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  • aastheticwritings 1d

    ..... YOU.....

    How does it sound when I say , "You are perfect, unique, incomparable and beautiful in your own way "
    You might feel happy, sad , unconvinced or nothing at all !
    But have you ever tried to say the same for yourself ?
    If yes then I'm pretty sure you are in love with yourself..
    If not then what are you waiting for?
    Give it a try sweetie just once!!
    Love your soul, your messy hair, your dusky eyes, chapped lips
    And even that not clear skin with red bumps !!
    Because inspite of everything you hate in yourself you're still beautiful and there's nothing to fix !
    Don't let someone point out your flaws ciz having flaws is normal and nothing out of box ..
    Embrace your body shape !!
    Only you have the right to judge yourself neither me nor society or any individual's comments over your physique rocks
    Be dedicated towards your passion and pursue it !!
    Life's full of ups and downs ..
    But you are strong!!
    Strong enough to realise this is the time to fix the crooked crown and build your empire
    And your soul is full of fire
    Unleash it and burn the hell out of your insecurities..
    Start appreciating yourself even if no one does
    Boost up your self-confidence and live life the way you expect ..
    Let everyone else gossip and buzz ..
    You are here for a reason and Almighty made you perfect !!
    Don't compare yourself with someone you think is far more superior
    Coz you are supreme in your way and there's no comparison between daisies and sunflower
    Just believe it!! You have all the power
    Indulge yourself in things you love and get busier..
    It's your turn to get to know your strengths, weaknesses and to love yourself head over heels..
    Accept yourself the way you are and see how amazing that actually feels!!!

  • linefluencer 2w


    It seems slow, it seems fast,
    But it is never as vast.
    Use it today not tomorrow,
    Because success has a blast.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Aaisas na tujhko aay banday!
    Kiss wabah nai tujhko gaair liya hai
    Par tu sudaar ta hi nahi hai
    Tujhay abhi b maal-o-dowlat ki fikir hai
    Yahan log aapni janu ko bacha nai mai lagay huway hai
    Issi jan ki jiski insaan qadar na karta tha
    Aaj maloom huwa hai inhay jan kitne qeemti hai.....

  • sheikh_huzaifa 3w

    Don't make your heart small!
    People ever leave precious things...

  • randalthor 3w


    I am just a fragment of her most hated memory, but she is a fragment of my most precious memory.

  • prernabhardwaj 3w

    Dosti# forever # bond of share&care# a relation# beyond formalities# unconditional support &care#precious gift of god#

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    कभी अपनी खुशी बांट ली आप से , तो कभी अपने गम भी हमने बांटे है ।

    हजारों की भीड़ मे मत पूछिए , आप जैसे दोस्त कैसे हमने छाँटे हैं ।।

    कभी तो साथ तेरे होंठ मेरे , मुस्कुराए हैं ।

    कभी तो सामने तेरे , अश्क भी हमने बहाए हैं ।।

    या रहे हो साथ हम या , फिर रहे हो दूर मीलो ।

    दिल मे छिपे जज्बात सारे , अक्सर आपको हमने बताए हैं ।।

    ये जो  सुख का दुःख का रिश्ता तेरा मेरा है , ये जो सुख का दुःख का रिश्ता तेरा मेरा है ।

    इसके होने से ये जिंदगी , जिंदगी है , और जीवन मे मेरे सवेरा है ।।

    दुआ है उस रब से ये के , साथ तेरा ये छूटे कभी ना ।

    उम्र हो लम्बी इस दोस्ती की , और तू मुझसे तो रूठे कभी ना ।।

    डॉ प्रेरणा भारद्वाज

  • krishnaprem_kp 3w

    न थमी है घड़ी कि सुइयाँ कभी
    न थमेगी कभी भी।

    परन्तु मानो ठहर सा जाता है ये वक़्त
    जब कभी माँ कि आँखों में अश्रु है दिखते।
    ठहर सा जाता है ये वक़्त
    जब कभी पापा गले से है लगा लेते।


  • warriorofthenight 3w

    From an unknown writer. Please comment if you know who coined this :)
    #goback #worldly #precious #one #warrior

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    Silver and gold, my dear people, cannot buy back the heat of a heart turned cold.

  • joban8 4w


    Something that somebody wants from somebody for somebody is something that is for both of them is necessary but it is not something .
    It is TIME
    Which is more than anything and it's everything.


  • heyoka_warrior 4w


    Tonight I have a tale to tell
    Of a dream I got this morning;
    23rd of May 2021 around 10AM;
    Some details I could hardly remember
    Yet etched on my mind is a heavenly scene—
    Hundreds of angels encompassed me;
    All dressed in white robes with golden belt;
    All of them have wings and bright with light;
    They gathered to me like grand protection;
    I will never forget this precious memory—
    Just one of my dreams that left me in awe.


  • sillysadar 5w

    Value of clothing

    A hoodie kept close
    And the memories of it closer

    Once was in a wardrobe
    Now it roams around the globe I created

    And my home has various clothing
    But none are like this one, this special

    None are given by someone
    Who meant the world
    But instead took it

    What it looks like doesn't matter
    What holds does, and the value of it is priceless

    As priceless as the sweater my grandma gave me
    On a Christmas day

    İt meant nothing to me
    But now it means everything to me

    For I learned the value of it
    The day she left this world
    Breaking mine a little
    - Sadar

  • harsh77 6w


    I was falling from that platform
    Where no ones support is with me
    When everyone closed the door for me
    Then you open your door very easily for me
    I was searching for peace everywhere but i was dumb, i forgot my peace at home.

