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  • _devsi_ 1w

    शब्द कोष
    १-एतबार - Trust
    २-ताउम्र- Forever
    ३-हमसफ़र-Life partner
    #devsidev #lovepoem #sepration
    #surabhidevendra #donttrustanyone
    #Mirakee #nomoretogether

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    अब नहीं है मोहब्बत हमारे दरमियाँ
    अब नहीं है मोहब्बत हमारे दरमियाँ
    और नहीं ली है नफ़रत ने जगह,
    नहीं हैं हमें एतबार अब किसी
    पर शायद इसलिए हमने ताउम्र
    के इंतज़ार को अपना हमसफ़र चुन लिया


  • soorya_ajith 1w

    I drove my bike there everyday
    The old bench by the lakeside
    Nature's artistic skills
    Painted it with leaves and vines
    That withered and bloom again
    When the time was right

    I drove my bike there everyday
    As the twilight set in
    Drenching in the soothing warmth of the evening sun
    I awaited her arrival
    The girl
    whose eyes twinkled like the evening sun

    I drove my bike there everyday
    To see her
    To hear her laughter
    To be enchanted by her smile
    She sat in the bench before me
    Reading one of her Agatha Christie's
    Just an arm's length away
    Yet I hesitate each day

    I drove my bike there everyday
    And hesitate to utter her name
    Or tap her shoulder
    Cause I don't know
    If my cold presence will
    Ever be shined by her warmth again
    I don't know
    If she'll want me again
    Like she did once

    I drove my bike there everyday
    Hoping that if there be a chance
    To rewrite our past
    If there be a chance to cuddle her again
    If there be a chance to spoil her with love
    But the scar by her eye
    Crushes it all

    I drove my bike there everyday
    To erase the past
    To destroy the memory of me
    Intoxicated and drunk
    Pushing her angelic hands away
    As she ran to cuddle me
    And reaching for another glass
    As she lay there bleeding
    Hitting her head in the side table
    From my push

    I drove my bike there everyday
    Wanting to show her that i'm sober
    I'm not the wretched soul who hurt her
    I'm not intoxicated by the lowly spirits anymore
    But, how will I tell my princess
    That her dad, who was meant to protect her
    Hurt her and let her bleed?
    How will a dad tell her daughter
    I wasn't there when you wanted me,
    Please forgive me?

    Even though I drove my bike there everyday
    I seldom talk to her
    Fearing that she might stop coming
    I'm happy seeing my angel smile
    From a distance
    I'm happy knowing that i'm not near her
    To harm her again

    #mirakee #poem #poerty #writing

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    I Drove My Bike There Everyday


  • goldenhoney 1w

    Another Spanish poem my loves! 💛
    Translation for my non-Spanish speaking friends 🤗

    Title - Time to move forward
    “Is it possible to fall in love as if it were the first time?
    What will I have to do to get you out of my mind?
    Everyone tells me that the time has come for us to part
    And I know they say that trying to protect me.
    It’s time I stop looking for our happy ending.”

    #poet #poerty #poesia #amor #palabras #corazon #mexico #spanish #españa #spain #español

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    Tiempo De Seguir Adelante

    ¿A caso es posible poderse enamorarse como si fuera la primera vez?
    ¿Que tendré qué hacer para sacarte de mi mente?
    Todos dicen que a llegado el momento de perderte
    Y se qué lo dicen tratando de protegerme.
    Es momento de dejar de soñar en final de pelicula.

  • goldenhoney 1w

    I thought I would write today’s poem in my native tongue, Spanish 💕

    I hope you enjoy! I will include translation for my non-Spanish speaking friends 😊

    Title: Your Ghost
    “You chose her and here I stayed,
    your love turned me insane and for you I waited.
    I loved you like the air loves the sea, I hope that life has not treated you badly.

    I still search for you in every corner of the city.
    My hands search for yours
    And my heart begins beating.
    And like a little girl I begin grinning.
    But I forget that between us there is nothing anymore
    And again my mind remembers that you will never return.”

    #poet #poerty #poesia #amor #palabras #corazon

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    Tu Fantasma

    Tu la elegiste a ella y yo me quede,
    Tu amor me volvío loca y por ti esperé.
    Te amaba como el aire ama al mar
    Espero qué la vida no Te haya tratado mal.

    Todavio Te busco por cada rincón de la cuidad
    Mis manos buscan las tuyas con ansiedad.
    Me recuerdo de ti y mi corazón empieza a latír
    Y como niña pequeña empiezo a sonreír.
    Pero se me olvida qué entre los dos ya no queda nada mas
    Y otra vez mi mente recuerda qué nunca volveras.

  • lavinirala 1w

    रज़ा क्या है?

    आंखें पढ़ो, और जानो हमारी रज़ा क्या है. .

    हर बात लफ़्ज़ों से बयान हो, तो मज़ा क्या है. .

  • sejal__dutta 2w

    She is a sunflower soul
    Every night she dream off his sunlight.

  • _devsi_ 3w


    Every season has it’s story within
    be it summer,winter,autumn,rain or spring,
    So, let’s sit in seasonal roller coaster
    ride & enjoy the happy paradise......
    Summer brings lot of cool shakes to drink,
    Winter bring lot of cold breeze & we all freeze.....
    Autumn say death is not end it’s transitional tweet,
    Rain bring tip-tap sound & muddy puddle to jump around,
    Spring leads to flower’s blooming
    & scattering it’s fragrances all over,
    Each seasons, take us to different memories lane so, let’s enjoy whenever they came.......


  • sejal__dutta 3w

    She - You want to know my story??

