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  • mariateresa 46w

    We are all powerful. I'm not talking about worldly power of greed or control over another. What I'm referring to is inner strength and the magic we all possess that has been conditioned out of our beliefs. Question what you're being told by the systems we exist in. Take back your God given sovereignty and heal. Let love, never fear guide you. May we continue to evolve together, raise the consciousness and vibration❤

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    The toll

    When will the lies and killing be enough
    Arguing over beliefs tear us apart, not build us up
    Polarization of my brothers and sisters
    Despicable action, repetitive acts create festering blisters
    Malignant sores upon the hearts of all nations
    War, blood shed, precious lives lost, still the numbers rise
    Continuous fallacies are wearing thin
    From the greedy, controlling and hateful bent to do us in
    When will consumption of the people be enough?

    Power to the people
    Rising up together, allowing love to lead us
    We are all deserving of kindness and care
    My prayer for our world is to grant love's purity to rule
    The rotting of humanity can be reversed and absolved
    Dig in deeper, take a look at what's real
    People we all are, manipulated by fear
    Will your soul pay the price, the ultimate toll
    Or will love set us free and salvation restore us whole

  • mariateresa 55w

    The rise of change

    Systems broken, people hurting
    Fear multiples while the sick lay dying
    This is not the end my dear ones
    For we are rising to our feet now
    Power is being restored back to the people
    Sweeping change is what is coming

    Look within your heart and hear the marchers drumming
    The love within is quick in growing
    For every living creature there is surely does know
    How we all can live in harmony
    With peace, acceptance and more conservancy
    Each soul on Earth is rising
    Sweeping change is what is coming

    Hold onto hope, fear is dissipating
    Faith is restored destroying all the hating
    We will be forever changed
    Our entire existence rearranged
    One for all and all for one
    Sweeping change is what is coming

  • abducting_souls 82w

    To everyone who thinks of me as a, "Disappointment"

    The situation gets tough when you are compelled to believe that you are not worthy enough of anything. When there are people who are constantly making the situation worse and they won't let you rise above. People point out instantly when you attempt to do something they hate or the things they label as 'Bad' but never getting a decent appreciation for something good you did, kills you even more from inside. This leads us to a dark road filled with depression. Most of the time the person you love and trust lets you down. It makes me wonder how much I mean to anyone. Will people remember me when I will be gone? Or will they move on too easily? People say I am putting on fat and my skin has started to form wrinkles. Yes, I look older than the people around my age. The reason for this is I have gone through so much in life and still think that tomorrow things won't get better. All I know is this life is breaking and crumbling down. I don't know who wants to hang out with me. I don't know who enjoys my company. And this never really stopped me from loving people a lot more than they love me. The sharp turn which life puts up with is depressing. I love to maintain distance from people, and this is the least I could do to help myself. I have stopped putting efforts with people who don't need me around. There are days when you only want to be on your bed and think how worthless you are. You feel all your efforts have come to nothing, and there is no sky to fly. Your life does not revolve around your academic status or how much you earn. Life doesn't revolve around whether you go to a family gathering or choose your room to be alone. According to my inner psyche, life is not about pleasing everyone. It's about living a life you dreamt of with people you love and care about. It's about being responsible for what you choose in your life. The point is to live around people, but not for them. People derive satisfaction from being disappointed. These people can be anyone from the close one to strangers. If you think you are surrounded by such people just lose them, and move on.
    -Prithvi Gulati

  • jammers 85w

    Black Lives Matter


    Who comes to mind?
    My brothers and sisters
    And it's been this way since the beginning of time.

    My people, born free
    Forced to be slaves
    My people, born to a land
    That was taken away.

    My people, born with a voice
    And then given no choice
    My people, treated like dirt
    And people are puzzled why we are hurt.

    You love our culture
    But you hate us.

    You want to look like us
    And in the same breath, you pick on us.

    I've lost count of how many times someone has asked me if..
    If my lips are my own
    If I'm African American (when the UK and Jamaica have always been my homes)
    Don't you people love fried chicken?
    Is your hair fake?
    Can I touch your hair? Oh you didn't say yes but my hands are already there
    I've got a fetish for girls like you
    You people always look so angry; what's the matter with you!
    Wow you're well spoken considering you know what
    I cant believe you listen to anything other than hip hop!
    So do you identify as white or do you say (whisper) black?
    Do you eat with your hands or do you use a fork?
    You don't sound black.
    I don't get this black lives matter movement; why is it always about you?
    White people experience racism too.

    White people experience racism too.
    You may as well say I know you've got cancer but what about me I once had the flu!
    Can you compare the two?

    Didn't think so.

    Has any of these things ever happened to you?
    Because both the experiences above and below are all unfortunately true.

    Has someone ever crossed the street to get away from you?
    Has someone purposely put their leg on a train chair so to avoid you?
    Has a stranger pulled or stroked your hair?
    Have you been told that you don't belong?
    That everything about you is wrong?
    Have you been someones secret? Because they've got a fetish for "girls like you" but can't tell anyone because my colour is the wrong shade of blue?
    Have you had to move schools because you were scared to go in?
    Because people were taking the mick of the colour of your skin?
    Have you been told that your hair is unprofessional when all it is is au natural?
    That my afro hair, that I now wear as a crown
    I sat and straightened it all down just to make people feel comfortable around me when I felt the furthest thing away from me?!

    And then when I raise my voice to tell you these things
    You get scared and call me things
    Typical angry black woman
    Nigga calm down.

    Because you oppress us
    Then hate when we get loud.

    You make us depressed
    Then get irritated when we peacefully protest.

    You take away our culture and become obsessed
    And when we want it back
    Bang bang
    You're dead...

    But you keep trying to knock us down
    But we rise time after time after time
    You keep trying to put out a fire
    But you forget that we never tire
    Because we've been fighting this our whole life
    We know our worth
    We demand our right.

    Our right to live just like you
    What is it about us that scares you?

    You love our culture
    But you hate us.

    But we took that oppression and turned it into pride
    We took that depression and peacefully rallied side by side
    And we took that obsession and saw it as a blessing.

    If you love my people and our culture so much
    Stop shooting at us.

    Turn all those cries of I can't breathe I cant breathe
    Into declarations of my god, we are finally free.

  • bubirootemp 188w

    Fighting for a cause,
    Breaking all the rules,
    Ecoterrorist protects the planet,
    Bringing harmony to Gaia,
    A brand new Messiah,
    Aka as anonymous,
    A rebel revolutionist,
    Anti government specialist,
    Put through their paces,
    Hacked in open spaces,
    Hidden in dark,deep internet spaces,
    Unknown faces,
    Fighting for all races,
    Freedom fighters unitied,
    Fuck the governments,
    We all stand as one and