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    Happy father's day

    Happy father's day to all the amazing fathers out there.

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    Forever apart we shall stay.
    And distance, oh the enemy of all that wants to love and cherish, shall keep ripping our hearts in immeasurable pain.

    And in the end. All the love. absolutely invain.

    Thrown in to the void of complete misery.

    Cus we'll never be able to meet.

    A deep stabbing wound in your heart. It will be.
    And for ever an ache you shall complain of somewhere deep within.

    You'll want to die.
    But a merciless force will keep you alive.
    Only to rot in the deep aches and wounds of the abnormality, called, oh so sadly, the broken heart.

    There would a way to puke it all out.
    Maybe one day.
    But that shall only happen if you cut off the part of your heart that makes you bleed so hard.
    And choose to leave that rotten wound behind.
    Then only peace. Shall you find.
    For mine, is also a tormented mind.
    That will eat you alive.

    So i will say.
    Burn that bleeding part of your heart all down.
    To the very ground.
    And if there's any ashes left.
    Don't you ever look back at them.
    For only an old aching memory of a stabbing deep wound that never seemed to go away.
    Will find you. In misery again.
    So forget me.
    As if i never existed.
    In the first place.

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    Tune sikhaya jeene ka maqsad,
    Tune sikhaya hai tere bina mera wajood bhii,♥️
    Banana chaha hai humesha mujhko aisa,
    Jo khush rhe tere sath bhi tere na hone ke bawajood bhii

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    Timothée: You think that I can read your thoughts.

    "How do you...", Ryan was confused.
    "That's because I can", Timothée interrupted. "And so can you. And so can Leah"

    Ryan: Leah? How do you know her? Wait, you were the friend she was talking about last night?.

    Timothée: Yes. Um... You promised not to interrupt. Just listen, okay! I-I know it's all so messed up already and I know you've been through a lot. Trust me, I hate to be the one telling you this when you are already in so much pain but it won't stop until you know the truth. You need to face it. I've been there and it takes time but it gets easier once you have some explanation.

    Ryan: Tim, slow down. What are you talking about? You are not making any sense.

    "You said that when you saw me in that camp for the first time, you felt like you've known me forever. I felt that too and that's because we have known each other since we were kids. We already had so many shared memories and emotions when we first saw each other and that's what made us feel connected. God, I-I don't know how to explain all this to you", Timothée sighed. "Okay, here it is. You, me, Leah, we are Empaths. Not just any Empaths but 'The Empath trio'. There have been so many of us before us. At least, that's what Owen said"

    "Hold on. How do you know Ow... I'm such an idiot. Of course, you know him. You are the senator's son", Ryan interrupted again.

    Timothée: Well, yes but that's not the point here. Please just listen. I know you are trying to avoid this but deep down you've always known that you are different. You've felt it way too many times to just brush it off. We can read minds, we share dre.. uh, nightmares. Last night, when you were in a session with Dr Thomas, you accidentally called out to our subconscious minds in Purgatory.

    "I-I ... I- umm don't know what you are talking about. I don't remember anything from last night", Ryan was starting to freak out. His heart was racing and he was having a hard time breathing. He felt everything falling apart. Everything that he was running from for so long was not just catching up with him but hitting him right in the face, all at once and his mind was still not ready to break down the wall between all the painful memories and accept it.

    Timothée: Hey, I know you are scared. I was too. And I know you don't want to remember it but there's one thing that I know you still remember. Your first nightmare, when was it?

    Ryan: I was five.

    Timothée: What was it?

    "I-I don't know. I don't remember", Ryan had tears in his eyes and he looked away to hide it.

    "Hey Ryan, look at me. I know you remember. I know it's scary and painful but if you want these nightmares to stop, if you want to get better, you have to face it. You have to accept the truth. I want you to do this for your mom, for Lydia, for me, but most importantly for yourself", Timothée said as he placed his hand on Ryan's shoulder.

