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  • ecstasy 5w


    Days have gone when you used to put ink to the pen , check the flow and write your heart slow
    Now you set the bed , check for a phoen battery low and scroll away your time slow

  • cruisey 6w

    Dear Self,

    Everything's temporary so don't sweat it.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Don't sweat it so it's temporary.
    The truth is in the mystery.
    Remember yourself.
    Forgive and forget.
    Let it/them be.

  • kasishakespeare 6w

    Postcard entry

    Dear Mum and Dad

    Summer's holidays have never been this fun and adventurous.
    Miami is the greatest place filled with adventure Aunt Jane and Uncle John took me on a tour around Miami , and for the past four days .
    I tried showboating and it's fun , surfboarding and have caught my first wave even though it was not that huge and livid.
    Yesterday they took me on my first cruise ship tour. Wow , I was mind blown , I still can't believe how huge and vast a cruise ship is.

    Right there I tried crocodile meat ,
    And it actually tastes like chicken .
    Tomorrow we will be going to a scuba diving site and I will give it a try. Finally my dream of trying it actually came true. Wish me luck.

    Wish you were here.
    Love TSHEPISO ××

  • preetkanwal 6w

    Dear poetry
    Without you my days are like an empty vessel, creating noise with my silent words.Come back with pockets full of metaphors.I’ll gift you a world of verses.Though our bond is eternal but I cannot carry the load of life without you.Missing you everyday….
    Yours forever

    ©preetkanwal 07.09.2021

  • mehakthakur_84 6w


    hiii, love there

    I cannot dare to call you love anymore,
    I forgot how to utter these words with same warmth we had before,

    but i’m entangled in your memories and I cannot fathom out the reason for centuries,

    I know some pieces of me were not retained,
    a puzzle once smashed and broken never fits the same way again,

    enough it is for me to see you smile,
    when my heart hear cries and gets worried, it listens and beats so calmly when I say,
    “He’s doing fine, he’s doing fine.”

    no, please don’t respond to this letter,
    because without me, “you’re doing just better.”

    so until our paths cross again,
    stay safe and live every moment of your life with no regrets,
    and i’ll preserve you as my poised poetry, away from world’s hate!!


    To lost love,
    into the woods,under
    the clear sky,
    smiling through
    his eyes!!


  • theinkdomain 6w

    #postcard #day

    Writer's block ;_;

    @murryben just for you ❤️

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    A Spring Sunday

    Dear spring, there may be a drizzle rift of April hawthorns betwixt your brisk hellebores and my thereon May bulbs; nonetheless,I don't spy myself away from you, you sprout the seed of esprit in me with the very prime hit of rye-sprouts, my heart pumps blood sharp as an athlete with every bloom you bloom in the fruits and flowers. My veins slope the rosy sky dyes and mountains save my winter vapours with a new green tide. You make my AMs extra effortless with raw soundtracks, the swishing buds and blades, the birds singing and creeks trickling tones to my ears. Nights appear more honest with white moon waving welcome through bouquets and air whisking warm like a 22yr October blushing bride

    The first mayflower
    Arbutus blossom lane
    Shangri-La, season 1


  • just_being_me_cheese 6w

    Postcard message

    Hey sweetheart
    Come over me and have a look
    Don't be fickle
    Don't took me in other way of insane
    I mean only not to fickle
    Don't disappear when I blink my eye
    Stay by my side.

    Trust my small word
    Trust my small act
    It means alot
    I am selective

  • anthonyhanible 6w

    A Postcard From My Heart To Yours

    Dear friend
    I miss you so
    I really don't beat the same
    Heart attack
    Now this body doesn't know how to act
    So out of body
    It's me
    Trying to rewind the time
    When we intertwined
    Skipping a beat
    And we loved it
    Now it's scary
    Thinking we'll never
    But I'm
    Hoping and still praying
    That we will intertwine again
    I think I'm dying
    I'll always love you

  • inkosazana_yakwa_jobe 6w

    Dedicated to whoever reads this.

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    Spoil yourself today. Go out on a date, let the sun kiss you. Have some ice cream and smell some flowers. You deserve it.

    With love x

  • themiracleking 6w

    Dear God,
    Thank you for always understanding me
    When no else did
    I know i am not a perfect being
    I want to truly be good,
    But sometimes my human nature
    Proves too strong
    It saddens me
    I want to be worthy of being called your son
    I want you to be proud of me like Job
    Please help me father


  • iqujiger 6w

    Dear Oviii
    I wish you must care about my cries
    Before my reckless quest for you dies

  • iqujiger 6w

    Dear Oviii

    Don't be flustered by the remours
    Listen ,what I wanna canvey to you
    I still care about you ,but that doesn't
    Mean from those painful events I still
    Wanna get through
    Now I don't know am I still in love
    With you
    But from it am striving to move
    At that time it was all upon you
    Now there is nothing left you can do
    You must be surely knowing at that
    Time my love was true
    Now I have alot changed
    I myself don't know I am who

    Yours sincerely iqu

  • ishikaaggarwal 6w

    Hanahaki Disease (花吐き病 (Japanese); 하나하키병 (Korean); 花吐病 (Chinese)) is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left ... (Google)

    Lavender flowers represent purity, love, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. Purple is the color of royalty and speaks of elegance, refinement, and luxury, too.
    My love for the colour purple is inexpressible ����

    #love #purple #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill #postcard #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @peachytae_ @vzac_1330
    @thesunshineloves inspired by one of your write-ups��

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    Tangled in distant memories,
    In a double knot of violet melancholia,
    I hover helplessly in my dreameries,
    Void of euphoria was my so-called utopia.

