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    Dead tree God

    Incipient God born
    Lay me down with the rain weeps no more
    Sun scorched earth
    Shadow of the dead tree
    The solitude of life
    For the old Deities decay sanctioned the incipient Deities leeway
    Shape the rat's cage with one hand
    Mead of man
    Sacrifice the last virgin at my alter
    The crops will grow again
    Your faith is the poisons remedy
    Praise me
    Verbalize my designations in whispers as you pray for those unattainable riches
    Do you dote your neighbour's wife
    Integrate years into your life
    The incipient Deities are coming
    The avarice goblet overflows with morbid humanity's woes
    She only moaned once afore
    When the long snake breached her shores


  • isalittlebroken 12w

    Summer Snow

    Strike a match 
    and watch it all burndown.
    Ember fireflies in the cold night.
    Smoke clings to my clothes
    as a lover, I used to know.
    The ash is falling like summer snow.
    My head held low 
    relishing the ashen show 
    The pageantry of wild flames 
    It all comes down 
    burnt to the ground
    Yet ya still don't know my name 
    a crying shame
    it's shame 
    such a shame 
    Fires passions silhouettes
    Whiskey beer cigarettes
    The old generations die 
    and the new generation forgets 
    We once stood for what we thought good
    History dismantled us 
    Word of the victor 
    you must trust 


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    Of all the colors, she chose to be bright yellow
    Vibrant and glowing, like how her heart felt mellow
    She chose to be the sunflower of her garden
    Blooming as high as she could, facing the Eden

    Out of adversities, she grew, she stood tall
    Even in the darkest days , no tempest could make her fall
    She is the sunflower, radiating all the warmth of the sun
    As she faces the sun, she is no longer in shadows and is monotone

    She radiates at times the glistening gold
    When she stands so fierce and bold
    Even when her world sometimes gets black and grey
    Like she is drenched in the downpours of May

    She lingers her sweet scent in the soft breeze passing by
    Like she knows to kiss the sunshine in the September sky
    Oh how only she knew that her beauty is the splendor of eye
    Transcending the first rays of the sun, she knows to glorify

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    The love I have for you
    Is Planted deep in the soil of my soul
    My heart is deeply rooted with yours,
    The love we have for each other
    Goes far beyond the stars, this love is for infinity our love makes
    the sun and moon jealous
    The sky cry’s tears of Envy


  • batulvohra 19w

    Dear Best friend,

    How are you ? It's been a while since we've caught up.
    I call you seeing your missed call from day before but you seem to have forgotten by now why had you called me in the first place.
    Had you really forgotten?
    There was /is something bothering you.. but you brush it off as you walk me thru stories at your workplace.

    There was a time when your name would be on top.. be it insta or WhatsApp
    But now
    Those message take a little longer to turn blue.

    There have been times, when after a bad day , I open your chat and start typing. Only to delete it later. I miss the times when we'd rant or crib to each other without giving much a thought.

    We've come a long way , From just randomly calling , no  matter what hour of day it was, to perfectly scheduling a call.

    I fear the day when those texts just get limited to bday wishes and eventually just stop...

    What if your number Just gets lost amdist many other contacts whom I don't bother to call..

    People say that with time distance seeps in silently and all that you are left with is memories which become fainter as days pass by

    And it scares me.

    Is it so easy to outgrow people?

    Yours truly,

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  • batulvohra 22w

    They aren't mere scars

    They are the proof

    Of pains you've endured
    Of hurdles you've stumbled
    Of fear you've defied
    Of goals you've conquered...



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  • redneckwriter69 24w

    "Dried Love Petals "
    By SkWilliams

    She like a force of nature
    Withering away in ground
    No sun or rain to help
    To dry her eyes that are weak
    Her leaves torn and starting to fade
    And her blooms are dull
    Where is the nurturing
    That made her grow
    Showing pain in every petal
    Straining from all the pain
    Struggling to survive
    Wishing for the rain
    To wash away dried up dirt
    She's buried in so deep
    The sun used to shine
    And she bloomed so lovely
    One day the force of nature
    It took hold made her old
    Dried up and dark
    I only hope it doesnt leave a mark
    Little flower hold on
    The gods of nature are on there way
    You will see your blooms spread
    Wide and far knowing no matter
    Where you are all will see
    The beautiful flower that belongs
    To me ...