    "Yes. Okay", Ryan said wiping the wetness from under his eyes. "I saw a little girl. She.. um.. she was drowning". Ryan said with a suffocating, breaking voice. He took a deep breath, cleared his throat and continued. "She was scared. She- she was in so much pain. She couldn't breathe and then I felt like I was in the water with her, drowning and coming back to the surface and drowning again. I felt her pain. I was- I was scared. I wanted to help her. I tried helping her but I couldn't", Ryan sniffled. "Sorry. Uh... I kept screaming her name so that someone could hear me and come to help her. It felt like I knew her. It still feels likes I knew her. Her name was..."

    "Adeline", "Adèle", Timothée and Ryan said together, respectively.

    "How do you...", Ryan said and looked at Timothée. He had tears rolling down his eyes. "Hey, are you okay?"

    "What? Yes, yes I'm- I'm fine. It's just, um... I used to call her that", Timothée said stifling a cry.

    Ryan: You knew her?

    Timothée: She uh, she was my sister. She drowned in our swimming pool when she was three years old.

    "God, I'm so sorry Tim. I had no idea", Ryan said as he held his hand.

    Timothée: A night before she died, I had a nightmare. I saw her drowning in that pool. I woke up scared and I was crying. Mom came in and she tried her best to calm me down but I only stopped crying when Adèle came in crawling into my room. I still remember that the moment I saw her, I jumped out of my bed and I hugged her so tight that she started crying. I-I... Ah, that day I kept following her everywhere she went. I just didn't want to let her out of my sight because I was scared that she might get hurt. Later that evening, dad was out for some work and mom was in the backyard. Adèle was playing in her crib and I was sitting near her crib, just watching her. I don't know how and when I fall asleep but when I woke up, she was not in her crib. I immediately ran out to the pool and I-I saw her, I saw her drowning. She was struggling and I couldn't do anything to help her. It was wet and I slipped into the pool. I started screaming and crying. Mom heard me and she came running but it was too late for Adèle. She was gone. I kept dreaming about her drowning in that pool for weeks until I was too afraid to sleep. I still dream about her when I fall asleep sometimes. That nightmare was the first thing we shared.

    Ryan went into a flashback to the night of Dylan's accident when he saw the accident before it happened.

    //Lydia: Ryan, you are not even trying to understand what I am saying right now. Honestly, I didn't even saw that coming. I thought we were friends. I'm sorry but I can't accept this. It will ruin our friendship and after my parents, I seriously can't afford to lose you too. Ryan? Hey, can you hear me? Ryan? What is happening? Talk to me.

    Ryan felt his vision getting blurred. He could barely hear what Lydia was saying when it went completely dark for a fraction of a second and then he saw Dylan. He was driving his friends home after the party. Sybill, Dylan's girlfriend turned on the music and Conan, who was sitting on the back seat stuck his neck out between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat to turn the volume up. They were just having fun until Esther decided that she wanted to drive. She started messing around and bugging Dylan to let her drive. He turned back for a second to ask her to stop and a Llama came out of nowhere. Dylan tried to save it but lost control over the steering wheel and the car rammed into another car that was coming from the opposite direction.
    Ryan fell to the ground and went unconscious.//

    "I'm really sorry for your loss but it- it might have just been a coincidence", Ryan said barely keeping himself from falling apart. "I-I can't. I can't just accept that what you are saying is all true".

    Timothée: Hey, I know what you mean.

    Ryan: No-No. Uhh, no you don't. If all this is true, then it would mean that...

    Timothée: No it doesn't.

    "That I let him die", Ryan continued pretending that he didn't hear what Timothée said.

    Timothée: It wasn't your fault. Just listen to me. Hey, there was nothing you could have possibly done even if you knew it was going to happen. There wasn't enough time.

    "How do you know that? You were just a kid when it happened to you and your little sister. Of course, there was nothing you could have done to save her but I- I- I'm an adult. I could have done something", Ryan was now crying.

    Timothée: I'm sorry.

    Ryan: Just leave me alone. Please.

    Timothée: I can't. I'm sorry. I know you need some time to process it all but I can't leave you alone in this condition

    Ryan: What do you mean you can't?

