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    तुम अब आत्मनिर्भर हो
    तुम्हें अब
    न पानी की ज़रूरत है
    न खाने की ज़रूरत है
    और कल
    हवा की भी ना होगी
    तुम अब आत्मनिर्भर हो।

    .......गौतम (13th April, 2021)

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    Indian Politics!

    Ab to hamare festivals bhi saath saath aa rahe hain (Navratri aur Ramadan) bas hum log hi politics ke chakkar mein ek doosre se door hote jaa rahe hain


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    She had fallen from the chair to which she was tied, crying for help but her cries couldn't reach any ear as she was kept in a dark room out of the crowded area of the town. Her name was Trisha and she was actually kidnapped by a young educated unemployed guy called Tarun.
    Trisha, the daughter of a well known diamond merchant and politician of the city, was kidnapped whilst she was returning home from college.
    Tarun was jobless because the parasite called nepotism was eroding his career and dreams bit by bit and turning him into a criminal.
    Tarun called Trisha's dad to demand Rs. 10 lac as the ransom money on the 2nd day of kidnapping. But her dad was so deeply engrossed in the preparations of his upcoming elections that neither did he have time to meet Tarun nor did he wish to rescue his daughter at that particular point of time as that news might have defamed him and curbed his chances of winning the election.
    One fine day, Tarun went inside the room to scare Trisha as she was yelling too badly for help but as soon as he advanced towards her, he noticed that she was shivering as she had fever and her dress was all stained because of her monthly cycle. He rushed to his house to get a few sarees of his mother and then went to the medical to purchase medicines and sanitary napkin for Trisha.
    Whilst he was returning from the chemist he was cursing his fate as he was sort of stuck because he didn't get the ransom money and couldn't even leave Trisha because of the fear that she might lodge a complain against him if gets freed. But he was struggling to gather money anyhow to save his mother which called for a surgery worth Rs. 5 lacs. Since he couldn't fetch the amount within stipulated time he committed a crime, the crime of kidnapping. Disease like unemployment and nepotism had caused a talented educated person to wear the cloak of a criminal.
    As time passed by, Trisha realised and accepted the fact that her father wouldn’t turn to rescue her and she stopped asking Tarun whether was there any call from her father's side.
    Tarun, on the other side, was witnessing her mother sinking bit by bit evrry day but he was helpless. One day, he went to give food to Trisha. He heard her moaning from outside and went inside the room to see her.
    He sat in front of her like a loser and explained his state of mind to her. He was completely broken from within. Trisha carefully listened to his story. She was already upset because of her father and Tarun's story brought tears in her eyes, though was still a bit reluctant to believe him. As soon as Tarun got up to go, she stopped him, took off and gave away her diamond jewellery which she did not adored any more. This was the least she could do to help Tarun and she also hoped that this gesture might melt Tarun's heart and compel him to set her free.
    Tarun couldn't believe himself , he grabbed the jewellery from her hands and without wasting a single minute he went to the jewellery shop to sell them off and hospitalised his mom. After a week, he heived a sigh of content when his mother returned back home fit and fine.
    He was in guilt and happy as well. Mixed emotions were making the situation very perplexed for him to handle. He was nonplussed, he felt completely blank as to what is to be done further.
    Next day, he went to thank Trisha and asked her to accompany him to his house once to meet his old mother and then decide what to do next.
    By the end of the 3rd month, she had built good amount of trust over him, thus willingly agreed. After reaching his house, Trisha realised that Tarun's mother had only one son and his story he narrated was true.
    Now, Trisha was free to go but her feet felt like stuck on their doorstep. She dropped the idea of complaining about Tarun as he was the only support of the old lady and since she was already suffering from the pain of betrayal from her father, she did not wish to give similar pain to Tarun and his mother by seperating them. What tied her feet to that house was actually love Trisha had developed for Tarun who touched her not even once in those 3 months, a genuine gentleman he was. She turned back, proceeded towards them and placed her head on his mother's feet who lied on her bed and said, “Maa, I don't want to go back to my dad who is least bothered about me, could your son please keep me here, in this small yet beautiful house, kidnapped for lifetime as I don't have a mother like you nor a gentleman like your son in my life?
    Tarun's mother kissed her forehead and looked towards her son to mark his reaction. Tarun was happy with Trisha's proposal and expressed his willingness to marry her. His mother tied them together with the marital knot. The dowry, the daughter of a diamond merchant cum politician, carried along with her though empty handed was her mother-in-law's life.
    Later, she got a job for herself and Tarun started a small business to fetch his livelihood. Trisha supported him with all her heart in all possible ways and they lived a simple yet wonderful life ahead.
    When the news reached Trisha's father, he went to meet her but she refused to even talk to the man who loved wealth and fame more than his only daughter. Her father was left all alone in his life as he himself lost his only daughter. Trisha ,at last, went to her father's funeral, to fulfil the rituals and formality.





