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    He touched her on rainy midnights,
    Wandering hands discovering her
    Sound of heavy rain and soft little moans.
    Hips curved like a bow,
    Wet fingers, impious thoughts
    Kissed her thorax
    Warmth dripping down the length of her spine, shattering her old insecurities.
    "Enough of being gentle" she whispered
    She wanted storm and he left her in hysteria until she

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    Impious thoughts


  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1d

    Rose in a vase

    There lies the beauty
    So bright and red
    Kept on the table
    In a vase that was covered with thread...

    It was lying there
    As if it was dead
    Even though the water was supplied
    It'll live less than it originally can..

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1d

    As time passes by

    The snow melts away
    slowly as the temperature rises
    we can see the grass beneath
    as time passes by..
    My feelings for you
    are melting
    away from my life
    as time passes by..


  • ukhanna 2d

    Parents often say things so abruptly and harshly, and this go unnoticed by everyone of how much damage it is causing to the child or teen or even an adult. They justify themselves that they love their child and they are doing it for their good . I know you might say that this is not the truth and our parents love us but I know they do but trust me , not all the families are the same , and all the children who are bearing this out their keeping their senses shut and living in the guilt of being a burden to their family just because they are constantly told this.
    We have to keep a vision for good parenting and should be more aware of how the child is feeling rather than paying attention to justifications and promises of the parent. Just think about a child or teen or adult who is neglected and blamed and abused for family problems without even knowing about it. I don't want any child to go through this ...pls, if you can help ,do help. Don't think that it's a personal matter, again focus on the child first and then talk to parents . Most of the toxic parents are supposed to not accept. So in that case help the child to get away from all this negative stuff.

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    For a few crumbs of now,
    I was asked to pay forever
    A forever
    Of what I hold ,

    And in the degraded list
    of unconscious givers
    A lonely spot
    I owed.

  • atwistedword 2d


    Starships are meant to fly
    Fly far up into the sky
    Not going to return, you know why
    Because there's so much to learn way up high

    Up into the heavens I will soar
    What is it I want, I don't know anymore
    I've been called many things, but not a whore
    Wanted love but not anymore

    Just want to be alone trekking through the stars
    I think I'll venture onto Mars
    Then I'll surely find a cause
    For my sadness on Earth that was

    But up high in the sky
    Happiness abounds and you know why?
    I'm strong, don't need a guy
    Best life give it a try

  • pakhi1738 3d

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    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    She was sitting in the classroom when her phone started vibrating. "Hey, look who is up! How are you feeling?", Lydia said as he picked up the phone.

    Ryan: Ahh! I have a sore neck, probably because I overslept. Rest is fine. Hey, were you in my room earlier?

    Lydia: I was just checking on you. What happened?

    Ryan: Oh! Nothing. I just... Never mind. Lyds, do you remember everything that happened last night?

    Lydia: Yeah! What part?

    Ryan: There was this blonde girl in Dr Thomas's office. Blue eyes, probably 15, told me that her name was Leah. Does that ring any bell?

    Lydia: You mean the teenager who stared at me as if I stole her boyfriend a night before prom? Yeah, I remember her.

    Ryan: She did what now? Anyways, she... She knew my name and she said something to me last night before she left. It was weird. I had a feeling like I know her but I had never seen her before last night.

    Lydia: That's weird... And creepy. What did she say?

    Ryan: Tell your friend, we have to meet or it's time that we meet, all three of us or something. I don't exactly remember. There's something else.

    Lydia: What else and why are we even talking about her? She's probably just some lunatic.

    Ryan: Lyds, she did the same thing with me what Owen did last night. That I'm here but I'm not here thing.

    Lydia: You mean that she was astral projecting? Do you think that she's a winged one?

    Ryan: Well, what other possible explanation can there be for what she did? And maybe, she knows about Owen. Maybe he is the friend she was talking about last night. I mean, he was missing for months and then he showed up and the same night she showed up. It can't all be just a coincidence.