    Timothée: Ryan. It's- it's not that simple. Okay. I- I... Ugh, there's more to all this. And I will tell you everything when you are ready.

    Ryan: I didn't asked for it. I didn't asked for any of it. Why is it even happening?

    Timothée: I know. Neither of us did. But it's already happening and we can't stop it. All we can do is train ourselves, get better at it, gain some control and play our part in all this madness.

    Ryan: What makes you think that I'll ever be ready?

    Timothée: I know you. I know you will be ready soon to take it all head-on because it involves Lydia too.


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    What did you say
    I saw it today
    I’m your sly way
    Narcissist sway
    I walked away
    Turned today
    Away from the grey
    looming clouds of May

    Why so cruel
    That’s what you do
    Use words to cut too
    Long slashes, those are new
    It was only a few
    We both knew
    Long lost the queue
    Gone puff, now blue

    Do you think of us
    It’s my must
    Sadness cussed
    Recessed among us
    Don’t put up a fuss
    Nothing, no us
    Separation no trust
    Leading to no lust

    A proper “fuck you.”
    That’s when I knew
    The feelings, no clue
    Lost in deep blue
    How’s that his view
    Was it so terrible too
    For me it was endurance
    Because you were my dearest.

    Not anymore!


  • atwistedword 1d


    What did you say
    I saw it today
    I’m your sly way
    Narcissist sway
    I walked away
    Turned today
    Away from the grey
    looming clouds of May

    Why so cruel
    That’s what you do
    Use words to cut too
    Long slashes, those are new
    It was only a few
    We both knew
    Long lost the queue
    Gone puff, now blue

    Do you think of us
    It’s my must
    Sadness cussed
    Recessed among us
    Don’t put up a fuss
    Nothing, no us
    Separation no trust
    Leading to no lust

    A proper “fuck you.”
    That’s when I knew
    The feelings, no clue
    Lost in deep blue
    How’s that his view
    Was it so terrible too
    For me it was endurance
    Because you were my dearest.

    Not anymore!


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    मोहवते मज तुझे ते रूप सावळे
    डोईवर सुरेख ते मोरपीस डुले

    सावळ्या रंगाची तुझ्या मज लागली ओढ
    तुझ्या नावापुढे आता तरी माझेही नाव जोड

    अधिर होते मन माझे तुझ्या बासरीचे सूर ऐकून
    मी पण थिरकते त्या तालावर बेधुंद होऊन

    गोकुळाची मी एक गवळण सख्या रे
    घे समजून माझ्या वेड्या मनास रे

    घे तू जरा विसावा यमुनेच्या तिराकाठी
    आज मलाही वाजवू दे बासरी फक्त तुझ्यासाठी
    ~ऋचा निलिमा

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    They got into Ryan's room and Ryan locked the door from inside.
    Timothée: How are you feeling now?

    Ryan: Never been better. Why do you ask?

    "Oh, I came here last night and accidentally knocked on Lydia's window. It was embarrassing", Timothée said with a soft laugh. "Anyways, she told me that you've been having trouble sleeping again".

    "How can someone be so perfect?", Ryan asked himself. He wasn't paying attention to what Timothée was saying. It was just like when they were sitting on that tree two years ago when Ryan kissed him and later made a complete fool of himself by falling into the lake. He couldn't stop thinking about that kiss and Timothée knew that. He could feel Ryan's heart palpitating. "Kiss him. Just kiss him. No, don't. Why does it feel like he can hear my thoughts every time he is around. Just think about something else. Anything but that kiss. Sandwich? Pizza? Oh, come on. Why do I have to be the one to kiss you first? Just kiss me", Ryan was struggling with his thoughts and Timothée could hear it all. He couldn't stop himself from laughing.

    Timothée: Fair point.

    "What?", Ryan was petrified. He was so confused if Timothée heard his thoughts or was he actually speaking out loud and not thinking.