    Reshma kausar Mohideen.
    Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.

    #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #mirakee #nepotism #unemployment #wod #love #mother #father #politics #poverty #money #wealth #health

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    Business and politics

    Business is politics of money.
    Politics is business of votes.


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    Please Read Thankyou

    किस बात का है अफसोस तुझे,
    जो बीत गया अब छोड़ उसे,
    वो वापस ना फिर आएगा,
    गुजरता हुआ ये वक्त तुझे,
    एक नई सीख दे जाएगा,
    तू सीख सके तो सीख जरा,
    ये वक्त का है मोल बड़ा,
    तू समझ जब ये जाएगा,
    फिर ये गलती ना दोहराए गा,
    पछताने में, शोक मनाने में,
    तू अपना वक्त ना गवाएगा,
    किस बात का है अफसोस तुझे,
    जो बीत गया अब छोड़ उसे।

    - रमन खोसला

    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse,
    woh vapas na phir aaega,
    gujarta hua yeh waqt tujhe,
    ek nai seekh de jaega,
    tu seekh sake toh seekh zara,
    yeh waqt ka hai mol bada,
    tu samajh jab yeh jaega,
    phir yeh galti na dhorahega,
    pachtane mein, shok manane mein,
    tu apna waqt na gavaaega,
    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse.

    - Raman Khosla

    #RAMANKHOSLA @ramankhosla #human #nature #mind #wisdom #writer #life #love #hate

    #wordsofwisdom #writerofInstagram #solitude #loneliness #uniqueness #unique #actions #Delhi #Mumbai #relationshipgoals #relationships #ladies #relationship #India #Indianwriters #date #marry #man #men #woman #women #vows #focused #usa #movie #romance #personality #persona #Intense #movies #poetsofinstagram #makinglove #lovemaking #sex #intimacy #intimate #stability #confidence #thoughts #life #consciousness #awareness #poem #poetry #Sapiosexual #timepass #EQ #emotion #feel #feeling #feelings #emotional #quotient #EmotionalQuotient
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    #erotica #erotic #lust #romance #roleplay #mirakee

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    #Indianwriters #poets #stranger #thoughts #Shayari #poem #poetry ##urdu #hindi #urdupoetry #hindipoetry #hindipoems #twoliner #TrueLove #Missme #missyou #feel #feelings #english #wish #nature #love #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary #writersnetwork


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    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse,
    woh vapas na phir aaega,
    gujarta hua yeh waqt tujhe,
    ek nai seekh de jaega,
    tu seekh sake toh seekh zara,
    yeh waqt ka hai mol bada,
    tu samajh jab yeh jaega,
    phir yeh galti na dhorahega,
    pachtane mein, shok manane mein,
    tu apna waqt na gavaaega,
    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse.

