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  • medhamedha 2w


    To discern the patterns of constellation
    I looked at the sky with great enthusiasm
    Instead my eyes fell for the sojourned full moon
    Which cannot slumber but wane.

    The yellow is no denial
    That dark can be illuminated too
    Because one stands against the legion
    To make the night gleam too.

    Slammed as an arrant thief by the universe
    Yet so mighty to influence man and sea
    Piquing interest among the minstrels
    To sing the praises or flaws.

    It still sprawls itself over the surface
    Unfazed by the curses
    Perhaps it knows wrath can be calmed
    And so the inevitable trite.

  • _asmi2109 3w


    Tum ibaadat uski zarur karte ho jisse tum mohobaat karte ho

    Per zaruri nahi ki tum usse mohobaat karo jiske tum ibaadat karo

  • lostthoughts73 7w

    Moonlight Dancer

    A lonely night of a single light
    In star-shine she takes flight
    Her form glittering shimmering
    Moonlight a mere twinkle of her eyes

    She twirls enchanting
    Her steady gaze demanding
    She's the center she's attraction
    Pretty girl in the night dancing

  • muskaanbhatt_ 8w

    Just tried as I heard this word #kwansaba for the first time��

    "Seven lines
    Seven words in each line
    Each word having not more than 7 letters"

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #kwansaba #writers #praise @writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant

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    Poem of praise (MOM) /Kwansaba

    Shouldn't we give privilege to our mothers
    To save ourselves from going to hell
    Lets praise them for all they do
    Whatever they do it's for our upgrade
    From morning to evening they care deeply
    Without any break and pay they work
    So admire them as they deserve alot

  • sukare 11w

    #appreciation #praise #compliment

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Plethora

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    A plethora of bouquets for the toughest teenager.

  • blackwench 15w

    sometimes happiness is whiskey and Women.

    my father has a clear voice,
    i could describe it with the certainty most fools possess.

    whenever he whistles our hair follicles erect in unison, beaming with newness as the sounds sip through their cracks.

    my father prefers the company of whiskey and friends, women and praise.

    whenever sits in their midst his cheeks look powdered and pink, he's happy.

    he's never alone
    unless he's home.

  • jaisyjosh 16w

    A Tribute to the Gem

    I have seen a genius gem
    Endowed gloriously with talents
    Bearing the heat of life like a layman.
    Cherishing life with a radiant smile,turning it a bumpy adventure zone.

    Warmly reaching out to the needy
    You kindle joy and strength
    Brushing aside fears and cares of life
    With words of courageous wisdom and guidance.

    Praises rain in, yet you are You
    And that is what Makes and keeps You.
    I have seen many lads but you are a rare gem of admiration
    And a Master to the world.

    O Gem!O Master! Great are you in the sight of us
    Keep sparkling, be honourable always with simplicity and goodness
    I wish you a blessed and fruitful birthday.

  • kingdomdelight 17w

    In God I Trust

    In the finished work at the cross
    Nothing i can do
    Nothing that i derserved ur can ever do
    Jesus Christ
    has done it all for me
    Amazing Grace
    is all I see
    when I look UP
    His beautiful loving face
    He has given me
    Over all darkness
    I am the head nd nothing less
    I ACE
    this worldly life race
    Amazing Grace
    Daily shines on my face
    He crowns me
    to be just like Him
    I walk brave, bold nd tall
    Glory to Glory
    Victory to Victory
    Oh the JOY of knowing Him
    has made me
    a born again
    child of His

    Thank You, God


  • periapt 17w


    I met you, such a radiant event.
    You shied away from others,
    That darting glance, droll sense of humour.
    But you looked at me, wistful, wishful,
    And I saw what lay beneath.
    We held hands, walked toward the stars,
    My love...perfect beauty hidden under scars.

  • anuradhasharma 18w

    बदला लेती हो न हमसे ,
    क्यूं ढाती हो ये सितम हमपे ।
    तुरंत ही मोहतरमा ने पूछा ,
    अरे हमने क्या किया !
    बड़ी नज़ाकत से पूछा उन्होंने,
    कानों के पिछे जुल्फ सवारतें ।
    बायां कर ही डाला हमने ,
    लेकिन सूझ नहीं रहा था ।
    तो शुरूवात उन , रेशमी बादलों से था ।
    तुम्हारी जुल्फ के ये बादल ,
    संभालो इन्हें कर न दे हमें ये पागल ।


  • raman_writes 20w


    तारीफ़ करता है वो मेरी किसी और का नाम लेकर ।

    मैं दिल हारे जाता हूँ उसके मुँह से अपना नाम सुनकर ।।


  • kaansjeans 20w

    Only your wrath, I am if you let.