    Timothée held Ryan's face with his right hand and Ryan froze. That touch sent tremors along his nerves. It felt so familiar. He has waited for it long enough that he thought he wouldn't even be able to recognise it if he ever felt it again. Ryan looked straight into his eyes as his heart started beating faster and faster. He felt like it was going to come out of his chest any minute. Timothée started slowly leaning towards him and Ryan stopped breathing. He looked at his lips and closed his eyes. He felt Timothée's soft breath getting warmer and warmer as he came closer. Ryan's soul melted away only to blend into Timothée's the moment he felt the sweetness of his parted lips gently touch his like a feather. Ryan took a deep breath and soaked himself in that moment as their breaths mixed up and made clouds full of hope and dream. He placed his arms around him and finally felt the wetness as Timothée kissed him, first gently, carefully and then deeply until Ryan was breathless. They memorised each other's soul with the pressure on their lips. Ryan started to move towards his bed carefully but firmly holding Timothée and Tim moved along. They reached near the bed but Ryan slipped on the carpet and fall on the bed as he was moving backwards. "God, I'm such an idiot! I ruined it again", Ryan said as he watched Timothée laugh at his clumsy ass. "No you are not and no you didn't", Timothée replied as he sat on the bed, helped Ryan get up and gave him a final peck. "You are perfect"

    Ryan: You are right. It's all these stupid carpets.

    "Right. Stupid, stupid carpets. They should be banned", Timothée said barely controlling his laughter.

    Ryan: I'm sorry for last night. I swear I didn't stood you up on purpose.

    "Hey, hey. I know you didn't mean to", Timothée said carefully holding his hand. "Ryan, umm... we need to talk. There's something that I've been trying to tell you for quite some time"

    Ryan: Yes, we do need to talk but I'll go first. I don't know if you feel the same way but those forty days in that camp with you was the best time of my life and it's weird, good, addictive weird what I feel when I am around you and I can't explain it in words. I am not used to feeling this way about someone and it scares me. You might think that I am crazy but the first time I saw you, I felt like I have known you my entire life. Like I have known the person you are, the real you, not the one you pretend to be when you are around others. You were like a voice in my head and that day gave a face to that voice. So, I know when you are suffering. I know when you are lying.

    "I-I don't know where you are going with this", Timothée interrupted him.

    Ryan: That day in the swimming pool...

    "Ryan. I'm fine. Seriously, I'm fine", Timothée interrupted again.

    Ryan: No you are not. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it right now but just stop lying. I am sorry for shouting at you that day. I shouldn't have done that. But, you - you bring out a part of me that freaks me out.

    "I was in the field for soccer practice late at night. A big match was coming up and I had to make my team win to get into Princeton. I wasn't getting much rest and I guess my brain was tired. It was dark and I thought I saw something and I freaked out, lost control and fall. Some kids were camping nearby and one of them found me. I was unconscious so they rushed me to a hospital and when I woke up, the doctor told me I fractured a bone in my leg. They said I can't play for at least a year. That day, in the swimming pool, I-I was doing my regular exercise as my therapist asked me to. Even the simplest ones were taking too much effort. I was just frustrated", Timothée sighed.

    Ryan: I'm sorry about Princeton. I know how much that school meant to you but it's in the past now. Tim, you-- you have to let it go. I can help you with the exercises if you want.

    Timothée: I have to tell you something. I have already delayed it for so long and I don't think we can afford to put it on hold for any longer. Just promise me you will listen without interrupting me.

    Ryan: I promise I won't interrupt. What is it?

    -Pakhi ✍️

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    ------------------ [Part-1] ------------------

    Timothée was standing in front of Ryan's house. He was having second thoughts but he finally got himself to knock on the door.
    Paige was reading a book and Ryan was sitting on the dining table, eating sandwiches that Lydia left for him.

    "I'll get it", Paige said as Ryan was about to get up to open the door. She removed her glasses and got up. Ryan went back to eating.

    "Mornin' Mrs Finch. Is Ryan home?", Timothée said as Paige opened the door.

    Paige: Good morning love. And who might you be?

    Timothée: Oh, where are my manners. Sorry. I'm Timothée Hiddleston. Ryan's, umm... Ryan's friend.

    "Oh, the same 'boy friend' that made him sandwiches I suppose", Paige said teasing him.

