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  • dosbambi 6w

    For Nigerian youth all over the world, October 20th, 2021 has become a day like no other in the history of our beloved country Nigeria.

    This poem is a tribute to those heroes who paid the sacrifice...

    We will always remember.

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    365 days after, the problems have remained,
    like we never took to the street to voice out
    our displeasure of their misbehaviour and their
    wickedness against us the future of tomorrow.
    A year after, they are still denying an open secret
    known by everyone all over the world,
    they are the only one who can't see and hear what,
    the blind and deaf saw and heard.
    It's a painful reality that these people don't have
    a working heart and a conscience that's alive.
    No matter what they do, never will we forget
    20th of October, 2020: Lekki Toll-gate Massacre:
    Nigeria government killed young peaceful protesters.
    Even though they have not stopped the brutality, we are sure
    the sacrifice of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

  • euphoriccree 6w


    On this day last year,
    The innocent were killed because they decided to be strong
    And fight against what's wrong
    I don't want to say much
    But because of all the guns that were fired
    All the bullets that didn't miss
    All the injured
    All the blood that was shed
    All the lives that were lost
    All the lies the government told to cover up the illegal murders
    And in all all the injustice that occurred at Lekki Tollgate on 20.10.20
    A day of no peace
    Justice will come soon
    Maybe not today
    But someday.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • myleswalkerjr 39w

    Do I Need To Be Black Inorder For My Life To Even Matter?

    Its a shame that we still have police brutality

    Now its like a game we play to see if we atleast have some morality

    I was born yet not present during the riots that took place in 1992

    Regardless of what I've worn should not affect the cops' ability to be hesitant as a good defense

    Its already hard enough to be a law biding citizen in a country that hates me for the NOT hiding the right I have to declare my innocence

    Its the only time where I can't breathe

    As they can't show what crime has been committed inorder for them to let me leave

    Although I've never been arrested,

    I have to wonder how long will be until the cops become invested?

    As I believe it all started with the fugitive slave act

    Not with the black codes; becoming target practice since we are the ones they're aimed at

    The police already shown me how I don't need to die before my dreams are shattered

    So why do I need to be black inorder for my life to even matter?


  • kaosthekre8tor 41w


    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, shallow in perceived depth.
    And though in darkness no slumber has been slept.
    Pain stings and persist, and though Death sings, Life insists.
    Each night consist of eyes open and rivers never desist.
    Gardens of serpents with one apple on the tree.
    It ends as it began… At least it does to me.
    Day one or 100, nothing changes; normalcy, sameness, monotony.
    Pain and I are friends now. The best of; if truth be told.
    I need to feel something, so, with a tight grip, her hand I hold.
    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, their depths, to well explored.
    I’ll hold tight to the hand of my friend. She and I are of one accord.

  • empresseb 56w

    Serve and Protect

    Serve and protect
    More like hurt and disrespect...
    More like slam me to the ground and rest your knee in my neck
    You've been trained to deal with all situations even the case of resisting arrest
    And I'm certain you didn't get the power to abuse when you received that badge..... that crest
    This is a matter that needs direct and urgent address
    You Mr Government and Mr President elect
    Could you seek to reform the system or are you afraid to make that step
    Or are you waiting until we give up the little faith we have left
    Are you waiting until this has passed our nostrils and we resort to violent protest
    To show how much your entire justice system has us in distress
    I think it's full-time action is taken .....do more and say less
    Because with this constant police brutality we won't make much progress
    Every day there's another incident that results in the tightening of my chest
    But it seems like it's on your ears that YOU wear that bullet proof vest

  • ifynoella 58w

    Nigeria's call.

    Even if our cries fall beneath your feet.
    And you step on them without concern.
    Just hope that you may not burn of its heat.

    We are in the world trying to better it
    We give our future to you to discern.
    Yet you rule and feed us with deceit.

    We have come off it and no more backseat.
    The coin you toss into the air you shall earn.
    We stand against your thuggery and cheat

    Police Brutality and bad governance be dismissed.
    Professionalism and good governance you must learn.
    Or take a bow and exit the seat.


  • just_jotruth 58w


    Rest in peace
    To the decease
    As I write this piece
    Silence to my niece
    Who was Brutalised by police
    And my Old Gs
    That migrated to Greece
    The pain just increase
    I pray it all cease
    After reading this masterpiece
    I wrote to Queens and Prince
    To the rusty I grease
    As the death mouthpiece.

  • sunconxious 59w

    Everyone who’s so all about “law and order” and parroting how dangerous a cop’s job is: if you put more of the money We give you into helping heal the communities where these “crimes” are being committed, you helped redirect that child’s Life from one of crime,
    then there’s no scene
    for you to show up to that’s dangerous.

