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  • firujanazmin 9w


    The cold moon of December
    Gave the brightest lights.
    The warmest sights.
    And the longest nights.

  • mino_3370 10w

    Mino writes

    Official Poem - Wait For Her.

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    Wait for her

    A cup of drinks never get tired because I am lazy, wait for her
    Every day I smell her wherever I am, just waiting for her perfumes,
    With the patience & laying down the valleys, wait for her
    With the patience, she just tries to distract my mind, wait for her
    With the patience, where the clouds are so dark under my tears, wait for her
    Wait for her, where the streets never rush the pain, only waiting for you.

    If She arrives late, wait for her
    If She arrives early, wait for her
    Watching the birds fly where I am waiting only for her,
    One word is love, two words are part of connectivity, and the last word I am her wifi,
    Wait for her so that she may breathe where I can feel her from inside,
    Wait for her! Yeah, I will wait for her always.

    Taking her to the beach where the dawns & dusk and the mellow,
    Wait, and polish the night for her ring by ring.
    Wait for her until she comes back to me:
    There is no one alive but you & I
    Wait for her, until the waves calm down
    I will wait for you! Wherever you are.


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  • firujanazmin 24w


    I can never get enough,
    Of you.
    And this love of yours,
    Haunts me, so bad.

  • firujanazmin 24w


    Those straight looks
    And our all night hooks.

    Heavy breath in the neck
    And those little peck.

    Moans earned in those nibbles
    Swollen lips, and our sweet battles.

    Your warm lips
    On my cold hips.

    Babe, I'm just missing you
    And our beautiful relationships.

  • firujanazmin 24w


    To start a new chapter
    Ofcourse we have to end the old one.
    No matter how the ending was.
    And once it's end, make sure it's done!!

  • firujanazmin 25w

    You are like the sky
    So vast that I couldn't get enough of you.
    I'm standing here, yelling at you ..
    Screaming to the world
    That, "I'm your Girl"

  • firujanazmin 25w

    It's raining lightly
    And I'm so bored
    That I don't wanna sit idly
    Like I do all day.
    Tryna walk in the backyard
    To check on my plants today
    Which I planted a few days ago.
    Gosh! They are grown so tall now.
    Why do I feel like, I haven't
    Strolled here for ages.
    Never have I felt this distracted before.
    Am I too busy that, I end my
    Relation with this nature, which I adore?

  • firujanazmin 26w


    It's difficult to get up in the morning and not knowing what to do.
    Cuz I'm already lost,
    So lost that -
    Loneliness &
    Anxiety chase's me !

  • firujanazmin 28w


    Time flies . . . .
    Beautiful yesterday became memories today
    We just had our good times
    Whining, cringing, laughing and singing together.
    Now they are all locked in a beautiful watsapp group.
    "Best Friends Forever"
    Together yet so far.

  • muhiaannah 32w

    Little me

    Little me was so brave,
    Full of confidence and hope,
    Believing in love,
    Never allowing herself to mope.

    Little me had self esteem in her,
    Not leaving room for self doubt,
    Had faith in her,
    Any chance for failure was out.

    Little me used to be at the forefront,
    Answering questions in class,
    Not caring about the font,
    She was strong, not made of glass.

    Now I wonder where little me went,
    Life filled me with self doubt,
    All confidence and bravery left,
    Left with a pathetic pout.

    Made to question my self worth,
    Wondering if I'm good enough,
    Feeling insignificant like a moth,
    Confidence comes out in a puff.

    I've let so many opportunities slip away,
    Spending time myself second guessing,
    Yet little me always wanted to fly away,
    With wings high soaring.

    I wish I know what I knew then back,
    Maybe I'd stand a little taller,
    Then in confidence I wouldn't lack,
    Maybe I'd be braver.

    I wish I could go back to little me,
    Before the world belittled me,
    Making me feel insignificant,
    Yet yearning for things magnificant.

  • muhiaannah 34w

    For each tear that rolled down my face,
    I remembered every pain you caused,
    For every fear rooted in my brain,
    I remembered all the doubts that you made me have.
    For every wall around my heart,
    I remembered you were the inspiration,
    To protect my tender self,
    From a repeat of what you did to me,
    How you broke and shattered me,
    How you made me second guess myself,
    But most importantly, how strong you made me become.

  • firujanazmin 35w

    An extract of my poem "Am I losing you?" Just two lines yet full of emotions in it ��
    #my_frozen_quotes #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #poetess_for_you

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    Can you consider my feelings?
    'Why my fear of losing you is running?'


