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  • shyami 5w


    Flaunting it's textured tail, he glided over the branches, tickling the berry tree. Indulged in glee, he dropped his luscious berry. Intense joy grew, as a little tummy was prepping for a pompous meal.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 5w


    There resided a couple, with a cute son and a pretty daughter,
    at leg-pulling and playing a prank, the head of the family was a master.
    A trio of three furry cats dwelt along with these mad people,
    yet funnier was the cat-family with a naughty son and a fighter-cock couple.
    Their walls strengthened with smile and tears, roof echoed with laughter.

    Both the moms, loved their kids and held dads as the culprit,
    the dads would tease the babies and like an innocent in a corner they'd sit.
    Mamma cat fed up with the daddy cat would place a punch on his head,
    Other mamma would stare at her hubby until her patience is finally dead.
    The children would silently escape like a rat, once the quarrel gets lit.

    They would readily sacrifice for each other on a bigger deal,
    and fight like Tom and Jerry for the last piece of a delicious meal.
    They never liked or disliked same things ever on this Earth,
    kids and pets were the only two elements they loved commonly in their hearth.
    The nest they built so strong, not a single twig of which any outsider could ever steal.

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  • porcupine 7w


    He may flip
    He should get a grip
    Before he slips
    Gone off route
    He shouldn't pout
    He may shout
    He should relax
    And sit back
    He may collapse
    He should not fret
    But cuddle with his pet
    He may forget
    Now calm and cool
    His dog was the tool
    To cut his fuel
    He can talk nice
    Free from his vice
    Pets are his advice
    Dogs and cats too
    Keep you from feeling blue
    The best at what they do
    Pets have this way
    Of making your day
    Even if it's just to play
    Pets remove the null
    When feeling half full
    They push and they pull
    So when you're upset
    Look to your pets
    They will be your net

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  • nothingleftsoiwrite 10w


    the cat came around the corner, casually crawled to be cozy on the couch,
    curled up cute Cleo paws clawing the comforter, caught me composing poetry
    can't comprehend the companionship a small cuddly critter can contain ❤️


  • daunting_phoenix 13w


    Now that I'm so done with everything,
    I retire to my cosy looking house.
    Entering the door, I see you,
    Lying on the carpet; waiting for me.
    Your sweet gesture melted my heart,
    For the millionth time,
    I smile wide, looking at you run to me.
    With you in my embrace, I feel at home.
    My complaints long forgotten,
    Stress and tiredness leaving me,
    You are what I call my serene haven.
    There's nothing more I need,
    With tranquility surrounding me,
    And you in my embrace; I fall asleep.

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    With tranquility surrounding me.
    And you in my embrace; I fall asleep.


  • tacosandwaffles 15w


    You were really tiny when we first met
    Hardly the size of my palm
    Your paws like soft pebbles
    Your eyes the warm shade of brown
    My heart melting like hot chocolate in winters

    You seem to grow overnight
    I turn around and five years have gone so fast
    You'll never be as small as you were and I'm ready to take that
    If only you'd live forever

    I hope you have got all that you wanted
    And live your life to the fullest
    Chasing other dogs in your dreams
    And make my life happy with your happiness

  • kamrie872 19w

    Love in the dark
    Is a cat sleeping next to me

  • beensn 20w

    The day

    Breaking of the day means a lot,
    Brings a bunch of hopes and light.
    Darkness moves away in silence without fight,
    Everything becomes visible in the bright.
    Greens start with their kitchen works,
    Flowers plan to open their eyes.
    Chirping of birds follows the fluttering of wings,
    Breaking of the long night is symbolised by the pets.
    Humans have bridged the day and night to make no difference,
    The joy of welcoming a new beginning is long forgotten in a guise.

  • juhiyverma_ 20w

    The see -off...

    Parting ways with someone maybe not a great deal for you but for us , emotional fools its like a battle we keep fighting with ourselves.

    The more you try to grab control of your feelings, the harder it hits you back, the way a catapult targetted towards the sky finds its way back to your fingers , bruising them until you bleed.

    Good times spent with someone flies in no time but the departure leaves behind a scar in your heart and mind altogether.

    The parting moments are the worst pain which you can never get rid off.They are like those nightmares you never wished to dream of, but are desperate to flush out all of it out of your memory,all at once.

    Who said you cannot communicate with other species. Infact I believe theres a special telepathic communication between two unrelated species. That which no two humans could share, that which no two living being of the same species can ever communicate with.That sacred language of love and belongingness , we cant imagine among our own ones.

    Timsy and her yet to be born kids must be eagerly waiting for me , once i return back to my hostel.I too am excited to welcome her darling kids to our new world.
    Today while i was calling out her name to bid adiue ,she didnt respond to me. Initially i got mad at her but then i went to her myself to see if she was doing fine.She is heavy and weak and pale but i know she is healthy. She is pregnant with her beautiful babies. I know its hard but every mother goes through the same pain , and thats kind of a very sweet yet extremely painful feeling.
    She too was no different then.
    She tried to limp her way back to me but i understood her plight and gave her a few of her favourite biscuits. She denied having anything. I felt bad then i realized its her hormones speakig for her. I pampered her like never before. She was happy to no extent but then she flaunted her belly as if asking me to bless her kids, maybe i was too naive to underdtamd this gesture of her, or maybe intentionally i ignored her call.