    Lavender stems pierce gracefully
    Through my violaceous and tender pleura,
    Petals escape into my veins tearfully,
    Envelopes me in your aura.

    Your everlasting aroma flows
    Bursts through my poignant skin
    To bind me in your susceptible blows,
    For a touch was only a dream, maybe a sin.

    Purple petals coughed out of purple parched lips,
    Melt onto the frost of my parchment,
    As fierce lavender extract cracks my quill’s tip
    Adorned with perse blood droplets of woebegone endearment.

    Perdurable ludus scripted on petrichor postcards,
    Drenched by my dented dysphoric quill,
    Echoes of distant hums of harps
    Enlivening my frostbitten fingertips, my only will.

    My violet figure fell into the eternal well,
    Your ephemeral touch my only living vision,
    With a silent scream into a blinding spell,
    I posted my crinkled carvings in Heaven.


  • p_a_c_324 6w

    You deserve all the love in my heart,
    Don't ever tell,
    You are not worth my love.
    -P. A. C

  • cobaltbluink 6w

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @miraquill @mirakeeworld #postcard #wod #pod

    I've taken a lover,
    I know you can see him from above
    He's not much like father,
    But not in a bad manner.
    He's cute and kind and brave,
    Gentle but strong, a little naïve,
    Yes he gives in, every time we fight,
    Only to see me smile.

    We're getting married next month. Dad approves!

    Almost forgot, the weather here is wild
    Your favorite dark clouds have taken over.

    I'll write again soon xx

    Your daughter who has found her way and her soulmate

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    Postcard from Hawaii to Heaven

    I've taken a lover,
    I know you can see him from above
    He's not much like father,
    But not in a bad manner.
    He's cute and kind and brave
    Gentle but strong, a little naïve
    Yes he gives in, every time we fight
    Only to see me smile

    We're getting married next month.

    Almost forgot, the weather here is wild
    Your favorite dark clouds have taken over.

    I'll write again soon xx

    Your daughter who has found her way and her soulmate.

  • kashish_thakur 6w

    Sending my younger self a postcard,
    full of love and happiness
    a warm hug, an appreciation for being yourself,
    for expressing yourself through every beautiful way,
    for facing every problem with courage,
    and most importantly, learning from your mistakes and
    understanding the real meaning of life, friends, and "forever."
    @writersnetwork @bhavesh_sharma @dipps_ @supppy @mirakeeworld
    #postcard #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    "You're strong, take many decisions wrong, nevertheless
    show your scars, be your superstar
    roar like a lioness, be a little more selfless
    And kill your shyness.
    play like a queen, stitch your wounds in between,
    fight for yourself, be the sunlight for your delight." ❤️

  • abinaya14 6w

    I thought my writer's block passed. But, it came to say hi again. Sorry for the shitty writings.

    #postcard #wod #friendship #love #care #light
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    As I look at the stars shining over my head,
    They remind me of the lost sparkle in your eyes
    Oh how I wish I could see the reflection of light again.

    The light in your eyes might have dimmed down,
    But don't ever forget that I'll serve as a matchstick for you,
    My love, I would do anything to see the light again.


  • serenesapience 6w

    Just go for it

    In world brimmed with dire realities of lost hopes and bitter truths in broken dreams,
    Sometimes decisions and choices made out of wild idealism and blind instincts seem to work the best.


  • bubbly_blueberry 6w

    //Anger is essential to climb,don't waste!//

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    It will lead wins!

    Save your anger
    in a vintage bottle
    Instead wine

    cause it rescue
    true points
    of life by roaring,
    don't get cold!

    It would save you
    from extinguishing
    acting as fuel,
    pushes like
    hydraulic energy

    bottom of fear
    to move on,in the fight
    that pressures
    to stop legs
    match with beats

  • poetrycity 6w

    Maybe I'll add some more lines in it.
    @pandichitra_r @fromwitchpen @lazybongnes @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #postcard #day #pod
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ��

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    On the occasion of his death ceremony
    I gifted him a marble plated lamp,
    a grapple letter,snached eternity from universe's law's hand.

    I presented him a bunch of chrysanthemums, black roses representing my pearly poverty.
    Rhetoric love,pills of full moon glances, shirt well coated with secrets,a film of sublime rolls, unloved characters on his last day.
    Though I was gasping like a tiny rabbit while putting all these things to his funeral.

    ~Shivani Chhonkar ❤