    Lydia: Hey, hey! Just slow down okay! Ryan, umm... You were not yourself last night. Are you sure that that's what you saw?

    Ryan: Seriously? Lyds, I was completely in my senses when I saw that girl. I might not remember what happened during the session but I do remember her.

    Lydia: Paige invited me for dinner tonight. We can talk about it after that. Until then, promise me you won't think about it.

    "Good morning miss Roden. Is this seat taken?", Timothée came in and asked Lydia while she was talking to Ryan.

    Ryan: Who's that?

    Lydia: It's... It's Timothée.

    Ryan: Of course he took literature. I have to go now. See you tonight.

    "See you tonight", Lydia said as she disconnected the call. She immediately turned to Timothée and said, "No Mr Hiddleston. This seat is not taken. And... I know that you are the mystery chef from The Grills"

    Timothée: What now?

    Lydia: Oh, don't try to act smart with me. I'm smarter than you. My taste buds remember everything I eat.

    "I still don't know what you are talking about", Timothée took a minute to connect the dots and continued, "Oh, you are talking about the sandwiches. No, that's my granddad's recipe. He used to work at The Grills before he got sick. The chef that works there now has his recipe"

    Lydia: That makes sense. And, I'm... I'm sorry for your loss. I heard he passed away last week.

    Timothée: Thanks.

    Lydia: Were you two close?

    Timothée: Yeah! I mean, we used to hang out a lot. He used to make pancakes and sandwiches every weekend. We used to go on long walks and sit outside the house every time it was raining.

    "Hey, Was that Ryan on the phone?", He said after a little pause.

    Lydia: Yes, it was him.

    Timothée: Is he not coming?

    Lydia: Oh, he umm... He -- he just overslept. It's better if he stays at home for a couple of days and just rests.

    "That's not good", Timothée murmured as he got up with his bag.

    Lydia: I'm sorry. What was that? I couldn't hear you.

    "It's, ugh!... It's... It's nothing. I just need to talk to him about something", Timothée said as he started moving towards the door.

    "But it's snowing out there. It's not... safe to drive", Lydia shouted behind him.

    Timothée was about to cross the door and leave the classroom when Miss Beatrice, their literature teacher came in. They almost collided.

    Miss B: Watch where you are going young man!

    "Good morning Miss B. I'm so sorry but I've got. See you next week", Timothée said without even giving her a chance to say something.

    "Oh, I will see you next week and you better get your ass in here with a logical explanation Mr Hiddleston", Miss Beatrice shouted.


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  • crossroadkid 4d


    As I wash the floor of my home
    I call upon the spirits
    May evil not be here at all
    I do not back down or fear it
    the spirits of the roots inside
    the mixture I have made
    Will wash away the steps
    that every person chose to make
    I wash from the back unto the front
    Making tainted spirits leave
    With my voice I do confront
    With my heart I do believe
    The power of light will guide my path
    As I wash this floor
    None within this household shall feel
    This darkness anymore
    I cleanse this in the same of herbs
    Who's spirits guide my hand
    May all the wretched souls adhere
    To the light that guides my plans
    I say farewell, do not return
    No residual effects
    May all the devil's and lost souls
    Be gone that my home collects
    Every step that has been made
    Between these walls and home
    May be erased and not collect
    I command you leave me alone
    By the power of God and power of herbs
    I sway the scales my way
    On this hour I do state
    The cleansing power of this shall stay

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    Floor cleansing incantation


  • naaz_ke_alfaaz 4d

    Jab main roya beeti rat,
    mere hasne ka sabab bhi usne khudko bnaya
    Jab jab main haara maine hai usko apne sabse karib payaa,
    Bhale hi mohabbat nahi hy use mujhse,
    Par usne hamare darmiyaan ke rishtey ko hai bakhubi nibhaya

