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  • shefali_neeshe 1h

    shattered, lonely
    darkness & nothing more,
    when I hurt.
    woven ownself into the tears,
    simply surviving with fears.
    There's a life,
    There's a death,
    but the world pushe you to be
    Your best self.

  • abstruse_words_ 1h

    The sky is on fire

    The sky is on blazing fire,
    but it can't compare to the burning in my heart.
    "The sky is on fire!" They scream.
    I sit by the tree and wail, "and so is my heart!"
    The land is burning with rage,
    The sun is a liar,
    and the moon is lost and broken,
    Who will save us?

    The sky is on fire,
    and so will be land soon.
    Then the sun won't rise tomorrow,
    and its rays will refuse to kiss the earth.
    But till the moment the sun catches cold,
    and the moon catches fire,
    I will be here,
    burning away to ashes,
    waiting for you.

    Until the end of the time,
    Until my body had turned into ashes,
    I would still be waiting for you.
    I would still love you.

  • themewzzicalscientist 1h

    Exploited With Love

    When all our exploitative nature is unveiled in front of the other and we see that there's no chance left for us like before. We play the last card in our pack which we call "Love". And then continue our mutual exploitation.


  • kamrie872 2h

    Smoke it in
    Taking over the body
    Nothing's uncovered
    Just buried deeper
    But you don't mind
    When an addiction is called
    A stress reliever
    Suppressing your thoughts
    You also suppress me
    Your desire for it
    Is great than connecting with me
    Leaving you disconnected from both
    You didn't want to be alone

  • utkarshwrittess 3h

    Hold Your Mask Firm...

    Smile to express concern
    But remember to hold your mask firm
    For we know not when In life it will be our turn

    Situations change in a jiffy
    Relationships too turn fishy
    Yet we need to go on
    And face trials later or soon

    Though life may seem grim
    Tears to fill the brim
    Smile your fears away
    We've got to walk a long way

    Problems are with everyone
    Yet difficulties have been won
    Smile with soft lips
    Let not the mask slip

    For no one does really peep in
    To check how well you've been
    The smile is the only means
    In which your happiness is seen

    So do be ever alert
    With a smile every problem revert
    Nothing may change if you're gloom
    For distrust and malice leave no room

    Let the world be happy anyway
    Let us touch lives as we walk our way Yes, smile and express concern
    But remember to hold your mask firm..

  • sillysadar 3h

    The Great Act

    Through all these tears I cry
    I wipe it all away
    To make everyone's beliefs stay
    The belief that I'm okay
    But everyday that passes
    My sadness grows

    The sadness that I push away
    To rush back to my stage
    And there I perform my act
    Of a person wearing a mask
    That no one can see past
    Not even themselves

    All these feelings that I've bottle up
    And thrown away turned me numb
    I feel as though I'm drowning in my sorrows
    And every wave that hits is my thoughts
    But I cover it all with a smile

    A mask everyone believes
    Even the friends that are miles away
    And all these what ifs seem to be here to stay

    Do I seem tired?
    Do I seem like I've cried for hours?
    Do I seem okay?
    Or have I covered it all up so well
    That now when you look into my eyes
    You cannot see the pain that lays deep inside
    Instead you see the person who's completely different on the outside
    - Sadar

  • themewzzicalscientist 4h

    Dark Poetry - "Stained"

    I wear you like a burden,
    I wear you like a stain,
    Yet you call me obscene,
    Yet you call me insane,

    All of your morbid traditions,
    All of my sordid resurrection,
    The bizarre catastrophe recoils,

    I drink gasoline as water,
    You suck my blood like liquor,
    Claustrophobic, paranoid
    We steal the morbid show,

    I'm doused, smeared,
    Speared like an arrow,
    The pinnacle of hypocrisy,
    But your sick mind's so narrow.


  • abi009 5h


    Hold the pain,
    Held upon the remained derm;
    As if it's a sign of lost remembrance.
    Like the gone wind,
    Remembers the smell of silt,
    Recollect the pain;
    To rebuild the crave to win

  • themewzzicalscientist 6h

    The Filthy Equation Of A Human Life

    (-----------------------A Human Life------------------)


    (×) represents → birth and death

    ($%) represents → our endless demand for success, for achievement, for possessions that are utterly useless, comparisons, cravings, hypocrisy, brutality etc.

