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    Doctor I have something I need to get off my chest.... you see, you say your interests are for my best... but so far you've only given me pills to take, you seem like you listen but are you even awake... your
    1.  BOOM LIKE BOMBS DO and I'm feeling stuck in this room I hate your perfume and can you turn off this tune this has been on repeat since I got here at noon. And the doctor has this to say ,"Beau, I'm sorry no we are out of time
    2. Let's just make sure to take your medications combined 
    3. swallow these you'll feel much better and give it some time
    4. I know it's only nine different kinds this time but just
    5. mix them together because each one is designed
    6.  to kill the thoughts in your mind
    7. so you forget you even wanted to become better
    8.  and if this doesnt make you die or kill another
    9. come back and I'll let you pay me to sit and act like you matter
    10. but I honestly I could care less, you see, I'm just like an actor
    11.   the truth is , I'm not your mother im just a doctor."

  • full_auto 39w

    If you read this entire song I poetically put together I will love you long time

    1. Your just a skitzo like me with no purpose basic--allee/
    2. and it stings like a Bee for you to simply agree/
    3. cuz split personalities dont always see equally
    4.  and we lose focus so quickly cuz of that damned a-d-h-d/
    5.  so we sit here in therapy sessions so they can fill prescriptions that have no intentionz to help me/
    6.  it only numbs me to sleep/waking up more crazy than I was previously/
    7. so my symptoms are worsening/ and they feed me more but less carefully/
    8.  adding to my disorders its disorderly /
    9. conduct inside the cranium what if outside I believe I'm titanium/
    10.  and that's why i blew up that stadium /
    11. and that's why I shot  everyone that got in front of my gun
    12.  that's why I killed those innocent ones along with those deserving some
    13. /that's why you cant explain the evil that was done
    14.  /too much confusion and no reason conceivable to anyone
    15. such a nice boy he WAS, he couldnt OF, because he showed too much LOVE to be the person on the news that their speaking OF
    16. but what if he was drowning in a chemically induce delirium/
    17. and he cried out for help but no one was hearing him
    18.  and having no one on my team and with no shoulder for me to lean
    19.  With dark dreams screaming at me to do devilish and murderous things
    20. And I have No second voice to make me rethink things
    21.  and i thought the drugs would help at least they were cheap /and at least they weren't bought on the street
    22. So my purchase couldnt charge me criminally I practically got them for free
    23. / cuz you see a licensed doctor gave these to me/ told me to take as described and so why wouldnt I take them blind
    24. /not questioning anything he prescribed
    25. cuz he has that PHD you know that fancy degree
    26. so hed never endanger me certainly he will do what's best for me I mean
    27. it was only that one time I came too running from the police
    28. in a stolen car at a hundred and twenty three/
    29.  and it was only that one time I came out of an episode with blood covering me
    30. /that one time got me murder in the first degree
    31. /  it got me life in prison / all because I took what the doctor gave me/
    32.  and I even asked myself in the beginning
    33. what's the worst that could happen clearly
    34.  I'm bullied cuz I'm socially awkward it makes me feel like insanity
    35. Believe me and it's not like I'm wasting my time in therapy
    36.  /now that would be crazy
    37.  remember real heros are the ones who dont sit and watch silently/
    38.  that kid who wont fight back ya that was me
    39. and my antidepressants psychologically made me a psychopath
    40.  I came back to school on a war path
    41.  with a nine in my back pack
    42. clip packed with intent so bad
    43.  and the weapon was so easy to grab
    44.  cuz i know where my step dad keeps it in the night stand
    45.   if only someone had given me a chance and got to know me
    46. maybe that would have kept me from feeling so lonely
    47.   could have kept me from intoxicating my brain activity/
    48.  but unfortunately/ theres no going back in history/ and it seems the path i got handed was perfectly/ paved by major pharmacies/
    49.  and it ended with them locking me up and throwing away the key/ wasnt even lucky enough to get the death penalty
    50. and I'm reaching out to you the abused who became the accused
    51.  more angry evertime you recieved a bruise the one who was assumed to lose
    52.  before they got up to prove/ trying to laugh it off fading with every pill popped
    53.  like a knot on my brain it was the drug companies making me clinically insane
    54. all random events due to careless prescription slips
    55.  and now my family is depressed
    56.  getting dirt on them for being a relative
    57.   it's all flipped into a domino effect
    58. Happened overnight and I dont even remember my crimes
    59. blacked out and when I came too my live was threw
    60. and it's only getting worse
    61.  as long as they take how we feel as symptoms of disorders
    62.  and nurse us with pills to pop
    63.   Dr. POPULATION control should be the one shot
    1.  BOOM LIKE BOMBS DO and he has this to say I'm sorry no we are out of time
    2. Let's just make sure to take your medications combined 
    3. swallow these you'll feel much better and give it some time
    4. I know it's only nine different kinds
    5. mixed together and each one is designed
    6.  to kill the thoughts in your mind
    7. so you forget you even wanted to become better
    8.  and if this doesnt make you die or kill another
    9. come back and I'll let you pay me to sit and act like you matter
    10. but I honestly Icould care less, you see, I'm just like an actor
    11.   the truth is , I'm not your mother im just a doctor