  • redneckwriter69 24w

    "Violence but a remembrance of a psychotic fear "

    Memories and nightmares are all that remains
    Time is slowly drifting away with little to no trace
    Your face and anger always I see
    Chasing to erase me from time and mind
    There was strength I once found
    It made me unbind chains wrapped so tight
    All we done was go thru the fight you tore my heart
    Ripped my soul and threw me down
    On this not so merry go round
    The sound of your voice haunts me day and night
    The evil of this sound often is a fright
    Blood stained nightmares is what you left behind
    Forever in my mind they will remain
    Scratches the surface for a short time that seemed forever
    On and on it went drowning my life never seemed to find
    Or how to unwind what turmoil you put me in
    Broken bones and broken bottles,and scratches and scars
    Bruised me as they crushed me as well suspended above my life wondering
    What was in my head ,why I was in this situation
    So severe I could end up dead your magnitude so intense
    Kept me caged and locked inside this world you controlled
    So long wishing for death to take me away
    Just a inch I crumbled each day with each tear
    Wounds cut so deep and bled so much
    I didn't think I could touch the reality of free from you
    So many years and time we're stolen from me
    My breath failed and escape seem not to prevail
    Chilling laughs and hateful eyes behind the deceiving mask
    Thought your were hiding , thought no one would ever find out
    Your hatred for me I never understood
    Wasn't a answer or explanation that described it anyways
    Just control and fear were your weapons
    Often I sit and think back why did this happen
    What was wrong with me to be stuck in hell
    Nothin was the answer , wasn't my fault I had no blame
    You gripped me with torture and agony
    Time and time again
    I don't think one could imagine the severity of this life
    Haven't experienced or been thru ,mine to me was aweful
    Others were way worse , some never made it out alive
    I'm thankful for the strength it took to climb outside
    The shell you had me under , the fear from your breath
    I'm free now living my life , happy and knowing that them boxes had doors
    I found one and escaped from within your hold you had so long
    I'm a woman , a warrior and such
    Strong with unbreakable ties to a strength that carried me
    When I thought I was by myself you was there to see me thru
    Angels among us and unanswered prayers are heard and fufilled
    Sometimes the patience isn't there or hard to find
    Look to the heavens ,sun is shining down
    Ride the rays from the rainbow that came from my tears
    And wiped away all them fears and stood a new heart beating with confidence and clarity like a phoenix from the ashes rose above strong and proud .......

    BySkWilliams ..a.k.a ..


  • redneckwriter69 24w

    Wild Spirits Can't Be Tamed
    By SkWilliams

    Every word that u speak is a lie
    No matter how many times u try
    You push and pry trying to make someone cry
    How many promises you make
    Your words and actions are so fake
    Thinkin u got me scared or needing to hide
    Imagine if you would a world without
    Ur lies, ur abuse or even yelling
    I'm proud of who I am and I'm telling
    The world about u every day and night
    In hope that maybe just maybe it might
    Save a life or inspire maybe just bring
    Ur world to a crumbling mound of dust
    Because when they know the disgust
    U caused pain and u made to suffer a lot
    Yeah I was weak and dumb and not
    To put myself down but to build me up strong
    Cause what I went thru I had a hand all along
    What a wonder it is to feel free
    And just breath and be just me
    You will never understand what you are
    Or even feel sad or sorry or even remorse
    U will live your life and it will take it's course
    Over and over ur cycle will go round
    U can't complete an emotion u do not
    Have at all
    And won't ever make this woman fall
    Because I became whole and loved things
    Strong and wild and and spread my wings
    Flying like I bird that just got out of a cage
    Imagine freedom in a single breath
    But u can't breath nothin but rage
    Emotions of evil words and lied
    Ur soul and heart has already died

  • redneckwriter69 26w

    "The Wall Of Fear"

    Sometimes the wall is my only friend
    It's there when no one else is
    It holds me and my tears
    It comforts me til the end of my sadness
    My tears are flowing more then anyone can help
    I need someone but no one is there
    But the wall it's reached for me
    Let me cry on it and holds my heart
    When it breaks so
    I don't know if I'm gonna make it thru the pain and sadness I'm in
    I pray all the time I never stop
    It's hard to hold on to a promise
    That sometimes takes awhile
    But I try to have faith and hold on
    I talk to god while the wall holds me
    So many tears have been shed
    Storm after storm I have barely
    Been afloat
    When someone gona be the wall
    Be the one who catches my tears
    Hold my heart, hold me ..

  • redneckwriter69 26w

    "Demons of a Monster "

    I can't seem to outrun
    These demons in my head
    I often wonder what it
    Would be like dead
    Away from the judgement
    Of the world and hatred
    Of a heart so badly broken
    Can't deal or function
    Half the time I'm not even here
    I'm outta my head with grief
    Pain and being ashamed
    I can never pay for my sins
    Demons run round my head
    Like a a race track or a course
    Never stopping unless I'm silent
    Sleeping but am I sleeping
    I'm actually running for my life
    Or for my life scared I'm cracking
    With no ledge or not safety zone
    Why did this have to be
    What did this happen to me
    A horror so strong it never stops
    The world sees me a monster
    Never to reform or change course
    I'm not this person but I am this
    Person , been denying my whole
    Life who I really am I am the monster I was broke many years
    Ago failing at life ever since ...
    I'm sorry I'm not here I've left
    My mind years ago .........


