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  • journeyhale 15w

    There's a transparent ocean in your eyes.
    So many things left unsaid tossed in the waves as I steal glances,
    always afraid of touching what lies in the dark, dangerous and foreboding.

    My anxiety sits in a corner.
    It reminds me that there's a good reason to be wary because I am the only one who ends up getting hurt when it comes to you.

    I have never known the address of your heart, even though it shares the same street as mine. Your house is not in the same realm of existence and I cannot visit or walk through the garden because it is always closed to me.
    Full of poisonous plants and predatory creatures who would hunt me for sport, the prey creature that I have become.

    It seems that I have forgotten
    I used to be a lion.
    When did I discard my claws and fangs?
    Where did I misplace the roar that would make the bravest hunter shake in his dungarees, running for sanctuary?

    There's a transparent ocean in your eyes and I misjudged its depth.
    Now I am doing my best not to drown as I sink to the bottom.

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    I have never known the address of your heart, even though it shares the same street as mine.
    Your house is not in the same realm of existence and I cannot visit or walk through the garden because it is always closed to me.
    It sits vacant,
    full of poisonous plants and predatory creatures who would hunt me for sport, the prey creature that I have become.

  • snehajacob 22w


    December called for togetherness
    happiness and safety a blanket
    cakes and brewing coffee
    laughter and jovial faces
    that night for her was different
    an ill person's arrival disturbed her
    she didn't know what was happening
    "molestation" she didn't know what
    that word meant at all
    killed her happy mind.

    It was 2 day's before Christmas Eve
    everyone was happy going from one
    house to another.
    A cunning predator was awaiting
    she was a little girl
    her best friend told her
    not to be near him .

    After 10 years

    He pretended like everything
    was normal
    he approached her
    she walked away
    the message was clear for him
    if he ever approached her
    again, he would be teared up.

  • mystery_in_words 29w

    Tonight seems awfully quiet
    Silence, like a ringing in my ears
    As loud as it gets at funerals
    As corpses lay in houses, dead or asleep -
    Who cares?
    As long as the monsters are asleep
    Hunting away in their dreams.
    I step out leaving my coat and scarf behind
    In clothes that let me breathe,
    The same clothes that predators sniff
    The supposed pull of a predator to a prey
    A prey that is not cold but covers itself;
    Not tonight, though.
    I stand over their graves
    The rustle of leaves singing goodbyes
    As my skin breathes.

    17/05/21 - 01.52

  • thepoet001 31w


    Hush as the prey comes in
    Hush as the predator attacks
    Hush look at those gnarly hand
    Hush you can't fight it back.

  • lucifer_says 39w

    Don't Be Racist,
    Hate Everyone Equally


  • lucifer_says 39w

    Bitch Please Your Legs
    Are Like MacDonald's,
    Open 24X7


  • heranaaz 44w

    P r e d a t o r

    Your laugh sounds like raid sirens
    and your smile resemble enemy flags

    Because when you called us weak
    how could you have known
    that the women in your house
    have been waking in the middle of the night
    to clean blood stain from their body
    and their clothes
    or the times
    when you were asking them
    to lower their gaze and
    swallowing their voices entirely
    that they were learning,
    aiming, securing target
    patiently holding on to the cannonballs

    You misunderstood 'Predator stance'
    for obedience

    When you say disciplining
    all we hear is,
    Grooming for war.


  • james_taumas 70w


    Forest spewed forth
    Strange and unsettling
    Familiar and alien
    Darkness claims this domain
    Trees writhe and sway
    Compelled to enter
    Pathless and wild
    Danger surrounds
    Eyeless predator stalks
    No where to hide
    Jaws last sight.


  • james_taumas 77w


    Web weaved
    Desires and dreams
    Drawing in the naive
    Wait till their entangled
    Hide my foul face
    Slip on the mask
    Friendly smile and Samaritan
    Take my time
    Savour the flavour
    Fear sours the meat
    I discard their husk.


  • blood_lust_3_9_6 81w

    You hide to survive
    I hide to hunt.

    We ain't the same.

  • clarasage 94w

    My Cyanide

    It seems to me that you are my drug
    You bring me down and suffocate me
    But I just can't seem to break free
    Each time I run away I always seem to be coming back
    It never lasts long till I'm right back at your side
    You hurt and break me all the time
    You're always there to listen to me whine
    I just can't seem to break away
    Why the hell do you have to stay
    Right here in my memory
    I always wish you were here with me
    Each time that I come back and talk to you
    It's always just how it was
    Too perfect, too sweet
    That is until I get too deep
    Why the hell am I still here
    I know what happens when I get near
    Your "loving" touch and "loving" words
    The way you listen to every goddamn word
    I say to you in this endless abyss
    Most people never do this
    I know it's wrong I know it's not okay
    But I just can't seem to break away
    You're bad for me and toxic as hell
    But I can't get out, I already fell
    I'm not in love you're just my friend
    Yet this endless fight will never end
    I wish you would just curl up and hate me
    I wish you never wanted to date me
    You always were just like a big brother
    You're my cyanide and burn like no other
    My god I wish I could just end this shit
    I need to cut you off for good again
    But each time I do it always ends
    I always come back and wait for your call
    God it's like bashing my head into the wall
    I know how bad it is for me I know it drains me
    But I just can't live without you despite the pain
    But then again when I talk to you there is no gain
    Sometimes I wish I could just die
    Because with this I'm too exhausted to try


  • sakinahosennee 97w


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    'It' s okay', She replied
    Not all of them
    are made of Leopard's
    skin and flesh
    Not everyone has
    escaped the feline's
    claws and grips
    But you my love,
    You've been in it's mouth
    You are not a prey anymore
    You are a predator


  • foxymalia 100w

    I ran out of #ideas so here is a #poem about the time I got #catfished by a #predator when I was younger. My #teen years were awful, I know.