  • atwistedword 1w

    Choose Well

    Be yourself
    Take pride
    Don't hide
    Strip it down
    Be found
    Under it all
    Don't you recall
    When you were you
    Real inside
    Knowing exactly
    What was fake
    It's so easy to take
    The low road
    It's easy to unfold
    With lies
    Leading to cries of pain
    Because after this surgery
    And those pills
    You will never be the same
    Choice now

  • atwistedword 1w

    What if

    What if ...
    We lived in a purple world
    Filled with beauty unfurled
    With tolerance abound
    Careless resound
    But, alas, unfound

  • pakhi1738 1w

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    ------------------ [Part-1] ------------------

    "Thank you for letting me stay at your place last night. I'm sorry for sneaking out like this but I have to get the headlights fixed before school. See you in Literature. P.S.- I made some extra sandwiches for you and Ryan", Lydia read from the note that Timothée left for her on the fridge.

    "More like, see Ryan in literature!", Lydia mumbled as she stuck the magnet back to the fridge. She looked around and found some sandwiches on the dining table, carefully placed on two separate plates. Lydia got closer and saw that one of them had a ketchup smiley face and the other had a heart. "Huh! looks like I know which one is mine. So smooth Hiddleston", Lydia said with a smile on her face and clicked a picture of the one with a heart. "Look what your boyfriend left for you, AT MY PLACE", she texted Ryan with "at my place" in all caps to tease him and poured some orange juice in a glass. She waited for him to see it and call her for some juicy details but when that didn't happen, she kept the phone aside and started eating. The moment she took the first bite, her taste buds detected a familiar taste. She took another bite just to be sure.

    "No way. He is the mystery chef from the Grills. This is insane", Lydia said and picked up her phone again. "YOU ARE THE MYSTERY CHEF AT THE GRILLS??!!", She typed in all caps again but didn't send it thinking that she'll ask it in person when she sees him in school. She wanted to see the look on his face when he finds out that she busted him. She went upstairs to get ready for school. She opened her closet and picked out an off-white, cold shoulder, woollen top, a pair of blue jeans and black, laced boots. She got in the shower and as the warm water gently hit her head, she felt her muscles relaxing. She closed her eyes and for the first time in a long time, she didn't have much in her head to think about, to worry about. She was excited to go to college and not to read some shitty history books but to study the thing that made her apply for college in the first place.

    Literature was always her go-to happy place whenever she needed to get away from her thoughts and the outside world. She remembered the time when her mom got her hooked up on the Harry Potter series when she was little and she didn't step out of her house for days, just so she could read them all. She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and picked up her phone to see if she had any text from Ryan. There was nothing. "Hey, you up yet?", She texted him again and tossed her phone on the bed as she got dressed. She didn't want to overthink Ryan's condition and everything that happened with Owen the other night. She decided to enjoy a normal day, just like before everything started falling apart.

    She came downstairs to make herself some coffee as her daily routine from the past six months but realised that she didn't have to force her eyes to stay open anymore. Owen was back. He was hurt but he was there and that's all that mattered to her at that moment. She packed her bag, drank some water, picked up her phone and car keys. She knocked on Ryan's house holding a plate of sandwiches covered with another plate. Paige opened the door.

    "Good morning Paige", Lydia said as she entered the house.

    Paige: Good morning love. Oh! Someone's chirpy today. What's that in your hand?

    "This is a sandwich that Ryan's boyfriend left for him at my place", Lydia answered out of reflex but soon realised what she just did as she saw Paige's confused face. "I'm sorry. Did I just say, boyfriend? I meant boyfriend", Lydia said, trying to cover it up before it got out of hands.

    Paige: Why would he leave sandwiches for him at your place? That's weird!

    "Uhh! I know what you are thinking or what all this might sound like in your head but it's a long story and a funny one,.. that I would love to tell you with every single juicy detail but I-- I am running late for school. My first lecture today is with B. How fun is that! Haven't seen her in a while", Lydia just said anything and everything that came to her mind to make Paige stop asking questions about that stupid but insanely delicious sandwich.

