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  • brisky 1w


    I hope you will read this
    take care of your self ❣
    you are most precious one
    nothing can beat you
    I send you nothing but love❤

  • brundabrunda 1w

    You haven't know the cost of something until you lost that
    © Brunda

  • abmaria 3w


    The tick tok of clock is also a reminder about the limited time you get each day, so don't waste your time cuz each tok indicates how much time left to complete one day.


  • _savage_qt_xanne_ 4w

    Precious things.

    Sometimes life's most precious things lie closer than expected.

  • tuiethetweety 5w

    "Embracing Happiness"

    Don't get so much upset for
    someone who left you after
    playing with your emotions.
    because they didn't know how
    valuable you are,so they left.
    had they known your value,
    never would they have left you.
    They considered you as charcoal
    and thrown you into dustbin.
    Then somebody else happens
    to get there and took you out
    the dustbin and saw a diamond.
    that diamond is none other than you!
    just like that story of a covert, village
    in very deep,unfathomable forest
    of Africa,where the tribes reside in
    wild manner like ancestors.
    the poor and unclothed uncivil
    tribal children played with some
    stones they collected from the
    very earth and the nature.
    once,few foreign explorers go to
    that uncivil covert village and saw
    the children playing with some shining
    stones that were almost fully covered
    with coal and dirts,seeing this strange
    stone,the explorers decided and took
    some of them back to their country and
    tested the stones in a laboratory,
    the test result left them with intense awe
    and dropped their jaws,rambling their mind.
    Because those stones were Diamonds.
    so,if someone knows your value he wild
    cherish you like a treasure if his life.
    whereas an ignorant selfish person is
    never just going to think you precious.

  • nemesis_here 6w

    〰️〰️My Birthday Gift〰️〰️

    is a box full of memories
    of my time together
    with my love
    nostalgic vibes, under this Aether.

    is ice blue and black
    with a red ribbon around
    few photos and five letters in it
    having our love abound.

    is precious
    made all from scratch
    with those lovely hands,
    wrapped in purple patch.

    is a foghorn
    calling out to me again
    whispers of love
    around me like ball and chain.

    is that voice
    echoing inside my head
    saying everything
    that was left unsaid.

    is a sedative
    it simmers me down
    when we're worlds apart and
    whenever I return to that ghost town.

    is my Ariadne's thread
    it will lead me there through an alcove
    and I'll follow from shadows
    silently in love.

    is my madness
    it's my obsession
    my life's little tale
    my story of adhesion.



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    ➡️Aether - personification of sky.
    ➡️purple patch - a run of success or good luck.
    ➡️Ariadne's thread - (Greek mythology) it's a string that helps guide someone through "the Labyrinth".

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    My Birthday Gift

    is a box full of memories
    of my time together
    with my love
    nostalgic vibes, under this Aether.

  • miracle_with_pen 6w

    The most precious thing is emotion,
    Don't break it

  • star_angel 10w


    Someone asked me what is more important..Time or Money?I replied time cuz if you have time then you can earn money. So Walk with time,nor faster than it neither slower than it..!!