    Only your cause, You show in all.
    Confounding path, Eyes Damned if blue yet
    Taken more falls, Bestowed sin fall.
    Stripped to piece's, I'd prayed she'd be.
    Your will still seen time as sand.
    Forgotten self, without her I plead.
    The Art of War thyne has planned.
    I'll gotten gains, revealed were appeased.
    We start not for but his hand.
    Kill rotten tree's torn roots on our knees.
    Serve Part fought so fine to soon stand.
    New eternal bonds, eyes cloven with fear.
    Such sadness, such pain, blessed for all I hear.
    Graced infernal fond, cries chosen that tear.
    Much madness much rain, Thy Morning Star my Dear.
    All that you'd allow. Letting us know how.
    Every breath in her, a breath in me.
    Still flat take a bow, For thy King we knew.
    For Opeth in her, Opeth in me.
    Under skies the same, I howl and Starz I gaze.
    One denies with shame, a fowl you dropped to phase.
    Relentless as a Moon, who waits to tell the sun.
    You Exalt & Rise above the Highest High.
    She your grace so blessed,
    Now these eyes you've shown.
    Through you sought man's prize,
    No dove that flyest try.
    We nor face, confessed. How my cries you've grown.


  • cassiopeia_sky 22w


    The more you praise and celebrate all things in life the more there is in life to celebrate...

  • wafflesantos 23w

    take my heart
    bring it close to Yours
    that i may feel you only
    thru the crowd.
    make me deaf
    the world be muted
    Your voice is the only sound.
    blind me
    from man's glittered praise
    that i will seek the endless light
    Your face.


  • shubham_20 24w

    Ek baat batao yeh meri bezzati thi ya compliment

    Joh aapko thik laage baaki bhagawan ke maarzi

  • moitshepi_sparkles 25w

    The God we serve

    I sat there, with my hands raised to the Heavens,
    I needed an answer, some sort of hope for the seasons of terror that lured in the horizon,
    I was thirsty,
    My soul panted for Him,
    My soul needs Him, - the Living God.
    I sat there, tears rolling down my face,
    I felt a warm hand wiping my tears with Grace,
    I screamed with doubt tightening my throat,
    I screamed for Him once again trying to fight a battle that was not "mine",
    He was calm as always,
    Reasurring me that He is the same yesterday, today and forever,
    I remember, saying God why do you love me so?
    He said, "I love you not because I choose to do so, but because that's the truth of who I am" - the joyful, eternal truth.
    I could feel my throat open, - now with screams of joy, offering a plausible explanation for the love God relentlessly showers on us.
    And somehow, that was enough, to keep me at His feet, with praise.

  • andrewmell 29w


    My heart and lungs would've felt cold for a stint,
    If not for my rib cage who gave them a nestle.

    And my stomach in it would've felt like butterflies spinned,
    If not for my liver sending an epistle.

    And my brain in it's shell would've felt quaint,
    If not for my eyes reflecting light into the castle.

    And i, my dear would've felt like i was faint,
    If not for you who extinguished my bristle.


  • anuradhasharma 29w


  • mrsinghnota_ 31w


    People who only make fun of you are not
    your friends, people who only praise you
    aren't either.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 32w

    It occurred to me that the awesomely amazing souls at @writersbay are deserving of a dedication piece too, so this one's for them! Please pardon the simplicity of it, as it's not intended as a challenge submission, it's merely meant to thank and acknowledge them for all that they do for us each day. ♥️

    Dear wondrous challenge weavers at Writers Bay, your #weekendc challenge has fostered and spread so much love and joie de vivre throughout the forum this weekend (special thanks to @antarraal for my dedication piece ♥️), that I couldn't let the moment pass without offering you a few well deserved words of appreciation!
    Thank you for continually motivating, inspiring, and encouraging us through your innovative, creative, wonderful challenges! So many members here look forward to them, as they eagerly await the new challenge post each day!
    We also appreciate your considerable efforts to read and comment on the submissions, which in turn inspires members to keep writing and participating.
    Your commendable contributions here are much needed and much appreciated. We hope you'll continue to grace us with your auspicious presence, and stoke our literary fires for a long time to come!
    Huge, heartfelt thanks for doing all that you do!

    P.S. Still on break, missing everybody, and doing my best to get back here soon. ♥️

    *Image credit goes to the owner.

    #gratitude #thanks #praise #appreciation #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee

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