    - Raman Khosla

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    क्या रखा इन रिवाजों में
    पूजा-पाठ और नमाजों में,
    तुम पत्थर में भगवान ढूंढते हो
    पहले इंसान तो ढूंढ लो इंसानों में,
    इंसान तो बस कहने को ही हैं
    ये बटे है जात,धर्म और समाजों में,
    एक दूसरे के लिए दिल में नफरत भरते
    ये बटे हैं हिंदू मुसलमानों में,
    पता ना जिन्हें ज्ञान और विज्ञान का
    ये फसे हैं मिथिहास के फसानों में,
    इस कलम की आग में ही जल जाऊंगा किसी दिन
    मेरी मौत नहीं लिखी समशानो में....

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    Key - False propoganda

    If you use free as a key to win million of hearts after butchering then you are the genius.

    How ? Then here's the explanation especially for you and it is free! Absolutely free!!

    You really don't want to be the mastermind or the best to prove yourself a genius in a state where you can find a whole lot of believers who literally think that free will free them from their sufferings and problems.


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    देश की राजनीति से हमे फर्क पड़ता है।
    सरकार बनाने गिराने मे हमारा तर्क चलता है।

    भविष्य हमारे कर्म के साथ हमारे वोट से भी तय होता है।
    लेकिन हमारे देश में मतदाता का मत नोट से तय होता है।

    परिवारवाद सिर्फ फिल्मो में नहीं राजनीति मे भी खूब चलता है।
    विधायक का बेटा भावी विधायक की तरह पलता है।

    कभी देखा है आपने मंत्री का बेटा सरहदो पर जाता है।
    वहाँ से तो सिर्फ तिरंगे मे लिपटकर कर किसान का लाल आता है।

    यहाँ पहचान की सियासत गर्म है।
    चुनाव में चलता सिर्फ जाति और धर्म है।

    कानून अंधा है यहाँ ।
    जो शपथ ले रहा है नामचीन गुंडा है यहाँ।

    मुकदमे सालो साल चलते है।
    माननीय लोग रिश्वत लेकर माला माल रहते है।

    हमारे लिए परीक्षा हर मोड पर।
    खुद कुर्सी पे चढ़ते है सिर्फ हाथ जोड़ कर ।

    हमारे देश में अच्छाई भी है ये मै जानती हूँ।
    पर सुधार की जरूरत है ये मै मानती हूँ।

    देश की राजनीति से हमे फर्क पड़ता है।
    इनमें सुधार हमारा फ़र्ज बनता है।

    अपनी आवाज़ से आगाज करना है।
    आगे इस युवा पीढ़ी को ही राज करना है।


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    Ping me, to get link of the app and share your opinions ��

    #trailer #Jayalalitha #politics #actor #southfilms #bollywood

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    ये कोरोना ना सैनिटाइजर से डरा,ना ये वैक्सीन से डर रहा है...
    ये बहुत अलोकतांत्रिक निकला,ये रैलियों और चुनावों से डर रहा है।


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    My Black Shirt Skin With Black Cologne

    I look without a scope
    I don't judge or cast judgements
    Hasty generalizations are for most
    All I know is I cast my vote
    On a patriotic note
    I love my home
    This place doesn't need a throne
    To reign in it's swirl of nightmares and dream
    A cyclone
    Of change
    Viciously bleeding hate
    False claims
    Glass plates
    That break when things change
    But it's heart will remain
    When I walk through that place
    Nostalgia and pride pulsate through my veins
    I'm coming back to my heart
    I'm emptying myself of hate
    When I walk with this gain
    As I'd made ways
    In different times
    I adapt with my change
    Although pain has been known to
    The former
    Without destroying it's unique state
    Of being
    Our thoughts are something
    Look me in the eyes when you see me walking
    Feel the energy talking to your mind
    In a way my aura plays it's rays of lunar crazed
    In the sunlight's rays
    My milky brown eyes
    Leak misty eyed beams of what I love
    The things I hate
    Even the concept itself
    But two even ends of the same thing
    I compartmentalize in trays on a shelf
    Where they make amends and I part ways
    But things haunt me to this days
    The things you can smell with enough experience
    If you don't see a thing
    And you just drink the water
    Without anyone leading you to it
    You already knew it
    Just do it
    Then walk in a fluid manner
    Congruent in your movement
    Will do it
    If you don't apply to much pressure
    Do it gradual
    With ease
    Tease the folds and crease with emotive
    Dreams and agony unfolding into
    A masterpiece of bettered tradgedies
    Even in formality
    The human race
    Is not lost in all totality
    It's tattered with falsifying fallacies
    That have seem to metamorphosis
    Of misinterpreted analogies
    Biased in philosophies
    But time is picking up it's velocity
    Let's increase generosity for the people
    I'm fed up with the formalities
    And ignorant informalities being
    Strung about by blasphemy
    And racist bags of meat
    But we must not bow to defeat
    As if we we're falling to their mercy
    On living feat with voices that can shift tides
    With it's power like the sea
    Let me go free freedom
    We have our speech
    We must not lift our noses in
    We need to be strong
    We are
    Because we had to be
    We have to be
    We are
    I could be you
    You could be me
    It's a mirror
    If you look closely
    It's clearer as you get nearer
    To the truth
    The unfamiliar interior

