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    Read it and feel blessed to have this life
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    Same humans,
    Different worlds!

    Do you ever sympathize with the people who lack some knowledge, are unable to do some conventional tasks which your parents have engraved in you at a very early age, and then you be like, "ugh why they do that?" Okay, I'll try to rationalize this with an incident that I suppose everyone had been through in their lives. Everyone has been to malls every now and then, have you ever noticed some people around you, who were constantly making low-key efforts to immerse in the surrounding, to keep up with the people they are talking with their gawking/goggling eyes then some impolite will bawl, "HOW ILL-MANNERED THESE PEOPLE ARE! BLOODY GAWAAR!” Many of you will do the same, Won't you? Obviously, I am not favouring them, neither the disrespectful bawling nor the non-consensual staring.  But we are mature enough to detect the stare of a particular person whether it's good or evil.

                   Have you ever give it a thought why they do so? they just admire you, they just admire your lifestyle. They are in their thoughts, processing that even after being in the same city, same nation, how they are so downgraded and preserved and how we people so upgraded and reformed? Sometimes, They just curse their lives and financial situations.

           I do sympathize with them, it’s not their fault, nor their upbringing. When people face poverty and struggles regularly to just get their daily bread, they can’t provide themselves and their children more than they can. And this is the difference that makes them believe that they are a ‘downgrade’ for those people in the malls. Some parents can get some ‘butter’ for their family along with the bread, they earn enough to feed them as well as provide them with some facilities. But not everyone can… not every parent can get the ‘butter’ for their family.

             We are all aware of the fact that our nation is bifurcated into two major societies; one as poor as church mouse and the other is as luxurious as silk-stockings, and yes not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but believe me, it shouldn’t even matter, silver spoon, plastic spoon… what matters is how we take a sip of that spoon. Silver spoons are often filled with wealth and children brought up in this environment are either seen to be cursed with lethargy and apathy Or are either sipped with perseverance, etiquette and diligence. It all depends on how the child seems to see the opportunity in their hands.

              Children brought up in the exact opposite of this environment, Poverty, aren’t even all that different. They might not have the financial stability or education for that matter, but a kid even if brought in poverty can be taught perseverance. Children who watch their parents strive and struggle for the bread they earn teaches them a lot about how to see this world… it all depends on the way he/she perceives that. 

                Let's get real here, we all know someone Who is rich as lord but lacks the manners and basic human decency, hated by many. And on the other hand, there is a poor person who works 3 jobs a day to earn his bread but is still polite and liked by everyone.   

                   I mean at an age where our kids have an iPhone in their 4*5 size pocket and walking along the malls to get the new one as a 6th birthday gift. Still unhappy about all the things they get. Whereas, there are kids who don’t even get an android until their adults. But still doesn’t concern themselves with those grieves. NO, please don't take me wrong, I’m not trying to be an antagonist in your child’s luxury life. But I just want us to feel and understand that those are already tormented by their whole life situation. Just think about it, enjoy what you have and feel blissful to have this life. Even Being successful is not everyone's cup of tea, But everyone in this world is striving for the best, Rich and poor… not only that proprietor but that rickshaw-vala as well. If you experienced poverty, be thankful to have your parents because they chose to gift you a hammer instead of treasure because without a hammer you won't be able to dig any treasure. And if you're born into a rich family, thank them for the facilities you get and for all the opportunities you will get because of their hard work.

                 If you have perseverance, persistence, etiquette, manners, you have everything, you don't need any treasure you are life itself like treasure. Rich or poor doesn’t matter, everyone gets their fair share of struggles, so be kind to everyone, not only because of the teachings you get but also because that’s how humans should be. Kind to each.

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    I do dream of a new dawn
    Where life will be like an open free lawn

    People so good and of pure soul
    That no one goes around spewing any foul

    Where everyone is happy and feel content
    Even the rich play with poor without feeling distant.


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    Little things

    A plate of rice and a shot of booze a tiny room and a slow jam. Low life high dreams broken bed and passionate me.