    "Is he still sleeping?", Lydia decided to stop making it awkward for both of them.

    Paige: I checked on him half an hour ago. He was sleeping then. He is probably still sleeping or he would have come downstairs.

    Paige noticed the changing expression on Lydia's face. "You are overthinking again, aren't you?", She said with a motherly concern in her voice.

    Lydia: What if he is not just sleeping?

    Paige: You mean if he is having another sleep paralysis attack? I would have seen it when I went into his room.

    Lydia: You are right. I am just overthinking it. He is all right.

    Paige realised that she wasn't really satisfied with her answer.

    Paige: You should go see him for the peace of your mind.

    "That's exactly what I was thinking," she said and started running to the stairs but realised that she might wake him up with all that thumping so she tiptoed through the rest of the way. She carefully opened his door and went inside. He was sleeping like a baby. "Maybe whatever Dr Thomas did last night, actually worked", she thought. She picked up his jacket that was lying on the carpet, placed it on his study table and tiptoed her way back downstairs. Paige was in the kitchen, making herself some green tea.

    Lydia: He is just sleeping. Huh! That's progress, right?

    Paige: I hope so. Hey, come home for dinner. It's been a minute since we last had a meal together. I'll cook your favourite.

    "That's so sweet of you. I'll be there", Lydia said with a big, cheeky smile and left for college.


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  • crossroadkid 1w

    to the one I so adore
    you have my heart wrapped tightly
    you've taken me and washed the floor
    I'm dreaming of you nightly
    I think of you throughout the day
    I don't know if it's healthy
    I dread the moments your away
    I hide the teardrops stealthily
    when you approach with open arms
    I shake inside my skin
    I'm a slave to all your charms
    I sit and wait for you again
    I dream about us in terms of forever
    imagining our wedding
    my only prayer, that you won't sever
    I can't bear the thought of you forgetting
    remember me and hold me high
    above the rest of them
    right now I'm up above the sky
    don't make this Rose a broken stem
    I cant allow you to find out
    how insane I have become
    that I cannot live without
    that I'm wrapped around your thumb
    for if I do you may grow scared
    and then you'll run away
    with you nobody has compared
    I have to make you stay
    so I tiptoe all around
    trying not to show
    I even have to hide the sound
    I make each time you turn to go
    now it's turned from a daydream
    to a nightmare, gone astray
    inside me you can't hear the scream
    but it's in me either way
    I have to take back some control
    you're my everything, my life
    this is no longer a stroll
    but a twisting of a knife
    I wonder where you are some nights
    like when you haven't called
    I do not dare share all my plights
    I'm sure that you would be appalled
    so I sit in suffering
    await the next chance meeting
    I'm in a constant state of buffering
    practicing my greeting
    I've lost myself inside of you
    I have no clue what to do next
    my only wish, you'll feel it too
    that you'll relieve me of this hex

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    The one I adore


  • crossroadkid 1w


    When you're inspired you're ten feet high
    It's as if you could even touch the sky
    But when inspiration leaves you behind
    You deaf, mute and certainly blind
    Feeling your way through the life of art
    Not knowing how or when to start
    It's a darkness that comes and goes with time
    A feeling that grows and is oh so sublime
    Indescribable the feeling you get
    When your back on the paper and didn't forget
    It's the times in between that leave you confused
    Many things have you at one point accused
    But the reason for this is simple and plain
    It comes and it goes like the sun and the rain

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  • atwistedword 1w

    What if

    What if ...
    We lived in a purple world
    Filled with beauty unfurled
    With tolerance abound
    Careless resound
    But, alas, unfound