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    It was then they roared, "Racist! Racist!,"
    as He fell upon His knees and wept,
    "Save them! Save them!"


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    #malayalam #poll #interest #politics

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    It is reality of nowdays.
    #politics #comedians

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    Everything is changing, people are taking their comedian seriously and politician as a joke.

    -Will Rogers


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    रिश्वत लेकर डकर जाने वालो को
    देशद्रोही कहा जाना चाहिए।

    सिर्फ चुनाव के समय नज़र आने वालो को
    ईद का चाँद कहा जाना चाहिए ।

    इन नेताओ के अंधभक्तो को,
    धृतराष्ट्र कहा जाना चाहिए ।

    कम्बल के बदले, वोट देने वालो को
    अज्ञानी कहा जाना चाहिए।

    सत्ता मे आने के बाद रंग बदलने वालो को
    गिरगिट कहा जाना चाहिए ।

    चाचा विधायक है हमारे कहने वालो को
    अभिमानी कहा जाना चाहिए।

    दो-चार नेताओ को छोड़कर और सभी को
    भ्रष्टाचार का पुजारी कहा जाना चाहिए।


  • devilfish 4w


    A lotus flower
    A mathematically created pattern
    By the object that holds creation
    And shadow it's hidden gem
    It's lost in the ocean's drunken
    State of homicidal rage that echoes
    And comes in waves
    She will wax
    She kills when she has whiskey in her Vains
    A murderous moonlit phase of dark watery haze and concealed pain
    Insane darkness that screams her name
    And conducts the charge to her brains
    She's feeling the reigns as she pulses
    Onto the beach
    In hateful waves
    That are settling as it simmers
    To a glimmer
    Shimmering with energy
    It creates
    Mark your dates
    You'll witness
    Her pain
    She aches to remain while you watch her waste away
    Feeding it full of selfishness and hate
    Waste eating at her tectonic plates
    Delicate like the largest organ we share
    We give it no name
    No fame
    And bitcoins
    And bait are the construct of our consciously
    Constructed course of shifted blame
    While they were hit with the flame
    Of karma and unfortunately the tides will swell in our tears
    Our children are our fate
    Our state is not going to feel fake
    When we cannot eat money
    Trees can't be made to flesh
    We're not waste or scraps
    Beginners because time isn't going to tape
    It's endless clock and create
    An unhealthy pattern that wants to overstate its importance and underneath it's urgency
    Is a percepticide of increasing fervently more
    Aggressively to infect the minds
    Of eyes with blinding binding toxic chemical
    Cocktail and an ego cutting edges of crystals
    Weaving pistol
    Trans lives matter
    Black lives matter
    All shades of all colors
    Whether the absence
    Of an important concept
    That's the public has decided to marginalize any thing that will harm their bank account
    As they exercise genocide in exchange with
    The paper's of it's research from experiments that chain patients down and kill them without anything to sedate
    Or create any interference with the infections
    And their deliverance by Japan
    There's mention of its crimes we
    Let the world commit the most vile
    Bribe of an wronged people
    They called logs
    Why are we littered with hypocrisy
    And settled in seeing through fog
    Insisting things are as they are
    They don't run away and jog
    The victim of the place the other book
    The one that barred windows
    And shook houses that fell into shambles
    I'm not waiting for the truth to introduce itself
    I'll pursue it with a scale
    And 3 candles

