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  • lucy08 8w

    **Tried a lyrical note**
    #alliteration maybe?

    Jammin' Jazz

    Jaded by the jumbled day,
    Jetted back to my jolly stay,
    Jerry pup, waiting by the jamb,
    Jiggled her tail on my return.
    & we jived all night to piano beats,
    Jammin' jazz, we juggled our griefs!!

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    Jammin' Jazz

    Jaded by the jumbled day,
    Jetted back to my jolly stay,
    Jerry pup, waiting by the jamb,
    Jiggled her tail on my return,
    & we jived all night to piano beats,
    Jammin' jazz, we juggled our griefs!!

  • nihaarikamurali 19w

    the way you give life to your piano
    feels like its soul gets rejuvenated
    with the touch of your fingers
    dancing with a joy of its own
    creating a touch of bliss in my heart.
    I could feel your hands touch my heart everytime you played the piece,
    I could feel the music flutter through my mind like twinkling stars,
    It takes me to a place where I can feel my soul and just be with it,
    staring at the moon and watching you on the piano
    are not so different,
    makes me feel life all at once.
    Oh so beautiful,
    you are my solitude,
    my love.

  • sinjanb93 20w

    A Barter Too Better

    She followed her instructors fingers, and nimbly found the notes on the piano.

    Except he clicked his tongue at every turn, on missing the proper connection.

    Despite being a blind man, he had an acute sense of hearing. That is how he taught his favourite girls, the ones he thought were intelligent, ambitious, and willing to make a mistake and admit it.

    "You should use your senses, Nina",remarked the instructor after enclosing the piano case.

    Nina gently acknowledged, and impressed on the fact that she was not in her best of rhythms. She also looked ashamed at not meeting upto her teacher's expectations like every other day.

    "I'll tell you what....You can come to my house and we can practice on my Steinway", requested the instructor.

    Despite Nina's early hesitation due to family issues, she persued his request...

    Next Day

    Nina was scrambling on the floor dragging away from a pool of blood, that lay sprawled around her legs.

    The entire house was eerily silent, except her scraping sound.

    That was when something ran behind her at break neck speed. She could not turn to witness, what was looming down her back. The pain was excruciating.

    That was when she saw, a pair of human feet standing before her. Its skin colour was unusually red and it had a forked tail that parted sideways around the soles.

    She slowly lifted her face that was wet from tears....

    Professor Desmond blissfully played her piano in the other room, while her screams filled the house in a dark orchestric theme.

    He smiled...finally his research was materialising, his dreams were realising, his sacrifices proving fruitful.

    Beside his piano lied the book, and it's inscriptions were in Latin.

    He got inspired and created his own way to summon something inhumane into the earth through musical notes. He translated the phrases, and then demanded something in return.

    However, only too aware that deals with the devil comes at a big price.

    He was content, he was delirious, and he knew his dreams were coming true despite all the girls he had given away, and inspite of losing his eyes forever.

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 24w

    4 July 2020

    *ting ting * a notification in my mom's mobile.

    She opened the text from our apartment group and it read:
    "We have got a new pianist in our apartment and she's willing to teach children of apartment at free of cost. Any parents who is willing can send their child, cam go ahead, the classes would be around 12 noon to 1. It will take place at the musical room 404 near to gym."

    I had always been an ardent fan of playing instruments and so did this piano grabbed my attention. Before I could even ask mom for permission she allowed me to go. Obviously I was happy.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the first two weeks of classes, cause we had to go to village for a wedding of our close relative, but my mom couldn't accompany us cause of her hectic schedule.
    18 July 2020
    The day when we came back, I went to the class, but in the group it was notified that "there is no class today." I felt sad and carried on with my work.

    19 July 2020 7.15 am

    The next day again, Early morning around 8.00 the milkman of house 402 where the teacher lived, said:
    "Sir, Sir 402, 402" in a shivering voice to the watchman.
    "402, 402? What happened there? Complete the sentence?" He asked back tensed.
    "Actually, the house is locked, neither their slippers are found outside, but I could hear someone playing piano in, I tried pressing calling bells numerous times but no one opened the door, Sir" said the milkman in a low pitch-afraid voice.
    "What? What are you even saying? I am the night shift watchman for today, I was awake all night, I didn't even close my eyes for a second, no one went out today...
    *2 mins of silence*
    But I remember opening gate for a couple who went for midnight show, yes yes! It was them who went out to theater at 23.45, they spoke to me and said it was a night show and they will return back by 1.30 am but they didn't come back yet I guess."

    ( Meanwhile, one tenant who has come for jogging has heard all this and spreads this news to the entire apartment, Within a fraction of seconds almost all the people living in 99 house of the 3 blocks apartment is gathered around the security's room. They were all questioning tge security in fear like anything.)

