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  • manshigupta 14w

    A Part Of Me

    No, I can't let go of my past they were a part of me too.
    Those times, yes, they were depressing, it did give me permanent bruises. It did take away a lot from me but the end of the day they were a part of me. A portion of me that's a chapter to my life.
    You might think why not let it go... cause they caught me what none could, the books I read had a happily ever after but the cruel conspiracy was always hidden.
    I wouldn't be here, still trying to deal with life,
    Solving my problems, crying over unrealistic expectations that I can't deal with.
    A part of me was there in the past. I couldn't and would never wanna forget.
    I might not talk about it anymore yet they were and will be a part of me forever cause they were something I dealt with.