington bvld."
    He said, "awe, I'm just doing this for us. Usually the further places be the best ones to go to than the local services. You can call them and asked for abortion pills."
    I said, "okay, I call you back."
    I called the abortion center and a woman answered the phone. I asked her was that an abortion clinic? And it was. I told her my situation, and she asked me did I wanted to take a pregnancy test first, and I was willing to do that. The clinic was opened yesterday. The lady on the phone informed me about their guidelines that I needed to wear a mask coming into the clinic because everyone is still practicing social distancing. No children were not allowed there. Only the patients could sit in the waiting room. I had thought it was going to take us a while getting to the clinic since it was located downtown, but it only took us 25 minutes to get there. My boyfriend and our daughter both stayed in the car until I was finished. The lady informed me on the phone that the pregnancy test was not going to take them long to do. When I opened the clinic door, I walked towards the receptionist desk. I was the only person there, and
    a woman was sitting there.
    She said, "you here for the pregnancy test correct?"
    I said, "yes I am."
    She said, "okay sign these two forms.
    I took a seat in the waiting room and signed and dated those forms and stood up and gave them back to the woman.
    She said, "Okay take a seat and wait until we will call your name. 10 minutes passed, and the woman called my name.
    She said, "Ciara? You can come. Here is a cup for your urine test.
    I took the urine and I had to wait another 10 minutes to get the results. The woman called my name again.
    I said, "Yes?" Walking up to the desk.
    She said, "We got your results, it's negative, you are not pregnant."
    I was not surprised that I was not pregnant because I was so sure that I was before. Thank God that I was not, but I was still skeptical on why my stomach was still feeling that way.
    She said, "it could be due to your protection device, they do leave side effects."
    I asked, "what type of side effects?"
    She said, "stress, depression, weariness.

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    I Thought I Was Pregnant Yesterday

    Please check out my next posr

  • lifeistooochota 73w

    Usne apne Facebook wall pe share kiya pregnant elephant died in Kerala,
    Jo ek waqt pe usne apne he beti ko mara tha kyu ki wo pregnant thi per shadi shudha nahi


  • ayezindagi 73w

    #Kerala @Mallapuram #Elephant #Pregnant # Firecracker #Killed # Humanitylost

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    आज फिर एक बार तु इन्सानियत से उठ कर हैवानियत पर आ गया।
    कसुर क्या था उस माँ का जिसने तुझ पर तेरी इन्सानियत समझ कर भरोसा किया।

  • ankit_hai_ 73w

    #kerala elephant death #pregnant
    अब क्या कहु इस घटना के लिए शब्द कम पड जायगे
    शाक्षर या निरक्षर हो इंसान अपनी औकात दिखाएंगे
    सभ्य हो या असभ्य समाज कुछ ऐसा तो कर जायेंगे
    इंसानियत को एक दिन इंसान तार तार कर जाएंगे
    ऐसा क्रूर कार्य कोई वनमानुष भी नहीं करता है
    किसी गर्भवती माता को वो भी बच्चे के लिए छोड़ देता है
    साक्षरता की पिंपनि बजाने वाले वो कितने गवार है
    उस प्रकृति के दंड प्रावधानों से वो कितने अनजान है
    निरीह प्राणियों को मारने वाले कितने कायर लोग है
    इंसान तो कहलाते है पर इंसानियत से अबोध है
    समझ जाओ नीच लोगो कुछ भूत से अनुभव लेलो
    काटा था न गायो को सड़को पे फिर प्रलय भी खुद ही झेलो

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    अब क्या कहु इस घटना के लिए शब्द कम पड जायगे
    शाक्षर या निरक्षर हो इंसान अपनी औकात दिखाएंगे

  • artist_star18 74w

    ।। माँ ।।

    पूछता है जब कोई दुनिया में मोहब्बत है कहाँ,

    मुस्करा देता हूँ और याद आ जाती है माँ।


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    The chorus came from G-Eazy (Fly Away)
    And I made a cover
    This one was the hardest to write.....

    #pain #lost #miscarriage #pregnancy #pregnant #sad #baby #hurt #love #heartbreak #crying #tears #writing #sadness

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    Little Bird

    Little bird, little bird, little bird, little bird
    Spread your wings
    And fly away

    I know that I promised you the world, even before you got here
    But damn, mommy been through so much almost every year
    But 2017 into 18, nothing can compare
    To a bank account empty to nothing to hold onto close anymore
    You see, me and daddy were in love at one point
    So in love that we made you
    Holding onto your tiny little heart, I knew it was time
    Daddy happy, no that was a lie
    Yes he wanted you to have the most out of this world
    At the start, a month in
    He started to pretend you didn’t have a heart
    As mommy was pulling in all the hours she could get
    A knife to the womb, which was your heart
    Daddy saying, we can’t have you
    As I started to call the clinic
    But couldn’t bare listening to your Ultrasound
    With a fast beating heart
    I tell everyone you were aborted, but fuck I dont know where to start