    There was an ache ,i could not bear when our eyes met for the last time.Was she scared or anxious or just sad?
    I felt a deep pain in my chest when i saw her trying hard to cover up her face from mine.
    Did she want me to touch her belly and have a chat with her yet to be born kids?
    Did she panick when she sensed i wont be there for her , anymore, when she needed me the most?
    Did she get lost in the uncertainties ,her life was about to face?
    Did she want me to take care of her when she needed a hand to caress her , pamper her?

    I dont know, what was she thinking or what was happening between us.
    I just wanted to make her feel loved and cared for, just to make her feel worthy of all the beautiful things this life could offer her, that which she could possibly give back to her kids as well.

    With a broken heart and a hope that i will play with her kids, i waved my last goodbye to her.
    I knew she wasn't prepared for this , neither was i .But life is quite uncertain and what is predestined will happen, no matter how much we try to change it, it just cannot. Life is such.

    I dont know if i will get to see her ever again or her kids but One thing i m certain of is,
    She will live forever in my heart.

    See you soon, Timsy and kids❤



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    With a broken heart and a hope that i will play with her kids, i waved my last goodbye to her.
    I knew she wasn't prepared for this , neither was i .But life is quite uncertain and what is predestined will happen, no matter how much we try to change it, it just cannot.
    Life is such.


  • mmbftd 21w


    There was frost on the ground
    I need not brave the elements
    To know
    For your tiny paws
    Handsome dog's
    Little black and pink toes
    Wore the temperature to tell.
    Wrapping you up close
    To me
    Bundles of fuzzy warm cloth
    Enveloping us together
    As I held your cold paws
    In my warming palms
    To take away your chill
    Winter was hard for us both
    We hated cold
    It made us lazy and pained
    Old bones growing old together
    And as our breaths became unison
    We drifted in and out of dreams
    Together and apart
    I felt your dream paws running
    After something fun to chase
    And why not let you dream
    Of springtime's squirrel chase?
    Were there tiny purple blossoms
    An explosion of new growth
    Beneath your paws?
    I nestled my nose
    In your long soft neck fur
    A mane of silky white
    With large black swaths
    Your eyes now
    Half opening
    In their new blue color
    Cataracts like ghosts
    Concealed your once dark
    Brown, round eyes
    Little black eyelashes a flutter.
    I pulled you closer
    Trying to stop time
    And appreciating all these silent moments shared.
    My companion, my confidant
    My protector so fierce.
    Your Papillon-Chihuahua smarts
    And sweet loving glances
    Comforted me and brought me outside myself, when sometimes
    I needed that.
    ColdPaw, I shall warm your paws for you until the end of our days.
    Loving you is the greatest gift.
    As you announce all seasons by walking on my lap.
    Now we are warm again, let's slumber a little longer, and let no one disturb these precious moments. Let me just love you.

    For Loui Pup Pup, my faithful companion in this world.

  • tharush_11 21w

    Indian Pets

    No matter what fancy name u give to ur pets like Tuffy,Bruno,Rocco,Shinzo,Sheru etc...
    But for ur friends & relatives they will always be "Tommy".

  • unrhymd_poetry 23w

    bg by my #BFF @pranayee_poeticdoctor
    Love heals everything
    © Pranayee
    Doesn't matter how broken we are
    © Neel

    #love #broken #pets #tortoise

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  • snehajacob 25w

    Pets Love

    You are the sign of love
    When I approach you
    With watered eyes,
    You made me smile, licked my tears.

    Now these are my memories
    Memories that I would not
    Get from anyone else
    But only from you.

    The first time I saw you
    I wished you would stay
    With me forever
    But time took you away.

    People can steal or take away
    Materialist or anything
    But not memories.

    Maybe the last day for you
    It was like any other day
    But not for me.

    You did lick my fingers
    But never did I know
    You gifted me the last imprint.

    And as usual I came towards you
    I thought I would fool you
    But it was vice versa

    That day is something
    I'm trying to make peace with.

  • kaaali 29w


    Gadgets are pets, pets are family


  • _desaiagraja 29w

    I always wanted to pet a dog......

    Noo this story does not end with me petting a dog, nooooo (still a dream. May be some day��)
    And if you are a pet lover and your parents are not, then yes you understand me very well.
    You got my feelings dude.
    You are the one who mostly hears that who will take care of that pet, get the dog when you have your own house and that argument never stops, it goes on and on......