    And oleander to honey
    Snake venom

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    Modi ne kaha maans chod do
    Yogi ne kaha romance chod do

    Left ne kaha EVM chod do
    Bjp ne kaha CPM chod do

    Bhakton ne kaha desh chod do
    Petrol ne kaha ab race chod do

    Arnab ne kaha aazaadi chod do
    Ravish ne kaha jihaadi chod do

    Nitish ne kaha Vimal chod do
    Tejaswi ne kaha kamal chod do

    Didi ne kaha phool chod do
    Dada ne kaha harbaar ki bhool chod do

    Ek din aayega jab wo kahenge duniya hi chod do.....

  • fearlesslines 5w

    We Can't Breathe

    Fifty shades of corruption,
    Infinite faces of injustice in commotion.
    If we claim we are equal before the law,
    Why is your evil hard to bear as your flaw?
    On what name are we to survive when we hate each other,
    What will be the end when there's no law and order?
    How will you see beyond the colours, races and tribes?
    When your heart is filled with terrors, aches and bribes.
    Our culture is to create a life,
    But the foe in folks clothing that we serve turned it to rife.
    We seek for a change, for we are tired of the pains.
    Your ploy on innocent lives, all sum up for your selfish gains.
    You refuse to resent the doers,
    Yet you cover their lies just to be among the rulers.
    Voting times seep through our dying times,
    As guns are brought into peaceful fight on civil lives.
    As you pulled the trigger and soaked the flag in the blood of human rights.
    We believe we live in unity, even while we don't make a bond.
    We appear as folks, though our clothes are torn with their bomb.
    Of what use is a weapon against an unarmed man?
    When the art of war blows on us without a fan.
    What will be the cost for someone to save our dreams and plan?
    As we pay the price for the help we did not get,
    When our protectors turned to the killers of our target.
    Our flags are raised in shame,
    As our thoughts are aired in bullets' flame.
    We can't breathe, as there's no pure air to live,
    We can't survive this as there's no love to make us become relieved.
    The hate you give is our anthem
    The colour of our spilled blood is our emblem,
    Wasted lives are our patriotic songs,
    As you continue to live with your wrongs.
    The hate you give will not be erased,
    Nor your deceitful tongues be praised,
    But your lives will one day be laced,
    On an unmarked grave of a warrior left unraised.
    Until then, one thing stands above your greed.
    We can't breathe!
    ©Fearless Lines

  • kritikakiran 6w

    मेरी या तुम्हारी दृष्टि से ये कहाँ सोच पाएँगे
    गिद्धों के गुरु हैं जो, हमें तो वो नोच खाएँगे

    क्या मतलब है इनको कि, जनता नाशाद है
    ये तो वो लोग हैं जो चुटकुलों से चोट खाएँगे

    जाओ और लिख दो दीवारों पर : "आज़ादी"
    फिर देखो कैसे कलेजों पर साँप लोट जाएँगे

    ग़लती से भी इनसे क्यों लगा लेते हो उम्मीद
    ज़मीर के सौदागर, मुँह पर चूना पोत जाएँगे

    खूब भौंकेंगे ये उनपर जो दुर्बल हैं, लाचार हैं
    सत्ता के आगे तो पाँव पकड़ कर लोट जाएँगे

    ये तो वो बहादुर हैं जो विपक्ष से माँगेंगे जवाब
    दबाने के लिए सच ये सरकारों से नोट खाएँगे

    क्या दोष देंगे उनको जब ख़ुद बेज़ुबाँ हैं आप
    शिकारी से ज़्यादा यहाँ शिकार में खोट पाएँगे