  • crossroadkid 1w

    To the one

    Today I'm writing to the one
    Who caused all that has begun
    You have tread as far as I'll allow
    Through your fields I now shall plow
    Break you down and even scores
    While I'm mending from the sores
    You deserve all that you get
    The pain received you shan't forget

  • kosmiikgoddess 1w


    Womanizers, Predators
    Go away
    Don’t come back
    Another day
    Can’t do anything
    To save face
    Cancel now

  • kosmiikgoddess 1w


    You wish you were special
    I thought you were special
    Penetrated my soul
    Now my heart’s gone cold
    Another one be told
    Trying to be bold
    Your mouth shut
    You speak like a slut
    Into bed with another
    I am not your mother

  • pakhi1738 1w

    �������������� ������ ������������


    Lydia was in her room, scrolling through some old family photos in her phone. She looked at the time and realised that it was almost midnight. She locked her phone, placed it on her side table, turned off the lights and was about to lie down when she heard something on her window. She ignored it the first time thinking that it was just wind but she heard it again. She turned the lights back on and got up.

    "Ryan, is that you?", She asked but didn't got any response. She opened up the window and looked down. Timothée was standing in her lawn.

    "Tim? What are you doing here?", Lydia said slightly bending over the window and sticking her neck out.

    "Shit! Wrong house.", Timothée mumbled to himself.

    Lydia: What? I can't hear you. Wait, I'm coming down.

    "No, you don't... have to", Timothée said but Lydia was already gone. He saw the porch light turned on and then the front door opened up. Lydia came out and closed the door behind her. Tim went to the porch to talk to her.

    Timothée: Hey! I'm really sorry if I woke you up.

    "No it's fine. I wasn't sleeping", Lydia said covering herself up with an oversized woolen shrug. "What's up? What are you doing here so late?"

    Timothée: Umm... I- I... Ryan once told me that he-- he lives here. It was so long ago. I must have messed up with the house number.

    Lydia kept looking at him, waiting for him to finally answer what she actually asked.

    "I'm sorry. The thing is that -- umm... Ryan and I, we uhh, we were supposed to meet tonight. He said that you two had something else to do first. We decided to meet after that. I waited for him but he didn't showed up so, I just came to see if he was okay.

    "That's so sweet of you to drop by to check on him. He lives next door", Lydia said pointing towards Ryan's house.

    "Right! Well, thank you for that. It was lovely meeting you again", Timothée said and turned back to go to Ryan's place.

    Lydia: Tim! I-- I don't think you should go in there right now. He had a rough day, a rough week actually. He hasn't really been sleeping quite well.

    Timothée looked worried after hearing that so Lydia said, "But he will be all right. You can talk to him tomorrow"

    Timothée: Are you sure that he is all right?

    Lydia: I hope so. He is just having nightmares.

    Timothée: Right! Was he... Did he looked upset about anything today?

    Lydia: No. I don't think so. Nothing in particular. Why do you ask?

    Timothée: Just asked in general. I should go now.

    "What happened to your car?", Lydia enquired as she saw the broken headlights.

    Timothée: Oh, it's-- it's nothing. I just had a little accident after school.

    Lydia: An accident! Are you hurt?

    "I don't know. I might have sprained my shoulder a bit. It's hurting a little", Tim said as he stretched his neck a little to the left.

    Lydia opened the door and said, "Get in". Timothée was surprised for that sudden invitation. He didn't understood what was happening.

    "What are you staring at? Get in. There's no way you are driving in this condition. Storm is about to hit and if you can brake those headlights in broad daylight, do you really want to take chances with your limbs and your pretty face when it's completely dark and snowing? Besides, Ryan will kill me if something happened to you on my watch!",

    Timothée: Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to be a trouble.

    Lydia: It's a big house Hiddleston. Not as big as the senator's house, I believe but I won't even know that you are here.

    "Well, if that's the case, you should really think about getting some security", Timothée smirked.

    Lydia: It's very funny Tim. Now get your exotic ass in there. Not everyone is insomniac. I need to sleep.

