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  • silverblue 5d


    The love I have for you
    Is Planted deep in the soil of my soul
    My heart is deeply rooted with yours,
    The love we have for each other
    Goes far beyond the stars, this love is for infinity our love makes
    the sun and moon jealous
    The sky cry’s tears of Envy


  • deep13gk 1w

    Good morning everyone ❤️
    Hope everyone is well

    Standing in front of storm
    Selecting flower ( words)
    Struggling with confusion
    Selection is difficult
    Some flower are
    Same but meaning is different
    Some flower are different
    Sharing same meaning
    Some flower give tears
    Some flower give smile
    Smile on face of people is fake
    Some people shading tears inside
    Seen by none
    Smiles and tears are given by God
    Similarly without any partiality
    So try smile whole heartly everyday
    Smile can easily
    Solve every difficulty

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    Standing in front of storm
    Selecting flower ( words)
    Struggling with confusion

  • beingapoet 1w

    What Makes Me My Wish ?

    It was a sunny day
    I tried to make friends
    I was just enjoying myself
    Never thought about the end.

    Didn't know how to talk to them
    Even though I wasn't that bad
    My school life started, just like that.

    It was a sunny day
    My first day at the new school
    I had a good start, but that's that.

    They all started the normie culture
    They all divided in the groups
    They all looked so happy
    I was confused, which group should I choose.

    I chose to choose nothing
    Or I should say everyone
    I slept throughout my brakes
    And didn't had my fun.

    I hated brakes for so long
    They just made me feel isolated
    I slept each and everytime
    I knew nobody waited, for me.

    Days passed, then Weeks passed.
    Then Some Months passed as well.
    Everything went just like that.
    My school life was something else.

    I had company with my teachers.
    Something of them were like friends
    They filled me with joy
    Whenever I went and meet them.

    They lived in the neighbour staff room
    During the breaks.
    I liked to meet and talk to them often
    I lacked any reasons to make.

    So, I volunteered to be the class leader.
    I chose to help us however we liked.
    I chose to go to staff room
    With the problems of other kind.

    Then, a day during a break.
    I was sleeping in my desk.
    Then, somebody came and actually talked to me
    Asked me, 'why do I always slept?'

    I guess that was a new moment
    I guess I felt something new.
    Then others soon started interacting me
    Even if it started with only few.

    Then things changed one by one
    I started by Joining each groups
    I joined. I left.
    And then found something huge.

    I joined and left every group
    Every one in my class.
    Then I found myself alone again
    Not anywhere to go now at last.

    I was sad.
    I didn't fit in anywhere.
    It was bad.
    I thought my these two years are now over.

    But then I moved forward towards my life
    I stopped wandering in the sea.
    I remembered something that held me.
    From the falling down the tree.

    I did said something back there,
    Something when I joined this school.
    I chose to choose nothing
    I chose to be everywhere.

    It was hard, but also was fun
    It was filled with joy, and some hunt.
    That how my school life ended.
    It had something else from other kids.
    I enjoyed myself in my life
    That's what make me my wish.

  • thepoetrysprinkler 1w

    Unwritten letters

    Those letters are locked
    In the cupboard. Blocked
    From my life, behind
    The dusty shelves I never touch.
    The shelves where I keep
    All the flowers I used to weep
    For to parch their needs.
    I don't look at them now.
    I'm stronger than their
    Parasite-like howls.

    But I remember
    Each letter of that letter,
    Which sits behind the dust,
    Shining in my heart.
    Something should must
    Strike my head with wit,
    For I dry my rivers of ink
    For the letters I never
    Got or read.
    For the letters I never got,
    I keep a space in the dusty place,
    For I know their presence will just
    Show me how I hate them.

  • deep13gk 1w

    Eyes that saw
    The colour of life
    Falling Colourless
    Tears after seeing
    The true colour of friend
    Who became foe
    Colourless tears
    Fall when she saw
    People changing
    Their colour
    Like chameleons

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    Good morning everyone❤️
    Have nice day

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    Eyes that saw
    The colour of life

  • deep13gk 1w

    7 jun 2k21
    Fair visit

    Their is fair in our city
    I visit their with friends
    scroll with them
    We encounter alot of new
    Things and alot of people
    Who are from other city or state
    I bought a lot memories
    With my friends that are
    Full of happiness
    Like talking about people around
    Bargging with shop keepers
    Playing the games
    A lot of new things for each other
    That become piece of memory

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    Fair visit

    Fair the place
    Full new things
    And happiness

  • sidhh_ 1w

    कुछ इश्क तो रवायत ए- दुनियां तोड़ देती है
    कुछ का तो ये गलतफहमियां तोड़ देती है