    But on the other hand instead I planted some plants.
    Okayyy I know that doesn't match at all with petting a dog.
    But I realised it actually the same, except you don't get that hug and licks in return.
    But trust me every day seeing them grow is a whole lot of happiness for me.
    I get up and brush my teeth have my tea and then I run to my plants with the sparkled eye to see how much the babies are grown, or is there any new bud, and when the flower blooms on them my happiness level reaches its height.
    I take care of them so much, I talk to them and even sing to them sometimes (cause no one can bare my singing in the house other then them)
    And I water them ofcourse, and soil them every 15 days, I have brought 4 new plants and planted them on my own and take care of them since then.
    Advice:Try planting (and take care of them like babies)
    It makes me happy and it's the most favourite part of the day, sometimes I just stare them cause they are so pretty (and the neighbours starring me like I am crazy PS :JK)

    Person reading this is awesome ��
    May you find your happiness
    And plant trees/plants if you can,
    And thank you for reading my story.
    #trees #plants #greens #live #love #life #forever #pets #dog #doglover

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    Quarentine story

    Quarentine story Of a girl who wanted to pet a dog....
    But ended up planting ❤️
    Do give it a read

  • mystery_in_words 29w

    Written on 27/09/20 - 23.30
    Animals over humans!!
    #pets #cat #affection #animals #dog
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • ashamurali 30w

    @writersbay challenge on #hurricanec

    I had introduced my new pet a few days back, and we have got another one too. This post is in continuation of my previous three posts, showcasing the need to adopt and never ever to buy a pet, and that indiedogs can be your first choice. If my words make a difference to even one pup to get a loving home, I will feel blessed.

    #adoptdontshop #poetrywithapurpose #mirakee #indiedogs #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork #daadigotyourback #love #pets #adoptdontshop


    Just when we settled with our new pet,
    His antics we were getting used yet,
    Many messages in my phone unopened yet,
    My routines all, he made me forget.

    Pretty princess in a foster home here,
    “will you take her and keep her there?
    Dont miss the chance to adopt her.
    It was a call from a good friend dear.

    I said I just got a naughty rascal,
    He has made our home his castle,
    All my attention is only on him
    My heart and home is filled to the brim.

    That’s fine, just look at her image,
    She said, as she just sent me a message,
    Lo and behold what a sight that was,
    I was stunned, I saw many stars!

    My heart was swept by hundred hurricanes,
    Totally weak in my knees I became,
    Shudder to think they had to rescue her,
    I yearned to give her a home and protect her,

    So here we are, with two lovely pets dear,
    She is pretty Julie and he is smart Spencer,
    There is always room for more and more,
    when you keep wide open, your heart’s door!

    -Asha Murali

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    Keep open hearts door,
    there is room for more!

  • darksoul1713 32w


    Dog bark
    Cat meow
    They say there r animals
    But I say they r partners.
    I cry they make me laugh
    I fell low they cheer me up
    I k they r can't talk but they feel us
    They k our pain
    They k our crys
    They r like a blessing in r life

  • in_fragments 33w

    "What is a dog
    but a certain species of child
    that understands us through
    a different dialect-
    she speaks through cavernous and poignant eyes, and an arsenal
    of tones and cadence,
    her yawping like fervent decrees-
    she knows in her inquisitive head
    we hear her;
    she is her own breed
    of genius.
    She's walked alongside me
    in a symbiosis of spirit
    on four feet for centuries-
    the evolution of the relationship between a man and his dog
    is a primitive
    and inexplicable one.
    It is that simple, unconditional
    flow of respect that humans spend
    entire lifetimes warping
    and prying out of each other
    like teeth or leeches;
    to a canine the notion
    is as natural as breath and bark,
    and painless as sleep.
    They are the ones
    who know without knowing
    how to make love transcend
    the darkest evil,
    even when they are staring, helplessly,
    face to face with it.
    She has no choice but to show
    her soul through her eyes,
    her mind through her mouth
    and her heart through her
    expressive tail.
    She cannot hide and lie like we can-
    does not know manipulation
    or the ways we cause harm
    to each other for the thrill,
    the front and center seat
    to the freakshow of pain that follows.
    The only thrill she knows is you,
    the only life she's ever lived
    is the one you've led her through.

    The love of just one simple dog
    is enough to sustain you
    when waking up itself
    feels like suicide.
    No matter how brief
    her wanderings may be,
    no matter how the voices in you beg
    to cut your useless life short;
    it is not useless,
    you have the love of a dog forever now,
    you love her more than yourself
    or any human you've ever met-
    I kiss her feet, bury
    my face in her fur
    and feel her heartbeat
    on my cheek,
    and I think I may be worthless,
    but at least she will never think so.
    How lucky it is to be a dog
    who knows nothing but love!
    And how lucky am I, to be
    the undeserving monster
    who receives it."

    My little one in the picture is called Piper ���� She's an old girl at 12, her face is getting grayer every day. We've been through so much together and she doesn't even know it lol. Tell me about your pets, past or present! Isn't it amazing and ridiculously painful to let yourself love something?
    #dogs #love #pets #pod #poem #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    What is a Dog

    What is a dog
    but a certain species of child
    that understands us through
    a different dialect-
    she is her own breed
    of genius.