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  • abhisheksharma026 1d


    Staring long into the abyss,
    I felt it gazing back,
    Feasting into any iota of hope,
    Like a deathly hallow,
    And as the gallows, inched closer,
    Even the shadow, was engulfed.

    The chasm, grew imposing with time,
    Such profundity of the depth,
    The gravity of it, pulling one apart,
    Pushing to the end of the clock,
    The horror, only felt by one,
    Inexplicable to others.

    Such is the human nature,
    So bare yet so obscure....!!!

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • mostlyinkslinger_ 5d

    Female foeticide is one of such an unfortunate thing,we Indians should be collectively ashamed of... We cannot live in a society with our head held high,when there's a female foetus being slayed,till date...

    And I think,we should raise our voice more on this topic.. It should be our duty to make sure,not a single female foetus should be sacrificed for the sake of patriarchy!

    Also,tried my hands on vowel poems... Each sentence begins & ends with a vowel...

    #poetry #raiseawarenessagaistfemalefoeticide #vowelpoem #poetscommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #savegirls
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Agony of an unborn girl...

    O father! Am I not dear to you?
    Aren't you the one,should protect me?
    O father! Then why?
    I am,a burden to you??
    I will be a good child,I promise~
    I won't cry...
    O father! Don't let them get me!
    I'm scared,please let me thrive..
    Is it because I couldn't be your boy?
    Is this why you don't want me?
    I'm just a baby, O mama!
    I am a tiny part of you & your life!
    I can be as much of a boy,and I can bring you joy....
    O mama! Please tell him, how precious I can be!
    O father! Please don't kill me!
    O father! I want to live~
    It's hurting me,O mama!
    It's cutting me~piece by piece!
    Oh Lord! You heard my pleas,my wails of justice;
    And be it no one else,but you-above the sky~
    O Lord! you know by heart,I didn't deserve to die!

  • abhisheksharma026 1w

    Is it night already?

    It's dark again, is it night already?
    My thoughts, sometimes,
    Take me to a deep slumber,
    With nothing, but darkness inside,
    Eating into my psyche,
    Shrouding it into a nebula of voidness,
    Akin to a deathly hollow.

    Cogitating sometimes, I coerce myself,
    To tear away, break into hope,
    Negate the chaos, and then, only to,
    Fall into a slumber again, this time,
    To muffle the pain, the voices inside,
    And open my eyes, to ask the question,
    It doesn't pain anymore, is it day already?

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • abhisheksharma026 2w


    Sometimes I wonder, if life is a puzzle,
    And everyone dear to us, a part,
    If a few pieces are to let go,
    The puzzle remains unfinished,
    And we are unable to see the picture,
    We feel incomplete, but in essence,
    Do we need to complete the puzzle...?

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • abhisheksharma026 2w


    Relationships are like grains of sand,
    The tighter we try to hold it,
    The faster it tends to slip away,
    Instead, it should be like an hourglass,
    With the passage of every second,
    We should be able to rewind it,
    Restoring the tides of time.

    Turn it over like pages of a book,
    And write a new chapter,
    As it both ebbs and flows,
    And bask in its cherished passage,
    The grains of sand, reminiscent of,
    Every single breath........moments,
    That she took away........!!!

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • vee_1912 3w

    The nights hold a sacred place in my heart,
    The silence rising like mist,
    The moon pulling me in like it does a tide,
    The stars twinkling with such a calming delight.

    Nights heal as well as they can break,
    Filling the scars with everything beautiful,
    Love, happiness, tranquility and peace.
    After a day's turmoil,
    All you need is a glass of red wine,
    And the sweet midnight breeze brushing through your face,
    With a lover's grace.

    If you've ever walked by the sea shore at night,
    You know there's nothing more soothing than the sound of the rising waves and some slow jazz.

    The night is more like poetry than any other time of the day,
    Twilights sure are beautiful,
    But that's because it's excited to welcome the night's invaluable beauty.

  • ashleywords 4w

    Gender sensitive

    Cause men don't cry
    and women are shy
    don't ask me why
    you see, not being one
    perhaps makes us less
    of our genders, does that?
    oh I tell you, a woman
    without shyness is shameless
    and more so, a slut or a whore
    and we never question
    being called so,
    but I wonder in oblivion
    isn't gender, a social construct?
    and aren't we all just anyone
    but humans above all.