    "I guess, that would be me", Timothée answered in an embarrassed tone.

    Paige: That's a really sweet gesture. Come in. He is inside. And call me Paige. Mrs Finch makes me feel old.

    Timothée: You are joking right? You look so young. If I haven't met you in this house, I wouldn't even be able to tell that you are a mother of 21 years old.

    Paige: Oh come on. You don't have to butter me. I'm already in your team. Save some for Ryan.

    "Yes ma'am", Timothée said as he got in.

    Ryan was at the last bite of his first sandwich when he saw Timothée in his house.

    Timothée: Oh, so you did got the sandwiches. I thought Lydia ate them all by herself.

    Ryan stopped chewing and tried swallowing the whole thing down immediately. He got up, gently coughed as the food got stuck in his throat, drank some juice to get it down trying to make it less embarrassing, only to stumble on the carpet right at his first step towards Timothée.

    Paige: Careful honey.

    "Every time", Timothée mumbled with a gentle chuckle.

    "Sorry. I'm... I'm okay", Ryan said to Paige in a croaky voice. "Tim, what are you doing here? I thought you were in school"

    Timothée: I was. But then Lydia told me that you were up. So, I thought I should come and check on you.

    Paige: Aww. Aren't you the sweetest!

    Timothée: Hey, can we talk?

    "Sure. W- what is it?", Ryan was very uncomfortable talking to Timothée in front of his mom.

    Timothée: Umm, I was hoping we could maybe talk in private.

    Ryan looked at Paige and said, "Oh, yes. I'm sorry. We can talk in my room". He started walking upstairs and Timothée followed him. "Don't lock the door", Paige shouted from behind with a big, cheeky smile to tease Ryan.

    "Mom!", Ryan said in an irritated tone and stared at Paige. "We won't if you promise not to peak", Timothée replied with an infectious smile.

    Ryan was shocked at Timothée's reply. He looked at him and then at his mom, waiting for her to say something even more inappropriate. "I like this one. Keep him", Paige said.

    Ryan: Ugh, I don't even want to be a part of this childish behaviour.

    Paige: Come on. Live a little.

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    His Lips

    How beautifully sad-
    The scar on your lips I so often kissed; resonating with the one in my heart now.

    Stella Chongtham 🖤
    2nd June 2021

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 4d

    I watch them hate me

    I watch them hate me
    Slowly it turns so dark
    Just like how flowers wither
    That I stare at till the dawn

    I know that I should walk away
    But I just wanna stay
    I don't know why
    And no one was by my side

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 4d


    Its hard to let go 
    Let go of the people you dearly love
    when they clearly don't ..

    It's hard to not think 
    To not think about them all the time 
    When they don't..

  • crossroadkid 5d

    Explore my soul

    My body is a temple
    A cave to be explored
    Within it, sacramental
    A soul to be adored

  • gunjankhandelwal 5d

    Sometimes love just need

    An amount of concentration and privacy,
    A time where partners don't
    flaunt their relationship,
    It needs time to understand
    thousand emotions running in mind,
    With thousand thoughts
    related to each other,
    It needs patience to understand
    each other's thinking, liking,
    disliking for a particular thing,
    And a feeling to not give up
    on each other so easily because of anything.

  • dreamer_4 1w

    To someone i love.