  • brokengypsysoul 41w

    You're depressed? Take these pills !

    Back to the doctor: "I feel no change'
    "Up your dose"

    I'm so sad, emotional, crying, life sucks, all these conflicting emotions, the past hurts so much. I don't want to live anymore. I need help, im sleeping too much.

    Back to the doctor: "help me not kill myself"
    "Up your dose"

    I feel no joy in life anymore, even games on my phone are joyless. My thinking is direct. Life has been sucked out of me and im numb. I can't sleep.

    Back to the doctor: Help I feel bipolar im completely numb and life is joyless so why should I continue to live.
    Doctor: "slowly start to wean yourself off the "

    I didn't think bipolar could get any worse. One day im numb, the next erratic, the next I can't stop crying, headaches, mind fog... So many side effects. If I completely stop the pain is unbearable I take the again, it's a vicious cycle and im fighting every day to continue to live.

  • high_on_rhyming 48w

    people who are selling pills are the same people who created panic

  • ezza2004 50w

    Took a pill for my depression,
    But depression was my pill.
    Every breakdown was like a session,
    But drugs are less likely to kill.

  • rogue77 59w


    It is hard for me to relax
    I seem to always be on edge
    I have to inject myself with insulin daily
    And I also have a mental illness
    Voices swirling around my head
    As soon as I wake from sleep
    An anxiety disorder disrupting my day
    A daily medication regime I have to keep
    Sometimes struggling to pay attention
    A false sense of balance and stability
    More pills to reduce high blood pressure
    While also juggling my responsibilities

  • anthonyhanible 63w


    Is this all in my head
    They keep telling me
    You're not real
    For real
    They trying to feed me pills
    Trying to get me to chill
    Screaming your name
    Day and night
    Because you're real to me
    Say something
    In order for them
    Not to say I have a disorder

  • anthonyhanible 64w

    My heart
    No one will get
    Broke in two
    Messed me up
    Deeply stuck
    Hurting pretty much
    For real
    Seems to be my destiny

  • ba___la 68w

    She cried by hearing his voice
    He tried to calm her by kiss.

    [ Long distance Relationship ]


  • kabrinia 72w

    Hello Stranger,

    At the end of the day I get more lonely and colder.
    I missed it when you came over

    High and sad
    Mad and glad
    So many scars and more scabs
    Now ubers from cabs

    I loved him
    he was broke
    I loved him for who he was
    How we spoke
    How he spoke
    I'm sorry I hurt you so much and close
    Now there's too hearts broken. cause its over

    Meant to meet
    Now time passes I'm alone and the past is bleak
    When you see the moon I hope you still think of us & me

  • dreamyc 74w


    go on, take the happy pill
    last stop before eternal glee

    from the stash in the medicine cabinet
    tucked in the corner atop the fridge

    beside the paracetamol
    behind the cough drops and bandages

    hide them in your pocket
    the last time you need to hide anyway

    no more masking your sadness
    or acting as if you don't want to die

    run to your comfort zone
    your breeding place for bad thoughts

    where you drew up your plans
    and you slit open your skins

    make sure everything is in place
    all ends tied, all cracks glued

    every letter is sealed, every truth written
    you lay it gently on the desk

    you wonder whether they will cry
    whether they will blame themselves

    whether you're feeling regret or lost
    whether this is selfish

    you catch a glimpse of yourself
    staring back from the mirror

    the sorrowful eyes once filled with light
    the matte mess of hair, chapped lips grim

    "she's so ugly" you can't stop thinking
    "waste of space, boyfriend crazed—"

    it's still not too late, we can still fix this
    the parents and siblings are at the movies

    you're home alone and no one can interfere
    no one can blame you when you're gone

    you lie in your bed, shoes still on
    suddenly remembering that you forgot water

    but this won't hurt, I'm sure
    the pill is only so small

    so small but can do so much
    so plain but it brings the sky down

    you look at the bottle in your hand
    hear the rat tat tat, the pill hits the plastic

    there must be a few dozen in there
    an endless supply of happiness

    you brace the pain as you swallow
    the things scratching your throat

    the lack of water, the too much in you
    the urgency of getting it down

    the excitement of leaving
    the last gulp you'll ever take

    sleep greets you like an old friend
    it hugs you with its cold embrace

    you wonder if this last time
    is going to be a nightmare or a dream

    if it is worth it to trade loved ones
    for a sense of eternal peace

    you feel as the last pill enters your guts
    and your heart slows with exhaustion

    bless it, it worked so hard
    now we can finally rest.

