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    And you thought concrete is tougher than grass?
    •cyanodon:grass family (bamboo is also a grass)
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    My first EC

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    Where the desert ends, it grows
    The sign of relief that it shows
    The shiny blades across the asphalt
    Some are together,some apart
    Light,dark and all shades of green
    Woven as land's handkerchief, it's been
    Attacked,pushed and danced by the wind
    The viridescent panorama, calms the mind
    The topmost demand of all the grazers
    Starting from rabbits to rhinoceros
    The expert coloniser covering the ground
    Soft sand to rocky mountains,it is found
    Grasses they are ,very tenacious
    Though small but nature's most precious
    Happy grasslands prove their abundance
    Nature's beauty that they enhance
    Tufts of cyanodons with bamboos aligned
    Offering a variety of benefits to mankind