  • the_ashwani_mishra 2w


    ह्रदय बंदिसों से ना जाने आज क्यूँ बंधा है सायद कोई अपना फिर ख़फ़ा हुआ है
    मन नहीं लग रहा किसी उपक्रम को करने मे इतिहास गवाह है कि एसा सिर्फ अनुरक्ति मे हुआ है
    अफ़ू सा हूँ की कहीं मोह मे तो नही बंध गया
    ये जीविका की दी हुई कैसी बद्दुआ है
    सुबोध था मेरे लिए गैरों पर यकीं करना
    आज निज पर भी ऐतबार करना सज़ा हुआ है
    अपरिचित था मैं अपनी विचारधारा से अपनी प्रवृत्ति से
    खिलाफ था मैं जिस मांसिकता के
    आज उसमे स्वयं का अक्स दिख गया है
    जिस मन्वंतर ने हर पल कुछ सिखाया है
    प्रयोजन के लिए उससेे भी कपट किया है
    गिर गया हूँ स्वयं की दृष्टि मे कुछ इस तरह
    जो साहस था कभी किसी विवेचना से ना भयभीत होने का
    अकस्मात् वो विश्वास भी खो दिया है सायद यही प्रकृति है जो सर्वदा निडरता दिखाने वाला भी आज खुद की रूह से डर गया है
    न जाने वो क्यूँ टूट गया है।

    ©अश्वनी मिश्रा।।

  • lunaceruleas 2w

    She has been searching for the rainbow instead of becoming it.

  • zuchankikon 3w

    Where my soul rest with?

    I wonder and question arises at times,
    Am I born for a reason?
    I can feel the blood which,
    gushes in the four ventricles of the brain.
    Emotions and thoughts streamline in Cerebrum, makes me stay awake night long.

    A sleep of restlessness where nightmares creeps on,
    Struggling hard to know the reality of life ,
    Yet, life still shows an endless pain and hardship.
    Asserting reason after reason,
    my heart cried out,oh! why me Lord?

    A positive thoughts which always lingers in my mind,
    It pushes me to move on and keeps me humble
    Yes! God made me for a reason , He knows the best for me.
    A prayer and a bible verse, which lits up my spirit.
    Thanking God and with positive vibes , struggling on to achieve the best on his will.
    Where my souls rest with...?
    Yes definitely on the plan of God.

  • zuchankikon 3w

    Battle scars of CoVid-19

    A life put on halt, fears grips the mind of human
    Streets gone empty and deserted,
    Churches, temples and mosques locked ,
    A poor man left stranded with teary eyes, sustaining life with a morsel of bread
    Many left jobless with no means
    to meet their ends
    A restricted life, a person in isolation and life at uncertainty

    Sounds of a sirens rushing to save a life
    Thousand of innocent life lost and some still battling on
    A child weeps for the lose of Dad or Mum, a woman mourns for her beloved who breathed away,
    A weary medical team sacrificing to save someone's life
    Funeral went on with no relatives or Dear one's to bid goodbye
    A friend of the deceased going through an agony and remorse ,
    failing to lay a wreath as promised
    A condolences posted on the social media

    Thousands praying unceasingly to end the pandemic
    A plea and a cry, repenting sins to end this suffering
    Still with a longing heart everyone awaits for a life of normalcy
    A heart filled with anxiety,
    yet life endures on with faith in the maker
    A new born baby smiles off with a hope of a new world
    There is love and generosity among humanity as the world fights on to win this battle
    A prayer for healing and peace, a note of respect for the departed soul and sick.


  • purnima_singh 3w

    Looking for you

    Looking for you:
    Where should I go now,
    I want to go to the left,
    But there's nothing right,
    Now, when I look for you,
    Cause I can't survive,
    I feel lost,
    I know this place so well,
    Then how could I.
    I feel broken,
    But I have been strong,
    Or,I should choose right,
    When there's nothing left,
    The only thing I have is a pain,
    Yes, I know there's so much to

  • akthari 4w

    Baithe rhne se hota
    Nhi kuch
    Kerna hae kuch toh khadm aage
    Bdhao kuch.


  • trishnadevi 4w


    Have you ever woken up
    All the night ?
    Have you woken up
    Without blinking the eyes ?
    Have you ever tried to hear
    The sound of silence ?

    In the calmness of the night,
    In the silence of our mouth,
    There are many words.

    Have you ever heard it ?
    Have you ever felt it ?

    These words are beautiful;
    These words can answer the question,
    That arises in your mind.

    In the silence of the night,
    You may hear,
    The breaking of the clouds;
    As they move slowly,
    Throughout the sky.

    You may hear,
    The sound of the air
    As they are dancing everywhere.

    You will find a reason,
    To remain wake up at night.
    To feel the silence of the earth.
    To get the words of your mind.
    To hear the sounds of silence.


  • trishnadevi 5w


    A pair drops of tears,
    Slided down from my eyes silently.
    I tried ! I tried to hold it in it's way,
    But it tumbled down my cheeks.
    Of that which suddenly caused it,
    I didn't dare to speak.

