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  • reema_143 5h

    Inside loneliness, poetries bloom.

  • _iexist 1w

    All bright and sharp elucidating the dawn of the day. And same is transpiring inside the heart, awake from the coma suffered long back in the time you drove and never came back to the lighthouse where big ebbs hit at every gone hour and minute of it with the second it comprises of.

    Still, I visit that place to theorize the love I yearn for within the big ebbs sometimes leading me to its deep core exploring the fraction of it considered as a black sea. And I don't regret doing it, again and again, cause my hourglass broke the day I confessed but then purposely seized the words. Seeing you leaving, the ink flooded the poetry with hues of blue blood.

    Hourglass made its way to freedom through shattering into pieces of possession, governing the walls choking the grit withstood with the belief that time is passing like an emotion from the melancholy to slight mirth or vice-versa.

    Remains are the barefoot walks on the green grassland that sometimes tempts my eyes, looking only for your hand clutched to mine, gripping your waist and lifting you on my arms to uncover the smile drafting endless giggles when swirled around, stealing me from me every time. But all this is just now the mirage of the memories I believe as it is what It was before?

    These are the remains
    I am still alive with to breathe
    during the times
    When the world moans
    presence with the presence

    #fatec #remainsc

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    Breathed remains

  • bonitasarahbabu 1w

    Walking alone and reminiscing,
    Reminiscing of the times we were together.
    You were taken away,
    Taken away at a young age.
    My heart hurts,
    It wants to disappear.
    As I scream my throat raw,
    I kick the dirt, the grass, and the rocks.
    Survive I will,
    But at what cost?
    Silently I'll keep moving,
    And silently I will disappear off the Earth.

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  • theorphicmind 1w

    Settled in the swing
    Struck by a moment of Sonder
    I lay in ignorance of everything

    Some while I let my mind wander.

    With the cup still in hand
    But the Joe gone cold
    The reality, I unhand

    Somehow the world slips from my hold.

    From the blackness emerge
    A room with a dozen windows
    and passages that diverge

    Somewhere the wind blows.

    I Open one door
    And tumble into a moor
    My feet no longer sore

    Someplace yonder the Cows moo.

    Blots of cotton adorn
    The Minty sky stretching above
    I lay among the meadows of corn

    Something dawns on me thereof

    As I bask here
    In my momentary elusion
    Away from all I fear

    Some time passes in my illusion.

    How long can I evade?
    My sense questions me
    Will the noises ever fade?

    Somewhat clearer I now see.

    As I look around the field
    I spot a dusty trail
    Finally I yield

    Someway I persist with a bit travail

    As the only way out
    Seems to be through
    Gently the scenery fades out

    Somewise my sphere comes to view.

    With a smile
    I look at my life
    I have come a long while

    Somedeal of it gay, somedeal trife.

    Delve deeper and you shall see
    Fate is sometimes forgiving
    In this life bestowed upon thee

    Somedays are truly worth living

    #picturec #fatec #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    Fate walkway

    "The only way out, is through"
    -Jamie heiden

  • zoya_charmz 1w

    Dear writers,

    Hope you're mending your broken heart.
    Are you suffering from the mess called,
    writer's block? Hold on for your desirable
    words will speak out of this mess and your
    heart would sprinkle chamomile essence.

    • Firstly writer's block is not a permanent
    member for now it has been seeking for
    a rescue to ensure his prisoner like life
    dwindling from some genius books.

    • It's highly unprofessional for its whole
    address changes from one brain to another
    showing the breakable collarbone within
    an hour like a cloud walker.

    • Mastered in chaos randomly blows
    cigarette smokes, makes rough
    sketches, sitting idle upon the rocks
    like residing in a lonely planet.

    • Running away often with dyspnoea,
    getting stuck there in its own diaphragm.
    Rooted hairs are stronger than this
    mortal writer's block.

    • You're a grey butterfly painting winter
    flowers, performing ballads like the night
    stars which burns itself to wave bright
    lights in the region full of demons.

    //You're a kind, bewitching reader who knows
    different ways to mould and master his
    skills in the intoxicating nights when some
    folks get drowned into the oceans of infatuation//


    ������������ ������������ ����������

    Grasping the dulcet spring,
    nuances collab with the lilac
    valley, every pain gets wiped
    off from the hearts of the
    vintage enthusiast.

    Breaking the glass ceilings,
    carving mountains into footpaths
    where freedom was once
    strangulated amongst the
    wild crowds.

    Flipping the pages of life like
    a vagabond walks the genres
    with his clumsy feet heedless
    of the end of his journey.

    The white jasmine blooms in the
    scarlet red heart embellish the
    gardens of creativity and gifting the
    writer's mind a paradise of artistry.


    //I guess you have got some of your
    answers, if not don't worry as your mind
    will stretch beyond its limits and you'll
    find the infinite ways to swing in the
    nights of silvery moon//

    Take care beautiful soul.

    Someone with writer's block
    #letter #picturec

    Totally a mess.

    @theinkdomain Bear it plz ��

    11th Apr, 21

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  • preetkanwal 1w

    Strolling in the poetic field
    dancing are the April winds
    Hunting for nectar are butterflies
    on the wilting flower buds to survive.
    Let me pick some golden lexicons,
    as blades of grass are turning brown.
    Let me gather some metaphors,
    to sing song on the advent of summer
    Let me too dance on welkins
    Lest May June sun burn my wings...