    Little bird, little bird, little bird, little bird
    Spread your wings
    And fly away
    Little bird, little bird, little bird
    Won't you spread your wings
    And fly away

    The toughest part was given the bootle
    And a few Adderall pills
    At the moment, I thought me and daddy would try again some day
    But as you bled through my thighs the next day
    I started to catch on that this was all a lie
    Daddy didn’t want mommy no more
    And for that to happen, you couldn’t be in the picture
    Cause as I was pregnant with you
    Daddy was with someone else, he was taking my money to see her too
    Bank account hitting the negative
    My mind spinning as I was also loosing you
    And there was nothing I could do
    I can’t force you to be in a life that wasn’t meant for you
    As much as it hurts to say, but I wish love could’ve saved you
    Never would’ve I thought my first child would never be in my arms
    The cry of a newborn, with a smile and more
    So many nights I would cry and fall on the floor
    Letting go is hard, but you have to make the sacrifice and lock the door

    Little bird, little bird, little bird, little bird
    Spread your wings
    And fly away
    Little bird, little bird, little bird
    Won't you spread your wings
    And fly away

    I hope one day, this pain will disappear
    In my dreams I was holding a son
    Please let the angels hold onto you up above
    Maybe you’ll come back
    Yeah, one day you might come
    But for now

    Little bird, little bird, little bird, little bird
    Spread your wings
    And fly away
    Little bird, little bird, little bird
    Won't you spread your wings
    And fly away

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    In the summer of 2018 was a process for me caring for a baby. It was tiresome, stressful and emotional. Caring a baby was making me go crazy throwing tantrums. I was so quick to get angry and frustrated. My boyfriend constantly bringing drama to me, and I hated it. That was really making me have a lot of outbursts. I know I am not the only woman who experienced this.
    After the new year that is when into labor, and that is when all hell broke loose. I know you all probably thinking that my water had been broken, but it didn't break. My due date was supposed to be on March 9th, instead, I went into labor on March 12th. I was already in the hospital on March 9th, and the labor was extremely painful for me. I was in the hospital for two days, I could not eat anything for two days, I felt like going crazy. They just had me drinking liquids. I thought I was going die in that hospital not eating for two days. On the third day, I thought I was going to have my baby vaginal, but I didn't, I had her through the c-section. I was so frantic that they were going to cut me open. The C-section was not as bad as I thought it would be. They ended up putting me to sleep through a shot in my back. Two hours passed and there she was, my baby girl name Kiara Powell.


  • ciara1 83w


    In the summer of 2018 was a process for me caring for a baby. It was tiresome, stressful and emotional. Caring a baby was making me go crazy throwing tantrums. I was so quick to get angry and frustrated. My boyfriend constantly bringing drama to me, and I hated it. That was really making me have a lot of outbursts. I know I am not the only woman who experienced this.
    After the new year that is when into labor, and that is when all hell broke

  • honest_idiaghe 85w

    Pregnant For Society

    I'm carrying a baby of a man who i love so much
    A man who doesn't care about who loves him or not
    About love, he doesn't understand much
    A man who injustice is part of his beauty
    A man i have given all my resources
    I still remember our first meeting i was so infantile that i couldn't see 
    But still you only I loved even to the depth of the sea 

    I'm pregnant for society 
    Your stories were taught in schools and even in religion houses
    How you have left so many people hanging
    How you have shown injustice to people who loved you
    Nationalists who were patriotic and even loved you more than i do
    Hatred is how you treated them
    Pushing them away to the very end
    Love you've never showed and back you've never looked

    As a result some were assassinated
    Some shown injustice and others rights were violated
    It was just like yesterday June12
    The prisons were home for some
    As some of your wives were also pregnant for you
    Some gave birth to #Independence
    Some gave birth to corruption and tribalism
    Some were not even given the opportunity of pregnancy
    With all these acquaintances i loved you and married you anyway

    Now I'm pregnant for society
    I'm carrying the child of a corrupt man
    A man who is dishonest and egocentric
    Hopefully this baby i carry changes everything
    The baby i have decided to call HOPE
    Hope, not of  Niklaus_Mikaelson but that of Martin_Luther_king 
    Hope that one day the same love will be given
    Back to all crying citizens

    Hoping  one day corruption, injustice and hatred will be a thing of the past
    I'll be treated fairly and equity will be the order of the day
    I'm pregnant for society and Hope is my baby's name
    Hope one day i believe will bring Resurrection
    Of that, am certain.

    @Mirakee @writersnetwork @sanguinity#pregnant #society #love #pains

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    Hopefully this baby i carry changes everything
    The baby i have decided to call HOPE
    Hope, not of  Niklaus_Mikaelson but that of Martin_Luther_king 
    Hope that one day the same love will be given
    Back to all crying citizens