    19 July 2020 8.45am

    After n number of snoozes in my alarm, I woke up for my 11 o clock online class. Did my morning mandatory stuffs and prepared my coffee, usually standing in balcony amidst the plants and gazing at the nature surrounded my apartment is how I begin my day. I did the same today also. To my surprise neither my mom nor dad was in the house. I didn't take it much serious cause I thought they would be engaged with their works.
    As I stood in the balcony I saw a crowd shouting and questioning the security. I also saw my parents in the crowd. I immediately ringed to their mobiles, but they didn't pick it, to my surprise my notification bar rose to an mobile-about-to-burst-situation because apartment whatsapp group had 486 texts to be exact. I started to read the texts which let me know the situation that the piano teacher and her family is missing, and the irony is that a piano music is still audible from her house. Now chaos was the only thing my mind had stacked up. It was only yesterday that I came from my native and already so much stuffs are going around me. Myself and my apartment mates went to the crowd, to know the happenings.

    After a hours of long searching for her and rings to her mobile, she was not reachable through any mean. "Certainly, "MURDER" was the only word echoing in each of our apartment members mind which made us even more panick.

    Since it was suspicious that it could be a murder, none of the tenants nor anyone else went inside the music room.

    19 July 10.40 am

    Police officers were called, in between the time they come. We were looking at the CCTV footage of 16 July from 12 noon, because that's when she was last seen by children. The security along with 3 men got into the control room and checked it, but nothing doubtful evidents was found. I and other of friends of mine were also there, But I felt something wrong is going on.

    All of sudden, I remembered watchman saying that "A couple went to a midnight show but didn't return and it was of the ones who were living in 402, but after the 12.00 class of 16 July, piano ma'am hasn't come out of the room, How is that even possible?" I questioned them.

    Police officers entered our apartment at the right time. I explained them all the questions that rose in my mind, they checked the CCTV footage and took a record of what the night shift watchman said, that he witness them around 23.45 pm. Before getting into the room, they also checked the CCTV that happened on 18 July 23.45 pm. Since it was night the face wasn't that visible and also only one person has went out on that day and it seemed to be the couple in their car.

    19 July 11.00 am

    Seeing me figuring out things happening regarding the mystery, the police called me to accompany him to the piano room 404. My mom hesitated because she didn't want me to get indulged in this piano case. But, the police compelled me to come with him to help him find things, along with us 2 police woman also came. All the people now stood in the 2nd floor 402 and 404.

    Before finding evidence in the piano room, instead the police tried to see the piano teacher's house. So that there might be possibilities of finding any clue there. Police got spare key from security and went inside I did also go in. The house was so neat and tidy. We went inside the piano room of her house, there were only few notes kept on the notes holder of the piano, it was a electric piano and it was set to be play automatically, because no one was there in the house.

    The very next room was 404, the music room of our apartment. The police got in, but this seemed to be a little suspicious. It had blood stains all over the floor and even over the piano keys the keys were soaked in water, tears maybe. In between two keys blood river was flowed. This made the police confirm that she has been murdered. I was standing near the piano and the police asked me:
    "Did you get any clues?"
    "No Sir" I replied.
    As I walked forward I felt like I stamped something, I bent down and to my surprise it was my mother's bracelet I am pretty sure that it is my mothers and no one could ever have this, because she customized it for herself in the gold shop, in which she wanted a FJ embedded on it, because she is "Florence Joy" and the bracelet had the same FJ on it with red stains over. I looked at her face, she was all sweating, I could see the tension on her face. (After some calculations in my mind, she didn't come with us to the wedding, and a day before we return the teacher has been murdered.) Now I concluded that the murderer was my very own mother, but Why should she would've did it?

    ~ THE END ~


    Genre : Crime Mystery

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #story #crime #mystery #piano

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  • radha_bajaj3 34w


    Life is like a piano ,
    White keys are the happy moments
    And black are the sad moments
    To keep life going we need to
    Know how to play both keys...


  • darkness_of_the_sky 36w

    15 February 2021

    The wind howls outside my window,
    Darkness covers the earth.
    The chirping birds still,
    While the hoppers begin their bright symphonies.

    I lay my fingers upon my piano.
    Upon the keys of black and white.
    As my fingers dance across the colourless world.
    Colouring my own world Blue.


  • eagerheart 37w

    "You could play the violin for them, or the piano." She told him. "They'll love it."

    He looked at her and raised an eyebrow, scoffing. "Are you crazy? That's an elite school. I'm not even good enough to play in a public park, let alone at Le Vent."

    She frowned. "But you are good. In fact, you are excellent."

    He rolled his eyes. "Yeah right."

    She seemed annoyed at that.

    "You know you're good."

    "I know I suck."

    She closed her eyes for a second. "I really can't believe you right now. You could be the greatest pianist in the whole world but you'd still say that you're not good enough just because you didn't happen to invent the piano itself."