    Look into my eyes .
    What you can see?

    He - The ocean overflowed with mysterious poem inside it.


  • _devsi_ 4w

    Twilight shinning....

    Twilight shinning from the sky
    making our love more tender
    & bright,
    Playing together in lanes
    by holding each other hands
    & love winning games.....
    Whose say matches are made
    in heaven together we’ll create one,
    You’ll be my Romeo
    & I’ll be your juielt ,
    I wish our connections
    to remain strong till
    infinity & beyond....


  • themoonandthesun 4w

    A world without books

    A world without books
    Would be like...
    Sketches on a beach
    Sea without water
    Life without beauty

    In a world without books
    We will still live, breathe, eat..
    But would we think, feel, remember
    Would it be like sky without the stars
    Or sun without the light
    Would it be like water without the fish
    Or fish without water

    But I know for sure
    Poetry will still find its way
    As it did years ago
    Like the flow of water
    Shimmer of rain
    Natural, earthly

    A mother will still sing lullabies
    The baby will still babble
    Lover will still compose for his beloved
    Poetry will exist, but not on pages
    In hearts and soul
    We will live, missing something important
    In a world without books
    Perhaps Poetry might compensate
    That What is lost forever.

  • _devsi_ 4w

    If my heart could speak ....

    If my heart could speak,
    It will remisces all those poetry,
    Which, I wrote for you not in front
    of your eyes,
    As, I wanted to hide it from your sight.....

    If my heart could speak,
    It will rewind the time
    Where ,I wanted to prepare
    food for you not,
    As, your lover but as you future wife....

    If my heart could speak
    It will reveal all those memories,
    Which I wish to create with you,
    As, I want you & me to be together,
    & this bond will stay forever.....


  • lavinirala 4w


    आज नहीं तो कल होगा।
    बेटा एक दिन तू भी सफल होगा।।
    मीठा तेरे सबर का फल होगा।
    आज नहीं तो कल होगा।।

  • justwordsby_tha_ra 4w

    I'm sad!
    I'm hurt!
    I'm tired!
    I'm angry!
    I'm broken!
    I'm in tears!
    I'm lying on floor!
    Yet, I'm not lost yet!
    I will rise from ashes!
    I will fly high from same ground,
    That let me down n burned me out!


  • _devsi_ 5w

    Let the ....

    Let the past go,
    As, it’s terminated,
    Let the dark go,
    As, sunshine is spreading
    all around the corners,
    Let the worries be little less,
    As, solutions will be found for
    all the problems,
    Let bygones be bygones,
    Don’t, hold it by your side,
    As, it was meant to happened
    that way and one should not
    keep on regretting for
    rest of his life.....


  • lavinirala 7w

    मुझे पड़ा

    इश्क में इस जिंदगी को जीना मुझे पड़ा
    लेकिन किसी की याद में मरना मुझे पड़ा
    कैसा मुकाम था जिसे छोड़ गए वो तन्हा
    अक्सर उसी जगह पे रोज रोना मुझे पड़ा
    चलिए अब तो मान लें, आप हैं दुश्मन मेरे
    अफसोस है कि यार को ये कहना मुझे पड़ा
    अब ये गुमाँ न रहा कि आईना है दिल मेरा
    टूटकर पत्थर पे ही जब गिरना मुझे पड़ा

  • lavinirala 8w

    A new beginning

    It's only the beginnings now
    A pathway yet unknown
    At times the sound of other steps
    Sometimes we walk alone
    The best beginnings of our lives
    May sometimes and in sorrow
    But even on our darkest days
    The sun will shine tomorrow
    So we must do our very best
    Whatever life may bring
    And look beyond the winters chill
    To smell the breath of spring
    Into each life will always come
    A time to start a new
    A new beginning for each heart
    As fresh as morning dew
    Although the cares of life are great
    And hands are bowed so low
    The stroms of life will leave behind
    The wonder of a rainbow
    The years will never take away
    Our chance to start a new
    It's only the beginning now
    So dreams can still come true

  • qawi_khan 8w

    The Tranquil Stream

    Flow with the tranquil stream sleaking
    Avoid the gush and hounds if heard
    It's always the sunlight abruptly spurred
    But keep your realm a peace circle
    And don't brush the bushes to furl
    the life of green creatures who knit
    the impossible you come here to fit
    Don't panic your anxiety to let fear
    of unknown for nothing to take over
    your grit of impeccable paper heart
    Don't let you to put yourself any dart.
    It's alright here besides of green
    that daunts you with his children
    who live nice if you hadn't made a scream.
    Go to fullest wherever the rift takes you
    Dry, wet or storm and amidst any tiny dew
    You've solicited a genial white of living
    Amidst the waves and growls and girths
    of dull and fear and nexus of final rest
    Glad be you so white prefaced the test.

  • om_presents 9w


    An attack happened.
    And I was hit in the cross fire.
    I remember when it happened.
    And how I felt in that moment.
    Inhaled water sending a shock only understood.
    If it's experienced.
    So don't allow me to waste your time
    With silly rhymes.
    I felt that same shock
    With a blast to follow the next day.
    I just saw her yesterday.
    In the mirror.
    A healthier version
    Of what I am feeling.


  • as_i_speak 9w

    The one who seeks happiness in else misery, is already broken.


  • lavinirala 9w

    खुदा की रहमत में अर्जियां नहीं चलती , दिलों के खेल में खुदगर्जियाँ नहीं चलती........

    चल ही पड़े हैं तो ये जान लीजिए , इश़्क की राह में मनमर्जियाँ नहीं चलती........