    I sat down in a corner,
    Feeling the heaviness of it,
    I cried all alone.
    Covering my face with my hands,
    I silently prayed to be invisible for a moment.
    Not many, but yes !
    For a few moments.

    I cried ! I cried to myself,
    In the sole solace of my own palms.
    Then suddenly something happened, Something that I realized,
    These tears ain't the sign of my weakness;
    As its absence isn't the sign of my strength.

    I stood up and said it to myself that,
    The drops of tears are the true expression,
    Of both the sadness and happiness;
    Of both pain and love,
    That are living together in my heart.


  • trishnadevi 5w


    I like to remember you,
    I love to think about you,
    Those precious memories of you,
    Always bring a smile on my face;
    And that makes me to think,
    A lot more about you.

    Since you left us,
    I miss you so much.
    I know,
    I never stop loving you.
    I have to learn to live,
    Without you.
    I have to do everything,
    Without you.
    I have to spend my days,
    Without you.
    I have to enjoy my happiness,
    Without you.
    I have to face my problems,
    Also without you.

    The fact that you're no longer here,
    Will always cause me pain.
    I wish you were still here,
    Because the sadness is relentless.
    Nothing can ease the pain,
    Nothing can fill the emptiness.
    But you're forever in my heart,
    Until we meet again..


  • trishnadevi 5w


    I like the foggy winter evenings,
    Where I find,
    The sweetest memories of you.
    I hear your voice,
    Again and again;
    In the sound of slowly falling fog.
    I draw your pictures,
    In the sky,
    Shining with twinkling stars.

    In every winter evening,
    Sitting near the window,
    I stare at the sky;
    Until midnight.
    When the whole world sleep,
    I feel the calmness of surroundings.
    I recall the memories of the past.
    That turn the darkness into light,
    That make everything alright.

    Whenever I needed you,
    Your were there.
    You picked me up,
    When I was down.
    You gave me strength,
    When I was at my lowest.

    You chased all my doubts always,
    You turned my life around,
    A blessing is what you are to me.

    I wanna let the whole world to know it;
    Every night..
    When I turn out the lights,
    I see you shining somewhere in the dark..


  • the_heart_poured_in_ink 6w


    मेरे इस् जिंदगी को खुदके MODE से जीना चाहती थी....
    WORDS को अपने ANGEL से READ करने के अलावा कुछ और पसंत ही नही करती थी....

    पता ही नही था कभी की WORDS को भी मे खुदसे बना पाउंगी....
    उनको ही लेकर आगे मे खुदकी दुनिया चलाऊँगी....

    अब कुछ दिन गुजर गए, और FAV PASS TIME मेरा POETRY ही बन गया....
    FIRST POETRY ने मेरे किसीको बहोत खुश बनाया तो किसीको दिल से रुलाया....

    PAGE, PEN, PENCIL, SILENCE बस इतनोसे ही अब प्यार होने लग गया....
    WORDS को LINES, LINES को STANZA & STANZA को किसीकी FEELINGS बनाने का आज तक का मेरा सफर यादगार बन गया....

    कभी पता ही नही चला यार ये भी एक मोहब्बत थी मेरे दिल के अंदर की....

    दिल मे भरी हर एक FEELING को अब PAGE पे 'AS A POETRY' आना था....
    खुदके IMPORTANCE को CREAT करके दुनिया से SHARE करना था....

    अब SERIOUSLY एक दिन ऐसा आगया की दिल से लगा, अपने इस POETRY को PUBLISH भी करेंगे....
    AND YESSSS!!!! अब
    'THE HEART POURED IN INK' के साथ अपनी NEW FAMILY बनाएंगे....

  • travellers_nirvana 6w

    There's a rainbow within us

    Ah ! That stroke of brilliance by mother nature
    Filling the azure with soothing vibgyor
    The amiable rain walks away promising to come another day
    With the restive cloud that hurriedly disperse away
    Finally the amber hued sun appears with all its grandeur
    Radiating constant streams of pristine white
    Filling our soul with warmth of the eternal light
    And then it breaks into myriad hues
    Lilac, beige, olive, amber and blues
    For in our heart lies a prism to life
    With varying wavelengths that keep our soul vibrant and alive
    There's an opalescent rainbow within all of us
    Just like the magnificent one painted by the nature high up in the sky


  • purpletints 8w


    I Persist in those nostrils
    as a scent of your loneliness
    I taste of those tangy buds
    as a poison and bitterness
    I lie dead in those quills
    as dried tears of hopelessness
    I crawl in those brains
    as agony and regretfulness
    I run all over blood veins
    as some ruined faithfulness
    I can and I just now found
    myself ransacked in wholeness
    As you go finding me
    The dark SOLITUDE and yourself
    make a bond of yearning And solitariness..