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  • peterspoetry 232w

    Harsh Reality

    'Events Dear Boy' as Mac never said
    While terrorists fill my heart with dread
    It's 10 pm and the Polls are closed
    Sprawled on the sofa, there I dozed

    Time to sit up and take a note
    Find out what happened, to my vote
    The Exit Poll is coming now
    See where we voted and how

    Looks like it's HUNG, I just knew
    The panicky emails, they just grew
    She was the Home Sec. And now the P.M.
    'Events' come to haunt her from way back then

    The rot set in with their manifesto
    They spouted it out, with such gusto
    'Oops, perhaps we made a mistakes
    Have a deep breath, for a 'Second Take'

    Far too late, that horse has BOLTED
    Now they are looking severely JOLTED
    Now 'The Prat' has a big fat grin
    Waiting to see his votes coming in

    Can't watch any more, I'm off to bed
    Wake in the morning. A feeling of dread
    The Brexit we wanted is going to be tougher
    Life, as we expected, is going to be rougher

    We knew the 'Jam' was never there
    But even 'Hope' is now thin air

  • peterspoetry 232w

    Democratic Wrong

    Now it's over, that's yer lot!
    Who do we have, who do we not?
    Exercised our Democratic Right
    Now to find out, our future plight

  • peterspoetry 235w

    Summer Rain

    Rain Rain go away
    Then come back another day
    That saying that we know so well
    Marks the end of this dry spell

    The sun was lovely, very hot
    Like being on holiday, it was not
    Jobs to do, garden to tend
    Paths to build, fences to mend

    Just sitting here, watching it pour
    Wondering about, the cricket score
    Has rain stopped play, are they all out?
    NO. We are WINNING, I hear you shout

    © peterspoetry

  • peterspoetry 235w


    The lemons on the lemon bush
    They are growing, rather lush
    The lemons on the lemon tree
    When can we have some, for our tea?

    The oranges on the orange bush
    They are turning, now to mush
    The oranges on the orange tree
    Why did we not eat them, for our tea?

    © peterspoetry

  • peterspoetry 236w

    One of a series of political poems inspired by the recent political activity nationally #peterspoetry #youmustbejokingtoo #mirakee #writersnetwork #politics #government

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    Election Fever

    Jam tomorrow’s where it’s at
    T’other fellow’s just a prat
    Now we’re in election mode
    Searching for the Mother Load

    Missives coming thick and fast
    Not the first and not the last
    Must use the latest 'nology
    Inbox full, without 'pology

    She’s going to win without a doubt!
    It’ll soon be over bar the shout
    Oh look at that, he’s raced ahead
    The Polls are saying ‘He’s not dead!’

    Do you believe them, like in the past?
    Or shall we wait the Poll that’s last
    The Media’s having such a scrum
    Some say we’re thick, some say we’re dumb

    It’s down to you, it’s down to me
    We’ll cast our vote and then we’ll see
    When t’shoutings over and all is said
    We’ll carry on, BUT in our head

    We know we’ll never see that Jam
    Instead we’ll feast on yet more Spam


  • peterspoetry 237w

    This is the poem that started it all #peterspoetry #youmustbejokingtoo #pob #dogs

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    Ode to the Neighbours Dog

    There I was, fast asleep
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Now rousing from my slumbers deep
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Strug-gl-ing with all my might
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    To understand the flashing light
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    Ah yes, we’re about to have a storm
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    And the neighbours dog is true to form
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    If I had a gun I’d shoot it DEAD
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    As usual, it’s off it’s HEAD
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    Though they are deaf to all this row
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    I must get back to sleep somehow
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    My wife has closed the windows tight
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    Even on this hottest night
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Your incessant barking fades away
    yap . yap . yap .
    By turning my deaf ear, your way
    yap . yap .
    The storm has gone, the sun is out
    It’s morning now without a doubt
    I hope your owners slept as well as I
    With my deaf ear turned to the sky

  • peterspoetry 237w

    This explains how my first book came about, I'm now well into my second one #peterspoetry #acupuncture #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork

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    By way of explanation

    Feeling off it, not sure what ‘t’is
    Doctor says this pills the biz
    ‘Take them when you’re feeling queasy’
    ‘They’ll see you right, it is that easy’

    YES they work, I’m feeling great
    But now I need another eight
    Every time’s not like the last
    So no effect from measures past

    Treating symptoms is OK
    ‘What about the cause?’ I say
    ‘Why do I feel like I do?’
    Who to ask? What more to do?

    So here I am laid on the bed
    Small needles in my legs and head
    In an attempt to find relief
    Acupuncture’s my belief

    Improve my Circulation is the aim
    By sticking needles in my frame
    Can You feel them? Yes I do
    Massage next, will help you too

    Has it worked? I feel much better
    But now when I begin a letter
    The outcome of it is in rhyme
    I’m doing it most all the time

    So here they are, just jotted down
    Sometimes I’m feeling such a clown
    But once I start I cannot end
    So here they are, for you. My Friend

    My Darling Tisha