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • kabrinia 83w

    Where I wanna be....

    That feelings gone.
    I miss your arms

    When I think of you. I space out
    I think about
    How you held my waist & rubbed my feet
    How you caressed my face
    How we admitted to be in love with each other
    Now you are gone. You love the sky; your probably in space. But
    Now I'm the bad guy
    I switched the sides
    A new sound with new measures
    I'm the bad guy now
    Its not just you
    I'm the bad guy now
    I am in the same place as the younger you

    Our house our place our home.
    You held me and kept me warm
    I hope that this is something I wont have to mourn.
    I need forgiveness and understanding of my place
    Together, Alone always


  • prisca_joks 86w


    HeLlO dOcToR,
    cAn YoU fEeD mE mOrE pIlLs
    I nEeD tO sTaY aWaKe
    To FiGhT tHe DeMoNs ThAt ChAsEs Me

    HeLlO dOcToR,
    yOu GoT sOmE aNaLgEsIc?
    My HeAd KeEpS tHroBbInG
    wItH sIlLy IdEaS oF aLiEnS

    My WoRdS kEePs SlUrRiNg
    My EyEs SeEs ViSiOn
    My MoUtH kEePs BlAbBiNg
    NoW, i GoT a PrOpHeSy FoR yOu

    PrIsCa JoKs

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 89w

    All the words
    That I swallowed down
    Like bitter pills,
    All the thoughts
    That I threw away
    Like crumpled old pages,
    All the emotions
    Crunching autumn leaves
    Under the boots of your feet.
    All that melts away
    Into nothingness.

  • phoenix_ablaze 89w


    Taking painkillers
    For the foggy mist in my brain
    Free refills
    Popping them one after the other

    The singsong swish of knives no longer a bother
    Ivory hills promise a field of pills
    Here comes blue, my pain it kills
    There goes red, my anger it defies
    One yellow a day, to keep me from spreading lies

    On the other side, the train I always see
    Very fast it goes
    Full of fury it chases my last red rose

    Tremors of terror
    Fear of making a single error
    Crimson trickles decorate this wearer

    As the train I always see
    Very fast it comes
    Colliding with this powdery chest
    Sending me into a blue sky, I’m free

    Kissed and caressed
    By the foggy mist
    I’m free to rest.


  • james_taumas 95w

    Old home

    Stench of hovering death
    Sweet and rotten
    Grey and ancient
    Abandoned by loved ones
    Cared by the careless
    Reduced to babes
    Baby food everyday
    Supplementary pills follow
    Memory frays
    Unable to remember
    Who am I?


  • snorlaxtoujie 96w

    ...cause i loved you so much, i emptied myself out. 💐

    #pills #monsterInLove

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    i am caving in
    no need to see you for a second
    no need to let my gaze meet yours
    no need to be bewitched once again by you..
    need a little self love, yes i do...


  • blood_lust_3_9_6 99w

    Pill on a hill.

    She ain't a medicine with any expiry date.
    She is my poison.
    And I'm slowly getting used to this sweetest pain.

  • lennybenny 106w

    My eyelids carry three tones of weight,

    I open them slowly in the morning.

    I am using the wealthy future as bait –

    my consciousness is pretty warring.

    ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

    I reach out for the pills

    I swallow them without a water

    They always work - remove the thrills

    by making me the perfect rotter.

    ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

    I've used to this, it is my habit.

    In time I quickly havered it.

    Empty colors fill up my pallete and

    chromatic tinge – the drug slathered it.

    ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

    It help to face the truth better.

    It operates only in daytime.

    During the night I'll write you a letter

    only then I find myself in prime.

    –Lenny Benny

    #dream #reality #pills

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    Dream control pills

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 106w

    ...when the moonlight was trying perturb the darkness in my eyelids,the zephyr whispered clearing my curls,

    "I need to consult a doctor"

    I opened my eyes suddenly to respond him,
    Maybe he waved goodbye...