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    It’s since childhood that I have been seeing creams (which people buy like mad) that makes girls fair so that it leads to loveliness (Hello “Fair and Lovely”!). Because obviously, for Indians, dark skin is not lovely.

    I was once called “wheatish” by a professor in college. That was the first time I had heard that adjective for myself. I thought fair and dark were the terms for skin tones. Now there was wheatish. I was seen by my darker friends with some palpable envy. And I saw some smirk on the faces of the fairer girls. So there I was, somewhere in the middle of the newly discovered beauty scales.
    I also remember how angry/ hurt/insulted I felt for not being considered fair by the professor. Even though I did not place importance to fairness, but now I realized I subconsciously did.

    My dearest friend used to say, as a small wide eyed girl, when we were in fourth standard, that I was so beautiful, and by beautiful she meant that I was fairer than her. She told me how her mother used to apply “ubtan”, which is a homemade turmeric pack or something, to clear her skin. I had innocently asked her, “Your skin is already so clean, why clean it more”?”

    By that time I had not realised that fairness is seen as pure and darker skins are meant to be cleaned, made to glow.

    Thanks to “Black Lives Matter” movement, light has been shown to the discrimination girls face simply for their skin tones. Here in India too. But still the creams are being sold. Not as “Fair and Lovely” which is explicitly rude and demeaning to Indian women, but as “Glow and Lovely”.

    And it is still demeaning. Why can’t we live as our normal selves, why do I need to be Fair/Glowing to feel confident. Or for me to become an air hostess, a model, an actress and even a news anchor? And primarily to be married?

    All our self-worth is accumulated on our looks. If a girl by chance is fair, then we start scrutinizing her figure, and start fat shaming or preaching her to clean her body hair, or start smiling more.
    (For example, I am so criticized for my acne filled skin and for cutting my hair short, and of course for my fat!)

    Basically Indian society is stuck on the narrative of girls existing only for pleasing other people’s eyes. Not as individuals, with a mind and sense of humor but with a sense of inferiority about looks.

    I look up to Deepika Padukone, Mayawati, Phoolan Devi, Nandita Das, Konkona Sensharma, Smita Patil, Beyonce, Maya Angelo, Michelle Obama, P V Sindhu. These are tremendous forces of nature known by their work, not their skin tones.
    //It describes them, but does not define them.//

    Let’s celebrate our bodies, skins and education and fitness.

    Girls, we cannot expect society to change overnight nor the boys to start loving us as dark and fat.

    It is on US GIRLS to start appreciating ourselves and our sisters irrespective of looks. And start loving our skin without the use of fairness and skin brightening creams.

    “Your skin is not only brown
    It shines and it tells your story” ~ Beyonce

    © Harfkaar 29-12-2020

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    She moved nimbly around
    Yet she knocked off a ballad on her way
    She set it straight and glided past
    To check on the couplets on the tray.

    She went into the garden now
    With the laundry just done
    She breathed in the cool zephyr
    Warm in her poetry newly spun.

    She had washed after long the leather bounds too
    And hung them on the clothesline to dry
    With fingers adept, she wringed verbose verses
    Humming quaint spells quietly, to cast off curses...

    The classics were in need of starch
    For their newly washed grim decency
    She held now the morose tragedies
    Tidying their folds holding unknown maladies.

    The light hearted comedies
    The romances of passionate scents
    Ecstasy found in their crease
    Red promises of never to leave.

    Scarves of rhymes and silken sonnets
    Hung gracefully swaying serene
    The sun caught the last of their long lyrical scenes

    Dropping soft green meters
    Hung the kerchiefs of prose
    Finally as she went in
    Through the rhythmic doors
    Into the pages of her abode....

    //This is about Miss Literature who is spending her lazy Sunday washing all her creations//

    Copyright Harfkaar August 21,2020

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    Lady Literature

    Now she went in through the rhythmic doors
    Into the pages of her abode....