    Unfortunately, I know in advance there will be the privileged who say, “Oh, well there’s always going to be some [insert slur] still behaving like an animal.” But We’ve tried it your way. Since the beginning of Civilization. And it’s obviously not working because the crime is still there—or, as you love to point out, “Going Up!” So why not try it the Compassionate way? Just once, just briefly. Just take a an extra sliver of Our money going to “law enforcement,” and put it towards Education and Healing Programs;
    and We’ll see what happens to the crime.

    If it doesn’t help,
    you can have your ridiculous budget back.

    Obviously that’s a Fantasy. Especially under this guy. But just Imagine how nice that would be..

    And then Imagine how nice it would be if everyone would at least Imagine how nice that would be..

    Because it breaks my ❤️ to say it, but one of the ginormous problems is that there is a huge population who’s remnants of a brain have already decided that it’s not possible those steps would help fix the crime rate; their Minds will literally not allow themselves to generate
    a Fantasy World where that would work.

    So what am I to do with this Broken Heart?

  • sunconxious 62w

    Prayers During Times of Pain


    We Pray
    Rest In Peace: George Floyd
    With All Your Loved Ones Passed On
    In God’s Kingdom of Heaven Forever
    Lord, St. Gertrude, Your Entire Army,
    Please Bless His Loved Ones On Earth
    Help Them Get Through The Pain of His Murder,
    and of Missing Him & His Presence, Every Day,
    Especially On Days They Miss & Need Him Most


    Please Grant The Above Blessings
    To These Murder Victims & Their Families:
    Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice,
    Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor,
    Michael Brown, Philando Castile..

    Man.. When does it end..

  • sunconxious 62w

    There’s more, but I said I would try to keep the Posts shorter

    RestInPeace #GeorgeFloyd #Justice
    Stop #policeBrutality

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    846 (Keep Your Head Up)

    Sunny J Blazin’
    With Grace For The Occasion
    Gracious and
    Caped Crusadin’
    Crazy Days in The Matrix
    Mazes It’s Hard To Wake In
    Chased Into Situations
    Orchestrated Equations
    DisGraced Agent Chaavins
    And Jason Draped In

    Witness This System
    I Tell You:
    Truth and Justice Is What It Isn’t
    How Can These Tricks an’
    Pri*ks Claim To Be Christian??
    Michigan Piston
    My Mission: Plutonium Fission
    Militant Musician

    Poetry and Prose
    Exposin’ It’s Brokenness
    I’m Hopeless
    But Focused Composin’ Opuses
    Scope In This
    And Know It Is
    Fasho: Chauvin’s A Chauvinist
    Kept Goin After Noticin’ He’s Motionless
    Power Trippin Like A Slave-Owner Is
    Quote This Script

    © Santino Thomas Ender

  • thehealer10 66w

    We the People

    Will stop occupying the Capitol when these changes are Tangible:

    * Eliminate Immunity; Criminals are Criminals regardless of sex/gender ,wealth, status/occupation, or Race/ethnicity.

    *If employment is proven, and 3 years of suspicion free activity is confirmed, then citizenship can be granted to refugees and their Descendants
    (90 days to attain a job once refugee enters country)
    Free any and all Humans currently held prisoner by border laws
    ( not connected to crimes against humanity)

    *Reform and Invest in the Education System

    *Reform and re - Invest in the police

    *Outlaw Redlines/Gerrymandering

    *The Resignation of David Prater

    *End Mandatory Minimum sentencing

    * End the War on Drugs

    * End Private Prisons

    * lobbying reform

    * end cash bail

    * health care/medicine reform


  • ciara1 72w

    I Can't Breathe

    "Please i can't breathe. the knee on my neck. i can't breathe officer. i can't breathe. I can't breathe." I am so tired of all of this racism, and police brutality.
    God, when is this shit going to end?
    Everybody needs to stop this.
    Everytime we turn on the news, the same stuff.

  • bliss__ 73w

    If you don't want to read this just search for "Bennicks and Jayaraj police case" it's all over the media..
    For those of you who do read it, thank you for spending you precious time.��

    Also only someof it are my words, mainly it is from various sources..

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ceesrepost #policebrutality #justics #sathankulam #murder #p2h #tamil #staysafe ��

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    The Murderer..

    I wanted to make the post long back
    But never thought anyone would care enough to read it..
    Now I don't care, read it or not.. Like it or not.. I have to voice out with my people.
    I don't know how many people know this out of Tamil Nadu. No I'm not talking about the Polachi rape incident
    This is.... No words can describe it.
    Well the content you are about to read is extremely disturbing, "VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED"

    Well now we know what's going on all around the world
    Lockdowns, lack of daily resources, Mental stress, Depression.. All the other negative emotions..
    Apart from that "POLICE BRUTALITY"

    How can we trust the once that have vowed to protect us by laying down their lives, when they take our very own lives!!!
    It's such a shame cause of one rotten person how it affects the whole bunch..