    He blinked at that and he stuttered, then he closed his mouth.

  • bclark2681 39w

    Keyed Crescendo

    Histories classical crescendo,
    Relaxing and exciting listeners
    Worlds over for a millennia when
    Upon it's white ivory keys, lithe
    Fingers dance, creating serenity
    From within it's bellied soundboard

  • bclark2681 39w

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
    *motif: refers to a main musical theme that develops throughout the piece.
    *deceptive cadence: occurs when a chord progression seems to be coming to an end but doesn’t.
    *reprise: calls for the musician to play a part of the piece that’s previously been played again.
    *legato: tied together; long, connected and seamless.
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    #piano #touch #love

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    I'm Your Piano

    Your beautiful, lithe fingers play upon
    My body as though running your hands
    Along white ivory keys of a grand piano,
    Building motif against my skin, edging
    Me forward with deceptive cadence,
    Only to draw me back in with a reprise,
    You legato every touch into continuous
    Strings for my salacious enjoyment

  • keithallencovell 39w

    Moves To Me

    The exact same feeling
    When I swipe a new note
    My piano sings for me

    When I feel lonely and dispirited
    My Roli moves to me


  • pallavi4 39w


    Every time I hear mellifluous
    Notes being played on the piano forte
    I become nostalgic and my whole world
    Turns into an unbearable grey
    I keep wondering how from my life
    I let you get away
    I keep picking out the dried petals
    From the flowers of my memory’s bouquet
    Somehow my sticking by your side loyally
    Caused you to quietly stray
    I clung onto you while you cunningly
    Like slippery sand refused to stay
    With a broken heart and soiled dreams
    I live on from day to day
    Wondering how life went from sunny ones
    To dreadful Black Fridays


    27th of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Piano nymphs painting by A. Maizianne

    #pianoc #piano #love_poems #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • 11past_midnight 39w

    As my fingers starts to play the piano keys,
    the familiar tune starts to fill this empty room.
    The same tune I played at your wedding,
    that same tune your bride started to walk down the aisle to.
    I still remember that day as it happened today,
    Your guests stood up from their seats and their murmures grew louder with each step she took to you,
    "oh look,how beautiful she is...
    she is just made for him...
    their babies will be so pretty.
    The god has made her just for him"
    A silent tear escaped from the corner of my eye,
    I couldn't lift my hand up and wipe it away.
    I couldn't numb the heaviness that was growing in my stomach,
    So I kept playing , the soft piano keys,
    I was sure they felt the coldness of my fingers and the pain that I was trying to cover.
    As she was gloriously walking down the aisle,
    tangled in her father's arm like a little girl,
    I was jelouse that my father wasn't there to comfort me,.to tell me that I was going to be okay,
    That I just needed to be strong.
    You were the only one who was sometimes a father to me,sometimes a brother to me and even sometimes the only person who saved me when I needed to be saved.
    Despite you were all of that to me,
    I wondered what I was ever to you.
    was I just another summer fling?
    was I anything serious to you?
    Did I ever mean anything to you like you did to me?
    Those were the question I couldn't find answers for.
    So I kept playing the melodic tune which you composed to be played for your bride.
    I was sad yet happy for you.
    Because your parents had found the perfect girl for you.
    She was rich and she was the key to all your famliy's problems.
    If only you had told me that you were just the bait, and I was the prize you paid to fulfill your parents's dreams,
    I would not have had to suffer this much.
    I would have understood what you did and why you did.
    I would not have to had hated you nor blamed you.
    When I finally gathered up my courage to lift my eyes to see your face,
    I thought you were crying happy tears just to see her walking down to the alter dressed in a sparkling white dress looking like a goddess,
    that you were happy over the moon beacuse she was finally going to be yours,
    but now I realize I was wrong.
    As I stop running my fingers on the piano keys,
    as the tune suddenly dies ,
    my eyes catch the tiny writings you've written in black ink under the music scales that's been smudged by my tears,
    How did I not notice it the day you were shedding your most painful,saddest and heartbreaking tears?
    How was I so clueless to know that you were sacrificing your happiness?
    That you were crying cause you were in pain that it wasn't me ?
    cause in your messy handwritings you've written,
    "I wish it is you walking down the aisle dressed like the most beautiful bride in the world,
    I wish it is you whom I'm pledging my vows to,
    I wish it is you who I tie myself to with this golden ring,
    I wish it is you I spend my life till death do us part,
    It's killing me that I'm not lucky enough to be with you,
    this is what my destiny has written for me,
    maybe you're not meant to be mine in this life,
    but I promise you that I'll make you mine in next life,
    till then keep my heart safe with you,
    even though I'm gone with her today,
    I'm leaving my heart with you forever"


    #piano #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    ps-just some thoughts about a made-up story in my head.
    hope you get the idea.If not put a comment I'll explain.