    Cause men are brute
    and women are mute
    isn't that how society
    designed us and why not,
    after all we only serve the
    purpose of being mere
    puppets, you see we are
    more than okay with the
    ways of the world,
    into how they make us look
    less human more gendered.
    And as society calls it fair
    you are better married off young
    as in too young to bear children
    that's what you are here to do, isn't that?
    oh otherwise you wouldn't like
    being called infertile.

    Cause men are never weak
    and women in them, seek
    protection and constant
    remembrance that they are
    destined to be saved by
    only males hands that might
    touch them without consent
    but isn't that fine?
    Hush!! don't speak up
    be mindful of your honour
    oh not yours solely though
    of the whole lineage
    the vagina is the keeper.

    Cause men like blue
    and women forced with pink
    dolls and dresses
    symbolising the feminineness
    oh, a little less of that is not
    acceptable, you see
    neither are boys ever asked
    do they really admire blue cars
    I fear asking for a change, it's a sin
    history can't be changed, who cares
    it has to run down the same.

    Cause men don't show
    and women hide
    emotions are as patriarchal
    as the societies are
    to see a woman vulnerable
    as asking and invited to be devoured
    and a man dare not shed a tear
    after all he's all made of metals
    and the emotions are a little
    too fragile to pierce through
    that armour.

    Cause men are loud
    and women are unheard
    silently bearing pains
    not to be sound and vocal
    oh, please don't you dare speak
    you will be labelled less of a woman
    muffled of their dreams
    and desires and forget not
    to ever bad mouth
    we are never asked whether
    we entertain assertions
    I guess society isn't used to a "no"
    who cares, we want a life too.

    Cause men are privileged
    and women the 'other'
    insignificant and delicate
    shouldn't just walk home late
    you might come around predators
    and hey guess why
    you walked home late sweetheart,
    told you
    and did you just wear your jeans low
    or the skirt a little above the thigh
    oh please don't.
    Past nine, the streets are Phallocentric.

    Cause men are too ignorant
    and women, they assume,
    are meek to flak if not easy
    you see they wear crops and minis
    of course, to ask for it
    and you out of utmost courtesy
    never say no to a woman, is it?
    I saw the other day, a girl across street
    wearing a dress, very pretty
    perfectly complimenting her curves
    until maligns came in,
    of being vulgar and exposing
    but isn't beauty to be admired
    in all shapes and sizes.

    Cause men are wanting
    and women for long finds it okay
    to serve themselves on silver platters
    with or without much of their say
    At 15, a girl I knew, was touched
    out of her unwillingness
    and all her parents could managed
    was to keep mum
    I now understand their bane
    wearing what pleases us is a doom
    So I wear my top low and jeans high
    and evey time I go out
    my parents never forgets to ask me
    to be back by nine
    they know the world can't change its heart
    so better be I.


  • mayur_dayama 4w


    Pocket full of Words,
    always spirit up Efforts,
    Graces unexpressed Emotions,
    all filled with deepest Devotions.


  • mooniverse 4w

    If you were here,
    we could have just laid in bed all day,
    and watched anime.
    If you were here,
    we could have danced to our favourite songs
    even though we know very well that
    we are both terrible dancers;
    yet no matter how unsynced our dance would be,
    our hearts would beat in sync.

    If you were here,
    I'd hold your hand so tight,
    intertwine our pinkies,
    and promise to never let go.
    We'd take walks
    holding hands.
    Whether filled with your sweet rambling,
    perhaps even as deep as your eyes,
    perhaps even silence as solacing as your touch,
    it wouldn't matter.

    You are here,
    right in front of me,
    but seperated by our phone screens.
    You're just a touch away,
    yet so far away.

    The thought of holding your hand only virtually
    terrifies me.
    The fact that I have only my heart felt words to offer you
    when there are tears running down your cheeks,
    and not my embrace as I let you cry on my shoulder,
    crying alongside with you,
    as we'd wipe eachother's tears later on.
    It fills me with a hollowness so deep
    no one else can fill.

