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  • aishwarysharma7 124w


    she was in love and slept with him,
    ➡️she is characterless..⬅️

    And if,
    he will do the same with different girls,
    each weekend,
    he is stud


    |Aishwary sharma|

    Ig- @ghazal_gaon_


  • mymess 174w

    Girls life

    Society's nature and thoughts decide how the girl should be whether ...
    # A girl may be dressed up with short skirts or long skirts ...depend upon short thoughts and high thoughts !
    # A girl may go outside at 12am or till 9pm
    # A girl may wonder with all her freedom or may caged her inside
    # A girl can wonder with a boy or can't wonder even with her brother!!!!
    ******* This what a society is ...!

    Even if we say don't think abt society..bt we live in that society and it matters alot to a girl's character!!!