    ©preetkanwal 11.04.2021

  • sonu99 1w

    Just embrace the open sky,
    Kick all worries and don't be shy.
    Let your heart paint your soul with canvas of happiness,
    Spread your wings to fly like a bird forgetting life's weariness.


  • uniqueeunice 1w

    This is so me right now,having test early morning tomorrow��but still wish lying down under the star studded sky⭐,am blocking out all the pressure and enjoying nature��

    #Picturec #poet #nature #wind

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    I lost myself in ecstasy
    As i journey with the wind
    And tow in freedom with the birds
    What tomorrow may bring
    Or what the future has in store-i care not
    I emptied my mind as i sway with the trees
    I loses myself as i dances in the wind
    With my clothes billowing in the breeze
    Scratching my legs as i dances
    The fresh grasses assured me of a fresh start
    As i Zeroed out my past
    To be lost in this feeling
    Enjoying nature in its purest
    Is all i want now.

  • _celena_ 1w

    I danced under the bare sky
    N let the symphony of the wind
    Carry the delicious burdens of my past


  • hymnofthewind 1w


    She envies the wind for its freedom,
    As it races against her thoughts.

    The wind spins, jealous of her smile
    As she dances like falling leaves.

    Zypher never knew how short lived her smile is and
    She never knew that wind too, is governed by gravity.

  • roel_gonz 1w

    I walk under
    honey coated
    austere skies;
    In which there
    is no I or you;
    Simply a place,
    Where love begins
    and love ends;
    Unforeseen paths
    that leads to
    never ending

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  • paintyourlife 1w

    अपनी मातृभाषा के आंचल की अनुभूति ♡♡♡

    #picturec @writersbay
    #hindikavita #hindilover
    #myspecialgoal ➙checkout the 1st post on this hashtag.

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    हे राही

    हे राही तू यूँ ही इन फिज़ाओ का आनंद लेता चल
    आकर्षित हो तू रास्तो में आने वाली खुशबुओं से
    पर कहीं भुलाकर अपनी मंज़िल को
    उनकी दिशाओं में न बहता चल
    भीतर ज़िंदा रखकर चाहत अपने लक्ष्य की
    हे राही तू आगे बढ़ता चल

  • wilmaneels1 1w

    I wish I could be as free as those birds

    "You can be", he whispered
    Just let go
    Appreciate the open field and that tree waving frantically at you
    Be in this moment
    Just be

  • words_flake 1w

    My dad has hobby to collect post cards and stamps so I have seen many cards and when I saw this image a remember those cards...

    #picturec #writersbay

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    This picture remembers me of vintage post cards which used to have image on one side and writing area on another..


  • pallavi4 1w


    No I am not afraid
    Of my own shadow anymore
    I face the sun and feel it’s warmth
    Run with the wind behind me, in tow .
    The lush green grass beneath my feet
    That grows free and wild
    The river I can hear trip and fall
    Flow leisurely , slip and slide .

    No I am not bound
    By the rules made for me by others
    I am the master of my own kingdom
    Not some fire you can quickly smother.
    I sprint under the clear blue sky
    Unconditionally, uncontrollably unconfined
    The little birds chase me in hoards
    While I live within a boundary undefined.

    No I am not yours
    To move around like a chess piece
    I feel my hair billowing carefree
    I am finally at peace and feel at ease.
    The clouds that pursue the sunshine
    Are my compatriots in the elusive midst
    This my small world of happiness
    This is my day in a gist.


    11th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #picturec #free #musings #thoughts #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • madhu1943 1w

    I wished full of sunrise in your life.
    That evng you left me saying...
    I'll be back before sunset
    I think god fulfilled my wish.


  • raika_ 1w

    I am wearing a yellow dress today and he tells me that I look like sunshine and smell of lilacs, with my hair falling on my shoulders he slightly brushes them before tucking them behind my ear and rests his hand on my cheek. I smile, with my pale lips as if I have seen a rainbow but as I try to place my hand on his, I do not find it there. He smiles at me and I stare in his black eyes looking for answers within the stars that live beneath those lashes but slowly it turns into a void and he begins disappearing into thin air until he becomes one with the wind and leaves me there, by the window, alone with an ache in my stomach with the butterflies starting to rot and yet I long for more.

    I am wearing a yellow dress today but all I see is blue and all I feel is grey.


    Very temporary


    #picturec this is how you turn a perfectly soothing picture into something sad.

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  • kamikazemind 1w

    At this moment it's just you and me,
    i want you to be an escapee,
    let's leave behind the chaos and flee,
    where we can breathe wild and free,
    perhaps towards the mountain under a tree,
    or somewhere near the sand and sea,
    small cottage close to the woods maybe,
    this could be surreal like my poetry,
    and its warm, peaceful and glee.
    Darling, don't you agree?


  • girlunknown 1w

    Dear future self

    Dear future self,
    If there lives within you somewhere the passionate writer that I am now,
    And you find yourself in a web of thoughts not able make any connections,
    I hope this letter reaches you somehow.
    Many at times when I sit beside my desk in ruminate,
    A certain scene in my mind illuminate.
    A girl on a slightly sloppy hill,
    With lush green and youth it fill.
    Near a tree running bare,
    Around it fly birds that the twilight scare.
    There she walks jolly with a skid,
    For her innocence so bright, the sun behind clouds it hid.

    In a place I dont know within my heart,
    Her carefree serene self made a spark.
    Soon enough I gained a reviving start,
    To my soul now my mind hark.
    So my dear future self, hope this picture do you help,
    And no longer will you trap in blocks and yelp.