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  • poetsummer 5w

    'I Love You Like There Is No Tomorrow'

    I love you like there's no tomorrow
    With you, my days are ne'er stuffed with sorrow.
    You brighten up my day
    Without even having to mention hey.
    Even though you tousled a couple of times
    I know that you just can forever be mine.
    Seeing you smile
    Makes being with you worthy.
    I think it's very neat
    That once I am with you my heart appears to skip a beat.
    I wouldn't trade you for anyone
    Because I love you far more than a large ton.


  • rightcalling 104w

    #Life #Emotion #Flashback #Feelings #Importance ��
    I had a flashback without any name, but the one who has lived only to satiate to fill all the voids, but he was ever yelled & was never hesitate to mention, such voids shall not be sealed only from the upper surface.

    The best way to be filled them out with the acrylic based polymer prill, there's a peril until there's any void left over & avoid must discover the hidden grill & therefore nothing hasn't yet recover!

    The best motivation lies within the space of our ability to listen.
    One of the best inspirations lies within the space of ​​expertise for listening.

    The best way appears always through proper listening than ever in reading!

    I harbor no desire to circulate my sense in an insecure permit, unless I can articulate my life with a secure �� merit.

    Nothing is worse than to ignore present circumstance & until if there's no proper visualization, then it may tend to engross with the lower intention, even still nobody ever wants to populate them with a bad situation, but inhabit of worry doesn't allow to experience in such fool deformation.

    At the end of the day I got countless reminder on ��⚙️ self-awareness & I forget to think about romance to pair!

    Whenever I felt that I still have too much inability to deal with reality and it became my inspiration at the terminal of the day, I set out once again to figure out what would be the potential in demands to change myself ability, & the remainder is �� think before the end of the day! ��

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  • priyaverma9 105w

    Tujhko gale lagaungi main
    ...Ae zindagi! ��

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    बहुत ख़ूबसूरत हैं अन्दाज़ तेरे..
    हर रंग हर ढंग से मिलती हैं तू..
    समझना नहीं आसान तुझे
    पर जिसने तुझे समझ लिया
    उसके लिए बहुत आसान हैं तू
    जिसने देखा तुझको जिस नज़र से
    उस तरह से मिलती हैं तू
    बहुत उदास रह लिया
    तेरे सुरों को गुनगुनाऊँगी मैं ..
    अब तेरे को मनाऊँगी मैं..
    हर हाल में मुस्कुराऊँगी मैं ,
    तेरा जशन मनाऊँगी मैं ,
    तुझे गले लगाऊँगी मैं..

    ऐ ज़िन्दगी.....!

  • rightcalling 106w

    #lovefriendship #advice to #brokenheart #perfetdate

    Genius avoids hard work to back home early, head with high-capacity hair resembles curly. ��14 & rest was in��

    High capacity hairy heads tend to be curly, it doesn't have relation with curly hair, but they aware of the pair with any unusual care!

    The magic of persistence should be well designed with the existence. 11

    Practice to read the mind before falling asleep with your expansive tears! 12

    It happens a step at a time, let you think along with prime! 13

    The determination is to penetrate, manifest in itself, get the rate over the years! 14

    Don't make excuses to drink the poison, make good reason to believe you're from well-origin. 15

    Why should you want to tie-up with the bitter expectations, alternative better has already been written. 16

    Love grows by giving attention in detail, the character is the river, let review your order revue! 17

    Collection: Bengali #poemswithin
    দুঃখের কথা বলবো কি মা
    তোমায় দেখলে কান্না পায়
    স্বামী আমার ক্ষেতের মজুর
    পূজো এলে ঢাক বাজায়

    শহরে যায় ঢাক নিয়ে সে, পড়ে থাকে প্যান্ডেলে
    ছোট্ট ছেলে কাঁসর হাতে বাপের সাথে যায় চলে

    পূজোর সময় সবাই যখন
    আপনজনের কাছে ফেরে
    পেটের টানে এরাই তখন
    শহরে যায় ঘরকে ছেড়ে

    একা একা ভাবি বসে, কোথায় থাকে কি যে খায়
    শূন্য ঘরে কাজের ফাঁকে এসব ভেবেই কান্না পায়

    আমরা যে মা গরিব বেজায়
    টানাটানির এ সংসার
    একবেলা ভাত, একটা কাপড়
    অনেক কষ্টে হয় জোগাড়

    পূজো এলে খুশির ছোঁয়ায় ভরে ওঠে সবার প্রাণ
    শহর জুড়ে আলোর মালা, বাজে আগমনীর গান

    ঐশ্বর্যের মহৎসবে,
    কেউ কি তাকায় ওদের পানে
    ঢাকি বৌ-এর মনের কথা
    তুমি ছাড়া কেই-বা জানে

    বিশ্বজয়ের হাসি হাসে, ফিরে এসে বাপ বেটায়
    বুকের মাঝে জড়িয়ে ধরে, আনন্দেতেও কান্না পায়

    ...শারদীয় শুভেচ্ছা.....

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  • rightcalling 107w

    Only by eating vegetarian food did I realize that I could cross the road even with closed eyes. I can detect the vibration of objects before crashing with them, since I can protect! No offense with it, what I realized, mentioned!

    William Shakespeare: I am a great eater of beef, and I believe that does harm to my wit. (Self-conscious) ��

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  • rightcalling 107w

    #StruggleStory #yesterday #videos #destroy #illusion��

    Do you like to watch television, which is full of confusion with the representation of pixels, now with the high intention of diverting your eyesight & hoping it won't have any effect, since there is no solution to do so, we interfere more with illusion, so it becomes part of our real confusion. May blessings of God saves you! ����

    #wakemeuplike #poemswithin #simile #intention �� #farewellin10words #nodesire #television ������️����

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  • rightcalling 107w

    My soul is afraid to deal with any kind of physical activity or intimate experience, even with reading, because it has a chance to absorb, this is a highly probable sign towards being spiritual. The flow is being changed! ��

    In other words, we always attract what we love or need.
    #wakemeuplike #poemswithin #simile #intention ��✨ #farewellin9words #yesterday #godsgrace ��️������️��

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  • rightcalling 107w

    #badtime #chatting #flirting #disgusting #karma ��
    Nothing can harm you unless God impressed with their terms.

    I live in the same world, where I have never had a problem to deal with reality or still I have no ability to understand what the problem might look like! ��

    #wakemeuplike #poemswithin #simile #revealed✨�� #yesterday #mondaymantras #karma #godsgrace ��️����️��

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  • rightcalling 107w

    Your behavior reveals in itself how knowledgeable you are to manage with ease and sincerity, without it one goes always its reverse, as they deserve the impurity!

    #wakemeuplike #poemswithin #simile #revealed✨��️ #secret #mondaymantras #freshthoughts #heartfelt ��

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