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    ✨Few words✨

    If you're a poor student enough, don't hesitate to compete with rich.. bcoz whatever you today is, is becoz of your parents. And instead of claiming them, improve yourself. Becoz "_Whatever You Do Today, Your Future Do_." Future will not ask what was your background. It'll ask what you are..

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    Showoff is the fastest way to become Poor

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    I have a perch, which overlooks a man made river. From it I sometimes watch the reflection of artificial light dance across the sewage. Once I saw a skunk by the stream below, scuttering from pipe to pipe and propping itself up on the wall to sniff at them.

        I thought the stupid thing was probably stuck down there. Starving, maybe. I watched it do this for about an hour. It’s rained pretty heavily since then. It's most likely dead, but we’ve all got problems don’t we? 

    Those above me make the same excuses as I drown in their filth. 


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    The Bitter Truth

    Early morning, out in the balcony I went,
    Saw a poor female vendor with her back bent,
    A cute little baby hand in hand with her,
    Crying out loud she is with her eyes blur
    I looked into my pocket and found it to be empty,
    It hurted me more and more and that too abruptly,
    I wish I had something to give to that little child,
    How lazy are we people, every one is wild,
    Lost in this world, Alas! We people are dead,
    Leaders of we people are sleeping in their bed.

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    The Odyssey of a Neglected God

    Arrayed in hoary garb, they moil with their melodies;
    Sorrows muster in their heart and gush:
    Despite, they stop their jingles and pulleys.
    Eyes blur and muscles of their rust;
    They put out their enervated hand and stroke all the pains apart!
    And produce winsome goods, feeding their 'maliks' esurient carts.

    Whizzing time came to a standstill: due to a virus -
    Their pulleys under-seize and teensy stipend interrupt!
    Walking miles with air, cold breezes dare - no sign of the Cyrus.
    Their timorous children asked: “‘Pitaji’ when our destination crop-up?”

    Police battered them, wearing their woven attires,
    They beseeched their 'maliks' for food which they prepare:
    Their innocent children shivered in gelid weather - "Oh, even the roads they walked
    were in- despair!"
    But not, not their 'maliks', who slept with blankets made of their warmth,
    “Huh! All fake, all fake - liars these rich are!"

    No-matter, they are in the hands of leviathan:
    They travail for their avaricious 'maliks' like a Sebastian!
    Indeed, they are our labourers, who embrace crucifixion.
    What we are without their exertion?
    Hail the God amidst! Hail before they vanish!


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    Every person has a feeling
    Yes they beg, they will ask for food
    If you dont have money,
    Tell them nicely, no need to be rude !

    They are humans too,
    They too needs shelter and money,
    Why do we even need to be cruel ?
    Your words upon them should be sweet as honey !

    If you are helpless and you can't do a thing,
    Just tell them politely, and help them when you can !
    Why being extremely rude ?
    And kick them, showing that you're a man ?

    This isn't right, they too have feelings,
    Yes they beg, they will ask for food.
    One day the world will be hunger free
    When every man starts being kind and good !


    Be kind and generous ! ��
    The world will be in peace
    Help others and yourself too,
    We will reach together across the seas !

    #dark_writer #poor #beggars #help

    Could I get a read please ? ��
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    इस कदर गलत पढ़ी, हर किताब हमने
    ऊपरवाला गलतियां करते रहा,
    नीचेवाले खून बहाते रहे।


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    Seekha Tha
    Bachpan Mein
    Fizool Soch
    Teri Chahat Ke
    Aaj Mujhse Door To
    Kal Meri Jeb Mein
    Maidaan Ka Dhool
    Har Khel Ke Anth Mein

    Ghanto Mehnat Ke Baad
    Jeb Mein Thoda Paisa Hai
    Sukoon Ki Saas Le Na Paye
    Zimmedari Puche Kaisa Hai
    Mehlon Ke Deewar Mein
    Lobh Ka Raang Hara Hai
    Ek Waqt Ki Roti Nahi
    Bhook Se Pait Bawla Hai

