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  • ltsoul 1w

    For physical achievements
    They clap and they cheer
    They revel in your lust
    They even commandeer,
    But these things don't
    make us better people
    Are they truly happy for you?
    Or is it for themselves?
    To make them feel better
    For not being better...

    Applauding your graspings
    of low hanging fruit,
    so they can follow suit
    And feel proud...
    So they can feel no pressure
    So they may boast loud,
    And perceive no measure
    For what they understand.
    They're just here
    For physical demand.

    There's no need to understand
    Anything more.
    To you...
    When you jump you soar.

    Limited to your physicality
    caged and entrapped mentality
    Delighting in your ignorance
    Of sports, play and romance
    But where will intelligence dance?
    Where will your spirit play?
    Where does it lay while you delay?
    Wilting away, lost in the fray.

  • ltsoul 2w

    In The moment

    What is it about my lips
    That granted access to your hips?
    A certain magic or attraction
    They are alike in their traction
    You broke me down before i knew
    And away my inhibitions flew.

    It was magic in a moment
    With no hesitation or atonement
    There was no need,
    As long as i could read
    Your body language energy
    As you entered me spiritually.

    For a moment you were me
    And for a moment i knew you
    It was beyond deception
    We shared one perception
    Simultaneously aligned
    We were one in the divine.

  • dnswords 3w

    Tere liye zinda hu aisa lag raha he

    To ye tera misunderstanding heeee

    Aur tuze lag raha he ki tere wajah se badla hu

    To yee teraa muzpee कर्ज hee....!



  • jcksttn 10w

    Here. I’m taking time for two. Feeling the wind blow through. Sitting here for you.
    I feel a little lost. The world passes by like the early morning frost. Time moves quickly but I’m standing still

  • jcksttn 10w

    After some days pass. A thick fog descends upon my mind. My eyes become like the windshield of a car after a cold, frosty night. My every being drips down to its subatomic particles. They feed into a melting pot of emotions. This can crock has been stewing on high for far too long. Eventually, it all reduces to a hot sludge. A defiant and unyielding muck. Sticky and bitter to the taste…. I think I need a good soak. To let hot water seep into all my cracks like rain in the desert. Hopefully, this will dilute my sludge and carry it away. I may just have enough time to clean the pot Before another day like this one creeps in from the shadows.

  • jcksttn 10w

    Time is sacred and unforgiving.
    An arrow from a bow.
    A complex tapestry, seemingly stitched by those outside time itself.
    Is my story already depicted?
    Am I simply a spectator, suspended in this soft vessel?
    Playing my part in this game of life.
    To what extent can I influence?
    My thoughts manifest from the unknown depths of my inner pool.
    These thoughts become my actions - Were they meant to be?
    Nevertheless, the consequences, good or bad, are mine to handle.
    I wish to ascend above time itself
    Join those stitching the cosmic tapestry.
    Perhaps I’ll leave gaps on purpose
    I’ll call them specs of free will.
    Allow moments for the consciousness to weave its own patterns of infinite possibilities

  • jcksttn 13w

    Fear seeps through every crack in me
    A black, seemingly symbiotic fluid that cannot be contained
    It all-encompasses my sense of self
    Twisting and bending
    Changing not only my mind but my soul
    When I enjoy inner serenity like a calm sea - it’s all too brief
    The seductive snares that have been laid are all too tempting and I’m too weak
    The serenity fades
    The black fluid emerges, silently and without warning
    I close my eyes
    It binds to me, painfully, as if it contains thousands of tiny needles
    It constricts me with every breath - serpentine coil’s
    The black vines tighten around my neck
    Stealing my voice
    Here I fall into the sludge
    Destined to wade through the swamp that is my mind
    Fear is cunning
    Not symbiotic - But parasitic
    I’m left empty. Feeble.
    In darkness with my eyes wide open
    Silently screaming into a void that is my own

