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  • yours_fortune 49w

    Are you still happy?
    I'm not criticising, I'm just mentioning few
    #society #norms #culture #unhappiness #poverty #genderclassification #castesystem #poorindia #poormentality

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    1 :- Humans think they are superior to every human being
    2 :- Humanity is a matter of social status
    3 :- Education ruins common sense
    4 :- Spirituality is confused with religion
    5 :- Doctors love ruining the health
    6 :- Age determines your intelligence
    7 :- Beauty gives you a social recognition
    8 :- Humans are divided into race, gender, age, education, religion, financial condition
    9 :- Love or relationship are full of expectations
    10 :- Food is no longer seen to be a fuel to the body


  • aishwarysharma7 120w

    ।लड़का है वो।

    वो बाप भी अपनी बेटी को,अक्सर यही समझाता है।
    लड़का है वो,कभी-कभी,ऐसा भी हो जाता है

    माँ समाज को देखती है दामाद को पकवान परोसती है
    यही सारी हरकतें,उसका जिगर,दिन-ब-दिन खोलती है।

    बैठ जाऊँ घर तो,जिंदगी गुज़र नहीं होती,
    रोती है,बिलखती है,हर रात वो यही सोचती है।

    पुरुष प्रधान सोच इस कदर,घर कर चुकी है देश में
    कुत्तों को फिर शेर बनाते,इंसानों के भेष में

    बेटी नर्क को छोड़ भी दे तो,पाप सा समझा जाता है
    और उसके फिर से बेटी हो,तो श्राप सा समझा जाता है

    पूजे देवी को नौ दिन बस,फिर यही कहा तो जाता है
    लड़का है वो,कभी-कभी,ऐसा भी हो जाता है।

    Ig-@ ghazal_gaon_


  • quirky_me 243w

    Nothing to eat

    She had nothing to eat,
    They made a film about her,
    Because she had nothing to eat,
    Her husband was killed in the war,
    They wrote book about how he was killed in the war.

    Her brother and mother were executed by the revolutionary guards. There was an opera about it.

    Both her children died (cause there was no hospital)
    You can see the photographs at an exhibition,
    Then someone wrote a poem.
    She has nothing to eat.