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    Ok even if i try i can never write anything that could consist all my love for Harry Potter and every other character. I can just keep on going ������
    Harry Potter has saved me in the hardest days. It is my happy home.

    I would write posts like these for other characters too
    ���� fellow potterheads please assemble
    Wands up in the sky ��

    @writersnetwork lemme know if ur potterhead ����

    @the_speccy_outsider this post seems incomplete without tagging you ������let me know if i did justice


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    Harry Potter ⚡‍♂️

    To the boy who lived under the stairs
    In a tiny room with owl on the chair
    Whose eyes shined like the mother's love
    And magic choose him all above.

    To the boy who went to Hogwarts world
    With his tiny specs and mighty wand
    Whose journey started with sorcerer's stone
    And whom difficulties never left alone.

    To the boy with a mighty scar on the head
    Who fought all the battles with his two friends
    Whose arms found peace in the hagrid's hut
    And self believe sailed the storms of every if & but.

    To the boy who feared professor snape
    marauders map always found him an escape
    Whose golden heart fell for ginny's smile
    And Weasley provided him shelter all this while.

    To the boy who made Dumbledore's lil army
    Who killed the Deatheaters with spell of stupefy
    Whose wishes reflected in erised magical mirror
    And Sirius blessed his bruises as father figure.

    To the boy who was saved by draco at last
    Who lived a life as horcrux of the evil past
    Whose life was devoted to end lord Voldemort
    And the mighty wizards never let him fall apart.

    To the boy who was greatest of all the time
    Who saved the happy Hogwarts from every crime
    Whose presence affected million of hearts forever
    And ron and Hermione stayed with him altogether.

    To the boy who lived
    To the boy whom world calls Mr. Harry Potter
    Even after million tries i still fail to ink you love letter .

    With love ❤
    from Hogwarts in my dreams