    Oh hey dear..
    If i ever said I loved you..
    I can swear.. that no..
    It wasn't a lie..
    Cus you..
    Yes. You.
    Are always on my mind.
    Yes. My cold heart.
    Did rip you apart.
    Was not my intention.
    I hope you know.. atleast that.
    And you've been kind to me.
    So gentle.
    That even the petals of rose..
    Paid you respect..
    Today in the morning..
    While i gazed at them..
    And dear.
    You flow in my heart..
    Like one gentle brook.
    Soothing every heat
    And crude frustration of just being.
    And if I'm ever to lose you.
    About which you asked..
    If I'd remember you.
    To that i say.
    You will be.
    Always will be.
    In my heart somewhere.
    You will be remembered
    As a gentle breeze.
    Who made me feel peace..
    For the first time..
    In a real human being.
    And for you..
    Even though we may indeed part ways..
    I only hope to say..
    You deserve to find.. all the happiness..
    That this world and beyond has to offer..
    Cus trust me.. my saviour..
    You're a beautiful being..
    With a heart like no one else's..
    And if we're ever meant to say goodbye..
    Know that.. I'll always greet you with a hi.
    If we ever cross paths again..
    I'll look at you and smile..
    Though i never wish you and i..
    Ever let go of each others' hand..
    But if my sweet darling..
    If.. that ever happens..
    Know that.. I'll wait for another lifetime.
    To be with you again..
    Only if.. you'd be okay with giving me a lil bit of space.. alongside you.
    You can choose to stay.. if you will.
    For i will not force you.. if there's ever a better mate, you find.
    I'd still atleast be your friend.. if you'd ever like to keep me around..
    And yes.. it seems somehow..
    I've always managed to be the one..
    Doing all the taking..
    But i can only promise..
    That i hope to stay..
    To now do the giving.
    To shower you with bliss.
    And peace.
    No more pain.. shall you find with me.
    And i know.. your heart has been broken so many times too..
    And it longs to feel some peace now..
    And my dear..
    Yes, it is indeed about time that you felt it too.
    And i want you to know..
    I'll always be here from now on..
    As a reason to soothe your aching heart..
    Taking away the pain..
    And filling your heart with comfort..
    Not more pain.
    So if you ever feel pain..
    Please show that wound to me..
    I promise i will heal it..
    Not make it bleed..
    Like i did.
    But i swear it on my soul.
    I'll be the barrier that stands against all the hurt..
    From now on..
    And behind which you can rest..
    In peace.
    So please.. don't let go..
    Of me. Of life. Of hope.
    Cus yes. I know it's been cruel.
    So very cruel.
    And i.. hurt you even more..
    But.. if you can..
    Then please..
    Entrust me with your heart once again..
    And I promise to keep it safe..
    Atleast this one last time.

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1w

    Rose in a vase

    There lies the beauty
    So bright and red
    Kept on the table
    In a vase that was covered with thread...

    It was lying there
    As if it was dead
    Even though the water was supplied
    It'll live less than it originally can..

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1w

    As time passes by

    The snow melts away
    slowly as the temperature rises
    we can see the grass beneath
    as time passes by..
    My feelings for you
    are melting
    away from my life
    as time passes by..


  • ukhanna 1w

    Parents often say things so abruptly and harshly, and this go unnoticed by everyone of how much damage it is causing to the child or teen or even an adult. They justify themselves that they love their child and they are doing it for their good . I know you might say that this is not the truth and our parents love us but I know they do but trust me , not all the families are the same , and all the children who are bearing this out their keeping their senses shut and living in the guilt of being a burden to their family just because they are constantly told this.
    We have to keep a vision for good parenting and should be more aware of how the child is feeling rather than paying attention to justifications and promises of the parent. Just think about a child or teen or adult who is neglected and blamed and abused for family problems without even knowing about it. I don't want any child to go through this ...pls, if you can help ,do help. Don't think that it's a personal matter, again focus on the child first and then talk to parents . Most of the toxic parents are supposed to not accept. So in that case help the child to get away from all this negative stuff.

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    For a few crumbs of now,
    I was asked to pay forever
    A forever
    Of what I hold ,

    And in the degraded list
    of unconscious givers
    A lonely spot
    I owed.

  • atwistedword 1w


    Starships are meant to fly
    Fly far up into the sky
    Not going to return, you know why
    Because there's so much to learn way up high

    Up into the heavens I will soar
    What is it I want, I don't know anymore
    I've been called many things, but not a whore
    Wanted love but not anymore

    Just want to be alone trekking through the stars
    I think I'll venture onto Mars
    Then I'll surely find a cause
    For my sadness on Earth that was

    But up high in the sky
    Happiness abounds and you know why?
    I'm strong, don't need a guy
    Best life give it a try

  • pakhi1738 1w

    �������������� ������ ������������


    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    She was sitting in the classroom when her phone started vibrating. "Hey, look who is up! How are you feeling?", Lydia said as he picked up the phone.

