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  • itzgauravgautam 5w

    In a nutshell the poem is about the bad past circumstances which are not going to come again , and we don't have to think About them . The past will fade someday and life will be going on so we should .
    " What I think is life is word which don't ends with full stop (.) It's all about the semi-colon .

    If we are close then you probably should know that I had a rough day , I was filled with so negativity but my friend Rakshith made me realise that I don't have to be sad , and the it has become past now . So I don't even have to give a f*ick about this . What I just need to do is move on , which is I'm probably doing .

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    The sun leaves us a reminder
    Of someone we used to be

    The past is fading as the world turns
    And life continues

    And so we should

  • itzgauravgautam 5w

    It's depends on you what raindrops means to you !? Some of you would say they bring happiness , some of you would agree with me that it sometimes brings the past's vicissitude to us .

    So the poem is all about this only , that when the rain comes it brings us some of our unforgettable memories which makes us feel sad tho when the sky starts clearing , lightning it brings hope for the future , happiness for ourselves , and we all are survivers and that's why we're still living

    #poemoftheday #poetry #raindrops #happiness #poemforig #like #itzgauravgautam


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    When I wake up to the sound of rain
    It reminds me of hard times and pain

    How it comes and go
    But lingers and never seems to flow

    You see , when we are going through a struggle
    We want it to be quick and easy with no trouble

    As time passes , the skies become clear
    And as we think of our past as the present
    We are simply just full of fear

    And as our future comes
    So will our happiness

    Our thoughts will become lighter
    The sun will shine brighter
    And the rain will pass by

    Because we aren't born to give in
    We were born a fighter .