    Well here's what happened

    June 19, when 59-year-old P Jayaraj and his 31-year-old son Bennicks (Fenix) was taken in custody by Sathankulam police in Thoothukoodi district.
    Why you ask? That's a question for you to answer towards the end..
    Long story short - This father and son was taken into custody stripped naked NOT is seperate rooms! Front of each other, they were beaten with a lathi that both of their knees were broken!
    But wait that's not all...
    They were beaten so much so that their cries were heard 500 miles away through out the night! As per source.
    *Brace yourselves*
    Using the lathi they were sexually TORTURED! (I don't wanna get into the details)
    Brutality was on another level, no mercy was shown.
    Heck even Bennicks chest hair was plucked, as his mother reported.
    They were held up in the lockup then moved to sub jail.
    3 days later their family gets the news that their Father, Husband, Son, Brother have passed away.
    Now you may be wondering what crime did this father and son commit, that they had been stripped naked, knees broken and sexually tortured?!
    Were they terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, gambling, mafia, human trafficking?!

    What they did was keep their small shop open 10 min past curfew time. And the cops were telling everyone to shut down every shop, and someone in the crowd said how many shops are there around why are you telling only me..
    Wow! Now this is something unacceptable!!! How can someone do such a thing!? Is what the cops meant!
    More than what they said, something untold is their EGO! Saying how dare you raise your voice against me!

    The next day someone had said to the cops, Jayaraj is the one who spoke out yesterday.
    The cops went back to the shop and told Jayaraj to come to the station for enquiry. He politely said "OK its just half a mile I will come walking". But the cops dragged him to the car and took him to the station..
    Bennicks along with his lawyer friends went to the station, as he entered the cops were yelling nasty things to Jayaraj and as the cop raised his hand to hit Jayaraj, Bennicks stopped him mid air!
    This infuriated the cop even more, where the cop using the lathi broke both Bennicks knees. Then held him up against the wall and had beaten his behind, so much that his behind was torn and bleeding...
    (All cause of EGO)
    Unable to bare this, Jayaraj asks why are you doing this. So the cops ego grew and the same was done to his dad...

    Later that night since there are CCTV cameras around.. The cops took both Jayaraj and Bennicks to the roof top (both being completely naked) along with a group of cops called "friends of police" and was sexuall tortured using a lathi.

    The next day they were taken to a doctor to get medical clearance that they are not harmed and are fit to go front of a judge.

    Now will they be medically cleared based on what you just read? No right?!
    Well that's not the case... The report said few "scratches" were seen.. But they are fine.
    Note* They were bleeding so much so that they have to change their garments 5 times due to excessive bleeding.

    But they are "medically clear"!

    In court the judge couldn't get close to Jayaraj and Bennicks due to Corona, distancing and stuff. They were 40 meters away from the judge. Then the judge told to keep them in subjail..
    Few hours later Bennicks passed away, and 3 hours after that Jayaraj passes away cause of fever.

    Now I'm sure we all know about George Floyd incident, all cops involved in that are in prison. Where as the two main cops that was involved in this case have been "SUSPENDED" and the other cops have been "TRANSFERRED"..


  • loftydreams101 77w

    An Old Plague's Fury

    Feels like this age is a viper
    Winding around
    The strained effort of my lungs

    Marooned to this place,  
    Sick and enraged   
    Sweeping out the embers   
    Of an old plague’s fury

    Seems like we’re undone  
    Swallowed by the mire
    Snarled in its reeds
    Where we’re claimed by rust

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • megantyler 77w

    hearts and masks

    he saw me
    eyes bulging and mouth agape
    the police seized
    there must be some frightful mistake


  • mydilbeats 77w

    Potential factoid.

    I couldn't get time to write coz I was busy Facepalmin.


  • loftydreams101 79w

    Late Night Panic and Denial

    Swept inside the laboring machine
    Sliced open by its gears
    Wishing silence would sprawl
    Wish I’d fall back to sleep

    Smoke coddles the tyrants
    Shorting out the controls  
    Full lives feed the furnace
    Wish I’d just fall asleep

    Though I’ve been far away  
    Safe and sound on higher ground
    Unscathed, still I pray
    “It’s all a dream”
    “I’ve been asleep”

    ©2020 William Wright,Jr.

  • loftydreams101 79w

    The Fortress Sitting on a Hill

    This city is a fortress
    Avenging the slaughter
    Of its long lost kin

    And the nights are alive
    With once silent agony
    Foaming true to the surface
    From the earth’s old scars   

    Scattered voices scream
    For a stillness to prevail
    Only when the night lunges  
    For their lineage, their stake

    ©2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • quarantinistani 79w

    Different Century,
    Same Old Plantation.

    Welcome to America,
    Land of the Fre-

    Their hatred runs so deep,
    even a global pandemic
    can't contain it.

    In fact, it amplifies it!

    Behold, the truth in the hues,
    in the reds, whites and blues:

    "Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    freedom for me,
    not for you!"

    © Quarantinistani