  • firujanazmin 35w

    It's an extract of my poem "To the silent voices"
    ... A small paragraph yet a long poetry .. ❤️#my_frozen_poetry #mythoughts #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #poetess_for_you

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    Although I know, I've let it go,
    But something still holds me back.
    No wonder, it's the same feeling,
    I felt when I abandoned it.

  • muhiaannah 35w

    We never know
    The significance
    Of some friends
    Until we loose them.
    We never know
    Their value
    Until we hurt them.
    We never appreciate
    Their support
    Until it's lost for good.

  • the_acataleptic_ 36w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #poetess_for_you
    #ekphrasricpoem #greekmythology #lovethatneverdies

    Poisé..Poesy.. Paramour!

    You were Pan, the great god,
    Herd of the wilderness,
    in this dream I had, it was almost
    a trance that lasted longer
    than my sleep and the Nyx's spell!

    As you called, came the high winds
    soaring down, flying low,
    into the hollowed reed you held, just as swiftly,
    a song started with an inherently mellow tune,
    that spoke of an old sadness that would last forever;
    It fluttered across the lake, from where you stood!

    You slid down slow,
    looking long into the distance,
    and sat amidst the green
    where hooved herds
    heard your flute and there they headed
    to heed their herald's call!

    Your hands touched and
    felt hardened brown earth
    beneath the soft cold grass
    and that luscious mouth
    cracked a crooked smile
    and your dials digged into the dirt deep!

    You closed your eyes,
    and fell into an enchanted sway,
    meditating and manifesting,
    calling out to that one,
    your comrade and kin, then the winds
    changed, carrying forth hints of purple mirth!

    You smell the bottled poetry
    and nodded into the air, respectful
    of that Dionysian magic
    as your hands materialised
    above ground, with them emerged
    a crystalline decanter of the South!

    You enjoyed with your eyes,
    the colour of deep sangria,
    and the sun lit up the glass,
    they glinted and glittered in your grip,liquour
    tinted with liquid gold and pressed rubies
    then glided down your throat easy!

    I could almost hear a rhyme start
    thrumming inside your chest,
    your tongue swirled around
    the bubbles and bouquets of the grape, and
    the music your sharp teeth made
    clinging against the crystalware, reached me!

    You were reminiscent
    of the days we had spent;
    in your playful drunken stupor
    with my raw indulgent kisses,
    immune to the worldly woes
    as immortal prey to the cupid's bow!

    Your hands had trembled
    when they first touched me,
    as my heart shivered then rose to fall; and
    you hummed a song, par amour,for hours at length,
    to the pulsating highs and lows of my breath,
    we had lain in an untouching embrace, starry eyed!

    You drank deep from those memories
    as the wine sting your lips red,
    you shed your essence of a God,
    and evolved into something more divine,
    a man who has tasted a love so indelible,
    intaking that ambrosia alien to most!

    Then you heard a sound so poignant,
    it was a faint murmur from an epoch lost,
    trodden on and turned obsolete and taught to be silent, like a poised sigh even whilst in torture,
    delicate yet so profound, it huffed and puffed
    but you mistook it for the gushing breeze!

    That was me, my precious;
    I was Achyls, the usher of eternal night
    shrouded in a veil of darkness and a mist of shadows,
    cast away by light, always placed beyond your reach,
    abhorent to the day you were born to seize, therefore
    removed from the vale of your reality!

    I was the provenance of death
    and you were a patron of life,
    a wistful paroxysm takes over me,and
    I whelve into a state of mindlessness, in jamais vu,
    I take in the new from that same old sight,
    an ephemeral epiphany transpires inside me!

    I discover or rediscover the picture of that love
    which we had shared, that which I had come to see
    in the days of yore, and often wished I hadn't;
    The truth is that we are always at odds, it's paramount
    that our love was always almost immaculate,
    but even in my dreams, we still remain ill-fated.

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    You were Pan, the great god,
    Herd of the wilderness,
    in this dream I had, it was almost
    a trance that lasted longer
    than my sleep and the Nyx's spell!


  • muhiaannah 36w

    Long before technology came, before there were phones and social media,
    Long before there was internet and network connectivity,
    When people used to write letters,
    When each stroke of a pen, each letter, each word mattered,
    Days when poems were used in courtship,
    When people appreciated the style, the rythm, the sound of poetry,
    Those days when lovers proclaimed their love with ink,
    Beautifully shaped into meaningful words,
    Yeah, technology ain't bad, it's very efficient,
    But I just wish some traditions never died,
    Like the art of letter writing,
    And I could live writing letters to you.