    (&$) represents → our desire for satisfying our lust, our demands of having sex, the quarrels in relationships, the competition, the domination, the filthy games we play, the lies, the hidden revengefulness, the victim card etc. which also revolves around money, power, status, fame and all the rest and then finally covering all that up by saying 'I love you, darling, sugarbugger, honey bunch, brother, sister, father, mother, friend or whatever.

    - The Filthy Equation Of A Human Life.


  • scaredycat 7h


    Picture me
    Sitting passenger
    Your right palm on my thigh
    Think of me
    The first time we met
    And the last time we said bye
    Dream of me
    In ways that make your cheeks turn flush
    In ways that turn your brain into mush
    Remember me
    How we kissed with both our eyes shut
    And how you traded my madness in to live your life stuck In a rut.

  • shailesh_d_one 9h

    She's so cute !!

    She's so cute,
    I follow her route ..
    don't like it when ,
    she goes on mute !!

    Way too sweet,
    am eager to meet ..
    learned that art,
    of her local street !!

    waiting for her text,
    thinking what's next ??
    seldom do I know,
    the actual context !!

    Food she prepares,
    I virtually taste ..
    still can bet,
    its surely the best !!

    hope she will not,
    treat me as guest ..
    and does show,
    a bit of interest !!

    Haven't seen one,
    in a long while ..
    was fascinated by her,
    mesmerizing smile !!

    copied her style,
    emotions begin to pile ..
    am I in love ??
    like another juvenile !!

    She's so cute !!


  • julie__ 9h

    ���������� ������������ ������ ��������
    Existing in the realm of its own true hell,
    the pacing of the parasite begins to swell.
    It suffers in silence, yet demands to be heard.
    It will never survive without its bevy of words.

    As an infant, it fed on what it desired
    and the need to grow was quickly retired.
    It donned a mask it had soon acquired
    and eventually dressed in regal attire.

    "I am! I am!" It said aloud
    while hiding behind a glistening shroud.
    To none it wavered, to none it bowed.
    Worthy am I! It heartily vowed.

    As a thief of hearts, it sought our souls
    and refused to acknowledge the unspeakable tolls.
    It relished our pain, our faults, and our woes,
    acted as friend, yet lived as foe.

    For the lower we were, the higher its rise,
    sometimes nestled on pillows, feathered with lies.
    Soaring as an eagle, through bright blue skies,
    impeding the light from watchful eyes.

    It changed lies to belief and that belief to admiration.
    It became its own form of revered celebration,
    though to those who saw through the garish decoration,
    it was nothing more than sheer abomination.

    These were few who could actually see
    how sad and sickened this thing could be.
    They lost their battles to make it flee
    as it wiggled in joy and laughed with glee.

    And a new found strength was gained from the seers.
    They found it flaunting in front of its peers,
    for this mask was now learned and it shed false tears,
    and a victim was born, its path, though not cleared.

    For as day turns to night, conflicts persist.
    The heart can grow cold, but the soul still resist.
    New defenders of truths will continue to enlist,
    and the spirit of God will always assist.

    Yes a fight ensued, yet the beast stood tall
    and flashed its lies, fooling most all.
    It cried poor me, and with such great gall
    it is I who has suffered! was its deceptive call.

    The truths presented the stern manipulations,
    the deeds that were done with much stipulation,
    the lies that served, as mere stimulations
    and these they hoped were condemning revelations.

    The mask took form and revealed a child,
    the innocence of eyes that appeared softly wild.
    No sign of his pride, no sign of the vile.
    How dare the "truths" accuse him of guile.

    Hearts' blood flowed, and non-seers cried
    as the villagers witnessed a man so tried,
    a man who was beaten, and his humanity denied,
    a man who was not evil but sanctified!

    The steel once hot, now cooled to strength.
    It enveloped his soul and his body at length.
    The blood of hearts, flowing in sync,
    protected him now from morality's links.

