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  • insecta 13m


    Sleep, my child, that one day your wings will sprout
    Sleep, my child, that one day your dreams will flourish
    Sleep, my child, that one day you will rise upright
    Sleep, my child, that the world will shine again
    And until then, sleep
    Sleep underground waiting for the moment
    Sleep wrapped in your silk cloak
    Sleep and forget your fears
    Sleep so you have strength
    And until then, reborn


  • hovah_ 1h

    I loved you best
    When you weren't mine
    For i feared losing you
    The very next day
    And when indeed
    I became yours
    You claimed my love
    Was not enough

  • sweedle 1h

    You call me the girl with two left feet, I wish you would come home one night and watch me dancing with my ghosts on the rooftop . My anklet rings in silence as my feet move to the rhythm of my heartbeat. An eerie calm washes over me, I am busy befriending my own company.

    © Sweedle

  • collins_ 2h

    Random gibberish

    Damn... kids have insanely high levels of confidence. So this little girl no more than 8 years old just walks up to my mother and asks "Ma'am how old are you?" and she does it with all the innocence in the world that my mom just laughed and told this little girl her real age. Then the kids eyes literally light up as she tells my mum her age too and they begin to have a full on conversation. Now to someone else this might seem like I'm just writing random gibberish...but to me it makes me wonder if I can ever have a conversation like that. An innocent conversation with someone without overthinking things and being absolutely terrified that I might get misjudged by that person and all the while wondering what I should and should not say. Yeah I know we live in times where we get hurt if we trust to easy and let our walls down. But sometimes it's worth the risk, take that little girl for example if she'd kept quiet and thought she'd get shot down she would have missed out on making a cool older friend and growing up to know an amazing woman. Only God knows how many amazing people we've missed out on knowing just because we couldn't have that innocent conversation or because we couldn't trust anyone and thought it was to good to be true. So if that two minute conversation between my mom and that little girl thought me anything. It's that I don't want to live my life sacred that I might say the wrong thing or get hurt by someone, cause we don't know how long we've got and I don't plan on missing out on what could possibly be the best moments of my life just because I was a little scared.

  • nighty 3h


    When push comes to shove, I'll always choose respect and loyalty over anything any day, because nothing's more important than that

  • disisdiplim 3h

    In the depths of light
    I seeked your reflection
    The glimmer of your smile
    Is the symphony of my life's rhapsody
    Be my music of hope
    My hopelessness, my lost cause
    You are the peace to my
    restless mortal hood
    The curve of my lips..
    You are the reason.
    The sensations of amusement
    The sweetness in the air
    My collapsing obscurity
    The thought of you being near
    The flowers ,the trees ,they smile
    And my heart!
    Oh its fatally drawn to your presence
    Like I have known you since ages
    And my skin longs for your touch.

    #love #pod #mirakee

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    L o v e

    In the depths of light
    I seeked your reflection
    The glimmer of your smile
    Is the symphony of my life's
    Be my music of hope
    My hopelessness, my lost cause
    You are the peace to my
    restless mortal hood


  • patiencemagara 3h

    Gift me with poetry

    Gift me with a blank beauty.
    Gift me with those books people hate reading.
    Gift me with stories people
    Find boring and too long a read
    Let me jump in anticipation
    What the little box
    Let me fall in love with
    The old pages of an 1800BC handbook.
    Gift me with the only thing
    that makes my heart skip a beat.
    I don't mean to ruin the surprise, but if you may ,
    Please,gift me with poetry.

    Patience Magara

  • dhanshri_d 3h


    कितनी मनमोहक होती ये दुनिया....,
    गर यहा भलाई के नाम पर यु एक दुजे से झगडा न होता....!!!!

    सच्चाई के नामपर पॉलीटीक्स मे तनाव,
    आगे बढने के नामपर एजुकेशन मे मतभाव,
    ताकत के नामपर बॉर्डर पर वाह-वाई,
    और जब कुछ न मिले तो जातिवाद पर लढाई........!!!

    क्या कभी बनाने वाले ने यह भी सोचा होगा..,
    उसकी इस प्यारी सी दुनिया मे कोई जिंदगी से ज्यादा बढावे से प्यार करेगा......
    प्यार का नाम आते ही वो राधा-क्रिष्ण को पुजेगा....
    और अपने घर के प्यार को वो जाती के नाम पर बेहद रुलवायेगा.....
    नारीशक्ती को सर्वश्रेष्ठ मान माता दुर्गा की पुजा करेगा.......
    और रात देर अंधेरे में घर लोटने पर उसी को वोह लाख खरी खोटी सुनायेगा........