    Whenever i want pocket money
    Whenever i want key of car
    You gave me all these
    without knowing to dad

    Whenever i feel cold
    Your warm hand work like healer

    Whenever i lost a match at school
    You saw me like winner

    You are the one
    Who won't let me sleep hungry we

    I feel home whenever you hug me
    You are the one i don't want to leave

    You know I'm so shy i cant say a word
    Infront of you
    Please forgive me for all mu mistake, if I've said alot in anger

    Do you remember you said
    Do you have a girlfriend?
    And i nodded my head to left right
    I was thinking if I've girlfriend form my sight
    She must be shadow of you

    U know i can't live without you
    There are lot of moms are there and each and everyone is special
    I just want one thing in my life is
    I don't want to leave both of you❤️
    Stay with me forever
    I love you mom❤️

  • _spillingitall_ 6w

    My world

    Finding joy in my happiness,
    And feeling proud in my success,
    She helps me with all my choices,
    And cleans up all my mess.

    Always ready to help
    And expecting nothing in return,
    She considers my problems,
    As though it is her concern.

    There is always something
    Very special about her,
    Keeping aside all the hatred,
    Love is all that she stirs.

    She is very precious,
    And a blessing to me,
    In the story of Cinderella,
    She's my godmother fairy.

    Words cannot equal,
    My love for her,
    With her in my life,
    My world gets a little better.

    She is my strength,
    And all I wish is to become hers,
    In the world of thousands,
    She's still the one I prefer <3

  • anuradhasharma 6w

    अम्मी जब अपने खुन के कतरे को बाहों में उठाती हैं ,
    इस जहां के सारें दर्द भूल जाती हैं ।

    अम्मी जब अपने खून के कतरे को मुस्कुराता देखती हैं ,
    वो तस्सली के दरिया में गोते लगाती हैं ।

    अम्मी जब अपने ख़ून के कतरे का पेट भरा देखती हैं ,
    उसके पेट में खुशी के दानें पहुंचते हैं ।

    अम्मी जब ज़िगर के टुकड़े को खुश देखती हैं ,
    वो सारी कायनात जीत लेती है ।

    अम्मी जब ज़िगर के टुकड़े को सपने पूरे करते देखती हैं ,
    वो अपने सपने जी रही होती हैं ।

    अम्मी जब अपने खुन के कतरे को बाहों में उठाती हैं ,
    इस जहां के सारें दर्द भूल जाती हैं ।

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  • triptimorde 6w


    Nature which helps to live
    Nature which always something give
    Nature Is a piece of relief
    which unite different part of leaf
    Nature means do not expect
    It all about accept
    I Always wish stay with us
    Nature you are precious

  • incompletepoem 6w


    I wake up to your lovely voice, it's in my ears daily and I fall asleep listening to you. I couldn't think of a better more sweetest precious gift than you! Truely precious ❤️


  • jpwriter 7w

    Precious Gift...

    Lives in me
    Is the key
    Possibly do we see
    Another's view
    From me to You
    Leaving Who
    Is Deceiving you
    I wouldn't be
    Who I couldn't be
    From the wooden tree
    To the rabbit hole
    It grabbed on to me
    Then let I let it Go
    I bet you know
    The less we know
    Is the less we Live
    So let it flow
    This Precious Life
    This Precious Gift


  • eccentric_eesha 7w

    My precious
    love is not
    for you.

    © Eesha

  • empress_hinata 8w


    It takes a beautiful soul to understand the pain it takes to wake up every morning to struggle, do the right things and then sleep with emotions so deep.
    Isn't it a wonder sometimes that the one who critics/hate themselves are the most precious ones? that's because they see their shortcomings and are aware of themselves. It is the worst to be proud of yourself when you are not aware of your actions.

    So to the ones that are confident and are not aware of how they hurt others remember that silence is golden. You could get angry for the little things, blow up at others mistakes and feel proud of your actions - not knowing that you fool yourself because you are not correcting your shortcomings until you suddenly wonder why everyone is giving you space. Learn to realise you are also human bound to make mistakes.

    To the ones I call the most precious, are the ones with the lowest self-esteem, feeling downgraded, hating themselves, criticizing themselves more than others and feeling that life is too much to handle. I want to tell you- you are better than most because you see yourself but know that you also go overboard by putting more negativity to yourself when maybe you are not half of what you tell yourself. So my precious, keep in my mind to come out from hating yourself and see others actions a bit and you will realise you are better than most, stronger, empathetic and learn to adapt to the world by being kind, nice, courageous and all the good qualities in the world.

    A beautiful soul cannot be seen but felt by people around you in time. It is a gift that so many people don't have so don't be hard to yourself. Be positive, watch others, be grateful of the good qualities you have and change the bad ones to feel better about your self.
    26 April 2021

  • jerryjoseph 8w


    A day spent with you reminds of time I sat and thought about myself
    When I sit and think about myself I see the battles lost and won.
    And I then I ask myself, why Am I thinking all that??
    And then agree that let's stay in the moment!