  • chiruka_michiru 12w

    A Letter From Home

    - “No letter today either...”
    The mail station owner informs him sympathetically. He looks at the pile of letters beside the station owner, desperately begs again:
    - “Please check it again... what if you missed something...
    The station owner shakes his head firmly, only responds to the skinny man whose face covered in scars with a smile. People waiting behind him become impatient and starts screaming angrily.
    - “Hurry up and leave! You are wasting our time!”
    He looks at the station owner with watery eyes and then at the group of people lined up behind him, no one understands or sympathizes with him. He sadly walks out of the line.
    He has been waiting for a letter from home for a year, waiting for a letter from his little daughter.
    He sits down at the tree next to the mail station. He stares at his boney hands and tries to recall some lingering memory of the last time he held his daughter.
    He was not very well educated. In the third grade, he ran away from home. He grew up by stealing food in the market and sleeping under the bridge. He followed people and became a gangster who was never afraid of shedding blood. In a blink of an eye, he became an old man in his thirties, he had never loved anyone, did not think any stupid girls would marry a gangster like him. However, he became My Mieu's father.
    That night after drinking and gambling, he drunkenly got home and he saw My Mieu at the landfill. The chubby, pink-white child could have almost been eaten away by the ants if he had not arrived in time.
    No one adopted her, and he did not want her to go to an orphanage only to be beaten like he used to be. So, a brutal man like him became her father.
    As a father, he had to be more serious about doing business, he stopped drinking and gambling and focused on working to raise his daughter. There was a lot of hardships, but his life became more meaningful. There were days when he had to carry dozens of goods in forty-degree weather and ended up dislocating his shoulder. However, he still felt grateful because his daughter My Mieu was by his side.
    On the day he went to work, he sent her to the nanny and in the evening when got home, he became a mother and took care of her all night. For the first time, the man who was always on the move settled and craved for a home.
    He planned to sell his old motorbike and save money to buy a delivery tricycle so he could carry more things. He planned to buy My Mieu a bicycle when she entered first grade. He planned to buy her a pink school bag that she liked on the first day of school. He planned to move to a new, quieter and better place for her to study effectively. He had planned many things, but before he could even start, he was brought here.
    The long queu of people seems to be forever. Those who already received theirs letters pass by the tree where he is sitting. They see him clutching his chest and crying as if someone had strangled him, hearing how dreary the sound was. But they are so used to it by now, every day he would sit there and cry because he did not get any letters from home.
    What is the point of crying and waiting? The warmth of his daughter was long gone the moment the truck seperated him and his daughter. He died, My Mieu was in his lap looking at her father lying lifelessly in a pool of blood. In his moment, his big black eyes still looked at his daughter lovingly.
    It has been a year yet he heard no news about her, and no one wrote him a letter. What a pity! My Mieu has not even entered first grade yet, she has not learned the alphabet yet, how could she write a letter to him?
    His family? Who are they?
    His acquaintance? How could they expect a gangster like him to go to heaven. Is it possible that all of his letters have been burned and sent to the hell? It seemed possible!
    Life is impermanent, this saying probably refers to his life. Everything came and went for him in the blink of an eye. He was unprepared when My Mieu came into his life, and when he was trying to figure things out, life decided to take him away from her.
    - “Hey! You got a letter!"
    The station owner's loud and clear voice pulls him out of his sorrow. Everyone is both surprised and happy for a man who got lost even in the afterlife like him. People still whisper to each other that he is the case of heaven's technical fault, that is the reason why he is here.
    He hurriedly rushes to the mail counter. He clumsily opens a small piece of paper folded in fourths and tied with a tiny woolen yarn. This pink yarn…isn’t it from the winter coat he bought a few years ago for My Mieu. This is a letter from his daughter! He receives it with two hands, his bony hands shakes violently as he holds the only piece of mail after a year in heaven.
    - “Congratulation! You finally got a letter from home!”
    The station owner sees him off with a warm word of encouragement.
    Under the tree, people see him holding his chest and sobbing. Every time he holds up a piece of paper to read, he cries like a baby. Inside the piece of paper there were only four words written in huge broken strokes. His daughter already learns how to write, and the first four words she can write for him are:

  • anuradhasharma 12w

    अपना आशियां खो , कोई तुमसे जीना सीखें ।
    अपनो को गवां , कोई तुमसे चुप रहना सीखें ।
    अपने चोट को छुपा , कोई तुमसे मुस्कुराना सीखें ।
    अपने बच्चों से दूर , कोई तुमसे गम खाना सीखें ।
    अपनी खुशबू लूटा , कोई तुमसे महकाना सीखें ।
    अपने आसूं ठेहरा , कोई तुमसे बहना सीखें ।
    अपने जलने की फिक्र छोड़ , ठंडक देना सीखें ।
    अपना दर्द छुपा , बेपनाह इश्क़ बाटना सीखें ।
    अपने से जुदा को भी , शामिल करना सीखें ।

  • dk1111_ 13w

    He didn't deserve me that's why he is not with me...
    God is always with me

  • princess_diary 13w

    My Brightest Star.... ⭐

    Sky having a millions of star,
    Yet in my eye one shines brightly,
    This love is so precious,
    A love so true,
    That only belongs to you,
    Your smile that gets me everytime,
    It warms my heart
    And brightens my day
    Every second,every minute, every single day
    I think of you.....
    I close my eyes, its You
    Its always You...
    Waiting for day to be with you....!

