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    //Distinguishing Innocent Manipulators//

    Stop negotiating with my scars. I know it all carried inside the heart, taken place from the heart. Wanted a literal change externally and internally. Things that we are authorized to bring a new way to feel anything with new glee and spark. I couldn't repeat through what I went through such kind of horrible thoughts that once remain inside without sharing. To whom it could be shared manipulated to the down direction. A new courage is required to start a new approach. The strategy to minds to read is the same still, incomprehensive;
    so why is there need to scratch the scars from the start to the death.

    In between illusion, passive, loneliness, and lack of speaking had been existed. We couldn't fight against manipulators who are considered as the innocent but destroyed everything unknowingly. Ugh, we love to laugh over the mistakes a lot, right; especially at the time of need we love to be offended instead knowing the inner conflicts of others with their mind. Because we lived differently rather their living that we gave them easier than us.

    Finding positivity to have scars that needed the resolutions to be vanished for beautiful future and present. But not understanding the panic games inside a mind of a person, the innocent manipulators blames others back to see them flourishing oneself without feeling guilty because they sacrificed for them and we have no right to know what kind of real peace is needed. Doing materialistic approaches make us insane mentally and stuck back to an useless hope to see somebody understand us.

    Nope, no need to linger toward anymore mistakes. Others create stories. They don't get it. They kept many faces. Originality needed to be found oneself now. Being sincere with own soul, and not letting others to translate the silent person. We can go in trap in order to help others but others loves to mock back a lot. No more discussion is needed now. No need to rely on manipulator. A peace would be come definitely by easing the mind without creating scenario against others who couldn't get in mind. They aren't responsible for it.

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