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  • ambivertquki 21w

    //Distinguishing Innocent Manipulators//

    Stop negotiating with my scars. I know it all carried inside the heart, taken place from the heart. Wanted a literal change externally and internally. Things that we are authorized to bring a new way to feel anything with new glee and spark. I couldn't repeat through what I went through such kind of horrible thoughts that once remain inside without sharing. To whom it could be shared manipulated to the down direction. A new courage is required to start a new approach. The strategy to minds to read is the same still, incomprehensive;
    so why is there need to scratch the scars from the start to the death.

    In between illusion, passive, loneliness, and lack of speaking had been existed. We couldn't fight against manipulators who are considered as the innocent but destroyed everything unknowingly. Ugh, we love to laugh over the mistakes a lot, right; especially at the time of need we love to be offended instead knowing the inner conflicts of others with their mind. Because we lived differently rather their living that we gave them easier than us.

    Finding positivity to have scars that needed the resolutions to be vanished for beautiful future and present. But not understanding the panic games inside a mind of a person, the innocent manipulators blames others back to see them flourishing oneself without feeling guilty because they sacrificed for them and we have no right to know what kind of real peace is needed. Doing materialistic approaches make us insane mentally and stuck back to an useless hope to see somebody understand us.

    Nope, no need to linger toward anymore mistakes. Others create stories. They don't get it. They kept many faces. Originality needed to be found oneself now. Being sincere with own soul, and not letting others to translate the silent person. We can go in trap in order to help others but others loves to mock back a lot. No more discussion is needed now. No need to rely on manipulator. A peace would be come definitely by easing the mind without creating scenario against others who couldn't get in mind. They aren't responsible for it.

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  • poet_tife 30w


    Hello sweet, what do I say to the sweet sunny sun goddess?
    How do we say the pink-ish hibiscus calls the Bee?
    How does the moon stay with its focus up there?
    How does the lips lurks perfectly in there?
    How does the ocean tide never misses its paths?
    How does the earth never cease to breath?

    Hello sweet, how does the dose of true love never doze off the heart?
    How does those beautiful lips keeps refreshing goodies?
    How does the windy wind makes the trees claps?
    How does the deserts deserts the valiant men into the den of death?
    How does time keeps ticking in and away memories?

    Hello my sweet, till you find answers to this riddles then you know why I love you.

  • poet_tife 37w

    Problems sometimes is like breathing in "Cubs of web"
    Humans and their quirk running like a wave!
    Like a keg filled with crude oil streaming above a beautiful robe
    Like a young slave cloaked in the mind with rocky caves
    They pull you off the sea and cast you into the dungeon
    Life is a timeless flight in the face of a stop watch!
    Keep catching the wind but dont get caught in the peg of Fate.

  • poet_tife 42w


    I still see your dazzling face in the morning light
    I just hope you don't hide or fade away
    For I straddle on the mountain cliffs holding unto your shadows in the darkest night
    You speak so gently of the bustling wind
    Yet I think so high of the moments we look onto
    The realms of thoughts- where words aren't the best expressions
    The cloud of love - where feelings can't fight for their own
    The spot filled with dreams and hope- where joy exist
    Dont run off the track... I keep seeing you!

  • poet_tife 44w


    Leave the snow, leave the forest and come into my heart.
    For the snow shall get colder,the forest shall get thicker; But my heart shall get sweeter.

  • poet_tife 44w


    Ìfémí,I saw you walking down the road,
    Couldn't tell where you were off to.I saw your beautiful fettling face- I read your face that beams with smiles,your skin has by now adapted to being so velvety. I've been so longing to see you again - I kept my gaze and kept pacing in the vehicle I am. I'm sure you felt I skedaddled away from your sight buh ìfémí that's not true! You gave me off to the wind and smashed my feelings into the dusty bin of blithe yet I still didnt want to give up on your love, Your attitude are quite contemptuous lately;well I still care.

    Ìfèmí, you need to teleport into the snowy miles of my love filled mind, I dont blame you for snubbing me,for maltreating your lover boy and for keeping my words in the tray of disgust. If you can read the inscriptions inside my heart I know you will be mesmerized just like I do. I can be the one to serve u fiendishly with an utmost feeling of love and care!
    Love is a war where feelings and thoughts does the battle. If I keep loving you but you dont want me, ìfèmí, I might have to stay up in the cold night looking at the sky till my heart changes the language from your mode. my heart has made jest of me so frequently and so bad. ÌFÈMÍ come and take a ride with me to our LOVELAND.




  • poet_tife 44w


    Products of yesterday BIRTHED for tomorrow ,
    Candle with no glow, flame for the night,
    Yes they feel and think.
    But does it truly sink?
    Thoughts of good and bad pillars of the mind.
    Time is a seed that sends signals of ravages ,
    Growth is just a pill that gives a peek.

    Love is a garden with lots of companions,
    Colours are life dwelling in the abode of their beauty,
    They think they live, yet they are taught to live,
    Rain is a flow of peace, dreams are voyage to the wonderland.
    They flow into the tunnel of time and wallow into the depth of what life gives.
    My children, learn to live,learn to sleep, learn to give
    Learn to weep , learn to hide under the cloak of realness.


  • penophile 75w

    A street vendor

    In the blazing sun
    With rays tingling
    As if death kissing unkind
    I let myself count to ten
    They call me "Tolerant"
    Yet i am a street vendor

    Surviving with the twitty ways
    World holds to
    Never have i left family high and dry
    I Allow them enjoy the heaven
    They call me "Best earner"
    Yet i am a street vendor

    Nothing but everything
    I always feel blessed about
    Set store_by whatever i got
    I enjoy melody of melancholy
    They call me"Blessed soul"
    Yet i am a street vendor

    Strikes and lockdowns
    Flip my mourning up
    As if bird caged somewhere
    Or welkin far from moonlight
    They call me "Sufferer"
    Yet i am a street vendor


  • daymalycharbonier 163w

    All I wanted was to be consume by you.
    But I couldn't let you do that
    It was wrong to want you at all.


  • santoshaaaa 187w

    I look in the mirror and i squint my eyes
    My reflection, I can't, recognize
    A voice in my head starts talking again
    I know it doesn't quite sound like me
    Dazed and confused I slide through time
    Wonder through the day
    Yonder through the night ...

  • shreyaa 187w

    Rewind & Pause

    We took the same directions to figure
    out this mess called life, together,

    Then, How did we end up on two different ends of the same road, I wonder,

    Hopelessly, I've been picturing a happy ending to our story,
    even though that picture seems a bit blurry,

    We've come a long way,
    from once being so close to each other,
    to mere strangers,

    Is it that difficult to not lose each other
    with time, to begin afresh &
    stick by each other's side?

    If only, I could just rewind and pause,
    the time that we almost had!