  • justwritings17 13w

    Ur the only Diamond on ur life ring!


  • bibhashdevanath 14w

    Some people like me and some do not. But I like and love everyone. That's my attitude. That's how I love to live this beautiful and precious life.


  • aastheticwritings 14w

    ..... YOU.....

    How does it sound when I say , "You are perfect, unique, incomparable and beautiful in your own way "
    You might feel happy, sad , unconvinced or nothing at all !
    But have you ever tried to say the same for yourself ?
    If yes then I'm pretty sure you are in love with yourself..
    If not then what are you waiting for?
    Give it a try sweetie just once!!
    Love your soul, your messy hair, your dusky eyes, chapped lips
    And even that not clear skin with red bumps !!
    Because inspite of everything you hate in yourself you're still beautiful and there's nothing to fix !
    Don't let someone point out your flaws ciz having flaws is normal and nothing out of box ..
    Embrace your body shape !!
    Only you have the right to judge yourself neither me nor society or any individual's comments over your physique rocks
    Be dedicated towards your passion and pursue it !!
    Life's full of ups and downs ..
    But you are strong!!
    Strong enough to realise this is the time to fix the crooked crown and build your empire
    And your soul is full of fire
    Unleash it and burn the hell out of your insecurities..
    Start appreciating yourself even if no one does
    Boost up your self-confidence and live life the way you expect ..
    Let everyone else gossip and buzz ..
    You are here for a reason and Almighty made you perfect !!
    Don't compare yourself with someone you think is far more superior
    Coz you are supreme in your way and there's no comparison between daisies and sunflower
    Just believe it!! You have all the power
    Indulge yourself in things you love and get busier..
    It's your turn to get to know your strengths, weaknesses and to love yourself head over heels..
    Accept yourself the way you are and see how amazing that actually feels!!!

  • linefluencer 16w


    It seems slow, it seems fast,
    But it is never as vast.
    Use it today not tomorrow,
    Because success has a blast.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 16w

    Aaisas na tujhko aay banday!
    Kiss wabah nai tujhko gaair liya hai
    Par tu sudaar ta hi nahi hai
    Tujhay abhi b maal-o-dowlat ki fikir hai
    Yahan log aapni janu ko bacha nai mai lagay huway hai
    Issi jan ki jiski insaan qadar na karta tha
    Aaj maloom huwa hai inhay jan kitne qeemti hai.....

  • sheikh_huzaifa 17w

    Don't make your heart small!
    People ever leave precious things...

  • randalthor 17w


    I am just a fragment of her most hated memory, but she is a fragment of my most precious memory.

  • prernabhardwaj 17w

    Dosti# forever # bond of share&care# a relation# beyond formalities# unconditional support &care#precious gift of god#

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    कभी अपनी खुशी बांट ली आप से , तो कभी अपने गम भी हमने बांटे है ।

    हजारों की भीड़ मे मत पूछिए , आप जैसे दोस्त कैसे हमने छाँटे हैं ।।

    कभी तो साथ तेरे होंठ मेरे , मुस्कुराए हैं ।

    कभी तो सामने तेरे , अश्क भी हमने बहाए हैं ।।

    या रहे हो साथ हम या , फिर रहे हो दूर मीलो ।

    दिल मे छिपे जज्बात सारे , अक्सर आपको हमने बताए हैं ।।

    ये जो  सुख का दुःख का रिश्ता तेरा मेरा है , ये जो सुख का दुःख का रिश्ता तेरा मेरा है ।

    इसके होने से ये जिंदगी , जिंदगी है , और जीवन मे मेरे सवेरा है ।।

    दुआ है उस रब से ये के , साथ तेरा ये छूटे कभी ना ।

    उम्र हो लम्बी इस दोस्ती की , और तू मुझसे तो रूठे कभी ना ।।

    डॉ प्रेरणा भारद्वाज