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    This post simply rely on some evil deeds. Facts but the real subjects are not mentioned.
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    Unheard Voices

    That expectant mother died with her soul in the womb,
    God knows how it felt hearing such a grave news,

    He was killed post a false accuse, followed selling his organs out by the so called doctor.

    She was molested, about to be raped in the quarantined bed, God knows how it felt hearing such an evil tidings.

    The medias vomited these all, Its like dumping the corpse in the river which end up washing up in the news the next day with the morning tea.

    Unpredictable beings, mortal men are, done things spilled with contradict that undoubtedly shamed the devils.

    Some people worship the devil, you know that.
    Though the devil worship some such men,
    That's the difference between me and you.