    Ryan: Ahh! I have a sore neck, probably because I overslept. Rest is fine. Hey, were you in my room earlier?

    Lydia: I was just checking on you. What happened?

    Ryan: Oh! Nothing. I just... Never mind. Lyds, do you remember everything that happened last night?

    Lydia: Yeah! What part?

    Ryan: There was this blonde girl in Dr Thomas's office. Blue eyes, probably 15, told me that her name was Leah. Does that ring any bell?

    Lydia: You mean the teenager who stared at me as if I stole her boyfriend a night before prom? Yeah, I remember her.

    Ryan: She did what now? Anyways, she... She knew my name and she said something to me last night before she left. It was weird. I had a feeling like I know her but I had never seen her before last night.

    Lydia: That's weird... And creepy. What did she say?

    Ryan: Tell your friend, we have to meet or it's time that we meet, all three of us or something. I don't exactly remember. There's something else.

    Lydia: What else and why are we even talking about her? She's probably just some lunatic.

    Ryan: Lyds, she did the same thing with me what Owen did last night. That I'm here but I'm not here thing.

    Lydia: You mean that she was astral projecting? Do you think that she's a winged one?

    Ryan: Well, what other possible explanation can there be for what she did? And maybe, she knows about Owen. Maybe he is the friend she was talking about last night. I mean, he was missing for months and then he showed up and the same night she showed up. It can't all be just a coincidence.

    Lydia: Hey, hey! Just slow down okay! Ryan, umm... You were not yourself last night. Are you sure that that's what you saw?

    Ryan: Seriously? Lyds, I was completely in my senses when I saw that girl. I might not remember what happened during the session but I do remember her.

    Lydia: Paige invited me for dinner tonight. We can talk about it after that. Until then, promise me you won't think about it.

    "Good morning miss Roden. Is this seat taken?", Timothée came in and asked Lydia while she was talking to Ryan.

    Ryan: Who's that?

    Lydia: It's... It's Timothée.

    Ryan: Of course he took literature. I have to go now. See you tonight.

    "See you tonight", Lydia said as she disconnected the call. She immediately turned to Timothée and said, "No Mr Hiddleston. This seat is not taken. And... I know that you are the mystery chef from The Grills"

    Timothée: What now?

    Lydia: Oh, don't try to act smart with me. I'm smarter than you. My taste buds remember everything I eat.

    "I still don't know what you are talking about", Timothée took a minute to connect the dots and continued, "Oh, you are talking about the sandwiches. No, that's my granddad's recipe. He used to work at The Grills before he got sick. The chef that works there now has his recipe"

    Lydia: That makes sense. And, I'm... I'm sorry for your loss. I heard he passed away last week.

    Timothée: Thanks.

    Lydia: Were you two close?

    Timothée: Yeah! I mean, we used to hang out a lot. He used to make pancakes and sandwiches every weekend. We used to go on long walks and sit outside the house every time it was raining.

    "Hey, Was that Ryan on the phone?", He said after a little pause.

    Lydia: Yes, it was him.

    Timothée: Is he not coming?

    Lydia: Oh, he umm... He -- he just overslept. It's better if he stays at home for a couple of days and just rests.

    "That's not good", Timothée murmured as he got up with his bag.

    Lydia: I'm sorry. What was that? I couldn't hear you.

    "It's, ugh!... It's... It's nothing. I just need to talk to him about something", Timothée said as he started moving towards the door.

    "But it's snowing out there. It's not... safe to drive", Lydia shouted behind him.

    Timothée was about to cross the door and leave the classroom when Miss Beatrice, their literature teacher came in. They almost collided.

    Miss B: Watch where you are going young man!

    "Good morning Miss B. I'm so sorry but I've got. See you next week", Timothée said without even giving her a chance to say something.

    "Oh, I will see you next week and you better get your ass in here with a logical explanation Mr Hiddleston", Miss Beatrice shouted.


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