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  • poet_tife 3w


    Hello sweet, what do I say to the sweet sunny sun goddess?
    How do we say the pink-ish hibiscus calls the Bee?
    How does the moon stay with its focus up there?
    How does the lips lurks perfectly in there?
    How does the ocean tide never misses its paths?
    How does the earth never cease to breath?

    Hello sweet, how does the dose of true love never doze off the heart?
    How does those beautiful lips keeps refreshing goodies?
    How does the windy wind makes the trees claps?
    How does the deserts deserts the valiant men into the den of death?
    How does time keeps ticking in and away memories?

    Hello my sweet, till you find answers to this riddles then you know why I love you.

  • poet_tife 5w


    People are like a stray aim from the axis of the deserted!
    Mounted steadily by two fingers of a mighty archer,
    Colliding with a stake of a baobab;
    Thrusting through the vesicles!
    They come with a price,
    Yet they change like a dice!
    They come around with the scheme of faith
    Then burst out like weakling who falls and faint.

    People can pray and play!
    Staining your sweet days like a shade on a sheet!
    People can mould you like a clay
    Yet, fire you countlessly to a point of Rubicon
    People can make you fresh or decay
    Deduce their interest from afar
    People are what makes you who you are
    The cargo isnt like the regular ferry
    People are what spice up your moments and days.
    They trigger your cold side,yet can light you up.
    People aren't just the ordinary piece u should throw away.
    For they can leave but their traces will forever be salient.

  • poet_tife 15w


    I still see your dazzling face in the morning light
    I just hope you don't hide or fade away
    For I straddle on the mountain cliffs holding unto your shadows in the darkest night
    You speak so gently of the bustling wind
    Yet I think so high of the moments we look onto
    The realms of thoughts- where words aren't the best expressions
    The cloud of love - where feelings can't fight for their own
    The spot filled with dreams and hope- where joy exist
    Dont run off the track... I keep seeing you!

  • poet_tife 15w


    The shackles of time isnt a mere string to pull away!

  • poet_tife 16w

    LOST (2)

    The distant creaking of the door seem so near,Now I can see a little ray of sunlight casted horizontally beside the door.
    Someone is unbolting the door swiftly,tears are beginning to resurface in my lids- "THIS IS THE END OF ME" I said. The movement and horrible daunting sounds are now getting sharper,suddenly, my sight got something. I saw a dead body one I'm sure just underwent Rigor motis process... His neck is an epitome of perfectly slit one...one could still see the blood droplets whose cells are long dead thick and have by then reached certain angles.
    "How did I get here ?" I asked
    "Hades and his kinsmen brought you here", a distant voice echoed!!!

  • poet_tife 17w


    Now I sit with a dumb head this cold evening,wondering who I want to be;Asking destiny what I wish to see.i find my fingers doodling in the dust beneath. I look so befuddled but optimistic- "TIME SHALL TELL",I said to myself. Suddenly,
    REALITY is dawn on me like a whip on an horse back,like a broken bottle in the feet. Feel like the future emitted rays of perfect comprehension into my head.

    I want to be a Good man, one the human race will meet and love. I want to be your loving friend,because I care so well about you!,I want to be your brother which I feel really matter. I want to sail across the sea to a land of excellence. I want to tack an ever green memory to the walls of your heart, I want to be the figure that will cause my parents to smile, a figure that lends a shoulder and listening ears to my friends; I want to be unique. I want to be a Great creation of GOD! All these are who I want to be.