    Alas truth lost, but so did the beast,
    for a cancer did grow, and on lies it did feast.
    From within his throat, it locked in its feet
    and his mask is now meeting a deadly defeat.

    Existing in the realm of its own true hell,
    the pacing of the parasite begins to swell.
    It suffers in silence yet demands to be heard.
    It will never survive without its bevy of words.
    - julie.

    #wod #mask #poem #hidden #rhymic #mirakee


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    " I look in the mirror at the beginning of each day,
    and ask myself what mask should I place on my face today. "

  • ashish_says 10h

    धर्म के नाम पर जो तुम लड़ रहे हो,
    एक जुमलेबाज को भगवान मान बैठे हो।
    एक दिन यही जुमलेबाज तुम्हें बेच खाएगा,
    तुम्हें भीख मांगने पर मजबूर कर दिया जाएगा।


  • atwistedword 11h


    Words are unwritten
    Until pen’s set to paper
    But a blank slate resides
    Before ink’s pressed later

    Write your novel
    Each word at a time
    The notebook fills with images
    Pages full of rhyme

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow
    The words write themselves
    Past, present and future
    Leave the book upon the shelf

    A fairy tale or nightmare
    The future holds the past
    Who knows their destiny
    Brooding eyes downcast

    Understand the mystery
    Believe in what you may
    God is omnipresent
    Live life for yourself today


  • themewzzicalscientist 11h

    This World Can Be No More Better

    This world can be no more better than what it is because these fools don't want to change. Yeah they do talk about it everlastingly, romanticize it, emotionalize it, advertise it but that's all mere outward show. A show that's utterly childish and vulgar. But deeply they are as crooked as ever and no matter what happens, they're going to be exactly like that. And this very thing will one day destroy them, wipe them all out from this planet for good.


  • andrewmell 14h

    Cast Out

    On the verge between land of the living and land of the dead.
    Stood from each side one of the newlywed.

    The spouse short after the nuptial mirth,
    Came the reaper claiming her bosom.
    Her heart was weak way befor birth,
    And festivity hath not spared from snithing her blossom.

    Groom alone short after obsequies grief,
    Came to the reaper asking for rest.
    For his felicity was sourishly brief,
    And sorrow've had of him the best.

    The wroth bride on her side felt hapless,
    Thoughts of the verboten crossed her mind.
    To be made on a glory day ardorless,
    Was indeed doomed of a sign.

    The groom faced the reaper and said,
    My soul be yours conciding i join my love.
    The grim by his scythe cut his head,
    And uttered: "once below forget the above".

    The bride then an ariel implored,
    Asking for a last breath.
    The fairy, her life to the bride bestowed,
    But once alive she shall never taste death.

    The suitor probed Elysium and hell,
    Chasing the one that got away.
    He found of her not even a cell,
    Just a piece of her wedding array.

    The bride scoped all leading evidence,
    In quest for her beau.
    All she found pointed to his evanescence,
    Such as a rotting trousseau.

    The groom then realised his debacle,
    That he would never return home.
    The bride knew the obstacle,
    That her decision was one of a gom.

    On the verge between land of the living and land of the dead,
    Stood the fence that could only instil dread.
    The hex of an unholly love with no apprise,
    Brought otiose to one and the other demise.


  • zo_verse 15h

    are memories liars?
    is nostalgia a trap?
    the past looks like a postcard
    from some faraway place
    that i’ll never visit
    but it looks beautiful
    with its dusted fuchsia sunsets
    and snow-capped mountains
    everyone is smiling
    and nothing is bruised


  • andrewmell 14h


    The moon and the sun,
    Wanted to see me gone.

    The moon planned to mess with my bones, tried to make them as cold as stones.

    The sun with it's heat,
    Wanted to make my soul bleed.

  • zo_verse 15h

    choking on hope;

    some fears are like falling from the sky
    and crashing through the ice of a frozen lake
    only to survive the impact
    but die from drowning


  • zo_verse 15h

    life and people are so simple
    but our fears and insecurities
    got us back to front
    and inside out
    we care more about fitting in
    than we care about caring
    which is multilayered and confusing
    because either way
    we care so much