  • jcksttn 14w

    I turned on the taps and stepped in bare.
    I held my breath and closed my eyes as beads of hot water unapologetically hit my face.
    Feeling each drop traverse every part of my body - My mind becomes quiet
    My awareness focuses on the cascade of water down upon me.
    I lose myself for a few moments.
    My thoughts and feelings wash away
    Just like the water arriving at the drain.
    A cleansing of my very being.
    I can acknowledge the darkness and the light deep within my psyche.
    The two traits at the core of us all.
    My darkness has a gravity twice its size - the guttural groans and obscure moans are powerful, oddly comfortable and strangely familiar.
    My light feels warm yet, far away.
    Its pull is weak but grows in strength if I can resist my instinctive twist towards the darkness.
    It’s difficult to maintain, the pursuit of the light.
    Each time I feel its warmth and embrace its purity.
    It moves away, like a cruel game of cat and mouse - I am the mouse.
    The little one who is trying to not be swallowed by the tragedy that is life.
    All this whilst I’m at my most vulnerable
    Alone and bare

  • jcksttn 15w

    It doesn’t quite fit

    Relationships feel like that pair of shoes you bought that doesn't quite fit.
    They’re a little tight in some places
    They rub your heels or toes
    You tell yourself it’s fine. They will stretch out and soften up.
    Eventually, they won’t be as painful or restricting. Leading to other more concerning
    But instead of saying - ‘these don’t fit and sending them back where you got them. Be without them for another week until the new shoes arrive.
    You keep them.

    Sometimes the ones you keep do soften up. You see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. They may offer advice. A few tricks that may help and eventually they feel fine and you’re glad you kept them.
    Sometimes they continue to niggle
    Here and there
    When you have time alone and you take them off, you expel a sigh of relief because at that moment you’re not trying to mould or restrict yourself.
    Sometimes you bleed
    Sometimes you blister
    You patch yourself up and get on with things.
    Putting yourself through unnecessary pain.
    All because you won’t admit to yourself that they don’t fit quite right. It may be subtle
    But they don’t fit.
    They are too tight. They are constantly rubbing your feet.
    Occasionally, they feel ok but that niggle is there

    The faint stain of dry blood remains on the inside of the heel.
    A red flag for each time you put them on.
    Sometimes things don’t fit.
    Deep down inside you know it. You can feel it.
    The difference between some people and others is that some can recognise this and listen to it. Tuning into that whisper that something isn’t quite right and are brave enough to act on it.
    And then some are able to ignore it and persevere because maybe they think there are no better shoes for them in the world.
    They will continue to wear them until either the shoe breaks or themselves within them.

  • jcksttn 16w

    When you came in close
    You would fit perfectly under my chin
    Your scent filled my nostrils
    My olfactory bulb lit up brighter than the sun
    I knew this was a moment I would remember forever.
    When our hands interlocked - They didn’t fit just right.
    I should have ignored this but I loosened my grip
    I wanted things to be perfect - I was chasing a fantasy.
    With your strength and courage
    You called me out
    I was speechless but impressed
    Scared and confused.
    At that moment, I knew I loved you
    But you knew that, this was the end
    A red flag flown
    Leaving me with a memory
    Forever carved in stone

  • jcksttn 19w

    I sit here on the eve of the end of a decade. My decade. It’s hot. A sticky British summertime night.
    I find myself stewing in a sense of melancholy. I’m almost in a state of mourning. The last ten years laid out behind me like a mosaic, pieced together by someone unskilled and with unsteady hands. The mapping of highs, lows and fuck ups.
    As the time ticks closer to midnight, I’m starting to realise that not much will physically change. I’m still the bag of bones without a large intestine that I was at the start of the decade. Though slightly more weathered and much more self-aware.
    But still, time marches on. Unhindered by my psyche. A clear, undisturbed path in front of me. Perhaps I can learn new skills, steady my hand. Be more mindful of my choices as I push forward into the unknown. I haven’t a clue what’s in store but then again, have I ever known? Are things mapped out by some higher power or am I a product of my experiences and decisions? Some of which, I hope to leave behind. I’ve been carrying a lot of them for far too long and my back is starting to hurt - old age I reckon.
    When the clock hits midnight. There will be silence. There will be no fireworks. No celebrations and the popping of champagne. Maybe I’ll hear a car pass by my window.
    But in that silence, there will be a moment of realisation. A strange germination as I start to grow into this next phase of my life. For me, it feels huge, though you could never tell. I want the moment wash over every inch. I want to bathe in it like I’m bathing in my sweat from this hot, sticky British summer night.