  • redneckwriter69 26w

    Betrayal of a Heart

    I broke ur trust it's true
    I failed myself and you
    I chipped a piece away
    From ur heart yesterday
    U loved me honestly alot
    I was blinded and not
    Truthful to myself or you
    My pain and emotions blue
    I deserve ur anger and hurt
    I regret my choices and learnt
    My lesson painfully and hard
    For ur honesty to me are
    Most important my love
    My life my heart are above
    All things yours to have forever
    Will you have me again i'll never
    Betray ur trust, heart love again
    I'll stick and stand by u , and urside to the very End.

    Dedicated to someone very special to my heart


  • redneckwriter69 26w

    "Survival "

    Waves in my head are starting to
    Play dead sensors malfunction
    I search for peace does it exist
    For me I don't understand life
    Why pain seems to always find
    I'm burning alive inside
    Struggling everyday to survive
    I don't want to be here anymore
    In my head feeling failure
    Nothing is left for me except
    A child's love and laughter
    Long ago I heard I broke that
    Piece by piece because of my stupidity and just simply an idiot
    Tales of my life aren't good
    There tarnished and broke
    Been cracking all along
    I hid the pain for years
    Forcing back my tears
    I can't anymore I'm drowning
    In the tears I cry often
    I don't know which way to turn
    To make better somthing that
    Has no solution no ending
    I cant be fixed or mended


  • redneckwriter69 36w

    By SWilliams 1-17-2021

    Her spirit is broken there's
    Nothin left .nothing I say
    From one day to the next
    Challenges get harder breaking her silently nobody
    Knows the struggle she faces
    Most days she wakes up already stressed not wanting
    To face trials because like so
    Many before they all placed
    A crack if you will another broken place in the ledge
    She's been trying so hard to
    Stand upon things come crashing from side to side
    Crumbling before her
    Will she stand not looking
    Like it's so heartbreak has
    Began the pain that took the very life she once smiled upon .....

  • wordsofkevin029 48w

    I failed at art

    When I first saw you
    I felt as if you were the girl I've been looking for
    I had waited almost all my life for this moment to arrive
    And when it did,
    All I had to do was spread the colours of love on my canvas and seize the beauty of the moment forever.

    But never in my heart, I felt you were mystifying
    The harder I tried to love you, the more you slipped into your shell
    There was something special about you, something I couldn't decipher
    And for the very first time, I failed at art

  • niklassonlena 49w

    Come to me
    Rest here in my arms
    Come and rest,
    Lie safely here against
    My chest.
    The storms wanders around
    You can see it every place
    But it is not over
    It has just begun,
    Come to me, Come into my grace.

    The world will Get darker
    The scripture is being fulfilled
    And more it is to Come ,
    In me is life and i have peace
    It is me it is coming from.
    I give peace and life
    The true light is me
    I am hope in this dark world
    I can set you free.

    I am the light of the world
    Whoever follows me will not walk
    In darkness, but have the light of life
    I am the way and the door,
    I have so much more.
    Come , i am Jesus
    I heal and i can save your Soul
    Come , and you will feel my peace
    I make you whole.

  • wordsofkevin029 49w

    Magic beans

    I found a bottle of magic beans
    Gliding out of the water as I sat by the beach
    I kept gazing until I realised it was mine
    I had this brief flash of memory that helped me recall,
    As far as I threw the bottle in the water,
    I wished for you to come that close to me
    No doubt you did, after a bunch of years
    My wish got granted, and my face lit up with ecstatic glee

  • wordsofkevin029 51w

    It was always lust and never love

    Echoes of deep blue silences have me surrounded
    It is hard for me to accept, hard for me to hide
    Once in love drinking love potion, I now quaff love poison
    All the feelings I had are now dead. And so am I, on the inside

    I guess it's the memories and not feelings that hurt me
    But I am trying hard to break into new skin, the one you never touched
    Once waking up with kisses, I am now busy kissing melancholy
    My cheeks are soaked in pain you inflicted, I remember how they once blushed

    My books are now full of lonely confessions
    They were once full of poems I wrote for you
    Though I will never hold remorse for giving you another chance
    It was always lust and never love is something I wish I knew

  • wordsofkevin029 51w

    Poetry lives in me

    Poetry lives in me, unlike people who eventually leave
    I can feel it running through my veins, flowing from my heart to the brain
    Helping me pour my heart out, bleed my strangled thoughts into words
    Soothing the pain, refraining me from going insane.

    A sense of ecstasy trickles through my bones, I breathe to write
    Knowing I am nowhere close to being the best, I still do
    It replenishes my body with enough strength to stop me from feeling blue
    It makes me feel alive. In my mind, it inflicts tiny flakes of hope

    I see the reflection of pain in my poetry
    But on my soul, when I wear it with pride, it illuminates with rapturous glee
    Unsettling emotions hardly go hard on me, I now write them down
    For, I live in poetry and poetry lives in me.