    क्यु इतनी बेरहम बनी ये खुबसुरत दिखने वाली छोटीसी दुनिया......?
    क्या इसे उस बनाने वाले ने ही .....,यैसा सजाया....?
    या जिस इंसान को उसने बडी खुबसुरती से बनाया...., उसीने अपने अंधकार में इस रंगीन दुनिया को बदसुरती में डुबोया.......!!!!!!!???


  • himanshibajpai 3h

    असली सम्पति

    माता के आँचल सा तुझे सुख नही मिलेगा।
    पिता की जैसी रक्षा तेरी कोई नही करेगा।
    दादी सी कहानी और कोई नही कहेगा।
    बहनो का हँसता चेहरा और खाने की चीजों पे पहरा कही और नही मिलेगा।
    एक ऐसा परिवार जिसमे है सभी दिलदार और कहाँ तुझे मिलेगा।
    चाहे दुनिया घूम लेना पर इनको सजों के रखना, यही असली सम्पति।
    बाकी दुनिया भर की विपत्ति।


  • patiencemagara 3h

    Charity begins at home

    The Impacted traits of time ,
    polished by the elderly and
    tested by society.

    A proverbial saying posed by
    the impact of extended

    A pulse of empathy, a
    symptom of revolution
    Synchronised by the
    spirit of ecstacy. Driven
    by the ability to prosper.

    An eurology of change:
    A science of love...

    In harmony do we lend
    a hand, without factoring
    in tribal diconstencies.
    Survived by the so-called
    Tunnel of hope:She believes
    in unity sanctified by love_

    Credited for the subordinate
    acts of kindness, help
    completes the jigsaw!

    I am mesmerised by the
    deconcating throne of

    Pertued, yet perplexed by
    the constant oblivious time

    Lowering oneself - to raise
    another__It is the loud
    silence, a crimson of dignity
    defined by sacrifice

    Charity begins at home,
    Charity began at home.....
    The tale of a clean change

    Patience Magara

  • sonu99 3h

    Be the master of your own fate,
    Change your actions before it's too late.

  • somiee69 4h

    I found home in your eyes,
    the home I've longed for.


  • greypages_ 4h


    I fell off the bed
    Right when the dawn
    Hits the sky,
    All the while,
    All through the night
    Sleeping peacefully
    On pillows
    That complain less, and embrace more -
    The gun runs out of
    Bullets just when it has
    The King to left to liquidate
    All the while,
    All through the infiltration
    Holing hearts of soldiers in vengeance,
    A Kingdom
    That chained your queen
    And killed your father -
    The red dress doesn’t fit
    You just by a few inches,
    The weighing scale mars your mood
    When your lover scraps
    Off the red fabric and whispers to you,
    “Skin suits you the best”
    And you realise,
    That you didn’t hit the floor
    But fell in his hands at dawn,
    That your queen had already poisoned the King,
    That skin suits you the best,
    That something better awaits for you,
    And that he loves you the most.




    @writersnetwork #pod #writersnetwork @mirakee

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    That skin suits you the best,
    That something better awaits for you,
    And that he loves you the most.


  • cardelljhardy 4h

    The Blood

    The blood is a gift from the cross
    It poured out red and washed my sin white.
    And while I began to toss and turn.
    It was an exchanged gift I didn't earn.
    A gift that needs no bow or ribbon.
    It was an important part of our salvation

  • wavering_soul 4h

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #heart #life #poem
    I behold all my grief
    Can't describe in brief
    It's way too deep down
    My kingdom burnt when I am crowned
    Flyashes took over my breath
    Choking my flowers in wreath
    Oh my Chernobyl heart!
    Who cares when thinks fall apart
    Oh my Chernobyl heart!
    What if things were easy to sort
    Oh my Chernobyl heart!...

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    Oh my Chernobyl heart!...

  • somiee69 4h

    I want to rest
    my heart strings
    on your pillow tonight.


  • _mr_write_sayings_ 4h

    It is a curse that pure hearts should
    get hurt often for being nice.

  • egoisticsoul 5h

    A dream without a destination
    doesn't matter at all


  • syedat 5h

    i live because i have them...they means all to me...

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    Gift of my world

    To me..
    She was the wonder woman of my globe...
    To me..
    He was the hercules.. beyond all....

    For me....
    Inside out she transformed....
    For me..
    He killed out his solo dream support....

    they were called by the mortal souls...
    But all i heard was...
    ""The Gift of my world""


  • mangalapatil 5h

    Eyes are burning
    By the feelings hidden
    Behind the fake smile