    If you were here,
    I'd just have to look straight into your eyes
    to know how genuine your feelings are;
    but here we are,
    sending heart emojis to eachother
    that perhaps hold the same meaning.

    You're here, albeit virtually
    I still hope that we will meet one day.
    Those heart emojis turning into hugs,
    stickers into a comforting silence,
    likes into love
    and our texts into real life conversations.
    Perhaps even tears,
    as we'd hold eachother,
    seeking the warmth of eachother's presence;
    if you were here.


    i remember writing this last year for my best friend.. i thought i liked her, and i still think i do. i don't wanna feel this way, it's not gonna be good for me:/
    anyways, i thought of sharing this, idk why..
    good night :))

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  • the_miss_x 5w

    My Shelter Says

    My shelter says, I know not why:
    "If me wasn't there, hailin' would be sky!
    If me could not keep out the creeps,
    If me could not resist the storms,
    If me did not exist.
    Where, the sound sleeps?"

    My shelter says, making me guilty:
    "Look at what I get from thee!
    Look at the shattering corners, dear,
    Look at how long I've pleaded heal.
    Can't you see my clothes filthy?"

    I caught my pulse, a cadence I took:
    "Dear home..."
    We both long sighed. 。◕‿◕。
    My head I shook. ©the_miss_x

  • abhisheksharma026 5w


    If only love were like a boomerang,
    There wouldn't be so many heartbreaks!


  • ashleywords 5w

    T̾h̾e̾ G̾l̾a̾s̾s̾ M̾e̾n̾a̾g̾e̾r̾i̾e̾

    My heart is a carefully crafted
    glass menagerie
    into which I rear and nurse
    and keep in display
    all my heart's possessions
    so delicate and much like clay
    our first times and last too
    our kisses and hugs too
    the memory of your gifted ring
    out of love to be any true
    the finger onto which still sits
    a perfect tan line
    a little more perfect than our love,
    letters of haphazard hands
    yellowed and smudged in tears
    poetries unfinished here and there
    some in torn apart pages yet breathing
    favourite texts that I pinned
    and Valentine roses in diaries grin
    of the love that sinned
    hands printed on souls
    the magic they behold
    been ever so tenderly decorated
    and cased into the menagerie
    for those in love to see what it bore.


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  • ashleywords 6w

    H̾e̾r̾e̾'s̾ t̾o̾ t̾h̾e̾ w̾o̾m̾a̾n̾ i̾n̾ u̾s̾ ❤

    An enduring beam over her face hangs,
    the only make up she puts on with pride
    that drives her enemies with envious pangs
    of forlorn,
    over her resilience to wheedle
    into anything with just that beatific smile
    Oh dang, look at her
    when comes out as fair and soft
    as winters' dew on the touch- me- nots
    and that the sky looks a little more vibrant,
    a little more new,
    with her summers hues
    that brings along rays of hope and happiness,
    when springs are still
    not around the corners, its just her smile
    pretty as wines and roses that surmounted
    the world for the better.
    She's to be told she's beautiful the way she is
    and needn't change anything of her to fit in
    She's is an exquisite rose
    amidst a bed full of myriad playful pansies
    Into every heart
    She shall bloom ever so gracefully
    into colours, infinite of love and tend
    her pulchritudeness scattered across the gamut of nature
    the cosmos stands in marvel at her sculption
    like a goddess descending
    to bestow upon the race
    sanctity and grace
    inching into the hypnagogic mindscapes
    the ways of the world, she serves
    in every role she plays
    she's manifested into folds
    of the patriarchy
    yet she rises, like a lioness every damn time
    She transcends boundaries
    and defiantly rise above the triviality of human life
    and every time you will try to mould her
    into the deemed perfect squares of society
    She will spill out of the frames
    She will come full circle
    perhaps the world is yet to know
    she is edgeless and unceasing
    she keeps flowing like a river, perennial
    And it is magical to treat our eyes
    with the way she nurtures life on earth
    is to be revered agelessly
    to reminds us of the beauty every woman beholds
    in all the shapes and scars
    in shambles and stars
    in curves and bones
    and to be admired in length from afar.