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    I thought you were the one.
    I thought you were you in your pictures.
    I thought you were real,
    But I was wrong.

    I never knew what you looked like.
    I never heared your voice.
    I never knew that I was played.

    You pretended to love me,
    To feed your predator appetite.
    You pretended to be a
    Dentistry student,
    And in love.

    I will never forgive you.
    I will never forget you.
    You ruined me.
    You destroyed me.


  • foxymalia 100w

    Here is another #predator that I encountered. No physical #abuse but tons of #emotional and #mental #problems. Sorry for the bad language in advance.

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    F@#% YOU

    You knew that I was weak.
    You knew that I was young.
    You knew that I was vulnerable.
    So what did you do?

    You groomed me.
    You made me believe that you loved me.
    You manipulated me.
    What did I do?

    I believed in you.
    I trusted you.
    I wanted to be with you.
    What happened after that?

    I found out the truth.
    I saw what you did to me.
    You tried to be innocent.
    What happened after that?

    I cut you off.
    You tried to pull me back.
    Then I said,
    F@#% YOU!


  • foxymalia 100w

    This poem is based on an actual #predator that came into my life. Although the #abuse is not physical, my #emotional and #mental well being will always be haunted.

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    Boo Bear

    Boo bear was a fuzzy,
    But old and lousy.
    Boo bear was kind and caring,
    But never really daring.

    I kept boo bear in my life.
    He kept the large lie.

    Until the truth came out.
    Boo bear was twenty five.
    I was ten years behind.

    Boo bear used,
    My mind,
    My soul.

    He was a soft bear,
    With a stone heart.

    It's not boo bear,
    It's abuser pedo bear.


  • tenderkisses 107w

    The kitten has gone to sleep
    The lioness is now ready to prowl..


  • tenderkisses 110w

    #predator #passion #kiss #lips #writersnetwork
    Ruby Red - my own lips photographed then the image digitally enhanced. #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Ruby Red, the lady of the night, waits to be kissed..


  • christina_paul 112w

    They are everywhere, near you, could be someone you know... Beware of them.. they are like merciless predator waiting to pounce on you... Living in your shadows...
    It's quite a simple one but complicated to understand... ��
    Don't be afraid of them, don't let them gain over your mental strength ..

    #darkness #sight #shadows #creeps #predator #ghostly #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli #worldmentalhealthday

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    Man in the Dark

    You who stand in the shadows,
    Watching what is not yours
    Lives of people, you peak
    And the act they put.

    You look dark,
    Standing in the darkness
    One with the night
    Synced in sight.

    You look ghostly, scary,
    But I see you,
    For I hide from the darkness
    In which you pull me too.


  • psychosammyr 113w

    Maybe my promises seem hollow
    For I seem to bow to the world
    That seems unknown;
    Never have the warrior felt
    Such a sorrow, for the love
    It feels is new and depths -

    Never had the expectations of anything
    Yet the heart has now learned that too;
    Once the cold and oblivion were
    The path and insides, now seethes
    With the pure warm glow.

    Playing deadly games and paying
    The price of the consequences that follows;
    Love will play its part and time will tell
    What I couldn't convince, love.

    I break you to million pieces and
    In turn I break too;
    Shards poke and draw blood for
    What I inflict on you.
    Not a coward, but I wait like
    A predator;
    Fear not amor, I leave none
    I attach myself to.
    Leaving will be death, estranging
    Will be sin;
    Inflicting pain is a relish,
    And I am willing to pay for
    Everything I believe in with Faith.

    Mark the words and etch them
    On an unbreakable stone -
    Death and evermore will draw me apart
    And my love will be enough
    For us both.
    #51019 #mark #predator #faith #pain #promises

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    Mark the words and etch them
    On an unbreakable stone -
    Death and evermore will draw me apart
    And my love will be enough
    For us both.

  • clarasage 114w

    Predator of Mine

    Nailed in place unable to move
    The second I do you throw your fit
    Like you've got something to prove
    I guess to you I must submit

    I'm not allowed to be alone
    I'm not allowed to see any of my friends
    I have to always be on my phone
    To all my old friends I cant make amends

    I'm made for you and only you
    Theres no way out of here
    You're holding me back as if you're glue
    You pin me down with nails of fear

    If I do something for me or my future
    You sit and scream for hours on end
    Each word you say means another suture
    As I stitch myself up from your wicked trend

    I wish you could see I'm suffocating
    Beneath your rules and your wrath
    And your consistent baiting
    Your behaviour that of a sociopath

    I cant live like this pinned down to the floor
    You've groomed me for years
    I cant take it anymore
    You've caused me so many hours of tears

    You make me wish I was never born
    Making me your pet and perfect wife
    My self esteem and confidence torn
    As you steal away my teenage life