    "How did you... Uhh! Never mind. Of course he told you", Timothée said in an irritated tone as he got in. Lydia followed him and locked the door behind.

    "You have a lovely house", Timothée said as he picked up some books from the couch and placed them on the table to make some space for him to sit. "Way too many books but I guess, that's how every nerd's house must look like. See, I haven't been to many"

    Lydia: Oh, these are for a side project that Ryan and I were doing.

    Timothée: That's interesting. Do you need any help with it?

    Lydia: No. No no. We dropped it. It was getting exhausting. Anyways, that's the kitchen, if you need anything, and right there to your left is the guest room. You can sleep there. It has an attached washroom.

    Timothée: Fancy!

    Lydia: Make yourself at home. Oh, and there's a first aid kit in the cabinet. You'll find a pain relief spray for your shoulder. Use it if it's still hurting. You'll feel better.

    Timothée: Thank you. I really appreciate it. Now, I think you should go get some sleep. After all, you are not an insomniac.

    "Touché!", Lydia smiled.

    "Goodnight Lydia", Timothée said as he got up to go to the guest room.

    "Goodnight Tim", she said and walked away.

    Timothée lied down on the bed and started thinking about everything that happened earlier. His argument with Leah, Ryan listening them talking and then the bright light were all just flashing in front of his eyes. He had no idea how much of it Ryan actually heard and that was bothering him a lot. He then told himself that whatever it is that he heard or saw back in the Limbo will just help him in explaining his part and making Ryan believe in all this crazy stuff. It calmed him a little. He closed his eyes and sighed before saying, "Leah? Are you there?"

    Leah was pacing to and fro in her room, trying to muster up some courage to go and knock on the door she was about to knock on earlier that day before Ryan accidentally summoned her and Timothée to some alternate reality. She heard Timothée calling out to her but she decided not to respond. She was tired of all the melts and nightmares.

    "I know you can hear me. It's okay. You don't have to respond. I just wanted to apologize for what I said earlier. Whatever happened today with Ryan, it... it wasn't your fault. I should have given you a status update when you called out to me a couple days ago and I should have already told him everything. I know that a lot is at stake right now and all this is so new to you. You are probably still adjusting to all these sudden intrusions in your thoughts, all these strange voices in your head but it will get better. You are already doing so much better than me and Ryan. And about telling Owen that you are the last activated empath for the trio, I know it's difficult but Leah, you are a strong girl. You'll figure something out. I'm already so proud of everything you've done so far, how you are handling all this. Don't overthink it. Just tell him. I'll explain everything to Ryan the moment I see him tomorrow. We both have waited so long for this. Let's get this over with now. Try sleeping, if you can. Good night", Timothée said as he closed his eyes.


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  • crossroadkid 1w

    The root

    The way you are is just that way
    You shouldn't be afraid to stay
    Or to make it go away
    You may call upon the roots
    And with it comes the spirits shoots
    They dwell within your toes and hands
    Speak right, and the spirit hears commands
    They will hark unto the request
    As long as you do try your best
    Gather dirt from the correct place
    And bury the bag without disgrace
    Come back when seven days go by
    And you shall feel a Stark reply
    Your answers come so swift and course
    They ride upon the darkest horse
    It takes alot to learn the root
    But with practice you will aim to shoot

  • crossroadkid 1w

    The love spell

    I cleansed myself today
    In the shower, said your name
    I asked the curse to be removed
    Things will never be the same
    See I know what you were doing
    That night you lit the candle
    All the fake applauds and wooing
    It was more than I could handle
    So you cast a love spell on me
    And boy did I resist
    May the residual now haunt thee
    I've sent it back, and I'll persist
    Love spells can be dark
    When you hate the one who's cast
    And it has even left a mark
    One that I will not let last
    So I did a big reversal
    Of the spell you placed on me
    It's definitely personal
    Soon you'll be the one who pleads