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  • ashleywords 6w

    Y̾o̾u̾ a̾r̾e̾ m̾y̾ l̾o̾n̾g̾e̾s̾t̾ po̾e̾m̾ ❤

    You are the longest poem I will ever write
    with every word woven in plight
    and verses screeching of our abortive romance
    You see I held 'red' guilty for way too long
    for all of the mayhem inflicted
    I wouldn't want to be painted crimson again
    I fear the carnages it left last time
    I wish to show you sometimes
    all the scars, I have turned into stars
    and ever so delicately into poetries
    sad and dark
    Do you heed to stop by the casket
    of my rotten memories and fallen love
    pain flicking through the cracks of which,
    like last of golden rays of light
    both glorious and bloodied it seems
    an incandescent glow enticed
    broken hearts and beautiful souls
    of my long held fights
    as much with myself as with you
    and every night I write you
    under the moonlight madness
    into papers bloated in inks, black and blue
    and every time you grace my eyes
    like the unseasoned rains
    this body goes numb and bane
    The only truth I know now
    is that you are long gone
    just this heart still aches,
    chars and itches
    feels as cold as the snow waves
    striding right through the soul
    slicing my blackend heart apart
    it's winter violence
    embodies the failures
    of love, of loneliness and exile.
    I remember us sitting on the hilltop
    on begged time
    holding a hand meant for another
    I gaze in awe of that Greekly perfect Cupid's bow
    as you promised a thousand years
    and with your rosebud lips that lie ever so often
    you planted kisses on mine
    that shall burn for a thousand more
    like poison ivy touches
    and I, with all the ivorylike purity
    forkeeps to love you three thousand
    and as the sun sets
    and twilight soaks the soil
    I watch you turn into a stranger
    with all of my love, unwanted.
    I know now I can only write you
    on the spectral realm
    on the other side
    where love is believed to be blind
    and as beautiful and red as the rose
    where you will love me with all of yourself
    and I clad to your bones.


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  • ashleywords 7w

    My love,
    let's play it fair this time
    let our auras surmount in candour
    for only this time
    bit by bit, we shall spun webs of love
    to be entangled in forever bliss
    shall we drop all affirms
    shall we heave in forthright
    let's call for integrity this time
    let silences cast our dreams better
    and wines paint our souls
    and verities health our hearts
    let bubbles burst
    on the virtues that breathes last
    and naked truths shall treat our eyes
    let no lies befall, let no cries dawn
    let scars burn more than hearts
    and lovers get tipsy on hoards of pieties
    let astral starry romances deepen
    that shall break platitudes
    let love stand a fair chance
    through the phantasm of millesimal
    into the cataclysmic horizons
    let poetries flow into the hearts
    where once burnt muses on cigars
    let eternity bestow upon the race
    cardinal virtues and grace
    let days shine on spectrums of life
    with no vainglory and pomposity
    as the nights burns in bright kaleidoscope
    of pulchritude constellated
    from the chambers of greenhorned hearts
    so fairly fortuitously ignorant of
    our minds otherwise indulged in mercenary.


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  • jagroop 7w

    Win is close

    Glowing faces are a siqn,
    We put across a mid line,
    Now god's grace is shine,
    Farmers are growing fine,

    We'll succeed & it's possible,
    We haven't solely responsible,
    Weather has revised chronicle,
    & words are bit philosophical,

    This war would a big impact,
    People will learn it as a fact,
    Righteous will always select,
    We present ourselves direct,

    BBC reveals that farmers right,
    Poets have started poems write,
    Abroad 've supported us in fight,
    This agitation moves in god's light,