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    This is what my destiny has written for me,
    maybe you're not meant to be mine in this lifetime,
    but I promise you that I'll make you mine in the next life,
    till then keep my heart safe with you,
    even though I'm gone with her today,
    I'm leaving my heart with you forever.


  • a_gentilischi 39w

    The title stands for "beautiful music" in Italian.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #pianoc #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #piano #music #life #thoughts #sounds #story

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    Bella Musica

    The stage light shimmers, lone circle of light
    A solitary isle, rising above
    Colossal crowd, all breathless in silence
    Statues of marble, frozen in expectation

    The stillness crests in the wake of his steps
    Leather soles, sharp echoes on hardwood floors
    Scraping noise of the stool being pulled out
    The pianist settles by his piano

    Someone lets out a soft sigh of pleasure
    As the first chord resonates, loud and wide
    So rich and deep, it penetrates all ears
    And glides across the rotunda of the hall


    So begins, journey that supersedes all
    Time and space and the knowledge of one self
    Overshadowed and utterly forgotten
    In face of the magnificence just heard

    Then springs the harmony, a delicate thing
    Of subtle grace, innate charm and secrets
    Dancing through the valley of dark melodies
    Unsuspecting of the looming storm clouds

    Inevitable as the formless tide
    Harsh, deafening notes, rising and rising
    Clamouring towards blazing crescendo
    Sonorous screams, leading discordant wails


    From the burnt ashes of anguish there grows
    A novel chorus, a phoenix reborn
    Wild, victorious, and exuberant
    Fresh life redolent in warm rays of hope

    Audience drunk on serene spirits
    As the tender airs and sweet arias flow
    Rejoicing in the end of a tale
    Told well, where all are happy and content


    The eyes of the pianist ensconce a tear
    For he knows that this is not his ending
    He rests his aching, aged fingers on the
    Ivory keyboard.
    Submits to silence.

  • virahela 39w


    Picture of life
    Paints in the air by beautiful melody
    The major keys deliver joy
    Moments of delight
    That makes the heart jolt
    In rhythmical dance
    While the minor keys
    Give heartwrenching vibes
    Sounds that melt penetrate into deep
    Swaying the soul to sleep
    A keyboard of a magical rite
    That put colour on every mind

  • sarahrachelea 40w

    His fingers playing the beautiful tones of piano keys
    What a gift, it sounds wonderful
    Strong yet serene
    A very compellingly talkative harmony
    From his quiet being


  • teijojussila888 43w

    ✨ Biggest gift if lonely one has even someone or Even something To talk FOR. Better if someone real. Best if someone heart so near ☺️


  • alinapasalic 47w

    Wondering if people doing good things just for the purpose of looking good are still good? 🤔
    Which is the Undertone of your Essence?

    Speaking silence, weighing anchors
    in the crowd through your core,
    Wishing vengeance but aloud,
    Aching acid in each pore.

    Getting trinkets of your cravings:
    seizing each, though chasing none,
    Will that moment come around?
    Anything, which brings the Sun?
    Anything to your foul essence,
    Anything except physique?

    When I slice your mood in nano,
    Having seasoned it with rust,
    The only one exposed is a piano!
    The piano of your scattered lust...
    #mirakee #mood #piano

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    The Piano
    of Your Essence

    Speaking silence, weighing anchors
    in the crowd through your core,
    Wishing vengeance but aloud,
    Aching acid in each pore.

    Getting trinkets of your cravings:
    seizing each, though chasing none,
    Will that moment come around?
    Anything, which brings the Sun?
    Anything to your foul essence,
    Anything except physique?

    When I slice your mood in nano,
    Having seasoned it with rust,
    The only one exposed is a piano!
    The piano of your scattered lust...

  • hear_me_please 47w

    Love is all we need

    Sometimes the trouble doesn't seem troubling
    And soon we know that the life itself is controlling
    With the right person and right time
    You notice your messy crap of poem starts to rhyme
    The broken crayons still colours
    And melancholy beats of music changes with a lover
    In scary hurting spot, we find solace
    And the blood taking needle seems harmless
    The soft violin and piano sounds blend
    Shinny gleaming silver ring with lifelong friend
    That sweet happy smile on that beautiful face
    even the stone hearted person can fall in love on that magical place....

  • anthonyhanible 56w

    The Piano

    My love
    Melted me
    Melody no words need
    I already feel complete
    Waking me up
    Putting me to sleep
    O piano
    I hold tight
    Each key I touch with love
    Melts me every time

  • ruen_roven 20w

    Even after decades,
    An Ancient keys never complaint
    Of eternal pause.
    But only longed-for,
    To arrange the fragment bliss.
    In Chase of
    'To who it's belong?'