  • jcksttn 25w

    Up in front, an old man was walking. His hands clasped behind his back. He was by no means struggling, with a gentle lean forward. As I looked, I noticed. He was wearing clothes similar to me - Long sleeve striped shirt. Straight leg trousers falling just above the ankle bone - I wondered if I was following myself.
    That perhaps I was experiencing the brief merging of two different timelines. This thought scared me. The idea I would still be walking the same path in years to come filled me with a strange sense of dread.
    He followed the path to the right. I purposely followed the path to the left. Even that felt unnatural. Once out of sight. I chose to look up at the clouds and shake off these thoughts. Replacing them with my imagination of what my life could be.

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  • jcksttn 30w

    In the deepest moments of my despair and anguish.
    Are the times where I can peel back myself like the film on a milk carton.
    There are lessons to be learned in this dark cavern.
    I learn no lessons
    I reach no great epiphany
    Only an attitude is carved. A state of mind that gently chips away at the very core of me.
    This becomes ingrained in the idea of myself.
    I am anguish. I am despair.

    I peak through a crack that the thinnest lines of light passes through.
    I squint to see what’s on the other side.
    My eyes widen. My heart races. My mouth starts salivating.
    I see what could be.
    A ray of my imagination breaking through the murky darkness.
    Yet, I don’t act. A marvel and wonder but then retreat.
    I crawl back into the darkness as it is all I know.
    Maybe next time I’ll take a step. And perhaps another time after that.
    Maybe I’ll find the strength to widen the crack or break down the wall altogether.
    There has to be more than this empty darkness.
    I have to be more. My potential isn’t hiding in the darkness - it’s deep within me.

  • vakilankita 32w

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    Remember, work is not life! Work is when you have a life.
    If there is no life in you, there is no life in work too!

    (Life = mental, physical, emotional health)
    -ankita vakil

    Inspired by mom and dad. Thank you!

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    Abhi itna kaam karegi toh jeyegi kab?
    Jeena h tujhe aise hi toh maregi ab!

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 50w

    Only when one is physically and mentally strong. Only when one follows good habits in life like drinking water regularly, doing exercises for physical strength and meditation for mental strength, having proper food in time, being good with people and many more. And all these factors helps you to be happy every single day.

    Everyone will have their own curriculum. For me, before lockdown having proper food, drinking water and going for walk was some kind of exercise. All these helped me and even now it's helping me to be physically strong. But what about being mentally strong? Might be we managed somehow before lockdown but during this pandemic mostly everyone were left mentally disturbed for a while. And the only solution I knew for mental strength was doing meditation and I added it to my curriculum. Daily morning a few minutes walk in our garden. And during work if any stress then for few minutes meditation. If no stress during a day then at time of sunset a few minutes of meditation, so that I never miss the flow. And this made me mentally strong. And all these helped me to be healthy.

    Healthy life is the greatest blessing. Never take it for grant. Only good health can make you do any work and let's you earn money, and brings you happiness.


    #health #wealth #blessing #physical #mental #strong #water #exercise #meditation #pandemic #disturbance #love #life #thoughts #diary

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    "Health is wealth". But when is it possible?


  • ms_sakthi_ 55w

    #physical pain is better than emotional pain
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Lonliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible emotion


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  • piyu_5 58w

    My Love Poem

    Skin, under the skin,
    under the blouse, under the saree,
    Raw, benign, comforting.
    Sensation, sensational, pure, uncouth
    unprovoking, simple, basic, natural

    Sleeping beside, on, over, around, below.
    The joy of interaction, interacting
    with the spirit, talking to it, sensing it
    Whispering to it.

    Taking the legs,
    the heart, the lips
    listening, the heartbeats, paced, unreasonably

    seeing in plain sight, the creativity,
    delight, throbbing calm, meditation...

    Touching the skin,
    The skin under the skin.


  • mindgames_ 66w


    Sareer dene wali bht hy
    Wakt day sakte ho to btana