  • mooniverse 8w

    these days, it is very normal sharing your spotify playlists with eachother,
    it is very casual to give music recommendations,
    because music is made in order to be shared, i know.
    but am i the only one who doesn't like giving away my playlist?
    the song that kept me grounded during times when i felt like dying
    the song that resonates with me so deeply, like it was made just for me
    the song that reflects how melancholic i feel, like i'm looking at my own reflection in the mirror
    the song with lyrics so beautiful and poetic that i memorized each line by heart
    the song that is a constant source of reassurance, that i'm not alone
    the song that is healing and comforting,
    the song in which i willfully drown, to explore its depths – but instead, i'm being saved
    the song that feels like a warm hug during the most coldest nights
    the song that sounds just like my own thoughts, converted into a beautiful melody
    the song that feels like coming back home every time i listen to it
    the song that claimed me from the very first second because it wanted home –
    these are ���� songs.
    if i were to reveal these to others, wouldn't that make me vulnerable?
    i don't want to put my heart out in the open –
    these masterpieces that are so intricately knotted with my heartstrings,
    to be displayed in the museum for the bypassers to judge.
    most days, i am a museum of things i want to forget
    but this is something that i want to keep with me for as long as time permits.
    that's why i close my eyes,
    trying to retain every word, every melody, every memory that was whispered
    only for ����
    and i let it flow down my veins like a river
    into my very core.
    this music that i listen to every night, sounds softly desperate
    like a ����������
    like a ������������ to be ����������
    and i recognize it because it is the sound of my own mind.
    when it ends, i can feel its magic –
    of finding something so arbitrary that it hits the deepest pits of my soul,
    and brings out the most obscure feelings that i, myself
    could never explain,
    but someone else could.
    that's why my eyes remain closed,
    wishing this would never end,
    and that these songs that i don't mind playing on repeat,
    could stay with me for a little longer.


    #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork #poem #poetry #poetsofmirakee #poetscommunity #poet #2amthoughts #music #writerscommunity #pod #night @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • ashleywords 8w

    You don't drive me insane
    but keeps me sound and sane
    You don't chain me down
    but set free to fly
    You are not a fairytale castle
    but my forever home keeping me warm
    You do not always roar love
    but silently whisper hope in my bones
    in the middle of the night
    when my soul desist to be put together
    but into a thousand piece
    each mouthing a story of its own.
    You do not ask me to veil my scars
    but kiss them till I believe they are pretty enough
    You sing me songs of rain and sunlight alike
    till I see the beauty in both.
    You breath life into every dead rim of mine
    till they write you honeyed words again.
    You are like a flickering candle on a windy night
    In a room, darker than doom
    albeit illuminating my cores.
    You nursed me into better
    while I failed to treasure myself
    You watered me into graceful lilacs
    when for long, I bloomed in wilderness
    bereaved of love and tend.
    You are the fireflies to my darkest nights
    shining through the odd hours.
    You are the muse to my passion
    and the poetry to my quintessence.
    I keep you alive in my heartbeats
    just like you keep me flowing in your veins.


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    The soul to my living

  • mooney2201 8w


    Tread softly on the clouds of vorfreude, my lil' bird,
    Who are we to have faith in the draconic destiny?
    For it blazes the wings that are to kiss the sun.x


  • ashleywords 9w

    Do you see the beauty
    in being broken
    the last of hope leaving a tattered man
    the lover still adorning the promise ring
    a perfect tan line otherwise
    sits onto her finger
    a homeless man on a rainy night
    wrapped in a torn quill that no way keeps him warm
    yet hopeful of days under a shelter
    Do you see what hope
    brings to the living
    the only voice that lulls you to sleep
    the warmth that you find in no one's arms
    to comfort you on bone chilling nights
    like a mother by her child's grave
    awaiting a miracle
    and a dying grandma awaits
    to see her children
    before last of the beads so gracefully
    slip through her lifeless fingers
    Do you see how ethereal lifely things are
    until we understand hope does the magic
    we all hang on a little longer
    in fractions or as whole(s),
    so does linger our insatiable desires
    to love and to be loved
    in this life and beyond
    we all happen to search for our forevers
    a home in a person
    who can walk us to the eternity
    and drag us to the enlighten
    and hold our hands to the grave
    togetherness is all we crave
    Do you collect how the teeny things
    bore the seeds of hope in hearts so big
    hope is like the popsicle
    a child cries to sleep for
    or like the distant lovers' pack
    that could only be fantasized about
    that only dreams fabricated in
    golden threads of hope, sees the tomorrow
    even the ones failed in love
    anticipate their fairy tales
    sewed in credence all over again
    when countless nights, our hearts have burnt
    with agony of lost love
    each new dawn brought along hope
    like the dew upon the morning blooms
    our hearts are so full again.


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