    Jeb Mein Ho Tu To
    Sab Yahaan Achcha Hai
    Saath Jab Ho Tera
    Zindagi Bhi Rangeela Hai
    Tujhe Paana Hi Bas
    Jeevan Ka Beshumar Dastaan Hai
    Tu Hai To Hai Sab Thik
    Kyunki Naam Tera Paisa Hai

    Mehnat Ka Phal
    Hare Patton Mein Aata Hai
    Chhal Se Kamaya To Bas
    Do Din Ka Mehmaan Hai
    Humne Banaya Tujhe Par
    Hume Tu Chalata Hai
    Jo Lobh Se Chahe To
    Jaan Bhi Tu Hi Leta Hai

    Tu Hi To Hai
    Prabandhak Is Daud Ka
    Maidaan Chahe Koi Bhi
    Par Hai Tere Piche Daudna
    Shiddhat Se Bhage Jo
    Tu Uska Hi Sachcha Hai
    Patli Gali Wale Ka
    Tu Hi To Hai Khaatma

    Seekha Hai
    Jeevan Mein
    Tu Aaye Na Haath
    Bas Pheeke Khwaabon Se
    Khel Hai Yeh Tera
    Khel Ke Qaide Bhi Tere
    Main Hoon Bas Ek Bhaagidaar
    Jeet Ya Haar Hai Teri Marzi Se


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    A Poor Laddoo

    Lived always indoors.
    Till he moved outdoors.
    Then he found more doors.
    An everlasting corridor of doors.

    He was so deluded.
    For the choice was expounded.
    And he felt haunted.
    Where to live.

    Where to dine.
    Where to pine.
    Where to design.
    A dodgy plan of divine division.

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    आंखो में कई सपने सरेखे हुए
    कई लोग मिल जाते हैं ऐसे
    अनजाने और अनदेखे से,
    एक उम्मीद की किरण ढूंढते हुए
    जो दूर कर सके,
    भयरूपी अंधकार को उनके जीवन से
    और दिला सके एहसास उन्हें,
    उनकी महत्ता का, मान का और उनके सम्मान का,
    दिला सके जो विश्वास इन्हें
    अपने सपने पूरे करने का
    एक आरामदायक ज़िन्दगी जीने का,
    और हर खुशी के मौके को
    खुल कर सबके साथ मनाने का ।
    पर काश ऐसा हो पाता
    कोई इनके भी दर्द को समझता
    और इनके लिए भी जी पाता,
    पर क्या ये मुमकिन है
    आज के इस समय में
    जहां हर कोई खुद के लिए जी रहा है ??

  • abhi_saxena 21w


    कई घरों में अंधेरा हैं , कितने भूखे पेट सवाली हैं ,
    और लोग कह रहे हैं , आज दिवाली हैं ।

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    I started out poor living in sorrow
    Wishing I had a better life for tomorrow
    My pain is excruciating just like my anger
    Hopefully I'll find the truth to regain my answers

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    Only person with strong mindset wins, regardless of rich or poor.


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    दान पुण्य

    इस कोरोना काल में अगर आपने किसी गरीब की मदद ना करके, भगवान को लाखो रुपए का दान पुण्य किया भी तो क्या किया ?

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    Poor me because of you

    I was googling the ways of saying sorry, believe me i don't find any of them in your words and actions.

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    #fashiontrends #fashion #cloths #ranveersingh #poor #rich #ww3
    I take this fashion trend in 3 different ways

    Are why are you losing your own
    Self respect by wearing such

    I guess its an advance preparation
    for world war 3 ��

    Atleast no difference shall be left
    Between the one who wears
    such and a begger

    The difference between rich and
    Poor shall be kind of discriminated via

    I guess not only my mom but out of the
    100% reading this post
    50% mom's take this as rags to mop the
    floor or clean windows ��

    Best offer to this trend is
    Buy 2 get a bowl free��

    Do comment your reviews
    Or in what way you take this post

    A) negative. �� B) postive ☺️
    C) funny. �� D) all the above ��
    E) none of the above��
    F ) no option we never read the post��

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