  • the_acataleptic_ 36w

    Butterfly Effect

    The story of life,
    is a work in progress,
    Success or strife,
    You're allowed to digress
    to walk past prophecies
    in concentric circles 
    rousing doubts and curiosities,
    possessing a gait so clueless
    professing in a tempo unheard,
    so damn out of tune,
    on feet that are back-turned
    and eyes that are fixed-forward
    till there is an impassé,
    raging into internal conflicts!

    In an anticlimax of epical proportions
    whence you shed the cocoon
    of a sheltered existence, impassive,
    then digest that ignorance to transform,
    morph into a butterfly, best at flight,
    intimate with the undercurrents
    inside the eye of a storm,
    we have christened 'life'
    with its fickle heart and mind!

    The butterfly flutters its wings,
    all the skin it had shed before ,
    lurch away like apparitions overcast,
    full of drained out colours
    displaying motions of emotions
    long past their shelf-life!

    Among those pieces of torn skin
    you come across doppelgangers,
    ghosts haunting all that might have been, 
    a feminist disguised as a witch,
    uninvited beasts and knights
    in the castle you had made your own,
    sheroes of the premium pedigree,
    bards with bravehearts and
    a river flowing through the years !

    From bygones into the future further,
    the river seeps with water deep,
    where you will meet the one destined
    in the glory of its enlightened waters,
    Hastely you fly down to the river bed,
    your tiny wings made watery waves
    and those ripples created eddies,
    from within eddies came whirlpools who sired one whittling whirlwind !

    But unlike what you had expected;
    that wind calls to you softly,
    in a voice so serene, so sure of itself,
    your mighty being is shook,
    your steps stagger in shock,
    upon hearing what it is says,
    It whispers in an ethereal tongue,
    Finally, you've arrived,
    I was waiting around
    for what seems like a millenia!

    There is love and adoration,
    conspicuous, in that honest sound!
    And slowly you smile that rare smile
    that comes from within your heart, realising it's always your own image reflected in the water floating through
    time and space, and seen upon
    the see through mirror of destiny,
    Because that sound you heard
    is your own, reverberating from
    your higher self, residing within.

  • the_acataleptic_ 37w

    Tu me manqués

    There is something amiss
    when I think to myself that I miss you,
    It doesn't feel enough somehow,
    the words fail what I feel!

    Then I came across this phrase
    that speaks my truth in your regard,
    'Tu me manques', that translates to
    You are missing from me!

    On the days I am without you,
    which now, I reckon is every single day,
    I feel those words brush past me, in the breeze,
    whispering things you do in my dreamscape!

    You wouldn't believe me even if I told you
    how I wish I could turn into the wind,
    not to be unbound, ambient and omnipresent,
    but to be the air of freedom you breathe in!

    Sometimes when I speak of you and often to you,
    I know my words falter and shorten;
    like the last beats that bled off a dying heart,but
    all that's left unsaid declare themselves poems!

    I walk down the spiral lane of memories, hesitant and  fall deep into depressions along the way, eyes shut yet some cursed images pervades my mind-eye, I panic;
    but then I recall you and the panic turns to pain!

    Never once did I wish that I had never seen you,
    But I regret that you met me, for better or worse,
    I am sorry I was never enough to help you escape
    the one man island you had turned yourself into!

    I wish I had an existence beyond your space,
    then you could have been free of me, like destiny,
    the pessimistic pagan and the pragmatist romantic;
    star-crossed lovers who shouldn't have been!

    All the alternates to our story, now banished from life
    haunt me in their death, and all bitterness is lost
    from those bitter-sweet moments of ours,I know now,
    nothing is more tragic than visiting your love's grave!

  • the_acataleptic_ 37w

    The X-factor

    It puzzles me how you don't know,
    But girl, You got that something!
    That something left dignified without a name,
    But it got me in the feels, all the same!

    That femme fatalé, bombshell goddess charm,
    You're an enchantress with a siren's call!
    You are one and all, an amalgamation,
    Now I know the beauty that defies all gaze!

    But I suppose I could call you a name,
    You are the X-factor among muses!
    X, a letter so often mistreated, like it's always wrong,
    You are that one made right, when XXs combined!

    You are the X, that ticks all the boxes tight,
    and fights against all unjust sights!
    So, dare to be that one girl knight,
    Always the best, whose kindness is might!!

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    The X factor

    To all the beautiful, gritty,
    stubborn,dauntless girls
    fighting this unkind world with kindness,
    this one is for you!!
    Love yourself, because you deserve it!!

  • firujanazmin 38w

    Gotta give you all of me.....
    Accept in a way, that no thorns can destroy a petals of it.
    #my_frozen_quotes #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetess_for_you

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    Can I be the flower in the garden of your life?
    Cuz, I wanna give you a flower that resembles me..!!